Slapping Ourselves Upside the Head

UPDATE, November 29, 2014: Drought-hit Sao Paulo may ‘get water from mud’: TRFN

For more than 10 years I’ve referred to the Billy Meier case as “the key to our future survival”. While I’ve also pointed out that it’s the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case, spanning more than 72 years, I’ve tried to make it clear that the UFOs are the least important aspect of the case and that no one is coming to save us. After getting our attention with the UFO eye-candy, it was intended that we would learn from the warnings contained in Meier’s prophetic and predictive information, going back to 1951.

The Spiritual Teaching

It was within this body of information that he spelled out, quite specifically what would befall humankind if we failed to recognize that we were stubbornly headed in the direction of self-destruction due to millennia of religiously and politically contaminated, delusional, greedy, wrong thinking and a complete disregard for, and disconnect from, the true Creational laws and the laws of nature. This realization would lead us to where we could delve into the actual core element of the case, i.e. the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, which indeed also is the key to our future survival. Should we not take this opportunity and learn how to correct our course, our misguided pursuits of wealth, power, control over others, etc., would only continue to take us farther from the true source of love, peace, freedom and harmony. We would suffer the inevitable, painful effects of our causes in the form of unimaginable environmental destruction and further futile massively destructive wars, etc.

We Were Warned

So when we notice recent news about the problems facing Sao Paolo and begin to understand the importance of rainforests in the water production cycle, we also may recall Meier’s early warnings pertaining to climate change and the consequences of the damage to the forests and rainforests. Then we may also perceive the interconnections between overpopulation – the core of our terrestrial problems – and the exploitation of these forests often to cultivate profit-making crops, or to grow cattle to produce meat, which some now see as the worst contributor to our environmental destruction.

Of course Meier published information about the often largely unrecognized dangers of methane gases in the same contact where the information about the true extent of the now largely forgotten – but by no means gone – BP disaster was also revealed. Has anyone else noticed this information about methane, which reveals yet another of the unforeseen consequences of continuing to use fossil fuels? And what about those nice folks in Norway who, while certainly in the crosshairs of the very much on the move Russians, are making their own contribution to robotically controlled destruction, helping to fulfill the foretold negative endgame of computerized weaponry.

And, while the prophecies fulfill, you’ll find that the UFOCI still does everything possible to keep the distractions and illusions going rather than point to where the mother lode can be found by those who really want to find it.

Profits über alles

Because of the intense nature of the content of Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings, virtually every UFO organization, and most so-called UFO researchers and investigators, suppressed or ignored Meier’s singularly authentic case and its not so rosy forecast for humanity. The UFOCI (UFO community and industry) – which is also abysmally and embarrassingly unscientific – preferred instead to distract, disinform and entertain, doing a huge disservice to humanity. The entire UFO topic was effectively marginalized, as per the long-standing intention of the various governmental, military, intelligence, media, religious, political interests that contributed to the suppression, with the very willing complicity of the UFOCI, even if they were sometimes unknowing of the true sources of their support, etc. There was no shortage of unqualified people who, in order to make themselves feel important, were even willing to pay to participate in the cynical charade by becoming field investigators, happy to be chasing always elusive lights in the sky (which are quite often secret military craft).

The UFOCI had also learned that lots of money could be made cranking out nicely produced, safely inconclusive, dead-end UFO related content for TV. And as long as no one delved into the Billy Meier UFO case they were free to present their slightly dressed up tabloid content and elevate it to some respectability, at least as far as making it commercially viable and appropriately sanitized.

The Future Is Here Now…Sorry

But now that the real magnitude of the ever-encroaching, and now largely unstoppable environmental destruction, and the rapidly deteriorating geopolitical situation, are beginning to penetrate our consciousness, many people are frozen like in deer-in-the-headlights, performing perfunctory hand-wringing, or just pointing to all of the mess and impotently clucking and complaining about it. It’s somewhat understandable as the future is now upon us, coming far too soon. Like something out of a horror film, we allowed the prophecies to – safely – scare us as we never really expected these things to occur; so thoroughly has what we call “education”* succeeded in contributing to dumbing people down.

