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Here’s a (very scripted) presentation intended to scare and hype, which it may do, while it is the perfect example of how ignorance of the underlying problem of overpopulation has created the threat of nuclear war between two peoples who share very similar needs and ever dwindling resources. It has been pointed out that the difference between the people of India and those of Pakistan may be small in terms of genetic make-up, though other cultural differences exist.

The two participants in this conversation-infomercial also share very similar blind spots – or lack of concern – about the actual causes for these problems. But, as you will see, the almost obscene way in which the problems and statistics of this potential hell fire are presented is in typical American fashion, it’s really a sales pitch for how you can get rich off of the situation. (We may also want to consider the prophetic information pertaining to a possible upcoming nuclear/biological attack on India by…China.)

It should be mentioned that the technological development that is touted as the knight in shining armor for this and other situations, graphene, really does appear to an amazing substance with a multitude of applications. While necessity is the mother of invention, consciousness is the granddaddy of prevention, which is of no concern to the salesmen of course. While deadly nuclear technology is still touted as the energy answer for this region, we wince at the ignorance, the failure to mention the inexhaustible, readily available, non-polluting deep geothermal energy.

One of the fantastic applications for graphene is in water purification. In terms of desalinization, the reverse osmosis (RO) process was formerly/is still relied on heavily. The problem with this process, which I was aware of when I sold such equipment to homes, restaurants, hotels, etc., is that it uses several gallons of water to produce each gallon of pure water, with the various solids that are rejected by the multi-layered RO membrane being sloughed off and sent down the drain. The graphene membrane is infinitely thinner than the RO membrane and should revolutionize the water purification field. And it’s remarkable that it can purify nuclear waste out of water rendering it instantly drinkable.

However, the same issue apparently remains – what becomes of the waste from these situations? It doesn’t disappear. And purifying sea water for nearly two billion people will result in a rather large amount of salt and other minerals being concentrated and in need of disposal, or perhaps further human innovation in terms of converting the minerals into other beneficial products, applications, etc. I don’t know that the same can be done with the radioactive particles rejected by the graphene membrane; perhaps that also will be solved.

But wouldn’t it be nice if the same breakthrough in consciousness that created graphene and its potential solutions recognized the energy solving benefits of deep geothermal energy? And wouldn’t it be even nicer if the in-your-face obviousness of the causal relationship between overpopulation and all of these environmental and human relationship problems was finally grasped and focused on…instead of just prioritizing the pursuit of profits?


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*Thanks to Eve Hands.

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  • MIchael, Tried to finde that paragraph but I once had a book by J Randoph Winters tittled The Peiadian Agenda but UI lost it due to the massive leak in my bedroom sealing years ago when that book got soaked and waterlogged. I heard about the dispute you and Billy had with Randoph Winters at the timeso I desided not to replace The Pleiadian Agenda due to the snafu Billy had with Winters. You might want to look for that paragraph there in that book. I hope this helps. Sorry for the mishap:(.

  • The really deluded people are the folks who think there are no “real” counterfeit (fake “ET”) greys (USA) and counterfeit (fake “ET”) reptilians (UK) to deal with, as alluded to by Ptaah in the link I posted just yesterday.


    Ptaah: “Für die ganzen Machenschaften der Gruppierung sind die gemeinsten Machenschaften gerade gut genug, die, wie gesagt, bereits seit den 1920er Jahren betrieben werden, und dazu gehören auch hochentwickelte elektronische Waffensysteme, futuristische Flugscheiben, hypnotisch und chirurgisch sowie bewusstseinsmässig zu Robotern umfunktionierte Erdenmenschen, wobei einige ein Aussehen haben, wie jene Wesen, die ‹Little Gray› genannt werden.”

    (For the entire machinations of the group, the meanest machinations are quite good enough which, as said, were already operating since the 1920s and to that also belong highly developed electronic weapons systems, futuristic flying discs, Earth humans who are hypnotically and surgically converted, as well as converted in their consciousness, to robots, whereby some have an appearance like the being which is called the “Little Gray”.)

    And of course in various places in the untranslated texts more information is provided about the real ET greys, the ET android versions (Q&A, May 22nd, 2004), and the aforementioned fake (Order of Darkness) ones used for the abductions.

    See contact 246, June 19th, 1993, pages 176 & 184-5.

    • Yes, understood. I think Terry was also referring to the supposedly “real” extraterrestrial Greys and Reptilians, which the Plejaren and Meier have explained as not existing, coming here, etc.

      • Terry, the P’s classify folks based on where they come from. Since “Greys” hit way too broad strokes to be pinned down properly I’m a bit lost where Rando Agenda book is explaining the details. Since the source material should be the same, we can just peruse the CR such as CR 37. The most interesting line to me is what I will quote:

        “Semjase They originate from the planet and star system ZETA RETICULI, as I already explained. This system has a median distance of 37 light years away from the Earth. Their spaceships are similar to our beamships, and extremely well equipped, and are very able for space-travelling.”

