Russia Marches On

This is just a brief update on Russia’s latest military movements. And we can also be reminded of the other factors and agendas, the actions of other countries that contribute to Russia’s actions.

Yes, we can again point out what the Henoch Prophecies, Billy Meier and the Plejaren have long foretold, have warned us about.

But we know that. And we also know how difficult it is to get the many brain dead, pseudo-educated and overly entertained people – especially in this country – to look, to read, to study, to…think.

So instead, let’s do that thinking for ourselves, let’s hone our abilities, study the spiritual teaching and how to apply the might of the thoughts, and by so doing perhaps help to effect better outcomes and rewrite our otherwise miserable future history. There are lots of other good people who are contributing in their own way and many more who will indeed find this work as well.

Realism and good cheer are needed.

Thanks to Colin Duesterhaus.

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20 Replies to “Russia Marches On”

  1. The Russian troop movements… it appears that someone is looking to benefit from having the two super nations reduced to 3rd world status, which would level out the power distribution around the world, perhaps its ISIS/E.U. or some other group(s) that are playing the two super powers—hoping that they will duke-it-out.

    Obviously Russia’s troop movements along their borders and elsewhere is a Reactive Action, which is most likely based on feeling that their oil supplies/pipelines and more are being threatened.

    Again, who would benefit from WWIII?

    Lets face it, the US has not done it’s best to ensure that the world love US, so there are going to be problems associated with those actions (Cause and Effect). Nonetheless, the only groups that have a real vested interests in a WWIII are the radicals of the ISIS/E.U./Unknown movements.

    WWIII may very well be “triggered by some action on behalf of the US” via the Canadian/International waters activities.

    As described in the prophecy, Russia attacks the US and Canada after a series of events via the law Cause & Effect. Russia is no fool nor are they angels either, but one thing is for sure, they’re not going to start WWIII unless they feel their backs (threatened) are against a wall. Again, Russia’s troop movements are reactive actions based on what others are planning…

    NOTE: As foretold in Henoch Prophecies, US/North America is, in my words, LEVELED—Russia has/is preparing for it!

    Who will benefit from this?

  2. Other than what appears to be the most obvious of reasons… why is Russia taking this action? Can anyone truly answer this question?

  3. Interesting developments on both sides:

    US missile defense aim – possibility of first nuke strike against Russia:

    Close military encounters between Russia and the west ‘at cold war levels’:

    What’s amazing is the fact that there are those who believe nuclear war is survivable. They do not seem to realize that their own sons and daughters will also be in that war. Russia has made it clear to the west that they will spank back should anyone attempt to spank them. If only they all gave up their egos for their sons and daughters survival and seek other avenues to pursue.

  4. I don’t know what to make of this yet! The perception is Russia is coming to the worlds rescue in regards to IS; Putin saying all the “right” things, actually sounding quite sane in many respects (I’m still watching)…and now I see this a beautiful Russia woman bombing the heck out of the IS. This portrait reminds me of the propaganda that included women in the previous World Wars, times have, without a doubt, changed since then

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