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It must be obvious to any thinking person by now that Billy Meier is not only the singularly authentic UFO contactee but also an extraordinarily accurate prophet. Unfortunately, we are now in the proverbial crosshairs of our own self-created effects, having ignored all of the warnings that Meier has published since 1951.

We can almost hear the inevitable, forthcoming choruses of, “Why didn’t somebody warn us?”, despite the clarity with which the Henoch Prophecies explained why the pendulum of cause and effect will come back as a wrecking ball:

“Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. The cause for this will be manifold. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes, which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.”

Pass the Catch-Up

As we try to play catch-up we’re seeing bits and pieces of information from various sources that are both responses and advice pertaining to the now unavoidable realizations that…we’re in big trouble.

Here’s some helpful advice from someone else whose country is also in large part responsible for creating problems with terrorism. He does have important information about airport safety and having a workable plan in case of incidents that result in the shut down of cell phone service, etc.

Even Bill O’Reilly embodies the phrase about a “stopped clock being right twice a day” – or at least almost right, once. Of course the problems that he thinks paid mercenaries can solve were largely created by that exact same, deluded and degenerate, imperialistic mindset. In contrast, Billy Meier’s information about World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops is the correct way to go about it.

Water We Talking About?

While there is at least the appearance of being able to take some steps towards preparedness and individual control in the abovementioned situations, there isn’t much being said about what can be done in regards to this words-fail-me manmade disaster. And that’s probably because it’s not only ongoing and overwhelming for most people to think about, it’s beyond the ability and perhaps the concern of those who still are face-saving, denying and…trying to maintain their profits.

Back to Basics

It’s a shame that those people and organizations who appointed themselves as “experts” in UFO-related matters effectively marginalized and trivialized the entire subject by suppressing the singular authenticity of the Meier case – for decades – thereby withholding from the public the opportunity to be amply forewarned…and to decide the truth for themselves.

While many of the foretold events continue to unfold, and societal breakdown is seemingly inevitable (including the possibly coming two US civil wars and anarchy around 2020) the answers remain the same, i.e. the individual and collective study of the spiritual teaching and the coming together of like-minded people to form interdependent connections, communities, etc.




Thanks to Bruce Lulla and Gregory O’Brien

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  1. Ebola or the new phrase “Obola” you can keep your Obola, if yount want your Obola. People are in mass mentally and spiritjally asleep. Looking outside for answers, relying on the High priest for answers (gornment) , and, and, even those self appointed, selected, voted, High Priests are asleep.

    asleep. Well then, what do we do? Watch Alex Jones and Michael Savage to tell us whatthey are doing, or, do we do something, individually for ourself , other thank digging a shelter?

    1. Can we all now accept the fact that we have past the point of no return and that whatever we do from now on is at best lessening the impact rather than preventing all the foretold disasters to come.
      The problem has become so big and created whether consciously or unwittingly by the collective that it’ll take the collective to collectively solve the problem rather than by a few individuals.
      We must accept the harsh realities of truth without being fatalistic that our fate and destiny through the laws of cause and effect has already been determined a long time ago by our propensity not to listen to warnings let alone do anything about it enough so that it would have made a difference.
      Not only have we created the problems and brought it upon ourselves we have also doubly made it worse by our sheer refusal to accept that there is problem needing our urgent personal attention and that ‘it’s always other people’s problem and not mine’.
      Yes those in the know will keep on barking up the tree.
      We just hope it’s the right one

    2. Last night George Noory had Craig Hulet on for the first two hours. Caraig said thjat the Ebola virus will just get worse but from what I`m hearing is that it will not escalate here in the US and will be very low here. Craig also stated that IS, ISIS,ISIL is a complete joke a fabrication of the corperate state to take over the Earth to get you to buy their products or else screw you and let you die and perish,ISIS is what was once the Syrian Rebels trying to defeat Sashar El Asad just as we did with Saddim, Quadaffy etc using the wepons we gave them during the Lybian incursion Last and most telling is that Dick Chaney is the WORSE political lead in the history of the USA. Chaney is so mean spirited and malevolent that he is STILL running this country to the ground,not only that Chaney said that wars will just go on INDEFINATELY I forgot one other thing”Chaney ordered the attacks on 9/11/01! How`s that for the meanest most selfish crook in the US of A! I think it`s high time we get Billy and the Plejarens to investigate these malevolent entities like Dick Chaney. I wonder if this entity is part of the Bafa Giza Jerks?

