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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Billy Meier’s Ebola Epidemic Prediction

There are issues about my support for the Henoch Prophecies (HP) and for stating that things like the Ebola information constitute actual, substantial evidence that would prove their authenticity. In order to explain this, a number of factors will be discussed.

The Ebola information doesn’t exist as an isolated piece of information. It exists in a large body of very unambiguous, specific information. And, as Subhabrata has shown, the HP didn’t foretell the existence of Ebola, it specifically foretold the Ebola epidemic. And of course that’s preceded by, “Not only AIDS will occur worldwide in the 1990s, but also epidemics such as the so-called ‘mad cow disease’, i.e., BSE, out of which different strains of Creutzfeldt–Jakob syndrome will develop, lasting well into the new millennium.” That is extremely specific information.

When we consider the validity and authenticity of the information, certain very obvious questions must arise, among them are:

1. Were these specifics common knowledge at the time of the earliest verifiable publication of the HP?

2. For any of the specifics in question, where was such previously published information available?

3. Can Billy Meier’s prior access to that information be verified…not merely assumed, claimed, etc.

Regarding question number 1., if we suspect that the information was retrodicted, added after the events occurred, such as is claimed about the Ebola information, there are several things to consider. Let’s acknowledge that Meier’s prophetic information (of which he isn’t always the actual claimed author) is highly specific. So when he states that there will be an Ebola epidemic we search online for when the first real epidemic occurred.

At this link we find the following (emphasis added):

“The current outbreak in west Africa, (first cases notified in March 2014), is the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak since the Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976.”

We see, therefore, in Meier’s prophetic information that the current situation at this point is already greater than any previous “outbreak”. Time will tell if it develops into an even larger…epidemic. But a logical, reasonable – and objective – person would pause and consider the specificity of Meier’s information and how it already appears to be matching the current, developing situation and not any previous one. One could state the many things that Meier didn’t say, such as some people will get Ebola, it will reappear mildly, there will be a false fear about it, etc. But Meier is unambiguous in stating that there will be an Ebola epidemic. 

So a search online today would indicate that in this specific instance there was no prior Ebola epidemic and consequently no information available about an epidemic in 2002. This would answer question number 2. And, therefore, question number 3. is also answered. Both answers would vindicate Meier of backdating the information. That would mean that he actually did publish it by 2002…and most likely initially in 1987, unless actual evidence to the contrary is produced. Of course that evidence would also have to include information about the non-existent previous epidemic, which would appear to be quite a problem for the skeptics.


Now let’s jump to a seemingly unrelated, very specific event that is also included in the HP, i.e. the foretold Russian attack against Scandinavia from Arkhangelsk. As I pointed out in my press release over three years ago, Russia had begun to move its troops and two locations were mentioned, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. The fact that Meier had indeed predcited Arkhangelsk drew the attention of the formerly skeptical physician/physicist, Dr. Sanford Weinstein. The reason for his reversal in position regarding Meier and his information – and his urging that the US military seriously consider what Meier is saying – is because Dr. Weinstein is a former military man who recognized the specific strategic importance and implications of Russia basing troops in a location that is under year round cloud cover, as well as that is conveniently situated to be an effective launching area for any attack of troops into…the US as well as Canada.

So here we have a highly intelligent (and, as I said, formerly skeptical military man) who not only knows how to think, to use logic and deductive reasoning, etc., but who also understands military strategy. The skeptics may want to yell about “appeals to authority”, as if considering the advice of people who do have some authoritative knowledge and experience should not be both considered and respected. But that is not only foolish; it could be fatal. After all, the military, governments, intelligence agencies, etc., spend huge amounts of money and resources gathering just such intelligence in order to effectively “predict” dangerous situations in advance but also to…prepare for them.

Searching online today, I couldn’t find any previous indications, news, etc., about Russian troop movements to Arkhangelsk prior to 2002, let alone 2011. So, again, questions 2. and 3. in relation to this very specific prediction are answered in the negative. Of course we now also would ask just how Meier would have known that information and have so firmly stated it.

