URGENT: Another Prophecy Fulfilling


I want to bring to everyone’s attention that neither this information below, nor the Henoch Prophecies, are the first time that Meier has warned about this fanatical Islamist terrorism.

Please consider the following from Meier’s 1958 Letter:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

…which also should serve to point out that even the “new” information that the Plejaren present to Meier on this situation, and others, is often actually already known to him. Maybe we can understand that there’s a very good, ancient reason why he’s the prophet of the New Time.


NOTE: I just received the following translation of an article by Mariann Uehlinger from Patric Chenaux at FIGU in Switzerland. It was specifically requested by Billy Meier that I post it immediately. I have also written back requesting further information on how the recommended forceful actions to stop the IS should be taken.

The best possible way, i.e. using the Global Peace-Combat troops, is of course not available to humankind, or such things as are now going on would have already been long suppressed.

Please also note that Meier already published this warning, in the Henoch Prophecies, in 1987:

“And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world. ”


“The Pied Piper” or “Again a Prophecy of BEAM is Fulfilling“

Sentence 241: “1995 will also be the year in which slowly a new mighty one will begin to develop, who wants to charm the world and gather followers around him, as the Pied Piper of Hamelin did, which is why, in a prophecy, he is also called Pied Piper.”

This sentence no. 241 is written on page 405 of the book “Prophecies and Predictions” (Billy/BEAM, Wassermannzeit-Verlag, 8495 Schmidrüti) and which is taken from a conversation between Billy and Ptaah during the 251th Contact on 3 February 1995.

When I read this book “Prophecies and Predictions” in 1996 for the first time, I already asked myself, what an obnoxious guy he could probably be and what he is up to.

The Duden – “The great book of quotations and expressions” – describes the term “Pied Piper” as follows:

“A demagogue and ‘deceiver of people’ as well as someone who wants to dupe others, is often described as ‘Pied Piper’. This description is based on the medieval saga of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’. This saga tells about a piper or flautist, who released the city of Hamelin from a plague of rats, but then was fleeced of his wage. He took revenge for this in a evil wise, by luring the children out of the city with his flute playing and let them disappear forever.”

Nobody knows what really happened in Hamelin on 26 June 1284. There are just some assumptions. “Planet Wissen” wrote the following:

“…The Pied Piper left the city angrily. He came back on 26 June 1284. The adults where just sitting in the church, whilst the Pied Piper was luring 130 children out of the city. None of the children had ever been seen again – and there wasn’t any trace of the supposed baby-snatcher. The sorrow in the city was so deep, that the citizens initiated a new calendar. The time ‘after the disappearing of the children’ began. What really happened at that time is still a subject of many speculations nowadays.”

On Thursday, 23 October 2014, I read an article with the title “ Three teenagers being intercepted on their way to Syria” and which was published in the section “International“ of the newspaper NZZ, no. 246. All of a sudden I became suspicious, because – whilst I was reading – the prophecy message by BEAM, regarding the Pied Piper – and which I marked in the book in red colours – crossed my mind. In the mentioned article the following is written literally (bold text is made by myself):

“It is not new, that even young women are falling for the whistling of the Islamic Pied Piper. According the estimations of the public authorities dozens of them have already joined the terror militia.”

“Rattenfänger” (Rat Catcher) is a German word, which is translated into English as “Pied Piper”. In the article it is written point-blank: “Who knows what will eventually become of Baghdadi’s caliphate. No doubt the Pied Piper will be fluting to Jihadis’ across the globe, before frogmarching them off to war.”

Does that mean that this Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Sunnite ISIS/IS-militia in Iraq, is The Pied Piper, which is mentioned in the prophecy by BEAM?

During the 593th contact on Saturday, 2 August 2014, 2:28 pm, Billy and Ptaah were also talking about the ISIS or IS respectively and about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:

Billy “In the East-Ukraine there is still no rest with the separatists, as is not in North-Iraq with the ISIS gang of felons … The ISIS murderers cause havoc in North-Iraq, murder civilians and believers of other religions on a huge scale and want to create a god-state, whereby also New-Islamists from various non-Islamic states get involved.”