      1. “Craig also stated that IS, ISIS,ISIL is a complete joke a fabrication”

        As we are learning about today, ideological wars, religion is an ideology, can also be fierce wars and ones NOT easily resolved. We are seeing where both the attacking and defending armies often ask for no quarter and gave none. I wouldn’t call it necessarily as extreme the case as Craig says it.

      2. Hi Terry, Billy is not treating ISIS as a joke and neither should you. I agree with you somewhat about the Dickster as we all know what happens to hunting partners who don’t agree with him.

    3. “Well then, what do we do?”

      Before each one of us lifts a finger up or down, makes a step … there is a thought proceeding it. Thoughts start feelings and create our habits. Since childhood we collected thousands, or rather millions of those thoughts. They are stored in our consciousness and are felt in our psyche. Those thoughts are there, joined with feelings, in an energy field that fills our body. How many of those thoughts/feelings/emotions/habits were created with FEAR or ANGER ? HUGE amount – I can say it with authority, since I have been removing that garbage daily for over 3.5 years. That negativity in us, brings to our daily experience people with similar energy fields. So, if we fear something, … at some point we will face it. There will appear people on our life path that will “give it to us”. The more attention we will give to fear, the sooner that “not desired” experience will appear as our experience.

      Any preparation that we will make for bad times, may mean NOTHING, should all that FEAR, ANGER, GRIEF, APATHY… etc. be still in our consciousness. How our thoughts will look like if anarchy or civil war be our reality? Fearful thoughts will multiply like a virus !!! The mind will be going crazy. How many of you can really control your mind when under stress?

      Each one of us needs to decide for oneself how to proceed. I am concentrating mainly on dumping garbage, so my mind will not be clouded with fear. Brain, free of “fog and smoke”, as Billy calls it, can do its proper job and have access to insight, that comes only when the mind is quiet and body relaxed. I would say that this ability to get INSIGHT when needed, may be the biggest assets of all. Insight to what? To important questions that will arise at the moment. Where to go? What to do? Is my decision proper at this time? Answer to those questions will not be limited to our life experiences only. There will be bigger intelligence available. With that help, we can prepare to anything ON OUR OWN, without asking anybody what to do. Imagine a group of people with that ability joining forces together.

  2. I wasn`t surprised when I heard Craig Hulet said Dick Chaney is the worst of the worst due to what my friend told me two months that Chaney is running the entire show to bring this country down to its knees.Also the Ebola virus is a testing ground in the African continent for the US military on germ warfare for the entire planet Earth etc.I think the Plejarens better get back here to fix up what they didn`t fix up les
    we will end up in a nuclear war for sure! The Plejarens said years ago that should a nuclear war start,they will come back to intervene to stop this nuclear fire storm! I just hope when and if this does happen the P`s will hurry fast should things get even worse!

    1. No Terry, the Plejaren will not stop a nuclear sh1tstorm. They will only stop the explosion of the earth globe, but will allow humans to kill each other and destroy the environment.

      1. Good point Sheila. I would add, that they would still allow the destruction of planet earth, if that was the last effect of human stupidity. They will intervene if destruction of the globe will be just one domino in a long chain of reactions, that would spread further away into the cosmos. All effects limited to planet earth only will be allowed.

        1. The Jmmanuel prohesy/predictions say the Plejaren will intervene because if they didn’t then no one would survive. The Plejaren will put a halt to it in the very end for the sake of the spirit and life. In layman’s terms this planet is actually the last of the three planets in this part of the galaxy that we/modified/not normal human beings can reincarnate on and thus the Sirian race can fix their mistake that they genetically engineered as hyper over aggressive human beings later on in the distant future.

          1. There are few points on positive side that we can point out.

            According to Billy’s info., his spirit will incarnate for the last time on Earth in approx.1900 tears and will live the planet for good. This should point to the fact that Earth probably will not be destroyed, and not all life on it will perish, no matter what happens.

            CR10, in which Semjase says:
            205. Yet the knowledge that everything is imaginations and illusions, except the creative-spiritual force, truth and reality, (this knowledge) doesn’t diminish the eagerness that the human unfolds in his life at all, but it will drive him up into unimagined heights.
            To paraphrase Semjase, it is not the human that imagines world outside of him, but spirit imagines being all life small and big.

