Pinch Me the…PENTAGON Corroborates Billy Meier’s Prophetic Warnings!

The New York Times today announced a new report from the Pentagon that warns of climate change as a “threat multiplier”. The report so specifically names the increased risks that humanity is now facing that it effectively corroborates the prophetic information published about all of these concerns – decades ago – by Billy Meier.

Beginning in 1951 and 1958, Meier spelled out the dangers of unnatural (manmade) climate change and global warming, etc., all of which he reiterated in 1964.

While the new Pentagon report cites almost every manifestation that Meier has been warning about for over 63 years, noticeably absent of course was the underlying cause for all of it…overpopulation.


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Please also see this page for evidence of rising sea levels already affecting Long Beach, California.

Thanks to Kenneth Smith and Robert Wiegand



34 Replies to “Pinch Me the…PENTAGON Corroborates Billy Meier’s Prophetic Warnings!”

  1. Hey Michael. Just thought I’d add this here for posterity:

    NASA satellites reveal something startling about the future of food on Earth

    More confirmation for Meier’s warnings from ’58:

    62.) The time will come in the Third Millennium when there will no longer be enough nourishment for all the people which will lead to ghastly scenes of starvation and murder and manslaughter.

    Also FYI, your “Pentagon” link has gone MIA. This looks like an alternate copy:

    1. Ops. Forgot I wanted to add this:

      “As you can see, the number of hotter-than-average patches has drastically increased in the last few decades. This is actual data — ‘this is not a model,’ Stofan said.”

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