Getting It Out of Our System

While I have posted information on the Ebola epidemic, and Meier’s prophetic warning about it, and I have posted Meier’s information about the secret societies, I think it’s wise to avoid becoming overly focused on, and contaminated by, the contagious consequences of consciousness consuming, conspiratorial content.

I’m posting a couple of articles as sources of information, which one can check out for themselves, in the hopes that while we inform ourselves wisely of such things, and see them as they are, being mindful of the nocebo effect (as is being commented on here) we still remember that it is our own thoughts that must be observed and controlled in a neutral-positive fashion so that fear and helplessness do not dominate our thinking:


Bilderberg Participants

We can safely assume that there will be no shortage of dramatic events, incidents, scares, etc., after all, for some time now we’ve been reading and trying to make people aware of the Henoch Prophecies and all of the rest of Billy Meier’s invaluable information, the spiritual teaching, etc.

So, rather than get caught up in and contribute to the hysteria, etc., let’s get it out of our system and refocus on the step-by-step manner of moving towards the ultimate goal, which can also be realized in every moment, in every breath by living now in peace, love, freedom and harmony.


P.S. The following from Vivienne Legg, pertaining to there talk in Australia, very nicely summarizes important aspects of the Meier case:

What main principles distinguish this extraordinary universal teaching of life?

This extremely interesting story of extraterrestrial contact with the “Swiss farmer”, Billy Meier, has now been known in certain circles for 40 years. The hundreds of clear, close-up, daytime photographs and raft of other types of evidence fascinate many around the world and continue to excite arguments, some of which have been raging now for decades. But the spiritual teaching associated with this case still remains relatively little known. As small groups of people get together around the world to study it, more becomes available to those citizens of Earth who cannot read the original German texts.

So what is it really about? What makes it so different from all that we read from the familiar “New Age” genre?

The teaching of the Plejaren extraterrestrials and Billy Meier is multifaceted, comprehensive and is based on logic. It is wonderfully extensive and clearly reflects the high intelligence and spiritual evolutionary level of these human beings – our cosmic relatives. This teaching does not lead the student into a convoluted inner journey which would have little relevance to the here and now. It does not float around with the so-called mysterious, the concealed or veiled, nor does it require dependency on any guru or master or enlightened human being. This universal and universally valid teaching lies in the context of millennia of distortions of the same teaching – distortions which were intended to disempower and enslave the Earth human beings by those ET human beings who deceptively set themselves up as gods over the people. Distortions of the truth also occurred through lack of knowledge of the truth.

Finding the truth through our own logic and rationality is the key to real success, and our world opens up and fills with possibilities once we finally learn to properly pay attention to all things, including our own true, creational nature, instead of slavishly following imposed dogmas and unreal ideologies.

Along with others, I have been translating just a portion of the abovementioned teaching and related extraterrestrial advice for several years, last year completing Billy Meier’s book Macht der Gedanken (Might of the Thoughts), and currently translating Die Art zu Leben (The Way to Live). In my talk I will be drawing on these texts and some others to present an outline of the main principles of this teaching, with some examples of how they can be implemented in our immediate lives for our essential personal benefit as well as for the benefit of all of humanity.

There will also be an opportunity for some questions regarding the abundant, hard, scientific evidence and other information to do with this unparalleled case of extra-terrestrial contact.

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  1. Ya,

    There is a lot of people lately that are trying to uncover some old conspiration theory or just inventing new one out of the bloom from recent events, if only we could get rid of all the crap that the Media and the Populace rumbling and just everyone are mixing together. The facts are all intermingled, the true speakers are often shut and the truth and LOVE… love is is almost never welcomed on camera. Majority of the nation folks does not see the things as they trully are, and if you tell them some things that makes sense, they just reject it, while they pretend to be happy in there small bubble that they created arround the self. I guess nothing can burst their oOoOo bubble of over-happiness ++ extra bliss!!! xoxox <3 <3

    Oh and there are those in a delirium and a délusiaional thinking behavior that have finally discovered who's messing with the world …it's The Illuminati of corse!
    Ya, "they" and other imaginary or rather unimportant, not so dangerous or non-existing groups people or d.aemon are just being reveled, but the true bad guys remains well hidden… many of us are way off track and most of us just don't have a clue of what's going on.

