An Open Letter to the Human Community

I have often addressed open letters to the UFOCI, i.e. the UFO community and industry (it really is basically a profit-oriented, entertainment and distraction business). Before continuing I’ll ask those parties to honestly evaluate everything else in the entire UFO field compared to the Billy Meier case and see if there are any reasoned conclusions other than:

There is absolutely nothing else of actual, tangible value, or practical significance.

No other incontrovertible evidence of extraterrestrial involvement exists.

Lights Out

We’re all familiar with the futility and insanity of continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result. In all self-honesty, what more than just chasing lights in the sky – which are mainly secret military craft anyway – has been accomplished?

If there really are extraterrestrials in UFOs there must be a reason for their appearance. That reason, which is about trying to help us assure our own very threatened future survival, is to be found in the Meier contacts.

Some people think that there must be another authentic UFO contact case. Why? It’s already obvious that we’re unable to deal the overwhelmingly clear and important evidence and content of the Meier case.

Beyond UFOs

Everyday, events long foretold by Meier continue to unfold. Like the proverbial frogs in water we watch as the water boils and our only response is to…worry about imaginary “aliens”? How many more actual extraterrestrials and human prophets would it take for us to wake up…and help awaken others?

Take a look at these recent items*, randomly pulled from dozens in the news, and then read the prophetic information published by Meier since 1951, as well as specifically on Fukushima, and the BP disasterContact 251, the new Pentagon report and new UN report, both of which specifically corroborate Meier’s prophetic information, and the many other corroborations.

Nowhere to Hide

Consider the almost unimaginable consequences of São Paolo, with some 20 million people, running out of water, all because of human greed and ignorance. The warnings from Meier about the consequences of cutting down the rainforests date back to 1958. Yet the corrupt Brazilian government has given in to temporary profit over all other considerations.

For those of living anywhere on planet Earth, this should be sobering as well…if we’re not hopelessly intoxicated by irrelevant concerns.

It also should be plain to see that the relevance of the Meier contacts applies to every segment and sector of our population – especially the educational sector – distracted as some at Harvard may be by more…probing concerns. We’ve already seen that the truth was too much to bear for one university. Of course I have considered creating a course in The Social Significance of Trendy Tattooed Transsexual Twerking and Twittering, which should more than likely result in enormous funding and equally high class attendance levels (please turn off your cell phones, this is weighty stuff).

We made it to Times Square and hopefully we’re about to break through the politically correct truth embargo and open the Meier case up for discussion in environments supposedly dedicated to higher learning. However, anyone can take a FREE graduate course – now  – in the very thing all politics and religion only prevent:  learning how to actually think clearly, logically and effectively, which is at the core of how we can assure our own very threatened future survival.

Feel free to suggest, and/or invite, a presentation of this information to your school, college, university, etc. All questions and challenges are welcome.



Fukushima radiation identified off northern California

Japan Reopening Nuclear Plant Next to Active Volcano Which Is About to Blow

Man embeds computer chips in hands to store Bitcoin

Putin builds China links as ties with west fray

US missile defense aim – possibility of first nuke strike against Russia

Terrifying two legged giant robot being developed by Google

NASA: Major droughts threaten food supply, global security


Thanks to Chris O’Brien, Paz Paz, Ricardo Ralston, Todd and many others.

