More Information Regarding Neanderthals

Here’s a new article in the New York Times pertaining to recent discoveries about Neanderthal DNA. More is slowly being learned about Neanderthals and their relationship to modern human beings, some of which was already told to Billy Meier by the Plejaren several years ago.

Even more detailed information was given to Meier a few years later. It’s very reassuring to know that our scientists are slowly catching up in matters such as these.

Here’s my most recent radio appearance on the Meria Heller Show. I can assure you that no Neanderthals were harmed in the making of this show. The remaining degenerated ones were safely busy screwing up the world.

Thanks to Kenneth Smith and Thomas Horner for alerting me to this information.

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    1. I think the information is interesting. But the red flag about “Jesus” and Judas, etc., also leads me to think that this possibly could have been part of the machinations of the Bafath. I don’t know for certain of course.

    1. First, there never was anyone named “Jesus Christ”. Not a single historian alive at the time, in the vicinity of where these events were said to have taken place, ever mentioned “Jesus”.

      It’s said that Jmmanuel, the man on whom the imaginary JC figure was based, didn’t die on the cross.

    1. If you trouble yourself to read the spiritual teaching, you’ll find that (not only wasn’t there ever any “Jesus”) but that Jmmanuel’s “miracles” were of a very different nature and method than what’s ascribed to the imaginary JC. Every now and then some text or other is found and people get all excited about it…instead of busying themselves with their own urgently needed evolution in thinking.

      Here we are, millennia later, looking for new reasons to affirm the necessity of shutting off whatever rationality remains in favor of giving our power away to imaginary outside forces, gods, saviors, etc. – when logical, objective observation and analysis demonstrates that this kind of crap is precisely what’s been drilling holes in the collective vessel of human consciousness and self-responsibility, leading to the dead-end that humanity now faces.

  1. Ok,just
    What the Ummo did say that make you doubt on them!

    Cause extraterrestrials beings are not perfect,they are just as Us.(maybe with better knowledge)

    And can also use disinformation strategic for our well or their(the Ummo said to us to don’t believe in everything they say
    So that they have to disinform sometime to not attract the intention of some earthly secret agency like fbi…)

    But it doesen’t remove that many of their prediction were true

    It a more complex case that you think,don’t just cast(get if off) like that!
    The same way the billy meier case is complex cause sometime asket or ptah(maybe i didn’t give the correct names) hadn’t the same conclusion or reasonning

    1. Billy Meier’s voluminous, specific, prophetically accurate information dates back to 1948 and 1951, etc. It has proven to be impeccably accurate. Do we need to delve into other material that doesn’t offer the actually remedy for humanity’s owes, i.e. the spiritual teaching?

      We are really long past the time that focusing on UFOs and extraterrestrials holds any real value for humanity.ALL of these other cases remain inconclusive and, essential…useless to our evolution. Adding into the mix the nonsense about the imaginary JC only further RETARDS human evolution.

  2. Hidden Order Behind Contradictory Scenarios

    Notice that the various disinformative scenarios outwardly contradict each other, whether they come from channelers, academics, insiders, researchers, or aliens communicating through abductees and contactees. Some say all alien factions are positive, some admit a few are negative, and where one scenario draws the line between positive and negative differs from where another makes that distinction.

    Obviously they cannot all be correct even though each makes a compelling case for being something other than a petty hoax. This eliminates the possibility that all aliens are positive and sincere, as there would have to be far more consistency and verifiability in what they say for that to hold true.

    Some researchers have gotten exasperated with all the contradictions and concluded that aliens must simply be nonphysical pranksters playing with us, or perhaps dynamic manifestations of our collective unconscious. If only it were that simple.

    These explanations fail because, despite the contradictions, what these scenarios have in common is that they keep drawing from the same cast of players:
    the Government
    In other words, the contradictory scenarios have an underlying order pointing toward a dishonest agenda.

    Disinformative sources who admit to some negative factions simply take a few players and posture them against each other. This seems to be the most effective approach since it both marginalizes evidence of negative alien activities by pinning these upon a small disposable faction and offers other aliens of the same agenda as the solution.

    By portraying at least one of these as our allies it is ensured that the agenda moves forward regardless of whom we choose.

    The various scenarios also have traits of being tests aimed at different target audiences used as focus groups to help construct and refine the most successful scenario that will be presented to the whole world when the time comes. Incidentally, the scenarios are not so contradictory as to be impossible to absorb into the final revealed picture. There is enough padding within each to allow for incorporation.

    So the goal appears to hook different audiences with different stories, learn from their reactions what composite story would assure the highest rate of acceptance across the broadest spectrum of individuals, and then activate the final scenario and pull all those audiences plus the rest of the population under its influence.

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