Overpopulation for Fun and Profit

UPDATED info on graphene*.

Here’s a (very scripted) presentation intended to scare and hype, which it may do, while it is the perfect example of how ignorance of the underlying problem of overpopulation has created the threat of nuclear war between two peoples who share very similar needs and ever dwindling resources. It has been pointed out that the difference between the people of India and those of Pakistan may be small in terms of genetic make-up, though other cultural differences exist.

The two participants in this conversation-infomercial also share very similar blind spots – or lack of concern – about the actual causes for these problems. But, as you will see, the almost obscene way in which the problems and statistics of this potential hell fire are presented is in typical American fashion, it’s really a sales pitch for how you can get rich off of the situation. (We may also want to consider the prophetic information pertaining to a possible upcoming nuclear/biological attack on India by…China.)

It should be mentioned that the technological development that is touted as the knight in shining armor for this and other situations, graphene, really does appear to an amazing substance with a multitude of applications. While necessity is the mother of invention, consciousness is the granddaddy of prevention, which is of no concern to the salesmen of course. While deadly nuclear technology is still touted as the energy answer for this region, we wince at the ignorance, the failure to mention the inexhaustible, readily available, non-polluting deep geothermal energy.

One of the fantastic applications for graphene is in water purification. In terms of desalinization, the reverse osmosis (RO) process was formerly/is still relied on heavily. The problem with this process, which I was aware of when I sold such equipment to homes, restaurants, hotels, etc., is that it uses several gallons of water to produce each gallon of pure water, with the various solids that are rejected by the multi-layered RO membrane being sloughed off and sent down the drain. The graphene membrane is infinitely thinner than the RO membrane and should revolutionize the water purification field. And it’s remarkable that it can purify nuclear waste out of water rendering it instantly drinkable.

However, the same issue apparently remains – what becomes of the waste from these situations? It doesn’t disappear. And purifying sea water for nearly two billion people will result in a rather large amount of salt and other minerals being concentrated and in need of disposal, or perhaps further human innovation in terms of converting the minerals into other beneficial products, applications, etc. I don’t know that the same can be done with the radioactive particles rejected by the graphene membrane; perhaps that also will be solved.

But wouldn’t it be nice if the same breakthrough in consciousness that created graphene and its potential solutions recognized the energy solving benefits of deep geothermal energy? And wouldn’t it be even nicer if the in-your-face obviousness of the causal relationship between overpopulation and all of these environmental and human relationship problems was finally grasped and focused on…instead of just prioritizing the pursuit of profits?


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*Thanks to Eve Hands.

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David Scott

I am sorry for my behavior. I have a lot of things to speak of however I do not know what I was thinking treating you that way. We all congregate here because of the positive an I was a down right butthead. I am truly sorry. I always enjoy your participation and really appreciate you being here. I have to go back to the drawing board Wylie Cayote like. I feel like I survived the free fall ,big poof and all so I hope to contribute something positive instead of being a smart ass who deserves to be pistal whipped.; ). My spelling sucks and my PC fights me a lot so I will do my best and maybe bring something to the table and not be so conspiracy flavored. I will put up some links to support the crazyness also it makes sense dealing with the outlandish nature of most of what we converse over these days, warmest regards, David


I just happened on this, not sure if it’s all that correct. Alarming even so http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/


ok, thank you

John Webster

Being a male, in this lifetime, I post the following because I fully respect [sympathize?] the birthing process!
“And yet, when she imagines raising a child, Ferorelli says she can’t help but envision the nightmare scenarios that have dogged her since she first heard the term “global warming” in elementary school.”
This is a sentiment voiced by a woman in the following article taken from: https://www.npr.org/2016/08/18/479349760/should-we-be-having-kids-in-the-age-of-climate-change

david gustafson

New billboard campaign in Vancouver targets global overpopulation

A new billboard campaign has launched in Vancouver by a group that states its mandate is to “and educate that overpopulation is a root cause of resource depletion, species extinction, poverty, and climate change.”