Regarding Richard Dolan, “UFO Researcher”

In what other field of study would the most sought after, best evidence be ignored, suppressed and ridiculed in favor of idiotic, delusional, hallucinatory claims? Welcome to  the wonderful world of…UFOlogy.


On a recent edition of C2C, there was an interview with Richard Dolan, a supposed “UFO researcher”. For those who still may not know, the field of so-called UFO research, which is part of the UFO community and industry (UFOCI) is one of the least scientific, with the absolutely lowest standards, making it rather comfortable for self-styled “UFO experts”.

Where else do we have a plethora of poseurs who babble on about what, by definition, they can’t identify, who have no actual tangible evidence for the hypothetical and hyperbolic conclusions they draw and who nonetheless pump out books mainly composed of equally inconclusive, third hand reports about UFO events that have long since passed?

Dolan wastes no time taking plenty of it to unleash his self-promotion as a writer and publisher because, after all, this is a nice little career niche. He sounds like a nice chummy academic, someone who’d be fun to sit and talk with about his favorite hobby, which would be great if his favorite hobby wasn’t…UFOs. He also sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, filled with lovely little anecdotal tales of people’s mysterious, traumatic “encounters” with strange…entities, aliens, Reptilians, etc., etc. Indeed, he reveals that there are so many mind-reading, tall, beautiful blonde aliens everywhere that now they’re showing up in churches, weddings and Las Vegas casinos. It’s the internet version of the campfire ghost story marathon that you can listen to while you nervously chow down on microwaved popcorn. Great entertainment; if only this really still was the 1950s and not the real world today.

When George Noory asked Dolan about the Billy Meier case, he said that, “a lot of UFO researchers just are terrified to talk about him”. Of course they are because their entire, profit-oriented, unscientific “careers” would go down the toilet where they belong. The lights would go on and the room would clear and no one would still be chasing the lights in the sky. After all, how much mileage (and more importantly, cash) can they expect to get out of all of their nonsense when they discover that there’s a real, ironclad UFO contact case and it’s still ongoing?

By saying that he was “not aware of any other person there to witness this (Meier’s contacts)” Dolan’s ignorance of the now over 100 eyewitnesses in the Meier case – of which I am one – demonstrated that my broad-brush dismissal of UFO researchers as a bunch of incompetent phonies and profiteers applied to him as well. When asked about Meier’s stunning photographic UFO evidence, Dolan certainly wasn’t hesitant to tell Noory that, “some of the images he’s put out there look very, very fake. They look clearly fake to me.”

Wow, some UFO expert.

You should know that Dolan is among those on my mailing list who has been sent every blog and article pertaining to the authentication of Meier’s UFO evidence, as well as his prophetically accurate scientific and world event information. I’ll list some of them again here:

The Energy Ships: An Investigative Analysis of Billy Meier’s Energy Ship UFO Photos

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Just in case Dolan is still stumbling around looking for the “evidence”, the original analyses of Meier’s evidence has long been available online.

And I’ll point out that he also was sent this, which allows anyone to test and prove the authenticity of Meier’s WCUFO for themselves:

The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself

How big of a bumbling dolt would a “UFO researcher”, a “UFO EXPERT” have to be to not have taken the opportunity to do what any child now can do? Or did Dolan test the photo himself and figure that it was a career ender, unless and until he can…write a new book claiming, “I’m the first UFO researcher to discover that the Billy Meier UFO case is authentic!”? Write a new book, of course. Right after he accidentally let the truth out, “It’s like a no win thing for me to get into it as a researcher,” he must’ve realized he could still make a buck off of the Meier case after all, quickly adding that he would “deal with it”…in his new book!

Really? Why not wake the hell up, find out that Meier’s is the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case and put out a major press release about it? Oh yeah, how would Dolan…profit from that? This is all still…entertainment for these dimwits. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make a living waxing on in sonorous tones about all of the still enormously speculative information that everyone can go oooh and aaah about – while the world marches into war and tries to shovel its way out of the equally long foretold environmental destruction.

Are these words too harsh to describe a bookish, droning hobbyist who’s so abysmally myopic that he can’t see the very thing he claims to be looking for? Well, he’s the “expert” who’s peddling stories about masses of malevolent extraterrestrial zombies descending upon and sucking the lifeblood out of us. He even knows the reason, i.e. because “the most valuable stuff right here on Earth, it’s DNA…Earth is a gold mine” and the aliens are “trying to extend their own lives” by “harvesting our genetic material” to create a “hybrid species”. Despite ample opportunity, Dolan’s apparently chosen to remain completely ignorant of the fact that we also happen to have the most damaged, manipulated human genetic material in the universe. It’s certainly not the stuff that any already highly advanced, long-lived, space traveling extraterrestrial race would traverse the depths of space, tens to hundreds of light years, to decide to shoot themselves up with. Isn’t that obvious?

