This is just a brief update on Russia’s latest military movements. And we can also be reminded of the other factors and agendas, the actions of other countries that contribute to Russia’s actions.

Yes, we can again point out what the Henoch Prophecies, Billy Meier and the Plejaren have long foretold, have warned us about.

But we know that. And we also know how difficult it is to get the many brain dead, pseudo-educated and overly entertained people – especially in this country – to look, to read, to study, to…think.

So instead, let’s do that thinking for ourselves, let’s hone our abilities, study the spiritual teaching and how to apply the might of the thoughts, and by so doing perhaps help to effect better outcomes and rewrite our otherwise miserable future history. There are lots of other good people who are contributing in their own way and many more who will indeed find this work as well.

Realism and good cheer are needed.

Thanks to Colin Duesterhaus.

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