Billy Meier’s Update on ISIS

The Plejaren and Billy Meier explain the following regarding all the unfortunate turmoil around the world, such as the situations in Ukraine, in Iraq, in Syria and on its border with Turkey – and especially concerning the IS (Islamic State, ISIS, etc.):

The IS

The IS is led by the self-proclaimed caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a terrorist who had been considered to be dead for around 10 years – even by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who proclaimed the caliphate, is insane and also an extreme psychopath with the intention of founding a powerful theocracy. Christian people from around the world, especially from Germany, England Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and former Eastern bloc countries, want to convert to Islam and afterwards become fanaticised and radicalised, which is encouraged by fanatic Islamists in order to recruit them all for the IS. There are also many people from Arabian and African States, as well as from the United States of America, from Canada, from Asia and from South America, who are fanaticised in the same Islamic way and are called to join the IS as well. And all these fanatic people – men, women and even children – are willing to give their life in order to support and fulfil the delusional idea and the madness of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The henchmen of the IS will not be satisfied by only vanquishing Syria and the northern part of Iraq, because Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s striving for power is boundless, hence he firstly attempts to get huge areas of Syria under his control and then continuing endlessly with getting more and more areas in and beyond Syria and Iraq. In his madness he wants to get rid of all people with different faiths, or those who just are differently minded, by the use of mass murdering and genocide. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wants to conquer the whole world by unlimited devastation and convert it into only one unique theocracy prevailing over the entire world – in fact in the same coercive way as Adolf Hitler once wanted, when he intended to breed a solely Aryan human race.

Russia and the EU

The sanctions that have been imposed on Russia by the EU and the USA, in regard to the Ukraine crises, are not only stupid and futile, but also provoke a kind of backlash, because Vladimir Putin has been imposing economic sanctions on the EU as well, which will cause serious economic damage amongst the EU states. In this context it has to be explained that the Plejaren are referring to the EU as the EU dictatorship by now, because it has absolutely nothing to do with a democracy anymore but with a totalitarian dictatorship. The rulers and the politicians of the EU dictatorship and the USA are blinded by their own lust of power and imperiousness, for which reason they imposed in a weak-minded manner those unreasonable sanctions on Russia. And this is only because Russia tries to protect its own interests against the EU dictatorship and its greed for Ukraine, which is sought in order to receive a direct “outpost” in front of Russia.

Vladimir Putin could therefore go further and cut the natural gasoline and petroleum supply off for people living in EU countries, which is very important and required by the citizens in European countries. Putin could even impose stronger countermeasures on the EU dictatorship, but he doesn’t want to provoke war against the EU dictatorship, because he knows that there is a lot at stake – because it could even lead to a new World War. Of course, Vladimir Putin is power-obsessed as well, and yet he is smarter, more intelligent and calculating than all those EU and USA rulers and politicians together, who are greedy for power – and unfortunately that is the majority of all politicians.


Even Barack Obama isn’t the man he used to be at the beginning of his first presidential term anymore. Unfortunately those that are in the powerful position of being in his direct, or indirect, sphere of influence have psychologically transformed him regarding his intentions about at least several political issues. As a matter of fact, he has been psychologically brainwashed, without noticing it, by his opponents from within his own party, the Tea Party and the Republicans, as well as by business leaders, by mighty rulers of defense, by Generals of the Army and by his own counsellors.


Another unfortunate matter has to be considered – the disease Ebola. The only reasonable way to get this plague under control is, on the one hand, to close the borders around those African countries, where Ebola already took its major effects and strictly prohibit people from leaving those countries. Only with special permissions, some people, as e.g. health personnel etc., should have the possibility to cross the borders, but only under a strict medical monitoring and with all necessary precautions. On the other hand, in the meantime the Ebola plague should be eliminated by taking the required measures within those African countries.


Our thanks to Patric Chenaux, of FIGU, who prepared the above report with Billy Meier’s approval.













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  1. I was just thinking about how dramatically Obama has changed, when I came across your new article, Michael. I also had the urge to write a comment about your anti-Russia articles for quite a while, but I wasn’t 100% sure about the situation in Ukraine. In my view the repetition of Russia wanting to conquer the world etc. (from the HP) always was a bit too much and may have inspired some of your readers from the intelligence and military community to make bad decisions. As it stands now, we will see some conflict in the Arctic, but Russia will only attack the world, when it is cornered completely, without a way to move (i. e. react). Putin will not attack the whole world for the sake of conquest at this point.

  2. besides all that bad stuff we also have something good on the horizon…. LENR is going to bring us a very cheap and clean and abundant source of energy…. starting with the eCat.
    This will end a lot of the powerplay that is resulting from energy trades!
    check for interesting up to date blog

  3. Obama needs to go back to what inspired him in the first place, families values and forget what others feed him. Somewhere deep inside he still knows the truth. If millions of people focused on Obama awakening, he would.

  4. Interesting points on Putin’s use of energy to retaliate against the EU. There’s a new book out called “The Colder War” detailing Putin’s attempt to basically gain control of most of the world’s energy supply.

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