    But. we should not be so negative after all. It might prove that a majority of us are looking for answers, and if they deepen their researches and if they have a good and unbiased judgment they should end up at the same place as I and some of us as ended up. That is(end-up), finding the true Meier material which puzzle-out most of the wacky stuff by creating a nice and clear picture over ALL that matter.

    Ok.. sorry
    Peace to all of those who are heading into the fire with a smile. At least they are not damaging anyone… well…

    Peace also to all the others who can't live in happiness in a world like it is today in 2014, at least most of us, and not only the young but the middle age and the old who at least makes some effort at trying to bring back peace, and also trying to SOLVE the magnifying problems. At least those one are not ignoring it. well… half of of time it only contributes to fuel war (e.x.:manifestation).

    Aaaarrfh, I'm being so negative.
    I hope we could live all together, in Peace…. but…

    "Just Love", is not the solution. sorry.

    1. “Just Love” is NOT the solution, especially when the definition is not in line with spiritual understanding. It is the prerequisite to finding the real solution to material realm problems.

    2. Hi M. Horn…. Sorry for this but…
      Could you delete my long comment above? If possible.
      It’s full of mistakes and It sounds bad don’t like what I had written anymore. it might render Rob’s comment absurde or deleted as well :/ Thanks anyhow to remedy to my inconfort.

      1. Actually, I don’t want to start editing comments after they’re posted. I’d suggest that people think them through as best they can before posting. Also, the way things go, unless others start drawing attention to comments that we may have posted prematurely, it’s probably best to let them go and not draw additional attention to them.

        We ALL occasionally say things that later we wish we’d said differently, or maybe not at all.

        1. How right you are Michael now can I get my previous comment made on this day of such and such week of such and such month deleted too ;~)

  2. Blogfather Horn, excellent and precisely what I’d been thinking with all the happenings du jour throughout the world .. while it’s good to be aware of what’s going on & not ostrich-it, everything must be processed neutrally-positive, which includes an ongoing individual effort for the consciousness-evolution, which will slowly but surely make its way into the world at large.

      1. Michael could one of the reasons why people tend to focus so much on this illuminati shadow government business comprising the kleptocratic elites is because they are still in the shadows still ruling in semi secrecy whose identity is yet to clearly emerge.
        Many people are still left guessing as to who exactly these individuals comprising the ‘dark order’ are and because of the persistent problems stemming from them that the controversy still remains.
        I think it is because of people’s lack of control and solution to the problems in relation to this ‘dark order’ that certain conspiracies are exascerbated and left to flourish.

        1. Matt,

          I guess that could be among the reasons. Also, people long ago gave up their power to outside forces, like the imaginary gods, saviors, etc., and I’m sure this tendency didn’t go unnoticed by power-hungry people who weren’t interested in fame…just fortune.

    1. Did the fire got loose ?
      Naturally the rain start pouring
      as the wind keep blowing.
      The leafs are all fallen
      and the people on depression.

      I should place no blame, what’s the use.
      They could lay their weapons down,
      And then the nukes they should defuse.

      I could not find the words to call a truce.
      Some times, I wonder why I don’t just say: “Pamplemousse”
      If only everyone as the same view as me and Bruce :))

      Eh! am tired of all sorts of abuse,
      I’m gonna go have some Froot Loops*
      and a good glass of apple juice.

      Thanks for alowing my moods.
      I just let myself got lax n’ loose.


  3. I stopped following conspiracy theories years ago. At this point even the conspiracy theorist have to admit they don’t know a damn thing about what’s really going on, if they have the courage too. If it isn’t the “Illuminati”, which is the people’s choice for all bad things happening on Earth its something else. Seems like their (Whoever “They” are) plans for world domination is inevitable do to the fact that nothing is being done to stop them. I’ll continue to not let it consume my consciousness as advised!

    1. There are barbaric ET’s out there in space who want to dominate Earth so who the f cares about Kennedy’s secret societies, Kennedy was a Catholic was he not, that sort of self explains how much he really knew.

