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Marco K.

Sure, Michael, I didn’t mean to imply that you should stop going on these shows, although the thought had crossed my mind. Keep doing what you’re doing, the interview (with Betsy) was really good (the two Mikes are not my cup of tea, too much talk, nothing of value being said or contemplated).

I just find it funny and sad at the same time that so many show hosts are pretty delusional while at the same time claiming to be looking for the truth and I’m wondering how one could change that as a guest on the show. So far, I didn’t come up with anything though. 😉


If you can get past the boobs and sports and ghosts those two Mikes really know a lot (insert sarcasm here). I found it funny that one of the Mikes said if there had already been contact, they would know about it. He obviously doesn’t know how his country works. Or when one of the two Mikes guardian angel didn’t stop him from having an accident and why is that? Because they cannot be on duty all the time. I can’t believe people are that delusional. But hey there’s a game on so it doesn’t matter.
But great job on your interview with Betsy, you pretty much covered everything in a short amount of time. I agree it does open up the possibility for others to find your site and of course Billy.