55 Replies to “An Open Letter to the Human Community”

  1. Michael, I don’t think the Plejaren story is the only game in town. This conclusion is based on my research sifting through other photos, videos, and sources of information. So perhaps out of 1000 things I’ve looked at, maybe 50-100 are legitimate. Here are about 70 pictures related to a few things I think are real: The large ancient cargo ship on the moon. Was there an Apollo 19 and 20? Structures such as buildings and towers on the moon. Structures on Iapetus. The Voynich manuscript, a notebook of extraterrestrial plants left behind by an e.t. girl written in a completely unknown language. Those large round stones in South America left behind as a gift which were supposed to depict planets in their locations. Ships spotted in outer space. Buildings on moons identified as mining operations. Recovered bodies identified of certain races. Much of this information comes from a Brazilian man who claims to meet with a young humanoid named Mythi who is here for research. The anomalies on the SOHO cameras pointed at the sun, especially when NASA edits them. Gary McKinnon who hacked NASA computers and found some interesting things. Several different videos from the International Space Station being cut off when a UFO appears. David Adair who touched a recovered E.T. engine. The military guys who witnessed ships shooting a beam into their nuclear weapons silos and disabling the warheads. There are also the “Yahweh tapes” from a man who claims to be from the other side of the galaxy. Billy Meier has the most comprehensive collection of evidence and conversations. But from what I have seen, no one has debunked or attacked Captain Bill from Brazil and his information from Mythi yet. See, the Plejaren only interact with Billy, but Mythi freely answers questions from the people on the site, and gives updates on current events on Earth and in the solar system every few weeks, so it’s a lot more of a friendly, back and forth relationship, instead of a one-sided, change the world now or you’ll all die kind of thing. They also talk about other races such as the Atouns, Aldeberans, Chithoks, as well as Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others. So that’s one reason why people look to other sources, because the Plejarens say “we did plenty for you 30-40 years ago and nobody cared, so we’re not lifting a finger for you now, you’re on your own, and when Billy dies we’re never coming back.”

    1. Greg,

      I’m not domewhere now that’s easy for me to review that site but I recall some rred flags, like religious referenes nad mention of the non-existent “Pleiadians”.

      Thisi isn’t about “my contactee is better than yours”. It’s a matter of verifiable authenticity and of course monumental significance. The spiritual teaching is the core of the Meier case and the suppression of it has been the biggest crime against humanity in millennia, especally because of what false and delusional, mind-enslaving was substituted for it.

      We don’t need extraterrestrials to come back, we need to master our problems, our thoughts, feelings and actions and become true human beings.

      So far, I think that Mythi is just that…myth.

      1. P.S. The Mythi myth is also filled with cutesy, very terrestrial New Age jargon sufficient to regard it as certainly not from any actual, highly evolved extraterrestrial race.

        1. Michael, There are two other cases of ET contact that I heard about but I don`t know if these two cases are valid.#1 Mirim Dilicado of Blu Star Prophecies and #2 Mixhael Discartae the French person who now lives in Austrialia who has been contacted by the people from Theopois. Is there any proof and truth to these other two contacts?

          1. Terry, please understand that the world is full of quacks, charlatans, phonies and frauds, which I know Ms. Dilcado to be. I don’t know about Mon. Discartae (sic) but I could take a wild guess.

            Please for a moment think about this…YOU have been contacted by the Plejaren and the prophet, Billy Meier, through their generous work. All that’s required is that you make of their gift as much as you can for yourself in this lifetime. The two alleged “contactees” may not be so lucky in this lifetime.

    2. Hello doug… : /
      I would be very surprise to find in the CR this very odd speech you reported:

      “we did plenty for you 30-40 years ago and nobody cared, so we’re not lifting a finger for you now, you’re on your own, and when Billy dies we’re never coming back.”

      Perhaps it’s your own quote, with your emotional point of view?

      Sure, there exist many other stories and also other human races all across universe. But you see all of this is also included in the big picture the one brought to us by Billy Eduard Albert Meier and his longue date friends, the Plejarens. So I personally think that you mostly are losing energies and times in some misleading “happenings” that won’t bring you any real knowledge. I think you should invest more time for this ONE very special case and let go the rest. Really.

      If you really study the meier material, you’ll truly find out that most of what you pointed out is completely bs…
      Maybe I should not say that but I will say it anyway, you won’t find any better cases anywhere else in this solar system for your entire life. Because the meier contacts is not only the best… it’s the only real one ongoing for years and years and years. And it’s always been true.

      Seriously i don’t know what you are still looking for, I think you already found it but you just did not realised yet… it’s the Meier case!!!

      … and who’s Mythi ? 😀

    3. I am maybe the only person on this planet who thinks that Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” is in part at least a true story of something that happened on another planet. And I think that the Plejarans were involved in that story. . . . . just throwing this out there again! There are many roads that lead to the center of all things and we are all on one of those roads.