  4. Just want to let you know I just finished reading and review the Spiritual Teachings FINALLY! It took me two hours to just read and review the Spiritual Teachings on the internet. I have two notebook copies that I wrote down in case I don`t have a computer. The reason for two copies is just incase I lose a copy of the Spiritual Teaching. at least I can look up SP and review(glance) at it if I miss a point etc. I just wish I had a printer to download the Spiritual Teachings. I have extra copies I can look up and read which I just did

      1. I love the lines that say Creation is wisdom,truth,love and light. Also Creation eternal infinite and universal. Creation is also spirit. Creation is alive and it is living.

        1. Beautiful, isn’t it?

          The second time I read it I wondered why “Wisdom is light” was repeated in short succession by Semjase … then it dawned on me. 🙂

    1. Hello Terry, I don’t wanna sound odd, but I don’t think you can read everything that pertains to the Spiritual Teaching in only 2 hours. When you speak of the Spiritual Teachings what exactly are you referring to? I’m still unsure to what people refer too when they say to have study/read the spiritual teaching. (is it a particuliar book by Billy?) I’m curious… could you refer me to the text(internet) you just read (Spiritual Teachings). Thanks, I also want to read it 🙂

      1. Hi Maxime,

        I think Meier’s books such as the newly translated “Might of Thoughts”, “The Psyche”, “Goblet of Truth”, and the forthcoming “How to Live” all fall under the heading of “the Spiritual Teaching”… and then their are probably a couple of dozen or more German-only books. From what I gather, the “Om” (German-only) and the “Goblet of Truth” seem to be considered among the most important.

        There is also the “Spirit Lessons,” which, as I understand, are a more systematic presentation of the teaching, and includes additional info not found in any of the books. These are German-only, and require some level of official membership with FIGU.

        Terry might have been referring to the beautiful and inspiring introduction to the teaching given by Semjase in contact 10 found here:

        1. Thanks Andy for your reply, I just saw you answered my questioning at the same time. It confirms what I have found by myself. Like I said to Terry I will make some time to reread this one carfully tonight or soon enough.

          65. First, however, the human learns the truth, and thereby he will gain freedom and peace, a peace which is imperishable, a power without an end.

          The word peace can be found 10times. Salome!

      2. Maxime, Several years ago when I first got a computer, wrote everything down in a notebook to study. Iput theses two notebooks away sothat someday I can sit down tio read and study theses note from Semjase back in 1975 I was just reviewing thses notes. I haven`t really had the time to really read and study these notes yet. I did read theses notes along time ago so I just was really just refreshing what I wrote and read back then from the figu spiritual teachings. If you want to check this out, look up Spiritual Teachings Semjase. I was just reviewing what I read and learned some years back when I first got a computer. Unfortunately I don`t have a printer so I had to write everything out back then.

        1. Thanks Terry. I did sounded odd. I think what we are reffering to is the 10th contact in the list, where there are something like 270 lines or something like that. I will also take a couple of hours tonight or soon enough to re-read them as well. If i’m not mistaken this is an excerpt from the 10th contact where Semjase gives Billy a sort of introduction to the spiritual teachings. (lines #3 – #271). Amazing thanks, here’s another link to it:

          Date/time of contact: Wednesday, March 26, 1975, 3:20 pm
          Translator(s): Christian Frehner, with assistance from Andrew C. Cossette
          Contact Person: Semjase

          3. The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and motions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false-if he has learned to pay attention.

          4. …

  5. Cant argue with that… we look anywhere but within to find the real answers to our world.
    Though as the clock ticks ever closer to our hour of change, there truly is no one or thing in need of it more than the self… at least in my own consciousness, personality.
    It could all end tomorrow yet what will I have learned today… at this very moment.
    What a world to live in…. what a thought to have to think. Truly just the beginning of the truth… in a world consumed by anything but. The conspiracy in itself seems to ones again only reside within, though the lies can be found all around without.
    Being a somewhat passive person… it seems my biggest issue is not within but without. Turning the thoughts into tangible actions towards the things that are real and make up the truth of reality. So close at hand yet so seemingly far away when there truly is no distance to be found. Can it be so hard to see the world that we have created for what it is…. The biggest step is putting tangible actions towards change to the better behind the never ending thoughts! I for one am undeniably happy that I have gotten the chance to see this world for what it is.. and what it could and will be. We will get the chance for all that we yearn for if we stay focused and carry on the fight! It truly seems as though this battle for the good in humanity is one I was born to help fight in some way, and I could not be happier to be here amongst my mainly English speaking folk to continue it, tell it is what it has always been, the truth.

