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  1. I wonder who’s behind it. Are we getting closer to the Aquarian Age? as far as the thought processes. I hope this is the case. Peace to all, B.J.

  2. Anything is possible… If one tries!!
    Words to live by and to find a meaning within oneself, beyond anyone else.
    Awesome to see this and to know that someday images like this will be second nature and well known to many, mainly because of those that didn’t give up and kept moving forward.

  3. thank you for your answer.it is very reasonable and logical
    and i have another question about Contact Report 215
    The date of the contact is on “Saturday, February 28, 1987, 2:09 AM ”
    Actually i find something unbelievable.
    “It will be the year 2002 before a genetic attempt will officially become known, with which plant and animal genes will be brought together.
    24. About this, we have acquired probability calculations, which show that the whole thing will report itself in Japan, in the sense that the genes of spinach plants will be transferred into pigs.”

    and i found this prediction is actually true
    “Pigs implanted with spinach genes have been created by Japanese scientists, according to unconfirmed local newspaper reports. —12:30 25 January 2002”

    My question is ,if this is a hoax,is it possible that “the contact report 215” is written after A.D 2002? Or some people add the above sentenses secretly to cheat others?
    In fact,i think the possibility is not high,but do you have a copy of Contact report 215 before A.D 2000?

    1. If it was a hoax then it would be possible…but w shave no reason to believe that it’s a hoax. I don’t have an original copy of Contact 215. But you may want to read this post:


      …which could perhaps assure you of Meier’s authenticity.

      Another thing of course would be to reason your way through the old “means, motive and opportunity” in contemplating just why this particular man would go to the trouble to write that particular information and, as is the case with all of the evidence and information that people are discovering and proving to be true and authentic, never himself point to it or assist in any way to bring attention to it, etc.

    2. Gary, I have an email from the CFIA which states that by 2001 the U.S. had been able to clone over 600 species of animals. Did you have any prior knowledge of this? Yeah I didn’t think so.

  4. My assumption is ,if this Contact Report is written after A.D2002-2003,it may be translated into english in A.D2004-2005?But it seems that a Contact Report written in 2003 is claimed to be written in A.D1987 is not possible.
    And There is 911 prediction in this Contact Report also,and it seems it is not coincident.

  5. Thanks to all and thanks to the Plejaren for coming up with such brilliant design to tickle the skepticism fancy.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ptaah’s ship photo from Hensenbol 29th of March 1976 with the sun’s ray eminating from the back next time in full HD enhanced with tree branches visible in front of the ship and of course photo of Billy’s smiling face suggestive of a man who is having the last laugh.

    1. Matt, Last night I was watching that very video last night but it wasn`t in HD in fact it was very fuzzy,not a clear shot of the beamship behind the tree with the sun gleaming off the right side of the ship,however if and when it does come out in HD I hope who ever can fix this video so we can see that beamship much more clearly because the close up was too fuzzy to really see the beamship.

      1. Hey Terry good for you
        I’ve also seen that video and I must say YES to all these looney pseudo skeptics who can’t see the branch for the tree or rather the forest for the trees, it is tree branches in front of a large and very very real ET flying beamship.
        So what does this mean
        You got it, it’s a frigging large UFO oops IFO craft hovering next to a very large tree.
        So what does this entail?
        Yep you got it, it’s ET
        Yep once again
        It means Billy has been telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the God damn truth all these many decades.
        Well simple
        Listen to the man
        Pay attention
        Heed his sagely advice
        And most of all get some truth into your thick crusty heads for once.