      1. Yes Carolyn, you are only one that thinks that way. Not because you’re special, it’s because religion has tainted your views. Shake those cobwebs off and try again because there is only one road to the truth.

    4. Greg, we know from the contact notes that there is another group of ET’s visiting this planet, which are well defined. . . . they come from the direction of the Constellation of Orion the Hunter, from planets near the star Sirius. Do not worry. . . . they will not leave us to the worst fate that could happen. . . . we need to have faith in their collective “goodness”.

      1. Carolyn,

        This is another example of very damaging, misplaced…religious thinking. No one, as in no one, is coming to save us. We certainly DON’T need faith in anything or anyone; we need to learn to trust ourselves. Of course that’s a problem too. How do you trust someone who’s not taken/taking responsibility for themselves?

        1. Michael, there isn’t a human being on this earth who I personally “trust”, not even Billy Meier. I do trust the people who are older and wiser than humans, live longer lives and have experienced other “realities”. I believe what they tell me. I have no faith nor confidence that humans collectively will do what is best for themselves.

          1. That must horrible not to be able to trust anyone except those you have never talked to (except in your own mind of course). If I were you, I would take your bible and burn it and hopefully some good will come out of it. You are still so stuck in your religious views. In my hometown, not only did the catholic church close, now they just closed the united church. Repeat after me: Hallelulah, praise the drol.

          2. Sheila… that is awesome they are closing those re chit buildings. Seems in my area they keep popping up, taking the fertile land with them. The bible belt of the mid-west, Minnesota. Place for all the ‘orcs’ to get what they need! Long ways to go around here, yet got to keep plugging away somehow.

          3. Michael, what does magic have to do with logic? Some problems require unlogical, unmethodical and intuitive solutions. Think about it!

      2. Hi Carolyn. Think of it this way. If we continue on the track of the prophecy’s, the ‘goodness’ of other ET civilizations would, logically, let us perish. Trying to save us would not work. It would create more conflict between ourselves and from us to the ET’s. Why? Because we simply wouldn’t accept what they were telling us (oh, like now), and the consciousness of the population at that time can’t simply be changed with the click of ET’s fingers. It may turn out, in the distant future, that total annihilation of us (by our own doing) may be the best thing for us in the very long term. If/when we are ready to be saved we will save ourselves by our own volition. If not, we won’t. The effect must balance with the cause. Perhaps the majority of Earthers need to experience for themselves utter chaos and suffering on this world in order for the ‘penny to drop.’ And with that I wish you a good weekend.

        1. Apart from the genocide of the twentieth century, which resulted in the murder of untold millions of human beings, I can’t imagine what you are talking about!

  2. hi michael,i found this article that highlights a climatologist that proposes moving coastal communities inland because of the inevitable sea level rise that could be as high as six feet in some areas.i’m pretty sure meier or the plejaren suggested something like seems though that she is unwilling to propose this idea for coastal cities like NY (my home),she’s probably being politically correct.naturally overpopulation isn’t any case, she is the only person that has published academic work on this,she calls it “managed retreat”.

  3. Hello michael. I just heard that their are racial beatings going on from White skinned Humans attacking Black skinned Humans because of the Ebola Stuff. If your Black skinned you are now associated with the Ebola outbreak. This is so off the scale Stupid I have lost all hope in the Earth Human. Every race in these united States of America have made notice to the fact that the Controllers (whom ever they are) have been trying to create Racial tension between the Races and have told the people Not to buy into it. I read in the Billy contact notes that it would be 400 to 500 years before their would be a turn in the Earth Human conscious for the better. When I first read this I thought this could not be True. Now I see that it is True and we whom are of a little more conscious are really in for it. The Earth Human is so easily Brain Washed. Nothing will change as long as their are these Dumb asses in large numbers.

    1. As far back as 1981 Meier foretold two civil wars coming to the US, as well as an increase in racism, Nazism etc., in many places. Unfortunately Obama’s (or who ever’s behind them) immigration policies have not helped at all, as they are only contributing to the polarization, as well as absolutely to the deterioration and degradation of the quality of life here, including the breakdown of the medical and educational systems, increases in crime, etc. This will further polarize the situation and also, unfortunately, increase scapegoating of people of different races, etc.