  6. It is hard not to get a bit worked up over the downward spiral we find ourselves in at this moment. I mean, if we could feel the pain and suffering of the human beings fleeing for their lives, who have perhaps lost a child, a husband or even an entire family, due to these barbaric wars of insanity, then we ( we, as in the whole world) would maybe start to wake up and start caring for one another.

    1. Certainly so. I wrote this song with a friend in 1987, with an eye on the future:

      Turn That Wheel

      It’s the time for coming together
      to do what’s never been done
      there’s a new game to be played
      a new world to be made
      where there’s more than enough
      enough for everyone

      We have lived here together as strangers
      never knowing we were notes in the same song
      till someone needed help
      and we gave of ourselves
      and we put our hands and hearts
      right back where they belong

      As we turn that wheel together
      nobody turns it alone
      it takes the strength of every brother
      to turn that wheel along

      Now we’re a world of eight billion voices
      each one with something special to say
      and now the day begins
      when everybody wins
      and each of us can give
      we can give in our own way

      As we turn that wheel together
      nobody turns it alone
      it takes the strength of every sister
      to turn that wheel along

      As we turn that wheel together
      nobody turns it alone
      it takes the strength of everybody
      to turn that wheel along

      1. I love the lyrics to that song Michael. Seems like no musician out here actually sings/raps these types of positive lyrics. What kind of music do you listen to? Or who do you listen to?

            1. Andrew,

              I didn’t notice the tiger, guess I’ll have to go back for that. Check out songs like The Dance by Garth Brooks too. There’s lots of beautiful music out there.

          1. Very good taste in music MH! Does it bother you when you listen to music and the singer has religious lyrics in their music? Or do you just tolerate it and listen anyway? I always think about this when I’m listening to music.

            1. I think it depends on the song, how religious the terms are, etc. In fact (before I knew any better) Iw as using certain terms too. Here’s an example:

              Love Divine

              The world as I knew it ended last night
              and I’m breathing a sigh of relief
              I said goodbye to the things that must die
              all of the loneliness anger and grief

              Oh love oh love oh love divine
              how you fill this heart of mine
              now I’m looking through your eyes
              and all I see is paradise

              Drowning my sorrows with laughter instead
              of the tears that my heart used to weep
              I sing along with the heavenly song
              treasuring each moment since you woke me from my sleep

              Oh love oh love oh love divine
              how you fill this heart of mine
              now I’m looking through your eyes
              and all I see is paradise

              Someday all the world will know
              and everyone will let it show

              Oh love oh love oh love divine
              how you fill this heart of mine
              now I’m looking through your eyes
              and all I see is paradise

    2. The system was created to separate and conquer……when people in the Middle East get slaughtered by bombs, bullets, etc. the Pro-Americans celebrate and cheer their death, its me against you, my country against yours. Not knowing that the head/s of the snake can careless about us/them. Until we cut off the head/s of that snake I don’t think we’ll ever get along, honestly.

  7. I wonder if we the people of Earth made the really big mistake of creating this world. Why couldn`t we learn to do and follow what the people of Erra and Timmers did? If it weren`t for the internet we would never have learned and to know about theses good friendly kind hearted ET`s like the people from Erra and Timmers etc. and the Spiritual Teachings and The Henoch Prophecies. Thank goodness for the internet~

    1. Terry,

      It seem so, from the unknowing of his “real home”, human point of view. Looking from spirit side, material realm is not existent – it is imagination (CR 10 line 205). When I try to see it with my partial limited ability to comprehend the “big picture”, I would say that as hard as it seems for us humans, it actually helps with evolution of consciousness and the spirit itself. When human is unknowing, hence ego driven, he creates a lot of illogical decisions, which are actualized in life. This allows life of all humans to lead a path which would not be possible, should all be logically run – which means everything is always created for good of all. That is why higher form of life are directed not interfere with lower standing ones, so that path to “all directions“ would still be open. Those illogically created obstacles require more effort to overcome them, which translates into bigger learning potential for the human, consciousness, and spirit itself. At some point human learns the truth and changes everything to the positive.

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