Let’s now include the information from the HP about Russia attacking Scandinavia. Current concerns by Norway and Sweden, as well by Finland, pertaining to Russian military movements echo what is expressed as forthcoming in the HP.

Then of course we have the seemingly unusual – but very specific – mention of Canada being dragged into the foretold conflict with America. Now why would Canada be involved in any way? Certainly in 2002 there was no obvious indication of any serious enmity between Canada and Russia. But we get a clue from the HP:

“The source of this conflict will substantiate the Russian attack on the American State of Alaska and against Canada.”

All one has to do is read the information in and linked from this blog (and other blogs when you use the search term “Canada”) to understand just how tensions have recently developed between those two countries.

So an objective, thinking person would concede that these very specific, recent developments certainly align with the very specific information in the HP. Now let’s introduce some elements pertaining to thinking these things through that the skeptics never consider because they have an agenda to poke holes in the information, rather than to apply reasoning to it in order to discover the truth. And of course the immutable law of cause and effect is clearly to be seen in all of these developments.

Motives & UFO Photos

Not only do the skeptics consistently dismiss how Meier could have otherwise – verifiably – known or come into contact with the information but also why he would be looking for it, publishing it and then…not drawing any attention to it. Human beings all have motives for what they do. While the motives may differ from person to person, some of the more common ones can be boiled down to fame and fortune. Certainly some people also simply draw satisfaction from tricking others, outsmarting them, etc.

In Billy Meier we have an extraordinarily unusual case. We have to remember that this is the same man who’s abundant, stunningly clear UFO evidence has again been authenticated, using the most current, state-of-the-art technologies and protocols that are known and therefore testable or falsifiable. To date, there has been no successful challenge to the new authentication, such as of the WCUFO photos, by Prof. Zahi. In fact, because one can now prove the authenticity of the WCUFO (and thereby the case) for themselves, for many people no further arguments are needed.

But because we live in an age of ever growing specialization, where people are it seems, no longer taught how to see the relationships and connections between seemingly different things, skeptics like to separate and/or completely disregard such relationships, such as exist in this particular case.

So if we shift our attention for a moment to the authentication of the WCUFO evidence – which an un-jaded, thinking person would be bowled over by – we would have to acknowledge that anyone who provided such evidence, such…proof would have no need to take such an unnecessary risk and complicate their own lives by creating what some would see as lesser proof. Now that kind of thinking of course would attract skeptical attacks but let’s bounce back to the information in the HP that certainly has huge military significance. We’ve established that the events themselves hadn’t occurred before the earliest verifiable date of publication in 2002, as is also the case with the…Ebola epidemic.

For anyone who thinks comprehensively, as well as strategically (such as Dr. Weinstein) they don’t need to see the Russians coming through Alaska to read the handwriting on the wall…and to realize Meier’s exceptional, precise accuracy.

Now we could add that Meier foretold the AIDS epidemic in the HP but skeptics would say that it was already underway in the early 1980s. But then we note that Meier had first mentioned it in his 1958 Letter (along with a whole lot of other things). So the skeptics will have to assert that the 1958 information was also retrodicted, etc. But as is also the case in the HP, Meier states that worldwide terrorism, including specifically fanatical Islamic fundamentalism, will be a huge, growing menace. And of course in both these prophecies Meier foretells major advances in genetic engineering and computer technology, again among many other things. These items alone continue to be front page news, with terrorsim of course at unprecedented and apparently growing levels.


Something else that many skeptics are demonstrably short of understanding, considering or possessing themselves is…character. If Meier was indeed someone with a shady record of telling lies, hoaxing evidence, tricking people, etc., it would be reasonable to suspect him of some trickery in these matters. These are things that people rightfully are concerned about and not without good reason since there’s no shortage of charlatans, con artists, etc.

