Too Little, Too Late But…


As was the case with the recent Pentagon report, a new report from a United Nations panel confirms what Billy Meier specifically warned about – decades ago – and what any objective, thinking person now recognizes as true. While the report gives some slight, false hope the fact is that manmade climate change is now inescapably irreversible.

The Big Picture

There is a great lag in time between when Meier presented his evidence and official recognition and corroboration of it. Meier’s UFO photos from decades ago were recently authenticated…as of course others also previously were.

Now his prophetic information dating back to 1951, much of which has consequently become predictions because of our collective stubbornness, arrogance and willful stupidity, is officially confirmed, without any accompanying public mention or realization of that being the case.

So for those wise enough to get the big picture, to recognize and realize the foundation of credibility established by both his physical and informational evidence, proceeding directly to the actual purpose of the contacts and delving into the spiritual teaching is the next, vitally important step.

Finger Pointing?

Obviously, those of us who are long familiar with the Meier case may be tempted to continue to point fingers and voice lots of “I told you so!” at the ever present skeptics and deniers. But we’ve done that enough. Many of us have been there ourselves with one thing or another in our lives, when we were slow learners. However, with the ever unfolding, prophecy-fulfilling events ceaselessly rolling on, our time is better spent in personal study and interpersonal discussion of what has been so long suppressed and hidden from humankind.

…Let’s Get On With It

In a world that’s now reaping the rotten fruits of having been saturated and drowned for millennia with illogical, irresponsible, belief laden, superstitious, mind-enslaving, outer directed, religio-political “savior” thinking, those who’ve kept their heads above water enough to not succumb to the poisoning must continue to cultivate new, fertile fields. We must go to the very core of the spiritual teaching and through complete self-responsibility, see things as they are, utilizing neutral-positive thinking, observing and controlling our every thought, generating consciously chosen preferred feelings and actions.

Conscious of the immutable law of cause and effect, we must notice what we’re thinking, thought-by-thought, moment-by-moment, as we begin a very long, arduous restructuring of our own thinking process. We must notice those things that are on automatic in any and all aspects of our thinking and communication, so that we can consciously choose our thoughts, feelings and actions. We must notice the effects that present themselves, both short and long range. When we react to anything, one way or another, we must notice the entire, usually below conscious level process involved and then, again, consciously choose our thoughts, feelings and actions…repetition being the mother of learning.

Of course there’s lots more in this world of too little, too late but…

Let’s get on with it.


P.S. In case there’s any doubt whatsoever as to the difference between what Putin focuses on and what the intellectuals at good ol’ Harvard preoccupy themselves with, well…






33 Replies to “Too Little, Too Late But…”

  1. Michael, I don`t know if you`re into Noam Chomsky but lately he`s been writing articles for AlterNet and Truthout. Hre is his latest article from tittled Noam Chonsky The Leading Terrorist State for Monday Nov 3rd,2014 Truthout/OpEd. Insidently I`m a Green Party but if there isn`t a Green Party the I vote Liberal Demacrat with few exceptions such as Bernie Saunders and Patrick Leahy.

  2. I have been listening to some of Alan Watts lately. Does anyone know if Billy or PJ have ever commented on him. He seems to have really been on the right track. Lovely to listen to and very thought provoking. Here he talks about reincarnation. His insights and perspective I think sound resonable.

  3. Seeing some recent interviews of americans talking about christian this, anti gay that, climate change is a hoax and blablabla…. All this can’t possibly mean much to them. I would say it might just be the country with the world’s stupidest population.

  4. Check out this website c2c Hot News for Wed Nov 5th,2014 From Toronto SUN Entertainment Celebriti8es Dan Aykrody: Aliens are’discusted’ by us posted for Monday November 03,2014 also updated too. Dan Akroyd stated that he saw two white disk fly into the WTO on 9/11 2001. After athe 9/11 attacts he stated the the aliens said the people of Earth are the most violent civilization and that the aliens refuse toi deal with the people of Earth anymore because we are a violent civilization. To me that is obvious thanks to all the war-mongering we`re doing here on planet Earth. I think the US is the worst of all possible due to all the preparation and money going into this stupid war-mongering in the US. “What a waist of money,time and resouces etc,etc,etc!”

  5. Billy showed us the mindset regarding Pearl Barbour and the moon landings . This is also a Psy op. Its designed to rally behind war , so the population demands it. That is the take away. Now you have events that take place all the same and involve character actors and extreme cover. The gov runs drugs, child prostetution and nation building . Please know it cannot get any worse. We are dealing with extreme criminality here. As bad as it gets. Please wake up and look very closely. It goes back to 74 when a military plane had to emergency land with 20 tons of coke. Oops! No media. Who trained all the drug cartels, AlQueda? Who runs the guns ? I know you all are very intelligent people , stop the denial , Kennedy was the last President to think for himself . Oh and the Regan , all backed by Bushes. Think!

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