  4. Hello Michael. My previous comment is in the wrong place sorry. I would like to point out about the above comments. I hear all the time from these people whom buy into the Disinformation to take them away from the real Truth. The comments for Greg Dougall is in this category. Also their are people whom are paid to put out this False Information. For years now these Disinformation people have been trying to undermine the Meier contact Information and even tried to put a Spy into the Meier camp. The Meier Information is so True the Disinformation people have been Unsuccessful and will be for all time. They are easy to spot once you have enough Truth within you.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Perhaps now people will understand just how long and hard a process it is, and will be for some time, until people learn to think clearly and act accordingly. There is a great investment on the part of the actual creators and agents of disinformation and distraction to keep people chasing lights-in-the-sky and their own tails, all for control of everyone and everything.

      1. If we could just come together in groups, we may be able to more efficiently address the various problems. I’m seriously considering coming up with something, yet it requires such resources that are not always there. Nevertheless, this is what must happen here in the U.S. I feel in days of old, so to speak, this is how the various peoples gathered together to discuss the knowledge and share it with each other, thereby creating a more harmonious life. It’s sooo simple in theory.

  5. Hello everyone,
    I am going to post a very intriguiging link to challenge your mind . And what its designed to do is provide a new story . And the awakening is of your mind vs. the pull of the story. True ? Who knows. But notice the usage of massive research and the players and you will find unfolding very many things . Its an exercise , a personal challenge in your psychological development and the window into the mind . Its like the Meiers material. It has depth and pull , or gravity. And the question is ….what about the believers. At least a very intriguing body of work and entertaining but…


    This is the level of challenge we are up against including the religions….

  6. Awareness is half the battle, action is the balance. Do nothing , expect nothing . Yes, implement the spiritual teaching. But that is not enough. Actually learn the truth of the world and participate. Turn your cheek and you allow it to be. No prayer alone will change this world. No action alone will change this world ,until you decide to stop accepting less than what is right. That is the least we can do. Standing firm on our unwavering beliefs in harmony,together,strong and sovereign in light. Tolerance becomes weakness which bestows dominance. I would venture to say 2% of the world knows what is going on. So you all have a lot of work t do. Finding out should be your full time job if you care. Otherwise plant a garden,ride a bike, tell those you care about you love them and at least turn off the TV.

  7. It may be necessary to establish an unofficial group soon as to protect those who do not yet know what could happen. Things are becoming slightly tightened as it were and people should really be able to have access to the pertinent materials, regardless of whether or not they are ready. Truth does not wait. This has gone on long enough. Too many have perished needlessly and continue to. The Human must wake up in the next few years. The Truth must be spoken publicly, even if it seems ludicrous to do so. I encourage all peoples throughout the world to raise small pamphlet stands that are ACCURATE with the teachings of the spirit, anywhere they can, within the law of course. We MUST form unofficial groups that follow the guidelines of those of FIGU, yet we must be prudent and resourceful. No one has to be prostyltized to, but we live in a time that differs little from those of Jmmanuel, and many are lost. All that is needed is the dissemination of the Creational knowledge, but we need people who are currently fluent with the points that may catch first. We must act now for the sake of everyone. There is no saving, just informing, so maybe, just maybe some can see, so we do not have to do this again. It’s been too damned long.

  8. Regarding the reasonable and system-changing peaceful solutions:

    People should support direct democracy, not the representative democracy (dictatorial one). I do it in my country as I can. Direct democracy here is getting increasingly stronger because people are tired of the anti-social machinations of the politicians and want to decide for themselves. I know I am repeating myself, but this is extremely important that people do something as the solution is known, it just needs implementation. Read what Pleiarens have to say on direct democracy:

    The international support for direct democracy could change this world, marginalize the political psychopats and alter the future for the better. I believe there should be some support for direct democracy on your blog Michael, as you are certainly a man with a mission 🙂

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