Having hungrily swallowed the disinformation created by the intelligence agencies and the hysterical, equally delusional “abductees”/”experiencers”, he dependably regurgitates and sells it to the concerned citizenry, the insomniacs now cowering fearfully under their covers, their radios clutched closely to their ears. How many of them will wake up in the morning “remembering” that they too were victimized by evil aliens and are now quite possibly carrying their…hybrid babies?

True to the core values and co-religions of this country, the pursuit of fame and fortune, there are people who will obviously do anything for a buck. They will suspend critical thinking, stay willfully ignorant and cynically pretend to be looking for the truth that would in fact revolutionize everything we think we know about the universe and life itself. In reality, they’re run-of-the-mill, profiteering hacks, clumsily trampling over the most important true story in human history, churning out meaningless drivel and fodder for tabloids, hoping to extend their proverbial 15 minutes in the spotlight in the process.


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  1. Yet another fine article Michael,
    In my opinion these “UFO Experts” have put mankind back by many years and unfortunately will continue to do so for many years to come. Any serious UFO researcher would be banging on Billy’s door mithering the life out of him as you have done (if you get the gist). There is hope as in your recent blog and I see that in our scientific discoveries which will help guide people to the truth of our purpose and existence as a human race.
    They know exactly what they are doing with regards to exploiting people – “A bad book is a good thief”
    Please find a link you might all be interested in.

    Best wishes


  2. Wasn’t going to share this unless I got a reply but I just cant help it! It is so outlandish to put it nicely, that these people continue this mostly unabated.
    What I sent to both of Dolan’s email accounts.

    title: Your biography?
    Just wondered if you have read this yet…. if not I personally highly recommend you do!

    How can you sir! Think you know anything about Billy Meier’s case! You don’t even seem to know the basics and call yourself a ufo/et researcher? Very unintelligent in the best way I can put it.

    Why not do the work and before opening that large mouth of yours maybe at least open a few books, read a few chapters and become aware of at least the basics.
    Though I am sure you will do none of it and ignore or complain like usual…..
    Apparently Billy Meiers case is beyond the so called ‘proffessionals’ as per they(including you) haven’t got a clue!

    Sincerely yours,
    A fed up human whom most certainly values the TRUTH

    Philip Brandel
    Shakopee Minnesota USA

    1. Phillip et al,

      I appreciate everyone’s proactivity and I’m going to make a suggestion. In order that communications with various people that we wish to contact and inform are viewed as credible, I suggest that we use spell and grammar check tools to fine tune and tighten up our messages.

      I don’t point it out usually in terms of what/how people post comments on the blog but once we’re “venturing out”, do know that people who are authors, journalists, etc., whatever their points of view, may understandably give more attention to, and have more respect for, grammatically correct communications. I’m not perfect in this regard and many of you have corrected errors in the blogs, so don’t take offense.

      1. Very true Michael and to these kinds of folk anything and everything is used as ammo to continue their outlandish claims. Including grammar which I am by far not an expert on.
        Sometimes feelings get in the way of putting the point out there correctly. I personally will work on this as much as I can. As I do want to come across as worthy of taking seriously. Even if it is not mutual.

  3. MIchael, I wish my acer pc had a correcting spell checker,besides I HATE to type due to the fact I almost lost a finger back in high school due to a mad violent instructor back then. Sorry about that.

    1. Terry,

      What web-browser are you using? Most browsers come with a spell checking setting. Let me know and lets see if I can help. I use Google Chrome and Firefox, which both have spell checking I also thing Internet Explorer has it too.

      1. J, I use Firefox. I didn’t know they have automatic spell checks. You would think these computers would come with softwear that automatically spells the word correctly but tnen I hate to type thatnks to that violent instructor I had back in the early 1960s long before computers came along. Back then I mearly broke my little pink which just got slammed in between the keys. To this day I`v always hated to type on a typewriter keyboard.Insidenly MH has now put “Confirm yoy are not a spammer” I hate this even more since I now have to click this silly spammer thing,what a pain in the neck! Uh Yikes!

        1. Terry,

          In Firefox the spell checking should be automatically enabled. When you see red lines underneath a misspelled word just highlight the word, right click it and corrections will be shown…I was born earlier in these modern times so I’m kind of accustomed to technology, but I feel your pain! SIL! Let me know if that works for you.

  4. Another good interview Michael.
    Hope I got that correct, you are doing a show with Phil Langdon in the future? He is a special kind of ‘individual’ that like many others, deserves a good talking to.