        What an interesting small comment, “their spaceships are similar to our beamships”, as this reminded me of the ‘sport model’ Bob Lazar has alleged to have examined as essentially in-tact and looks similar to the Pleidian-Type2 beam ship. If this is true, then you could raise some interesting questions regarding the origin of this craft since I’m not aware anywhere in the UFO sub-culture of acquiring a solid round UFO intact.

        That being said, there is a marked contrast between the nicely shaped beam ships, like those in the Meier material, and the very edgy black triangles folks report in the sky and little beings with black-boxes that are more prevalent it seems. Most have a negative view on this but a few have decidedly positive ones that apparently were hit with good vibes of the transcendental type. But such topics like these require a much finer understanding of just what exactly Billy is talking about as folks world-view is way too physical-physical thinking in terms too high level without any consideration or further attempt for more knowledge deeper in once the basics are down.

        Let’s use “Transcendental Meditation” from Sonder 33:
        “Therefore it is also not possible for the human to reach such a state through a transcendental meditation technique.
        In contrast to that which you assert, the following – being: for the human one such state of BEING (which you erroneously name state-of-being) has been preserved by a Vedic tradition of India and this does not rest on belief, world-view and religion nor is it conditional on these, and that purely everything rests on the inner lawfulness of the human spirit – corresponds to an error without compare. ”

        • Last summer my son spotted a triangle craft also known as TR3B by the ethanol plant so I’m assuming they are using them for security purposes. After all, the oil and gas industry did offer the RCMP a million bucks to protect their facilities so it only stands to reason that they are now employing better technology. My husband first spotted a triangle craft in ’81 or ’82 over his hometown which was straight north of area 51. It was black, silent and huge and blocked out the stars. I think it was ’79 that Alena ended up destroying the last triangle craft so we know that any spotted afterwards are human controlled.

          • Sheila,

            Regarding 979, are you referring to the Plejaren removing the Bafath after the attack on Billy (which I think happened in 1978)?

          • Sorry Michael, I should have checked the info first before posting. It was not Alena, it was Menara. A quote from And Still They Fly! by Guido Moosbrugger concerning a life threatening supersonic boom on Feb. 18, 1978 “As an appropriate response to this assault, Menara gave the Giza Intelligences a lesson, which they most likely won’t forget any time soon. The triangular spacecraft that carried out the attack was a remote-controlled apparatus belonging to them. It was the only one of it’s kind that they still possessed. On this occasion, it also met it’s fate — on the return flight to it’s home base, it was followed by Menara and eliminated after a brief, hot pursuit. In the end nothing was left of.”
            Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

    • This reminds me of the fact that Hitler was said to be a vegetarian so, therefore, are all vegetarians genocidal maniacs?

      Overpopulation is a fact and the humane means to rebalancing the population through birth stoppages, etc., have nothing in common with real or imaginary conspiratorial “depopulation” scenarios. The fact that human ignorance may produce decimating wars, thoughtlessly allow and carry population reducing epidemics is another matter.

    • Everyone is allowed to believe what they want to. However, the article seems to fly in the face of logic if they believe the military would some how jump for joy with such dismal numbers as presented in the article from 726 trillion to 8 billion budget! A number of other glaring issues crop up here or there as the articles considerations seem to be out of sync of the reality it is presenting which isn’t common with the nocebo conspiracy folks. All this does is add fuel to the fire of the Great Kind and provide ZERO interaction with your fellow man to head things off at the pass so to speak.

      Now, the Meier material presents something a bit more down to Earth and that is two civil wars, not population-agenda21-UN-AlexJones-conspiracy that makes it seem like armored cars are for joe six pack. Since people refuse to understand their own history, if one would place themselves as an observer of Earth humanity, one would clearly see that over the last ten thousand years Earth humanity’s chief activity IS WAR. War never changes.

      That being said, if Earth humanity did the necessary neighborly thing and engage their fellow human beings on a day to day basis we would be much better off but that would require hard effort and not taking the easy way out. Unfortunately, the easy way out is to merely shout/scream about something and simply demand folks follow a world view because for a variety of reasons that always “lack time”. Of course, those folks will end up on the other end as full circle comes about as, historically speaking, when folks were taken/dragged to battle not of their choosing. Therefore, all the “preppers” out there will be dragged into one opposing army or the other, they ain’t going to alone in the ground like Saddam, because such methods are ancient and ingrained into the very aggressive Earth humanities genes when the call to valor is made.

  • The damage to the planet from the monstrous human overpopulation is past the point of no return already, so birth stop is no longer a valid way to repair the damage caused to the Earth, however if people refuse to exercise birth stop immediately they will cause even worst problems in the near future, say this decade and so on.

  • Jameson ,
    I just logged on to link the same article!

    Second you on that one , a SHOCKER ! Agenda 21 baby .

    I researched it further and it was interesting to say the least . 66 million works into 500 million roughly 7.5 times . For 7.5 end game designated areas . Or roughly 6 milion for 85 global mega cities . So insane these people are , just mind numbing !