  6. I find it pleasing that we can all come here and express ourselves. It’s almost as if we are coming together in some way, even if it appears somewhat unorganized. I wish it was easier to gather more folks into groups reliably and concretely to discuss certain matters regarding our futures, how we will reconstruct our world, how WE may actually achieve a higher vibrational existance as others have. Just think for a moment what that may feel like. It sounds incredible, but I experienced something akin to that feeling last year, although I could give no one any scientific evidence regarding the incident. To expound upon it further would simply be too unexplainable. The incident is BURNED into my brain and memory, I will never forget it. I know it sounds crazy, but I am an overly logical person not susceptible to suggestion in any way. Without going into detail, I can say only this: We are indeed connected to many people and they are not all from here, although probably some are. I have labored to achieve this experience again with little success, but I will never stop trying. It is this searching that had brought me to the Meier case and the all shall we say, slightly odd occurrences that appeared. The feelings were undescribable, mixtures of Human emotions that were unintelligible via the english language. To this day, I long for it in ways that I had not thought possible. After a while I had to learn to control the yearning as it consumed me too much, but I will never stop searching for it until the day I die. Is it possible that the experience was anchored in some other phenomena? It’s possible, but the first thing I printed off was the mission emblem, which consists of a rough outline of a ship of some sort within days of the experience. This is where I had to use logic and intuition but also look deep within myself for the first time in my entire life. Many dark things had to be dealt with at first and it was excruciating, but what followed was, man, I just don’t know. Bliss, love, acceptance, a feeling of nurturing and a mixture of things that to this day cannot be adequately discerned. I know it sounds friggn nutty and I’m a little embarrassed to even speak of it, but it did happen. The details are simply too far out, but I assure you, I am of sound mind. If we only knew more.. I debated on whether to share this experience in fear of being ridiculed, but something inside says I must share it, even if I am ostracized. There’s so much more, but I must leave it there. I do not claim to have had a face to face contact with a Plejaren, but that’s all I can say really. Forive me my rambling.

    1. Hi Forto,

      I am with You. We should share our experiences here. At least most, if not all in here, probably will not ridicule anyone doing it. This will not be the case with most people out there, like our family, friends, coworkers. But what I would like to see is not only sharing but analyzing them together somehow. Trying to find out why we have them. Why we get “hanged” on some of them, that we want to repeat them endlessly. Is it good to try to bring them back? If we really want to do it – do we follow a proper “procedure” to create them again. Stuff like that.
      Through this we may learn more about ourselves, than just by “padding our backs” with a smile and simple statements “good job”, “that was interesting”, or “my experience was better than yours!!”.
      I have shared a few of my experiences here, in this tread. I also hesitated at the beginning, but realized that it may bring good to me, or others by doing it. It should not hurt at least.

      My main goal in life is to find out for myself, who I really am – which means to go through self-realization. I see the logic in spiritual teachings, but it is not enough for me to stop on the logic itself. I want my proof. I want to see whole puzzle and not just pieces of it. That is why I do not give huge merit to my experiences. I consider them “pieces”, transitory, self-created and probably misleading in some way. I presume that if I get hanged on them, it will stop my progress and not get to my goal. Other people may be OK with logical proofs, learning how to control their life by learning how to think properly, etc. I am not. So, my view of things may differ with how others perceive things. But that is good. I want to see the “other side of the coin”, which my looking at things may obscure.
      I will stop for now and wait to see what YOU all want to say, or not 🙂

      1. Thank you for your kind words, you indeed seem to understand. It is so refreshing to finally find some commonality. The experience was so unexplainable, the feelings were based physically within the chest area in such intensity that at first it was alarming, but as time progressed, it was absolute joy, almost too much. As the days progressed many things occurred that are simply unexplainable, but they included certain visual and non-visual aspects. I’m leaving out A LOT, but I think you raise a good point regarding these experiences as being transitory and we must learn to go on, which I will, somehow. Oh my friend though, if I could only convey to you the FEELING, you too would long for it all the days of your life. I must be stronger than I think, for months I had PURE altruistic love for a certain woman whom I will not name, and shortly after actually met a woman that lives 3,000 miles from me and will probably be the only woman I will ever love in this life time. It sounds melo-dramatic, but it is the truth. It would be fruitless for me to attempt an explanation at this point, I’m simply not knowledgable enough yet.

        1. Hi Forto, I’ve had a lot of strange things happen over the course of my life. One such incident had been on my mind for 30 years and I could never find a satisfactory answer until I came across some of the contact notes which explained it precise detail. It clicked and made sense and now there’s no going back to unknowingness.

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