The Billy Meier UFO Case: No Reasonable Doubt

In my recent article I explained why I think that Billy Meier’s prophetic information about the Ebola epidemic, in the Henoch Prophecies, is evidence of the authenticity of those prophecies and one of several pieces of evidence which, independently and collectively authenticate the entirety of the case.

While there are skeptics who don’t agree it seems to me that they demonstrate the inability to think comprehensively, realistically, logically and deductively. It’s common for them to overtly or implicitly accuse Meier of backdating or retrodicting his information. They cite the lack of some original, verifiable texts as sufficient evidence in itself to dismiss the claims that the texts were indeed published when Meier said that they were.

Time and again I’ve pointed out that in real life not everything is neatly packaged, perfect and obvious. But of course there is something to be said about claims for which there appear to be no hard evidence of publication dates. So let’s look at various factors that should be evaluated in regards to such claims, specifically as they apply in this case. In addition to evidence that will follow, the credibility and character of the source of those claims should also be considered, even though the evidence will be shown to stand on its own.


 As has been noted previously, in his book, Existing Life in the Universe, Meier stated that there are two small planetary bodies outside Pluto’s orbit; he called them Trans-Pluto and Uni, and said scientists will discover them in the not-too-distant future. The copyright dates for that book are 1978, and1992. On both July 3, 2001 and October 7, 2002, the BBC reported that scientists discovered a new planet beyond Pluto.

In the Preliminary Investigation Report, by Wendelle Stevens, we see that his copyright page includes the earliest date of 1978 and the latest date of 1982:


Copyright page Preliminary Report


We find that Stevens also states, on page 88, that he’s had information from Contact 115 (October 19, 1978) in his possession since March 9, 1979:


Pluto 2


This information proved to be very important in authenticating Meier’s prior publication, and knowledge of, specific information about Jupiter and its moons, etc., which was only “officially” announced well after October 19, 1978. It was noted that attempts by professional skeptics not only failed to “debunk” this information but actually helped to corroborate it.

But we also note that on the next page (89), he also mentions the information Meier told him about the subsequent discovery of two planets beyond Pluto. We now have two books, one authored by Meier and the other by the lead investigator in the case, that refer to this specific prophetic information:

Pluto 3

In fact, as we can see, Stevens mentions the Pluto information twice in his book:


Pluto 4


So the Pluto information was verifiably published three times, from 1978 to 1982 at the latest. I say at the latest because even though the outside copyright date of Meier’s book is 1992, the outside date on Stevens’ book is 1982. Now while there’s a lot of information in both those books that we could focus on, let’s for now acknowledge that we can establish that Meier indeed published specific information, well in advance, accurately foretelling the discovery of two planets beyond Pluto.

The 1958 Letter

However, it turns out though that Meier first foretold the discovery of two planets beyond Pluto in…1958 (number 46.) at which time he stated that they would be discovered after the new millennium. Let’s use common sense to consider what is now in evidence. We have two separate – copyrighted – books that specifically foretell the discovery of two planets beyond Pluto almost two decades before those discoveries were made. If we are unbiased we both accept and are a bit amazed at that information in its own right without even considering all of the rest of Meier’s already corroborated prophetic information.

So, logically we can accept that Meier actually first published that prophetic information 20 years earlier than is found in those two books, even though we don’t have the original 1958 document. And unless there is actual evidence to the contrary – not the usual completely unsubstantiated “he could have done this or that” theories – unless we have substantiated evidence of trickery, falsifications, hoaxing, lying, etc., in the exceptionally well documented, open and publicly accessible information about Meier’s past, we have to give him the “innocent until proven guilty” benefit of what really is no reasonable doubt.

Of course the implications of this are vastly more far reaching than even the planets beyond Pluto.


We notice of course that Meier foretold quite a few things in this same 1958 letter, including the two US-Iraq wars, portable telephones, plastic credit cards, the EU, biometric chipping, the internet and even…AIDS (number 23). Again, the evidence supports the authenticity of this letter, using the continuity of the Pluto information as our marker in establishing Meier’s prophetic accuracy..and an absence of any evidence of dishonesty.

And while there’s a lot to examine, consider and marvel at in this letter, let’s move on to Meier’s prophetic information from 1987.

The Henoch Prophecies

There are several specific pieces of information in the Henoch Prophecies that link to previous prophetic information from Meier about the environment, overpopulation, US military aggression, terrorism, etc., published from 1951 to 1964, as well as to the 1958 letter. Now with this kind of continuity and overlaps, and absent any actual evidence of fakery, it’s quite reasonable to conclude that Meier’s specific mention of the Ebola epidemic, along with the Russian military movements, etc., were indeed present in the Henoch Prophecies. But what is consistently overlooked is that these prophecies were only part of the information contained in Contact 215, from 1987.

It’s also overlooked that the entire contact contains a wide variety of unrelated but later proven accurate information, such as what Quetzal told Meier regarding, “The flavor preference of humans for certain foods and drinks develops, in principle, in the womb of the mother during pregnancy, which means that what the mother eats and drinks is decisive, and in particular, sweet and good, spicy food and drinks are of special importance.”, which was corroborated here.

In questioning whether the HP was hoaxed, a logical, objective person would consider a number of factors. Among them would certainly be not only how Meier came into possession of all of the information but also why he would put in such a large body of historical, mundane, as well as controversial information in the overall contact, including about genetic engineering and how aid to so-called underdeveloped nations is actually inhumane, and how Switzerland would begin to lose its at that time still greater neutrality, etc.

