Health Reminders from Contact 251 (1995)

Contact 251 is a fascinating document. First published by Billy Meier in 1995, the warnings regarding so-called harmless diseases and interacting with animals are now more relevant than ever and most likely equally as unwelcome:

“It is very important to realize, too, that many negative events will occur in the near future regarding diseases and epidemics on Earth. For this reason all humans must become very meticulous about their personal hygiene and must avoid physical contact with people of questionable health status. There should be paid great attention for harmless diseases and infections, because in future times these can turn into much graver and even incurable illness. The same will hold true also for physical contact with animals, including touching of any type. An additional concern will be the intake of animal-origin food products, absorption of viruses, bacteria, etc., of animal substances such as feces, saliva, blood, hair and so forth, which can cause also fatal diseases and epidemics. For this reason alone, creatures of every type should not be kept within the confines of human residences, indeed, they must not be tolerated therein even briefly.”

A full read of Contact 251 will reveal much more about Meier’s view of the future and may well turn out that studying it provides us with another opportunity to rewrite our future history, as I suggested 10 years ago, if we can avoid and survive what is still foretold in the so far very accurate Henoch Prophecies.


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Thanks to Jacob Smits and Eddie Martin.

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  1. The cats told me that they too came from Sirius and they were created to help and protect people from other kinds of evil vermin-type creatures, and especially to guard the grainaries. When you sleep with them they will protect you from evil spiritual events. They are “gargoyles”.

    1. Hi Carolyn, did those cats also tell you that they were a large part of spreading the black death? I’ll pretend too that my cat told me that, even though I read it in the contact reports 🙂

      1. You can pretend your cat told you but don’t assume Carolyn is doing the same. It is better not to open your mouth about things you have no knowledge of.

        1. Thanks for that comment Dougal but since those posts were from 5 1/2 years ago, you’re a little late to these “cats know better” comments. In the case of coronavirus children and pets will be the biggest spreaders of the disease. Care to comment about that?

  2. Regarding the Ebola crisis, no one seems to care how many people who are latently sick are flying out of those African countries! They need to quarantine those countries immediately and close the airports. No one should be allowed to fly into or out of those countries, except only for health care workers and military personnel. . . .Without a cure, this could be a deadly winter for humanity.

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