But the results of real, feet-on-the-ground research and investigations (including what I’ve gleaned in my own 14 trips to Switzerland and my own attempts to “trick” Meier four different times with one question about something he had said) have shown an absolute absence of such shadiness, as is even admitted by some of his opponents. For the two-dimensional, online “experts” who have zero actual investigative experience, first hand encounters with Meier, his family, other witnesses, etc., such highly relevant, real life information and experience is not only non-existent, it completely escapes their understanding.

Not only is there a complete absence of Meier seeking monetary or celebrity rewards, he does little to assist the efforts of those who themselves have discovered and report on his credibility, the authenticity of the case, its evidence, etc. While he remains reasonably accessible and willing to answer questions, he does nothing to promote and extol himself and will only rarely comment on things until after the events have long been fulfilled.

Contrast Meier’s steady, ongoing, neutral behavior with that of any psychic or astrologer, etc., who happens to get some prediction right. They have no hesitation about loudly proclaiming themselves as true prophets and seers, while of course completely ignoring all of their failures. So far, the debate is more about if Meier really published all of these things before the events/discoveries occurred…it’s not about their accuracy. That should tell us something. How would one man have such an uncanny record of prophetic accuracy, assuming of course that he didn’t back date all of his prophetic and predictive information, dating back to 1951?

Real Life

The huge error being made by some people is that when they come upon what they think is an inconsistency, i.e. their apparent inability to confirm the actual date of publication of a specific item, they lose the ability to comprehensively consider the preponderance of evidence…if they ever possessed that ability at all.

In real life things can be a bit messy, seemingly inconsistent, unclear, etc. That doesn’t mean that they are faked, incorrect, lies, etc. An intelligent investigator doesn’t ignore the inconsistencies but neither do they dwell anthem, especially when they have an overwhelming body of evidence that can be critically examined, tested, weighed and evaluated, such as uniquely present in the Meier case.

What they will do is keep returning to the problematic information as they work their way through the entire body of evidence. In truth, in real life, some things may not be satisfactorily resolved. That means that in the Meier case something may remain as inconclusive…while other evidence further, convincingly substantiates the entire case.

I would argue that, for any reasonable, objective, logical, honest, scientifically minded person, the preponderance of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is self-evident. The only real reason for the discomfort felt by those who can’t reconcile an item here or there is that they are applying unrealistic, non-real life criteria to something that because it is real contains “imperfect” elements in their eyes.

What they also fatally fail to perceive and understand is that during the time period in which Meier presented all of his prophetic as well as physical evidence there were no home computers, no internet, no easy access to information that then only existed in rarified scientific publications, often only in English, certainly not readily accessible to a Swiss man living in a rugged rural environment far away from libraries and universities and who himself was hugely occupied with providing for his family and doing all of the tasks associated with his contacts with the Plejaren as well as surviving numerous assassination attempts, etc.

For the online armchair experts these factors are irrelevant largely because they absolutely lack an awareness of such “primitive”, pre digital age realities and the everyday hardships that are no longer prevalent that our new technologies have alleviated. They think that an online search is sufficient and superior to doing the actual work that they can’t even conceive of. So they stubbornly and arrogantly want to gloss over it.

Consider that a book published in 1990, or even later, may well have taken two years to prepare, rather than the much shorter times today because so much preparation can now be conducted online and even between different people producing different aspects of it. In a way, the readily available information online has made some people more…stupid.


It’s far less important to “prove” everything than it is to think it through. No matter what, some people will never be able to recognize the truth for what it is. In fact, despite any and all arguments that pertain to real thinking, research, investigation, etc., they will end up accusing those who make those arguments of avoiding the facts, supposed real questions, etc.

The Meier case is certainly intended to encourage the development of our thinking abilities, which need a huge upgrade. Those people who are stimulated to do so will certainly find their way to the spiritual teaching, which is the core of the case. The prophetic information was, in my opinion, given not only to help us awaken to the dead end road that we, humanity, had created but also to establish a clear record of virtually error free prophetic accuracy such as would be sufficient to assure us of both the credibility and intentions of its source and thereby warrant our study of what is the real and true remedy for the human condition, i.e. the spiritual teaching.



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