Here is a link to more of the 476th Contact, from 2009, some excerpts of which were previously posted here.

Here is an excerpt of this newly translated contact which, as Dyson points out, is all the more relevant now:

Billy … a long time ago, we spoke about a world organisation, namely the … secret society, through which the entire world is manipulated, especially the politics, the sciences, the industrial corporations, the food, goods, and weapons trade, the banking corporations and thereby the entire world of finance. The big economic and corporate executives of all kinds are involved in that, as are many state powers, many secret services, high-ranking military and secret societies, which every year get together in the mentioned secret society and determine the situation of the world. This, I want to say, world secret society, amply manipulates the prosperity and adversity of the Earth humanity and the events on the Earth in regard to the world of finance and business as well as the private sector and in regard to the politics as well as certain armies, which is however officially neither known nor admitted, consequently, nothing of that penetrates to the public. In contrast to rubbishy conspiracy theories, that corresponds to the reality and has nothing to do with alleged “reptilians” and “baby-eaters”, which allegedly – as extraterrestrials transformed into human beings, or as cannibals – are supposed to sit in the governments and carry out their mischief, and so forth.
117. Indisputable facts which you have named.
118. But yet again I would like to point out to you that you ought not to betray any further details, nor the names of the secret world association nor greater details in regard to the years 2012.
119. I will tell you in good time that which will be necessary, in order to name it openly, so that you can proclaim it openly.


Perhaps there is more yet to be revealed.

Thanks to Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg.


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  • This made me really think of Alex Jones with his excursion in the bohemian grove. Not only him, but others have clued in, like for instance Jessy Ventura.. follow the money game. Out somewhere someone have already expanded on this information.

  • Just ignore Jones and look at he plethera of documents in his films and then,then you are a joke , f%$#%$## joke. Get it ? Go away joke you have nothing to offer because you are a JOKE! Bye bye bad joke exiting, sounds like…..

  • Sorry but my rant was meaning , do your own research, you can hate on Alex , but the bottom line is facts. And you go ahead and tell me who , WHO puts more facts on the table . Billy fits the challenge and is the stand alone. Let’s stand with him and change the scorched earth. Please..

  • Just look into the history of pirates as related to e.g. the British East India Company or the Virginia Company in the United States. Also note the resemblance of these flags to those of the USA, Malaysia, Liberia, etc. More than any one conspiracy, the cultural origin of many of the “elites” from pirates may explain well the practice of war-profiteering and the like, which equate to a form of piracy. This traces back as far as ancient Canaan, where the Punic pirates resp. Hebrews were notoriously treacherous in their dealings throughout the ancient Mediterranean. Bohemian Grove seems based directly on the ancient Canaanite cult of Asherah, whose name also means “grove”. Perhaps behind the conspiracy lies a much older culture that makes the conspiracy possible. One should note also that the most evident large-scale conspiratorial groups would have to be the cult-religions, with their devout followers that openly seek world-domination through conversion or holy war, etc.

    • I try to make it good point internally to somewhat make a solid attempt to see things from different perspectives. While it’s not always easy to do, remember, or have the mind energy to do so, you can expand understanding certain concepts a little better if you start from home first and see co-relations. That being said, it is FAR easier to understand “ancient” stuff if you have a cultural reference point. For Western Civilization you cannot get any more obvious than Greek Culture which thereby relates to Roman, Celtic, Macedonian etc.

      Also, understanding placebo and nocebo effect, as Billy states are the ‘same thing’ (in the English translation) just the intended effects are different, leads to some interesting observations. As someone can find aptly put this methods then boil down to playing ‘good cop’ and ‘bad cop’, or in the Sirian/Bafath Weltanshaung ‘good god’ and ‘bad god’ (being, again, the same thing). With this in mind, you can clearly see the overall general nocebo effect intended with many of the ill-luminated conspiracy minds that just make some connections with the intended points being made to alter the reader’s awareness and thereby applying cultural nocebos to create bozos.

      No further progress is made or connections thereby people are aware on just how exactly this had all come to pass (and maybe do something different). And I could guess the focus on alien cultures, alien as in foreign but still terrestrial, masks unnecessarily things that should be hitting home to folks if they were truly being guided by the right person with the hard truth but not spoon fed. After all, if folks are focused on essentially dead cultures like Ancient “Egyptian” (which is really Ptolemaic Greek-Egyptian when Euclid was around, not Ancient-Ancient Egypt), Canaanites, Babylonian, etc. or worse, focused on poly-polemics with certain phrases (like “Lucifer”) then the whole educational benefit is lost as the nocebo will kick in and over-ride folks to go into another thought train missing things as they speed through everything.

