Getting It Out of Our System

While I have posted information on the Ebola epidemic, and Meier’s prophetic warning about it, and I have posted Meier’s information about the secret societies, I think it’s wise to avoid becoming overly focused on, and contaminated by, the contagious consequences of consciousness consuming, conspiratorial content.

I’m posting a couple of articles as sources of information, which one can check out for themselves, in the hopes that while we inform ourselves wisely of such things, and see them as they are, being mindful of the nocebo effect (as is being commented on here) we still remember that it is our own thoughts that must be observed and controlled in a neutral-positive fashion so that fear and helplessness do not dominate our thinking:


Bilderberg Participants

We can safely assume that there will be no shortage of dramatic events, incidents, scares, etc., after all, for some time now we’ve been reading and trying to make people aware of the Henoch Prophecies and all of the rest of Billy Meier’s invaluable information, the spiritual teaching, etc.

So, rather than get caught up in and contribute to the hysteria, etc., let’s get it out of our system and refocus on the step-by-step manner of moving towards the ultimate goal, which can also be realized in every moment, in every breath by living now in peace, love, freedom and harmony.


P.S. The following from Vivienne Legg, pertaining to there talk in Australia, very nicely summarizes important aspects of the Meier case:

What main principles distinguish this extraordinary universal teaching of life?

This extremely interesting story of extraterrestrial contact with the “Swiss farmer”, Billy Meier, has now been known in certain circles for 40 years. The hundreds of clear, close-up, daytime photographs and raft of other types of evidence fascinate many around the world and continue to excite arguments, some of which have been raging now for decades. But the spiritual teaching associated with this case still remains relatively little known. As small groups of people get together around the world to study it, more becomes available to those citizens of Earth who cannot read the original German texts.

So what is it really about? What makes it so different from all that we read from the familiar “New Age” genre?

The teaching of the Plejaren extraterrestrials and Billy Meier is multifaceted, comprehensive and is based on logic. It is wonderfully extensive and clearly reflects the high intelligence and spiritual evolutionary level of these human beings – our cosmic relatives. This teaching does not lead the student into a convoluted inner journey which would have little relevance to the here and now. It does not float around with the so-called mysterious, the concealed or veiled, nor does it require dependency on any guru or master or enlightened human being. This universal and universally valid teaching lies in the context of millennia of distortions of the same teaching – distortions which were intended to disempower and enslave the Earth human beings by those ET human beings who deceptively set themselves up as gods over the people. Distortions of the truth also occurred through lack of knowledge of the truth.

Finding the truth through our own logic and rationality is the key to real success, and our world opens up and fills with possibilities once we finally learn to properly pay attention to all things, including our own true, creational nature, instead of slavishly following imposed dogmas and unreal ideologies.

Along with others, I have been translating just a portion of the abovementioned teaching and related extraterrestrial advice for several years, last year completing Billy Meier’s book Macht der Gedanken (Might of the Thoughts), and currently translating Die Art zu Leben (The Way to Live). In my talk I will be drawing on these texts and some others to present an outline of the main principles of this teaching, with some examples of how they can be implemented in our immediate lives for our essential personal benefit as well as for the benefit of all of humanity.

There will also be an opportunity for some questions regarding the abundant, hard, scientific evidence and other information to do with this unparalleled case of extra-terrestrial contact.

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