      1. Make sure you ask him how a one armed man can tie knots in a fishing line. My father-in-law’s arm was paralyzed and he was unable to do so many things and tying knots was one of them. Also ask him why he never allows any posts on his youtube account that go against what he’s saying. He never posted my comment about the 9 discrepancies I could see between the two Pterodactyl photos. You are going to make that boy cry like a little girl and I am going to enjoy that. Please let us know when it’s going to happen.

        1. Good points, especially about the fishing line. I think you could give him a good Sheilacking. I’ll post the date once I know. I think it will probably be after the so-called New Year.

          1. Haha good one. I just got finished listening to your interview and I gotta say that your Mike Row Waves were so intense they flattened any discreditors within a 100 mile radius. Good job!
            Yes ask him if he got crazy glue in his mouth from putting those 100 gems on the WCUFO because surely if he were honest, he would have made the models one handed. Tied all the fishing line one handed, went up the ladder one handed while holding his model, but like you said, Philip, he used two hands. He’s such a phoney.

          2. Michael,

            You said “so-called New Year”, do you have a different understanding of when the year actually turns?

        2. I look forward to this one also, having had a couple run ins with this guy over the years. He would never give a clear answer as to why in one of his videos you can see him clearly holding the controls to his drone Langdufo with both hands. He thinks he has got a one armed, ‘uneducated’, Swiss man beat? He only helped prove Billy Meier authentic all the more!

          1. I would have also liked to have watched him put in place the approximately 100 little red crystals on the rim of the WCUFO…or whatever he substituted for them.

          2. Philip,

            I never understood how those skeptics can call Meier “uneducated” and still say that he “hoaxed” the most sophisticated evidence in UFO history that’s a contradiction within itself. And then when you read his information he’s using words and speaking about things these guys have no clue about.

          3. Ya these guys are full of something J! It has and always will completely dumbfound me how they can come up with such stupid and erroneous beliefs to run and hide from the obvious within all this. Yet when you play with people like captain Karl K Koff what can be expected.
            I have been searching for the last few hours to get the specifics of Meier’s early school years but just cant seem to find the exact numbers? As far as I recall, he did not get past 5-6th grade in formal Swiss schooling and it was very hard for him to get that far while also being in contact with the Plejaren. As well as being absent often and in much perceived trouble because of his amazing life and real education at the hands of the Plejaren. So I guess my meaning to being ‘uneducated’ is more in line to represent what would be considered as educated for someone on earth in the 40’s and 50’s.
            Even more so today, as an example I have received from the beginning to end roughly 20 years of formal ‘education'(what ever that means:)! I have received 4plus times the earth education as Billy and it is beyond obvious that this man has been given a extraterrestrial boost.
            As far as Phil Langdon I have diligently tried to find more on him but have failed as of now. Though there has been much talk of him being in the field of model making and special effects? This would assume he has had a long education and follow up work in these fields.
            Langdon states that he made all his recreations in the same way Billy would have had to? Which just by looking and watching his work, it is obvious he is of in space with captain KKK.
            Hard to correlate this mans failures to a one armed, ‘uneducated’, rural Swiss man, Billy Meier.

  5. All of Richard Dolan’s books are fiction and they should all be labeled that way. Utter nonsense based on hearsay at best or based on nothing at worst. Unfortunately there are dim wits that believe his rubbish.

    1. A tremendous amount of novels and books and vids and radio ect, ect, ect. I think that there is something there to listen to, however there is always a tiny bit of truth to the worst liars, and to surmise my intellect agrees that you/me should listen to them, however not believe anything anybody or any BEING tells you until you help yourself and do the research however lightning quick if for example it require snagging hold of a branch in a raging flood.

  6. These skinned cats never show up to even try to defend their ideas. It would be so much more fun if they did.
    As ever and always, where are they?

    1. Hey there commenters, Richard Dolan is a Rhodes Scholar. That is more education than 99% of the readership here, This Guy is
      No dummy but you won’t learn That from the author of This site. FOIA requests are no Joke and he’s made many. Look him up and Read up.

      1. He may be no dummy but he just may be a hack and a dolt. How does this Rhodes Scholar manage to miss the significance of the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case while he simply babels on and on about anecdotal “UFO cases” for which zero evidence exists or remains?

        Another idiot “UFO expert”.

        Maybe you’re the one who should “read up”…and use your last name if you choose to post here again.