Ptaah “Right…From many countries, thus also from Germany, Switzerland, England, Austria, Italy, Spain and France, as well as from former East-bloc states, Christian believers are converted to the Islam and then fanaticised and radicalised. Also from Arabic and African countries as well as from the USA, Canada, Asia and South America fanaticised Islamists are called in this wise, in order to participate with the ISIS – which now calls itself IS, that is to say, Islamic State – and risk their life for the delusional idea of a lunatic, and indeed for the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was believed to be dead for the last ten years and who has appointed himself as the caliph. Also Al Qaeda is still operating and recruits people in the same wise. The IS murderers will not be content with North-Iraq or with the entire Iraq, because the striving for might of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is boundless, consequently he also tries to bring entire provinces of Syria under his might, in order to go even further, because in his insanity he has in mind that he could eliminate believers of other religions – or simply differently thinking ones – by means of mass murder and peoples-exterminations, and that he could conquer all of the world through boundless destructions and turn it into a god-state, just as Hitler once wanted to force it by cultivating an earthly Aryan humankind.”

It is also very interesting, what can be read on the following link*, which gives some information about the historical backgrounds and motives:

A little excerpt from “The Shiites of Iraq have already beaten once the Sunnites”:

“Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim, the leader of the radical Islamic ISIS-militia in Iraq, has chosen the name Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as his nom de guerre in 2010, which is therefore not simply a whim, but based on a plan with global dimensions. As Abu Bakr, the terrorist leader puts himself in a row of the ‘right guided’ successors of the Prophet, in which the community of believers lived through a paradisiacal epoch. ‘Because at those times, there wasn’t any insulting actions or scandalous renewals, no acts of disobeying, enviousness, hatred or rivalry’, described the Arabic polymath al-Jahiz this silver age, which followed on the golden age…”

On 24th October 2014, I asked Billy whether Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the Pied Piper referred to in the sentence no. 241, which he confirmed. The conclusion is: Unfortunately another prophecy is already fulfilling again!

“This is a highly dangerous situation,” Billy told me. If this murder, pillage and destruction is not stopped, everything will spill over to all states of Earth, and indeed from inside as well as from outside. Not only important cultural heritage – as for example in ancient Mesopotamia, the land between Euphrates and Tigris – will be destroyed by means of war, robbery and terror, but besides the ferocious slaughter of the ones that think differently – to which already normal and progressive thinking Muslims belong – also all our scientific and medical inventions and cognitions, as well as our entire knowledge written down in books and texts is in danger to fall victim to this fanatical conquest-delusion-anger that is out of control of the good human nature. This gang of murderers and felons only knows brutal Gewalt, to which the weak western society has nothing to set against, or at the most, a few wrongly humane offers of help. The half-hearted bombing of the fanatical IS gang through the US Americans and the French is really preposterous.

The Pied Piper Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is just as greedy for world-might as the Christians then were, who during the 4th century AD (exactly at 367 AD), in Alexandria, initiated a deadly persecution against owners of non-Christian scrolls, which emperor Constantine, with his dumb edict, extended to mathematical sciences in 409 AD.

Not only did a greater number of human beings fall victim to this deadly persecution, but in regard to consciousness, knowledge and ability it also threw the humankind of Earth back by centuries, which could happen to us again.

During the 498th contact on 31 July 2010, Ptaah expressed himself in regard to the Christian destruction-insanity, among other things, as follows (see Pleidian-Plejaren contact reports, talks, block 12, pages 190-191):

Ptaah “That which altogether was completely destroyed in wide sections of Rome, Asia Minor and Greece, and so forth, according to our annals, amounts to about 1,341,700 scientific scrolls. Many of these hand written texts described very valuable medical cognitions and techniques, besides actual technical inventions, which, if these records and plans had been preserved, would have led to the human beings of Earth conquering the outer space and settling on other planets already more than 200 years ago…”

Human being, wake up! Again humanity is in great danger to fall victim to a fanatical, global, deadly belief-delusion-persecution!

by Mariann Uehlinger

Translation: Vibka Wallder/Patric Chenaux

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*The original information in German is here.



245 Replies to “URGENT: Another Prophecy Fulfilling”

  1. But he did say withdraw & Obama did that. Which I thought was a major gamble at the point Billy was calling for it. Because everyone knew it would create a vacuum. Billy’s support of Obama seems to be a failure. Obama is using Executive Actions to pick & choose which laws he wants to support. For example he doesn’t like the current USA immigration laws so he’s doing everything to weaken them or not even enforce them. We now have open borders anyone who get here will at some point get Amnesty. We have 8 Billion people on this planet & most of them would come to the USA if they could get here & crashing the US welfare system.