      If folks just slow down and see things for what they are, then things like the Jolly Roger (skull and cross bones) is really a special head and an “X”. X also repositioned vertically on one access makes a ‘ t ‘ or classic “cross” shape. If you have three in a row requires some sort of special effect like ‘666’ or ‘xxx’ or ‘ttt’. After all, Jmmanuel was crucified with two others that made three crosses. Then supposed “occult” things become not really occult but literally saying the same thing over and over and over again.

      For example, take two Roman numeral ” V “s, invert one of them then cross them half-way.

      What do you get?

      • Of course the biggest conspiracy in history is the great Matthew heist of 2014 on the theyfly blog, but, how would people know that, except that I am also named Matthew on the FIGU forum and so got in first with that name, so, even though you may have as much right to use it as me… I ain’t moving until you get your own name as I will not have that name smeared by conspiratorial guesswork whilst this real Matthew expresses real feelings, insights, experiences, thinking & funny remarks and conspires to dominate globally over all Matthews everywhere for his namesake and some clarity.

  • It is also curious to note that while the Rothschilds & Rockefellers were certainly involved in the Bafath resp. „Sirius A“ conspiracies (e.g. the aforementioned Bilderberg),
    they too seem not immune to this network, since Richard Rockefeller died in a mysterious plane-crash on the exact same day (Friday the 13th of June 2014) that Ida Rothschild went missing in a northern California forest (although Ida was later found safe and sound by her parents). Whether this was the result of a conspiracy or simply mental forces is up to interpretation, however.

  • Forschet beim Unscheinbaren.
    Studying kabbalistics and conspiracies has led me to an interesting conclusion: sometimes it is the apparenlty harmless and insignificant which is the mightiest influence on human action. In particular, one should not overlook the entertainment industry, wherein I think there is some kind of very evil force at work, whether it be merely psychological and mental or indeed a kind of murderous conspiracy. Note how many positive artists have died under mysterious circumstances, e.g. Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, the so-called 27-club, etc. Also observe the kind of “music” that has become popular in recent decades. I suspect that whatever the most nefarious conspiracies are, they are involved not only in banking and government, but also in moulding the culture and mentality of the masses by means of an intentionally negative form of music – and perhaps this is their main line of work.

    • There are LOTS of people in the entertainment industry. To attain high levels of success inn this very competitive field often involves compromising one’s standards, values, health, relationships, etc. Some people either give in to the negativity or are overcome by it.

      So yes, as Meier and the Plejaren have said, there are different “secret societies”, power groups, etc., that operate in different areas and fields. However, while we can acknowledge it, ow is the time to not focus overly on it, certainly not at the expense of our own sanity, happiness, peace, etc. We know where our attention needs to be ever more focused.

      • In my opinion, although conspiracies are certainly at work, many things considered banally to be the result of conspiratorial machinations in fact result from mental forces of the subconscious mind. If one reads the news with symbolism in mind, one will find that many events logically follow not from rational considerations like conspiracy but actually from irrational impulses and associations, that despite their irrationality do follow a logical formula. I think this is a major element in the development of the 666 “New World Order”, which more than a conspiracy can be considered a cooperation of many negative forces that are in resonance due to their common symbolic meaning. Indeed, the WEF is one of the many, many abbreviations that sums to 666, yet so do a myriad other organizations’ names. Sometimes, however, it is hard to believe that the symbolism is unconscious, as in the case of the European flag which depicts a traditional halo of Mary as woman of the apocalypse, and was also adopted on the December 8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

  • I have a question. Why do the Plejarans want to keep secret societies a secret? Why the brown envelope ? Has this been “proclaimed ” yet?

    “But yet again I would like to point out to you that you ought not to betray any further details, nor the names of the secret world association nor greater details in regard to the years 2012.
    119. I will tell you in good time that which will be necessary, in order to name it openly, so that you can proclaim it openly.”

  • A little vindication here. I’ve been saying this for a while and some people have been arguing on the FIGU forum that Billy never said anything about a secret society. Looks like this is confirmed, although there’s plenty of evidence outside of Meier to prove this, if one does their homework.

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