  • Duke,
    A military budget does nothing to acknowledge that you actually understand the severity as well as the complexity of what is ACTUALLY going on. You do the world a did service with complete incompetence by touting the sympathetic or pathetic rhetorical to a label , conspiracy theorists ? Really . Oh and you embrace hope and change too. The Obama words for election and NRP speaches. Get a grip . Read and research before you tout your understanding. Name the players Duke, oh of course silence. This is no joke Duke . Be responsible and tell me about your knowledge not your opinion and the piss poor blame game of ,ooh ,ooh oooh, its conspiracy theory. Your irresponsible and DANGEROUS in your EMPTY commentary. Luv gov . That’s what I will call you now. Luv gov how is Obama working for you? I cannot count the amount of lies on all my fingers and toes , but your cool with your brainwash. The fact is WWIII has already happened this is WWWIIII AND its not a blip event. Duke. Its been happening for years BTW. The NAFTA agreement is avoid place for you to start your tutorial. Bank structure is good too , how about new rail ? I will stop here because I challenge you to name some names. Not Ptah or any of the beautiful P’S. Alex Jones hate him or not he deals in facts , high level documents and high level players. Then he gets sick because of how real it is . Duke you need a dose of real and to that I say you will be sick , not casting such weak commentary. Save it until you put on your big boy pants and can maybe converse freely about Rikki Ross or Harry Dent, Or other people in the real world of tyranny. LUV GOV , have them save you while you curl up in the fetal position trying to figure out creation . Nice dose of reality America 2050 . WWWIIII has started a long time ago you TROLL . Facts hurt . The greatest quote perhaps is The truth hurts. Get out of your sandbox, pull up your underoos , grow a set and do some research . The house is on fire , there is no time to throw mud. Conspiracy theory psychology is one of completely vetted research that puts the brainwashed masses in complete denial. Yeah Boo , its that bad , do the research before you acquire comfort in the mindset that someone will save you.Research before you open your mouth or keyboard because YOU can be dangerous!

    • I don’t troll … but I do source my information which is where I am going to quote from the Henock Prophecies:
      Monstrous forces will be created by science and will be released by the military forces and armies as well as by terrorists, causing great destruction. Millions and even billions of people will be killed by acts of terrorism, by wars and civil wars; and finally, in some parts of the world, every third human being, and, in other places, every fourth human being, will lose his or her life. The nations of the East will rise against the nations of the West, the West against the East. Many deaths will be inflicted upon the people by fighter and bomber aircraft, and bombs and rockets will destroy and annihilate smaller and larger villages and cities.

      Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. The cause for this will be manifold.

      As already mentioned, enormous natural catastrophes and rolling walls of fire and violent hurricanes will rage all across America, while, in addition, all the terrible effects of war will bring thousandfold deaths, destruction and annihilation. America’s largest cities will be absolutely destroyed, and firestorms will cause great disaster and misery.

      Make of that as you will.

      The prophecies are clear, there will not be any standing cities. This makes sense if you understood properly nuclear first strike targets are really are and not some gentle PR about firing nukes into empty silos.

  • I was intentionally hard on Duke . In fact you all should get a grip . Fact is the Plejaran have helped us soooo ,such and we come to a virtual acceptance a form of saviour. Fact is no one is going to save you . Not John Boy from the Walton’s , Bo Duke, the charms or your dead othrling. Reality is do nothing , expect nothing . I have worked so hard recently to create a beacon site ,with strong men like Dubhaultaugh a person that you will find to be amazing. This journey is long and hard and I have not been able to get back to Dub in weeks . Soo , read, research , do not just believe blind . Vette your sources , chase the truth. Adjust and live accordingly. Discover the volcanoes above your homestead are ready to go , you go and find the right space. That’s where we are at . A huge solar sun spot has emerged. Its now time for you to learn about it and made plans. Good luck, I am doing it now. C,ya

    • “Vette your sources” and yet you gave no links to your ‘ hard ‘ post to me of any link to the facts which YOU speak of? Not Alex Jones, YOU as you claim to have done research unless of course you are just parroting someone else. Where do you expect for everyone to ‘get a grip’ if you yourself provide none which to speak of?

      It wasn’t really hard more like a door knocker since the lack of pauses and paragraphs made it difficult to read out real information from just sounding hard.

  • Duke,
    I am sorry for my behavior. I have a lot of things to speak of however I do not know what I was thinking treating you that way. We all congregate here because of the positive an I was a down right butthead. I am truly sorry. I always enjoy your participation and really appreciate you being here. I have to go back to the drawing board Wylie Cayote like. I feel like I survived the free fall ,big poof and all so I hope to contribute something positive instead of being a smart ass who deserves to be pistal whipped.; ). My spelling sucks and my PC fights me a lot so I will do my best and maybe bring something to the table and not be so conspiracy flavored. I will put up some links to support the crazyness also it makes sense dealing with the outlandish nature of most of what we converse over these days, warmest regards, David

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