    1. I don’t know about Billy’s support for Obama being a failure, since Meier doesn’t really have a voice in world politics, etc. Everything isn’t all black and white, no pun intended. There are gains and there are losses. Of course because our world is contaminated by religious and political thinking, the gains are often small and there can be reversals.

      Time will tell about many things.

    1. As I recall, Meier said the he was the best man to occupy the presidency and that things would be good if Obama could implement the ideas he had in his head. He didn’t say he’d be the best president. He also recently said that Obama succumbed to the pressures around him, which isn’t all that surprising when one realizes just what a huge cabal of power hungry maniacs operate in and behind the scenes.

  2. What Billy Meier told is exactly right. Unfortunately in Pakistan, a horrible school massacre happened. In this unstable country has nuclear weapon. Someday somewhere by somebody nuclear terrorism will be executed if no decisive action is not taken.
    Regarding the christchan destruction in-sanity, you can see this website.
    Terrifying historical event.

    1. Why blame him for everything bad under the sun?
      Don’t you know how real politics works?
      Think of the Dark Order cabal the so called illuminati, the committee of 300, the anglo establishment, the synarchy, the cabal, the powers that be, the banksters, the tribe of 13, the elders of zion, Bilderbergers, the roundtable, the satanic luciferian devil worshipping ritual child sacrificing satanists, the 33rd degree rite of freemasonry, the order of darkness, the dark power, skulls and bones, the Military industrial complex, the eastern establishment, wtc

  3. I just saw the video mentioning the Bahamas and Indonesian islands being wiped out. I LIVE in the Bahamas. Was that a probability with high likelihood?

      1. Seems pretty accurate to date. Scarry stuff. Another burning question that I have not heard addressed yet is “what is the role of the GREYS” has Billy made any reference to them before and if so can you point me in the direction of this info please.

        GREAT work BTW. Definitely plan support the cause.

        1. There’s info at http://www.theyfly.com in the news archives that explains that the so-called Greys are NOT extraterrestrial, that this is part of the disinformation, fake ET, etc., agenda by the intelligence agencies and that is stupidly supported by all of the UFO groups, etc. Check out the info there.

        2. If Billy has seen an event that the Plejarens allowed him to visit in time travel to the future, then it will most certainly happen, we just don’t know when.

    1. Well they are islands secluded in the ocean and very easy to flood in all directions. I’d move and go to the mainland.

  4. I cannot believe Obama let al-Baghdadi and others released, they should have been executed. Look what they are doing now killing many innocent people. Al baghdadi and the others are the generals of terrorist. Obama is the worst of president of the USA, period and I am not a prophet or ET but wait look what Ex president Bush did with Iraq, he invaded it and killed off the president of Iraq and thousands of Iraqis and our own troops. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. Bush created an imbalance of power in that area and look into the mess we the USA created.

  5. The first question to ask is where is the money coming from (Saudi Arabia)?
    Can the Saudis by themselves finance an army (ISIS) that can last three years in combat against the Syrian armed forces where neutron bombs were used?
    Is Israel involved with ISIS?


    That link was from the wayback archive. The original was here last week but the account was suspended: http://www.truedemocracy.net/hj33/contents.html%29

    The Table of Contents can still be found on wayback: https://web.archive.org/web/20140414003018/http://www.truedemocracy.net/hj33/contents.html

    Saudi Arabia has their own Vietnam in Yemen just next door and could lead to the downfall of the Saudi royal family.

    Seems to me as if major players are involved masquarading as ISIS.
    See here: http://www.reactorbreach.com/showthread.php?tid=4496

    1. Several months ago we mentioned that the royal family of Qatar supports the IS.

      THe first question now is really if the world has the will to stop the IS before it sends us all back to the Dark Ages. According to Meier…it doesn’t.

      1. MH, a group such as ISIS would need serious funding to take on the military might of the world powers. The bankers, secret service, arms manufacturers of major nations such as US, Britain, France, Israel (http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/isisis.jpg) would have to support this while other major nations in the BRICS would oppose such a move. This would be very bad for the whole world. (http://www.newyorkcool.com/archives/2014/September/Boston/DSC02266.jpg) Already, people who are not of their religion are being hunted and killed. Is there a timeline for how long this would last?

        1. I feel pretty confident that ISIS, IS what have you, knows that they cannot take on superpower military might. It relies in causing panic to cause the entire systems to collapse on themselves.