Some institutions of so-called higher learning will even ban a presentation on the scientifically amply supported Meier case, while some simply opt for even weightier subjects, in this nauseatingly politically correct world. As far as rewards, they are endlessly provided in the mindless, ubiquitously available entertainment that is also conveyed to us through ever-invasive technologies, some almost unimaginably so.**


Nonetheless, this is when we must, each on our own way, sow the seeds for those very distant times that Meier has also foreseen. Sometimes a seemingly most unlikely opportunity will arise to bring some attention to the hidden truth (78:00). Opportunities may actually abound, for as is true in nature, seeds require good fertilizer in which to grow…and certainly there is no shortage of that now.


*Some links are provided for certain, but not all, elements contained within them.

**Meier first foretold a “biometric identification system” (bio-chipping) in 1958.


Thanks to Adam Crabb, Amit, Chris Lock, Mike B.


The Meier Contacts – The Key to Our Future Survival

And Did They Listen?

36 Replies to “Slapping Ourselves Upside the Head”

  1. Michael ,
    I totally agree , and I do not want to fear monger. I truly study the teaching and aspire to be more every day , however why are we allowing this madness to happen . Each day the level of potent casual corruption increases and now its so flagrantly displayed right in front of our noses. Everyone is just accepting it in a huge showing of denial. Seriously , when there is not a planet left , what then? Just look up into the sky at Mars .
    Yes, lately I struggle for a cohesive sentence , but I feel as if I am so alone here in looking at the obvious. Never , never in my wildest imagination could I believe what I now see. I understand , because I would roll my eyes too in the past . I’m not trying to antagonize . Truth is I am agonizing over the current state of events . I protagonize at times very briefly to hopefully get one to think. I am going to leave it be for now . If anybody has kids , take a look at the future for real . If you see it , you would be so shocked as well .

    1. Thought by thought, by feeling and action. We have to discipline ourselves and cultivate dependable, clear thinking. Let’s focus on the manifestation of peace, love, freedom and harmony Meier espouses and which every human being certainly wants. We’re looking to create that and be that moment by moment.

      So in a way the particulars of the worldly grief are less important. We don’t want to be like moths to the flame, plunging helplessly into the closest inferno. So, while we see things as they are, we can see the way we prefer them to be and, first, make it that way inside of ourselves. Then that will radiate out from us.

  2. Michael, I ask with respect ,because it is more than I. Are we to understand that the might of thoughts are greater than the actions of resistance? That is a wonderful epiphany and difficult to be honest in light of such tyranny.

    1. Terror and tyranny arise from…thoughts. As does the triumph of truth. For millennia people were conditioned to believe that the power was outside of them, that they were worthless “sinners”…while those who did know the might of the thoughts and were might hungry, greedy, etc., weren’t wasting their time in church pews praying to an imaginary, ain’t nobody home, this place is empty “god”.

      Time for all of us to start thinking, isn’t it?

    2. I will add my view, based on opinions of others self-realized people only, as I cannot prove it for myself yet. Since viewing oneself as a “separate piece” we can use only energy available to that “piece” and self-centered thoughts are limited in their power. After self-realization, we are WHOLE – not a piece only, and true action is not based on limited by previous experiences thoughts, but true intelligence operates. Just recognition of something that needs to be done sets into a motion a mechanism which will bring required change the best way possible. Since Whole acts at that time, there is no limit of energy available and what is envisioned should come into existence quickly.
      If this is so, why not desire NOW to uncover that each one of us, is ALREADY that WHOLE, and not only a limited human ?

  3. Yes! Within might we find light. Together. I am afraid , admitted, however, with our collective might and the power of our collective thoughts we are more. Much more, I get it as you speed my friend. Point taken and applied. To that I say join with the peace plan.Salome Michael!

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