MUFON and the Henoch Prophecies

The inevitable result of putting profit above the truth

Here’s my latest TV show, in which I delve into MUFON, the connection to the Henoch Prophecies and how I think that far from just being an innocuous, distracting and misinforming organization, MUFON’s actions – and its now very obvious complicity with the CIA and State Department – are a real factor in suppressing information that could have allowed, let alone assisted, many, many people to have known the real truth…long ago.

How different would all of our lives have been had MUFON promoted free access to the Billy Meier UFO case?

While I appreciated the efforts of Jan Harzan that led to some progress in exposing their audience to the Meier case, when push came to shove, it appears that Harzan also folded, most likely from internal and external pressures. The breaking point obviously came when I requested that Prof. Zahi’s new, 74-page report authenticating the WCUFO be placed on MUFON’s home page, which is apparently only reserved for irrelevant, recycled, inconclusive reports on the ever famous lights-in-the-sky that MUFON encourages its membership to chase endlessly.

As I pointed out to Jan, if we know that the truth will set us free, it’s also clear that we can’t serve two masters. Profit must be subservient to…the truth.

While I’m disappointed, I’m not surprised. But as with many things, I’m always willing to give it my best try. And of course we can’t always see what effects may ultimately be realized beyond the little progress that we appeared to have made.

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  1. The single idea that the truth of the Billy Meier contacts were kept from the public for so long is a criminal act. There is no punishment for this crime and no accountability whatsoever. As the world tumbles out of control toward chaos and destruction, those who were responsible will be right beside us as witnesses, as will their children. And they thought we were idiots who couldn’t handle the truth?

    1. Who is them to determine who can or can’t handle the truth. That’s the whole point. Humanity has become so pacified to the point that being treated like a baby is the norm, while the “parents” would careless what happens to us.

      This is more towards the CIA and whatever other organization is funding these disinformation organizations because really those people that are apart of the UFOCI are all puppets hurting themselves in the process.

    2. Since most look like they have been surgically altered (eg Jason McClellan) maybe they’ll be unable to reproduce? You must remember that all these members are not “doing it for fun”, they actually get paid to spread false information. Every single MUFON report, when you click on the read more, it takes you directly to the (as Michael Horn says) Abandoned Minds webstie (formerly known as openminds). The almighty dollar is more important than the truth for them. I hope Alejandro takes my advice and has a nice warm bath and not worry his pretty little head about anything. Leave the thinking to thinking people who aren’t being paid to spread disinformation.

  2. Of course, mufon must preserved the ‘mystery’. People love mysteries and love to shrug their shoulders and keep still in unknowledge. Where the mystery is explained, then it is not part anymore of the hipes and wow that it brings.

  3. Despite all of that, there is still good progress being made. Unfolding events prove the authenticity of the case, as people are gradually starting to wake up. It is great that MUFON has put up info about Billy. It is incredible to think how quickly things have moved forward!

  4. Not a surprise with my little interaction I did have with MUFON in Minnesota here. They would go as far as to not even admit they were MUFON when it came to deciding to interact within Billy’s ‘case’. And not timid about getting on Mr. Harzan for ‘promoting’, or as they put it just getting along with it all as well.
    How one persons hobby can be…. and transform into the most important information that might ever cross their weekend warrior basement dwelling ham radio listening non busy work desk. Mix it in with a little faith and beliefs after church and football and you have got MUFON after your dues are payed. Quite a group indeed, is good though that it has at least gotten to them in some way and for what I have noticed Jan sure got quite a bit of tug as well for doing it. How does one ever know if one doesn’t try…
    I only have myself to consort with on my lack of continued dialogue with those in MUFON MN. Though it was in some small way nothing short of a waste on the surface. In the future maybe it will be different and change. I for sure know there is a lot of change and growth just to be found working within myself.
    As you already must know in some small way Michael, as a speaker of the truth…. You da man:)

  5. If the ashtard followers at openminds want to use Michael Schratt’s list of what constitutes a hoax as evidence, maybe they should apply that to every UFO case instead of only Billy’s. I actually applauded Michael Schratt originally because he seemed to be military craft identifier, doing it for posterity. Always there to identify UFOs as being black operations craft. But apparently he’s gone all dark on us. Oh the power of money hey?
    Here’s his list of what constitutes a hoax:
    Multiple grouped UFO’s photographed in the same shot.
    UFO never photographed on the ground
    Object too large or disproportionate (use of forced or “false perspective” technique)
    Object perfectly centered in frame
    Object positioned perfectly about the vertical axis
    Photograph too clear
    Object surrounded by trees or various structures to obscure suspension rig
    Evidence of fabrication using household items (cups, balls, paper-plates, ornaments, lids)
    Identical background used to photograph different craft
    Evidence of “eye-screws” used to hang models from suspension rig
    Multiple craft photographed on the same date
    Lack of field propulsion distortion
    Lack of photographs of identical craft from a totally separate source
    Consistent encounters of craft in “rural” or unpopulated areas

  6. “I have helped them in several situations. And I feel ashamed for that too now. Like I feel ashamed that I have worked for a very recommended newspaper like the Frankfurter Allgemeine because I was bribed by billionaires, I was bribed by the Americans not to report exactly the truth.”
    – Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of one of Germany’s main daily publications, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    1. Udo Ulfkotte…. ‘Afraid of another great war in Europe’. ‘Germany is still kind of like a colony of America’. If anyone isn’t aware of what wait’s for us if we don’t stop just listen to this brave human whom has ones again verified what is being said by Billy and Michael!

  7. I think this is brilliant news! With the shear volume of material presented in the ‘Billy Meier/Earth human case’ one would have to be a complete half-wit (or quarter-wit even) to not investigate it. Following they’re correspondence with Michael, MUFON have really shot themselves in the foot this time. Being an organisation that ‘researches’ UFO’s and then officially dismissing Meier, they have inadvertently demonstrated exactly how corrupt they are and exactly what they are up to. They are actually in the process of proving Meier right! I think it may actually be beneficial to ‘us’ for the entire UFO ‘industry’ to follow suit. Let stupidity prove itself.

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