  7. Good luck with Phil Langdon, I spoke with Langdon several times via his you tube channel trying to explain to him that his method of model suspension is not possible in the locations Meier took his photographs . I told him I went there myself specifically to try his methods and then tried to explain that because of the topography of the location it was simply impossible. I advised him that if he had simply taken a day to take flight from London to Zurich and got the bus to Schmidruti and then walked a short distance to the photographic site known as Ober Sadelleg he could have saved himself countless hours of work trying to figure out how to recreate the appearance of Meiers pictures. He said he didn’t have the time to do that (he had plenty of time to spend farting around in fields with his toy models) Then he said he would go over if I or FIGU paid for his trip, then he just banned me from all his channels for discussing the subject. He’s a bit of a twat if you ask me and doesn’t really have any interest in actually finding out the truth.

    1. Tony,

      I too went and did the same thing. I was with a friend of mine who’s about 6′ 2″ and he still would’ve needed a ladder (and other people to help him) to have pulled off such a hoax. This was also because of the way the land sloped down towards the trees on either side, etc.

    2. You nailed the problem Tony, Phil Langdon spent too much time farting and not enough time doing. He banned me from his youtube channel too because he would rather have a channel where no one disagrees because he somehow figures it makes him look better. If you ask me it makes the site look very strange for anyone who knows how to think. What was that site called again mrmoron or something of that nature? If you are anything like me, I only use the twat label for those that are deserving and he is very deserving of it.
      From one of Phil’s emails to me – “i’ve only debunked a few” – man, do you think I have nothing better to do than debunk Meier and go through all the pictures? Did you know I have over 2000 pictures that are all useable? I simply haven’t shown them all. It’s kinda boring to do that once you’ve got the main ones like at Hasenbol.” No Phil, debunk THEM ALL if you think you’re man enough and do it in the same time frame that Billy Meier did. Well he’s already lost hasn’t he? If he has 2,000 pictures courtesy of his friend and bum buddy Kal, why hasn’t he made more effort – too busy farting I guess.

      1. I would like to testify that Eduard Albert Meier is a law abiding, and to my research into the Meier material is in fact a genuine case in the law of justice/man and he conducts to the laws of the Plejaren, and he conducts to the laws of nature/Creation and perhaps onward into the Absolute. I can prove this simply on the contrary to anything because justice is real and not a thing.

  8. Richard Dolan has his own niche and his cause is justified.
    Nothing is ever black and white or even green.
    That is the way it is at the moment ‘a brief history in time’

  9. Ha, you know Mel Fabergas is the exact same way. One of his recent shows (which the first half’s are free on his website with Col. Kevin D. Randle. In the show
    Time-stamp 35:26

    Mel says “Naw, no, not true, Im open-minded, but you have to give me EVIDENCE so I can go with it I dont go by “speculation”.

    Mel: “Like the Billy Meire case for example. He may have been telling the truth at the beginning, but I’ve seen some of his pictures. Some of them have been proven to be a hoax. And here’s one-person, without witnesses talking about all of this. If one-single photograph can be put into question then I put the entire story into question. What you have to say about that”?

    NOW, when Mel ask the guest about the Meier case he totally ignores the questions and continues on with the case they where discussing before Mel mad his statement. If you listen to Mel, then you will know he always “reads” the persons book or articles or whatever before he has them on. So I have sent Mel questions about his veritas-stance of course with no response.

    Mel will read a 200-300 book from a guest, but cant do that with the Meier case? Ive asked Mel to have Micheal Horn on, no response. This whole interview with Mel was all about speculations and when a FACT was made both parties ran far away from it. Mr. Horn have you tried to be a guest on Veritas or have talked with Mel? It truly makes me ill that to hear a person as competent sounding as Mr. Fabergas not take a scietific look at the Meier case.

    1. Hi Clarence,

      Thanks of your efforts. It’s not surprising that he won’t respond to you. He did interview me several years ago but then wouldn’t discuss any more info I was sending him.

      I will immodestly suggest that any and all people who would like me to be on his show again email him. I will approach him about an interview again as well.

    2. I’ve written a suggestion as well as a listener comment telling Mel his comments were wrong and recommending Michael as quest to educate him about the facts of the Meier case. This is what I got:

      “This is an automated response from our member database matching system.

      Your e-mail address does not match any active Veritas Radio subscription. Due to the large amount of e-mail we receive we have implemented this e-mail filter so that we can respond to our members in a timely fashion.

      If this is an unsolicited e-mail, we kindly ask that you remove us from your list. If you are an active Veritas Radio member, please write from an e-mail that matches your subscription or include your username in the body of your message.

      If you would like to subscribe, visit the following link:

      Once you are a subscriber, click on the CONTACT button.

      Please do not respond to this e-mail as it is not being monitored.”

      So, only subscribers can suggest guests or comment. Sorry, but I will not subscribe to this.

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