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Skeptics Wrong Again: Billy Meier’s “Energy Ship UFO” Authentic

Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock have now completed their new photo analysis of the highly unusual Energy Ship UFOs photographed by Billy Meier. Some years ago, a couple of very aggressive, skeptical radio show hosts – one of whom, David Biedney, referred to himself as an expert in PhotoShop, etc. – had quite loudly and arrogantly proclaimed that these photos were deliberately hoaxed double exposures, etc. As is consistently the case…the skeptics have been proved wrong again.

However, you can read the very extensive, detailed analysis of these  photos, which are all the more fantastic now that they’ve been authenticated:

The Energy Ships: An Investigative Analysis of Billy Meier’s Energy Ship UFO Photos

You can see Prof. Zahi’s previous analyses of the WCUFO and the Pendulum UFO Film here:

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Another New Award for “And Did They Listen?”

We just won a new award at IndieFEST so you win too with  some special offers on DVDs  on the Billy Meier case:

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And I thank everyone for their ongoing support as we work to bring awareness of the Billy Meier case, and especially the Spiritual Teaching, to worldwide awareness.

58 comments on “Skeptics Wrong Again: Billy Meier’s “Energy Ship UFO” Authentic

  • Also there is a new cover photo courtesy of Savio. The former one was really not good enough and far from the original. We simply had to update it. There are some extra comments inside too.

  • Greg,
    If you have some alleged “original” photos, yes. CHristian ordered some “originals” from Wendell’s coection only to find they were cheap copies thathad to be discarded, so Rahl and I will start from trying to confirm originality if possible and go on from there. There are plenty of copies around. If they have Wendelle’s writing on the back we are probably interested in taking a closer look at those, if possible. Do you have any?

    I don’t recall seeing comments to me about TJ. I don’t see all posts as I’m too busy to check in every day. I don’t have a good copy of TJ myself — only a very old out of date version from the 1990s. So I might not be able to help, but go ahead and ask again if you wish. Sorry if I missed it before.

  • Hi Michael, when I asked Christian Frenher why they had released the new HD book of ufo photographs he said it was because the originals were beginning to degrade and they scanned them in high resolution to preserve them. Do you know if they intend to digitally preserve film and video footage they have? I should have asked but I forgot to at the time. High-resolution conversions of the 8 mm film and video would show details never before seen by anyone. All we have seen up to this date is low resolution video which was taken from filming a projector screen.

  • I’d prefer all these scientific analyses to be stored in one place. That would make it easy to access them and use immediately against the non-believers if need be!

  • Hello Michael on the coming civil wars do you no more or less when it will happen or what sets things in motion. Following the Ferguson case in Missouri they just set a state of emergency expecting other city’s to riot do to a murder by the police department. They are telling people to buy food, water, and guns for there safety. Sorry if it isn’t related to your post……….. Salome

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