And not of least importance is the fact that the HP were verifiably available in German in 2002 and in English no later than…2004.

Means, Motive and Opportunity

Human beings behave in certain ways that are consistent with their overall motives, desires, ambitions, etc. What is completely missing from the rather extensive record of Meier’s life is any an indication that he was, or is, motivated by such common traits as the desire for fame and/or fortune. He lives a relatively hermetic life that is observably devoid of those ambitions and their trappings, etc. Since his life has been, for decades, thoroughly scrutinized by professional investigators, independent authors and researchers, etc., any hidden motivations, profits, accomplices, etc., have long been ruled out. And of course in order to prove that someone has done certain questionable things, means, motive and opportunity have to be convincingly shown.

In fact, in the real world and not the imaginary, two-dimensional world of the online armchair experts, people’s reputations – and their lives – can and do depend on being able to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Implications

The evidence that shows authenticity, accuracy and continuity in the Pluto information, from 1958 to 1978/1982, is part of the foundation of unimpeachable credibility in Meier’s prophetic information. Not a shred of credible evidence exists to support the flimsy theories of faking, hoaxing, backdating, falsifying anything (let’s remember that Meier’s WCUFO photos were not only recently authenticated but also that now anyone can prove their authenticity to themselves). We now also have Meier’s information – from 1958 – that the then as of yet Apollo 11 moon landing never took place. In fact, the information subsequently given to Meier about how the swindle was accomplished makes this painful news conference with the Apollo 11 astronauts more understandable, as well as eliciting some compassion for their own conscious unknowingness and discomfort.

Proceeding logically, not only does the HP in Contact 215 contain the prediction about the Ebola epidemic and the Russian military movements, etc., it also specifically and unambiguously foretells the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, as well as tremendous catastrophes that will befall the US, the North American continent and the world at large…some of which could still be avoidable.

For anyone who still has doubts about the authenticity of the Billy Meier case, its evidence and prophetic information, no further attempts at reasoning, or amount of evidence will obviously be sufficient. And no more time should be wasted in such offerings.

We, humanity, were given this enormous body of prophetic information, some of which, like the Henoch Prophecies and the Predictions of the Prophets Jeremia and Elia, have been in the keeping of the Plejaren for thousands of years, in order to both warn us so that we could change our self-destructive, dead-end path in time, and to establish a substantial body of information of such compelling, impeccable credibility that it would warrant our delving into the spiritual teaching, with all of its recommendations and advice for how to live sane, happy, peaceful, free and loving lives.

While no reasonable doubt exists about Meier’s information, evidence and contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings, the only remaining doubt is if humanity has the wisdom, the wit and will to benefit from it all as intended.




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  1. Hi Michael,

    Great article and neutrally written ;).

    To insinuate that Billy lies or is after the money is a big lie! – He was offered already a few times thousands of dollars, either to deny his contacts or to bring them together with Semjase or an other Plejaren woman….. The funniest was in my opinion the rich Japanese billionaire with the Name of Sasakawa, when he arrived with an Armada of translaters and a film crew in big and expensive cars… He offered Billy 25 million US Dollar to build up an “embassy for extraterrestrials” and a “Geisteslehrzentrum”. I would have liked to see his expression on the face in the kitchen when Billy refused with a simple….. “no” 🙂 I was told from other witnesses that he was really not happy…. One cannot bribe Billy,…. that is why some persons tried to kill him instead….

  2. The most painful fact in all of this is even without the prophecies, we should have seen all this coming. I am as guilty as the next guy, maybe even more so I have been following this information since the eighties.

  3. This info’ is accurate ,I know as I was one of the first five researchers brought in by Wendelle Stevens to study the case in detail & be involved ( 79′ for me ) .To bad so much wasted energy has been put to the UNAWARE public to offset the TRUTH that special interest people want to keep secret & out of our reach

    1. In the 1950s the Canadian built Avro Arrow could fly at mach 2.4 with the new Canadian built Iroquois engines and it had a remarkable weapons platform and guidance ability. They probably told Diefenbaker to drop the Arrow on the fact that it could shoot down Earth UFOs and also the RCMP knew that the Russians were inside the Avro spying so that later in the future Russia now has this technology in there fighters.

      1. The Avro Arrow project was never shut down, it was sold to our American counterparts. A former Canadian military man who I spoke to said he saw the UFO looking craft (may have been the Avro Arrow) back in the ’50s in a Canadian military hangar. Another interesting fact is that when he was based out of Whitehorse, whatever the Americans were doing in the Arctic, they needed to be “debriefed” and “brainwashed” afterward.

  4. Hi Michael,

    This was a point that directed me and created my zeile to pursue the Meier material more focused in 2004… Cleve Backster, (the guy in Secret Life of Plants who connected the electrodes of a polygraph to a plant then thought of burning it to see a reaction) wrote a book called: Primary Perception… as part of the package he offered a years correspondence and in one of his letters he mentioned via his secretary describing the work he was doing in 2004… this very mention by Billy Meier and the two planets beyond the orbit of Pluto… Since then I’ve visited and worked with the mission of this astoundingly in depth information answering many long time questions of my own. Thank you for your work on this subject… and I agree it is one of the most interesting cases in the history of this planet. Salome: Be greeted in Peace and Wisdom…

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