            This fact (from CR10) can be proven for oneself during ones lifetime. It drops level of anxiety a good few notches 🙂 With self-realization later, all of it goes, I think – as I am not there yet.

      2. Well I guess it’s not a bad thing for the universe and our peaceful cosmic ET neighbours but bad for us so what the hell are we doing to ourselves

  3. Wow..I just read that article about the advice Juval Aviv is trying to convey to America, spot-on. He just explained the causes to the effects Meier talked about when it comes to terror attacks in America in the near future and I doubt that they’ve taken any of his advice. And as they continue to allow people to come into America through its borders that will be one of their BIGGEST mistakes and they will regret the consequences.

    On another note it seems like everyday now there’s a report of some type of disaster, volcano eruptions, etc. Which to me seems like just the beginning of the horrors….

    Michael, I was just watching a movie yesterday typical disinformation abduction nonsense (Why am I watching that nonsense right) and there goes two of Meier’s UFO clips (Pendulum UFO & The one with the sun reflection and rugged edges flying in the air).

      1. Right. Just wanted folks to know that — although there is clearly plenty to be concerned about — the scary prediction in the article is long outdated (but I suppose still within the realm of possibility…).

    Dr. Broderick claims the following in an exclusive article published in the Daily Observer based in Monrovia, Liberia. He wrote the following:
    The US Department of Defense (DoD) is funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March.

    1. Well now we know what kind of device the ‘dark order’ ‘the dark power’ ‘the order of darkness’ or whatever the scale of darkness they are, will use to start killing off the supposed useless eaters when the overpopulation problem becomes untenable.
      It’s unit 731 once again and this ebola epidemic is a nice trial run.
      Hey how about the bubonic plague on the next run or should they stick to ‘Au Shinkyo 101’
      It’s just doesn’t get any better does it

        The nocebo effect applies not only to individual human beings, rather larger groups of human beings can also be effected by it, as for example, in regard to mass hysteria.
        These phenomena, whereby the nocebo effect causes an epidemic, occur again and again, and indeed especially where human beings gather in larger groups.
        As a rule, such nocebo epidemics emerge especially often in offices spaces, in factories, as well as in schools, or at events where, indeed, many human beings meet together and are somehow isolated as a group.
        The nocebo symptoms are thereby extremely varied and range from allergies, nausea, cases of dizziness and fainting, from abdominal pains, stomach cramps, behavioural changes and headaches, right up to hallucinations and actual delusions.

  5. The nocebo effect on a whole planet/Earth can cause cosmic influences like comets and meteors to rain down on us I surmise. Possibly allow cosmic radiations to destroy us too. The might of thoughts can work to the positive/placebo or the negative/nocebo.

  6. Wrap your arms around it . Nocebo is so far extensive you have to realize a good ten hundred hours of your life are at the scene of the crime. . God damn TV show is one hour and thirty seven minutes are advertisement. A good ad or two is big pharma. So ten minutes of NOCEBO! Got it *****? In one sitting? Your brainwashed. Welcome to the club. Nocebo nobrain

  7. Helpful advice from Juval Aviv? Is he for real or is he a fraud even if some of what he says sounds realistic?

    I shared it with the Pirate Parties and someone responded with this link:

    If you are too bored to read it through, I will just paste the last paragraphs:
    “Whatever Juval Aviv’s credentials might be, we found no evidence to support the claim that he predicted the July 2005 London bombings during a Fox News interview conducted just one week before those attacks occurred. Although Aviv was a frequent guest on American news programs in the years after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks, our search of television news transcripts did not turn up any appearances by him on such programs between 5 November 2004 and the day after the London bombings (8 July 2005). He was interviewed on Fox News several days after the London bombings and issued a warning about an “imminent” terrorist attack on the United States, but he did not appear just prior to the London bombings and correctly predict them.

    His predictions about terrorists hitting the U.S. in “six, seven, or eight cities simultaneously” sometime within the next “ninety days at most” are outdated, as he issued them back in July 2005. It seems safe to say from this vantage point that those predictions were not correct, as no such attacks occurred.

    Last updated: 22 April 2013″

    1. Thanks for any corrections. However, his advice regarding dealing with our airports, preventing access to the heavily populated areas, etc., is quite sound.

  8. It dosen’t seem true that the WTC was destroyed by terrorist,
    What if it was the gouvernement themself in cooperation with different agencies

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