Health Reminders from Contact 251 (1995)

Contact 251 is a fascinating document. First published by Billy Meier in 1995, the warnings regarding so-called harmless diseases and interacting with animals are now more relevant than ever and most likely equally as unwelcome:

“It is very important to realize, too, that many negative events will occur in the near future regarding diseases and epidemics on Earth. For this reason all humans must become very meticulous about their personal hygiene and must avoid physical contact with people of questionable health status. There should be paid great attention for harmless diseases and infections, because in future times these can turn into much graver and even incurable illness. The same will hold true also for physical contact with animals, including touching of any type. An additional concern will be the intake of animal-origin food products, absorption of viruses, bacteria, etc., of animal substances such as feces, saliva, blood, hair and so forth, which can cause also fatal diseases and epidemics. For this reason alone, creatures of every type should not be kept within the confines of human residences, indeed, they must not be tolerated therein even briefly.”

A full read of Contact 251 will reveal much more about Meier’s view of the future and may well turn out that studying it provides us with another opportunity to rewrite our future history, as I suggested 10 years ago, if we can avoid and survive what is still foretold in the so far very accurate Henoch Prophecies.


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Thanks to Jacob Smits and Eddie Martin.

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  1. Michael I just found the person George Noory was asking about the ebola virus last night on c2c. Dr. Gary Ridenour. His website is The Survival Center. He eve has a phone number if you want to ask him about the ultraviolet purple bright lazer that might kill the ebola virus that I heard about last night and about other diseases including Jakop Krutzpht disease and the other mild diseases that Billy Meier mentioned in the HP too as well. “”As far as I`m concerned,we could use all the help we can get including stoping all these prophesies from really destroying us,after all the HP are only prophesies not predictions if we have the willpower within us to meditate and learn the spiriutual teachings. “I need to brush up on the spiritual techings which I wrote down twice years ago because I don`t have a printer unfortunately(:

  2. IMHO, I feel the Health industry needs to take a step back, check their egos and take a hard look at the workings of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. He was curing every disease in the 1930s before the AMA destroyed him. He had figured out the frequency of every know virus, bacteria etc. and designed a device that would basically destroy the “bug” with absolutely no harm to the patient. If you remember the Memorex commercial when I believe it was Aretha Franklin hit the high note causing the wine glass to shatter, well this works in the exact same principal. Ebola should not be an issue, also as Billy stated during the Swine flu “Epidemic”, why are people allowed to travel. Solve the problem and then get back to work as normal. We live in the “Age of Stupid”.

      1. Cats are a kind of fire-spirit. They can be destructive and kill (much like a fire burns whatever fuel it finds without a conscience) and they can be warm and comforting (like a controlled fire which we need to live). And yes, I believe they have remarkable abilities to heal themselves; however at some point they wish to be free of the body and then they deteriorate very quickly and will die. . . . no point trying to stop the spirit from leaving!

    1. I have often wondered whether some device could be created which would remove the blood from a person’s body (much like a kidney dialysis machine does) and put it through some kind of a radiation bath which would kill the viruses and bacteria, thereby healing the person quickly of any blood-born sickness.

  3. Quite a number of the things written of in Contact 251 can be seen unfolding before us… like man and machine interfaces, large scale climate changes will be the norm, travel in “time” will now be possible… and just after the Austrian teleportation experiments which have since been proven as fact… You can discount this document which I doubt any of you will read… yet many will scoff at… but like the 1951 document written by Billy Meier it is like reading a newspaper of the future… Science fact… rather than fiction… prophecies… can be changed with our actions… whereas predictions will occur… and this document is not something to be discounted since it will effect you directly and is spelled out very plainly and those with open minds will see things in a new light…

    1. Interesting read, I’d like to get my hands on a quantum pc, but my greatest concern with these advancements has always been, how are the “puppet masters” going to use this against us.

  4. Contact 251:
    “But just before this transpires, terrestrials will develop the capability of allowing human organs to “regrow” for organ transplants. These organs will always be adapted to the particular body in need of the organ. As a result, the danger of organ rejection is eliminated. During this period, renewed advances into outer space will occur, whereby a large space project, critical to mankind, will take shape, and Albert Einstein’s theory on relativity will undergo several additional modifications.”

    How much proof does one need?

    1. As I posted there (if they don’t delete it):

      Brilliant, if the enemies hadn’t thought about “how to start a deadly Ebola epidemic”, this guy’s laid it all out.

      1. I agree. This guy knows all about death and disaster! I guess there will be no one left to look at his medals, certificates, books, balls, etc. that will be able to buy his stuff. Who knows, maybe the dry cleaner that those this guy’s suit might spread it while he wears it!

        But hey, given the colossal problems outlined by the guy, I guess only Obama could save the world? After all, the guy makes it sound like the US troops being sent down there are going on vacation given his certainty of 100% casualty rate. I guess the idea has not dawned on him that maybe there is some action to attempt to close the border or limit the spread of the disease there in the first place by using US troops?

      2. good grief, yeah, I’ll run right out and buy his book, maybe a bunch of them to past around! All sarcasm aside…..yeah, just go and lay it out for them, it would be so easy…opps! did it again! All this guy can talk about is the economic crisis it will create???? I will say it again…..good grief!

  5. I have a couple of cats, mainly because it’s more interesting talking to them than to the humans. They for the most part retain a consciousness and a memory that reaches back thousands of years, and they have maintained their integrity as creatures. . . . . a cat will give very good advice, if you are smart enough to learn how to talk to it in its own language. For this reason (even though they do tend to get sickly in old age) I plan to keep a couple of them around for a few more years. Also, you will find them very helpful to you in your dreams, they will assist you in many ways, if you can make friends with them!

  6. The cats told me that they too came from Sirius and they were created to help and protect people from other kinds of evil vermin-type creatures, and especially to guard the grainaries. When you sleep with them they will protect you from evil spiritual events. They are “gargoyles”.

    1. Hi Carolyn, did those cats also tell you that they were a large part of spreading the black death? I’ll pretend too that my cat told me that, even though I read it in the contact reports 🙂

  7. Regarding the Ebola crisis, no one seems to care how many people who are latently sick are flying out of those African countries! They need to quarantine those countries immediately and close the airports. No one should be allowed to fly into or out of those countries, except only for health care workers and military personnel. . . .Without a cure, this could be a deadly winter for humanity.

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