In 1948, when he was 11-years-old, Billy Meier first warned about the coming environmental destruction, among many other things. In 1951, 1958 and 1964 he further warned of the devastation to our climate, the increase in intensity and frequency of all forms of storms, blizzards, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, etc.

In 2008, Meier gave further warnings and pointed out that what he had previously foretold had already largely come to pass.

In light of weather related news stories such as this, which will become ever more frequent from here on, please read what Meier was told by Quetzal in 1987, in the 216th Contact:

22. I explained before that the coming time will bring all sorts of disasters in terms of the weather and the climate, i.e. their change.

23. In the next few decades and well into the third millennium, the Earth and its humanity will be afflicted by many natural disasters.

24. Great earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and devastating thunderstorms, snowstorms, hurricanes, and violent cyclones will be rife, whereby tremendous amounts of water and snow will fall down from the clouds upon the Earth, causing enormous floods and snow catastrophes in the form of enormous avalanches, etc.

25. The origin for this will be in global warming, which will partially be attributed to natural causes but mostly to the environmental pollution, environmental degradation, and climate influence of the Earth people, as this has already been the case for many years.

26. The Earth’s climate is changing, and as a result, everything leads to greater evaporation of the seas, streams, rivers, and lakes, for which the greenhouse gas, CO2, is also to blame, which the people release into the atmosphere.

27. Through this, many other things also change in the nature of the Earth as well as in the planet itself, such as the circulation and the number and intensity of the winds, which are becoming increasingly stronger and more powerful and which grow into severe hurricanes, etc.

28. The two main factors, evaporation and stronger storm-related winds, make it that during the periods from spring to autumn, massive rain storms break out over the Earth, and enormous masses of water rain down and flood everything, while in the cold winter season, also vast amounts of moisture are driven over the areas of the mainland, forming into snow crystals in the cold air and leading to very unusually heavy and extreme snowfalls, which often continue for days.

29. This means, however, that the danger of avalanches will also very greatly increase in the mountains – especially in Europe – whereby the greatest destructions will be caused, and many human lives will have to be lamented through terrible deaths, when increasingly more, larger, more dangerous, and more destructive avalanches appear.

Many of us have long known about Meier’s warnings. As the time fulfills, we do what we can to inform those who are interested in knowing. And we focus our attention on the core of the case and its information, the spiritual teaching.

Thanks to Chris Lock for the CNN report.


The following information from Dyson Devine, which is also in the Comments section, is important enough to be added to this article:

Billy, in 2001, on the topic of weather-weapons:

“Furthermore, it is intended that, through this research, possibilities will be found to trigger primeval storms, tsunamis and earthquakes or even volcanic eruptions, with which irreparable damage is inflicted upon the enemy.”

Further reading:

Sudor, in 2001:

“10. The truth however, is based in the fact that – as usual in America – her own people were betrayed and were abused for testing purposes. 11. As a rule in America, these secret tests are handled in such a way that even the responsible ones of the government are not aware of it, as has occurred in many other cases.”

Further reading:

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66 comments on “And Now…the Snows

  • And now it melts. Floods to follow. This news article is like a quote from the prophecies.

    “The bad news: Warmer temperatures will begin to melt some 7 feet of snow across the region…. Saturday’s high should reach 40 degrees, but with it comes rain….Andrew Cuomo told reporters Friday. “(Likely) more flooding than we have seen in a long, long time.”

    When rabits over breed, nature sorts it out. When human beings do it, the planet dies.

    • Actually I don’t think the planet dies. It becomes imbalanced and then rebalances itself with a process that includes what we call natural disasters, which are often reactions to the manmade disasters.

      • Yes, quite so. Right comparison would propably be that nature dies. Most human beings know they live on a planet but fail to see it´s message of being “a bit annoyed” by our actions and multiplying numbers.
        I just listened a show on Far Out Radio. Great questions from Scott and straight up answers.

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