  6. The Russians have a lot of experience dealing with NATO/GCC problems in Chechnya and Russia. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the Russian, Syrian, Hezbollah offensive in Syria. Or the Egyptian military and government in Egypt. IS wouldn’t exist without NATO/GCC machinations. This terrorism is state sponsored for regime change purposes.

      1. Michael,

        I’m not sure that using my full name is a good idea for privacy and security reasons. After I got back from visiting the Semjase Silver Star Center I almost lost my left eye in a beam weapon shooting that left my face permanently scarred. I emailed Mr. Meiers pictures. After I got back from the Super Soldier Summit in Las Vegas last year I was assaulted at a time that I was unarmed. My rib cage was fractured in multiple places, dislocated and sustained permanent deformation, my arm was almost broken and I was threatened with death. This year I’ve received Zionist death threats from Jerusalem in an attempt to suppress my peace process work.

        Once I complete my transition out of trucking into trading as my source of income, which I’m anticipating will happen this year, I should have the money for improved security. I’d like to visit the star center again and talk with Mr. Meier if he would have some time to see me about meeting with his friends from off planet to talk with them about our planet’s future. I’m in regular communication with the people who run this planet and may be able to help get the wars stopped and improve our image to get off planet import export licensing approved for a technology upgrade to eliminate poverty and pollution, extend our lifespans and provide us the freedom to safely travel the universe on starships.

        1. Richard,

          Of course I have no way of knowing anything about the source of your injuries, or your various claims. It does occur to me that if there were such nefarious parties trying to hasten your demise such attacks would have accomplished it. So the talk of beam weapons and Zionists from Jerusalem trying to kill you seem a bit over the top. If you’re doing peace work that would attract their attention, then it would stand to reason that your privacy and security have long been compromised. In such a case, posting under your real name could offer benefits and actually help to keep you alive.

          However, your having taken all of this to the point where you would presume that Meier and the Plejaren wouldn’t already know about your monumental works and have contacted you if they wanted too, also indicates that you’re not familiar enough with the material to know that such a contact is already, for decades, well out of the realm of possibility.

          So maybe just being present here as an ordinary guy, using a your full name, would be a good place to enter this reality.

          1. Barack Obama recently mentioned his wish for anonymity. I share his desire for privacy, not everyone wants to lead a public life and deal with the issues that it involves, including elevated security contingent liabilities.

            If the Plejaren are sincere in their desire for a better future for humanity, then why wouldn’t they want to meet with people here who have the ability to help bring it about?

            1. Well, the simple answer may be that they don’t meet with Obama and maybe you should look at your comparing himself to him, noting also that he does use his real name, as any further posts here will require. Oh yeah, Meier’s had 22 attempts on his life and also uses his real name.

  7. Billy Meier – 1964 to Present
    I see that Mufon.com has accepted Billy into there UFO archives.
    Out of all there 70,000 cases collected over more than 5 decades , there seems to be a lot of encounters and stuff. I wonder why they let Billy in there club? It took long enough
    . I hope they don’t try to distort and confuse the issues.

    1. They give him that minimal recognition because I pursued them for months to do so. They refuse, of course, to actually, really investigate, report on, or draw any attention to the Meier case because they are basically a disinformation organization that also serves the bidding of the State Department, CIA, etc.

      Search this blog for “MUFON” and you’ll get a lot of information.

  8. The Billy Meier case has been very intriguing to me and I have followed it up for a very long time now. But, unfortunately, I take exception to some of their approaches. This Billy Meir case makes me think that the whole concept of religion was a creation of the very people who are, today, claiming to help us out of the problems of our insanity. We are like guinea pigs in their experimental labs. I am still trying to nail down in the Billy Meier writings where they, the Pleyaren or their likes, admit their hand in the creation of all religions of this planet and thereby admit all the problems that this planet faces today, because religion, one way or the other contributes to it.

    Here is where, I do not agree with their approach: They make serious emphasis on treating the diseases instead of emphasizing the treatment of the causes of the disease. Some will argue that the past is gone and we only should consider the present and the future. That is where I disagree, I believe the past informs and affects the present and the future, but I do also believe that we are not condemned to our past actions and that one way of erasing our ugly acts of the past is by apologizing and expressing sincere regrets for their having happened and to promise to never repeat them and make reparations for them. But instead all we do is more arrogant chest-thumping for the “valiant acts” of our grandfathers. If we wish to make a better future for ourselves, we must be very careful in what we do now to ensure they do not come back to haunt us in the future. Our current and ever present selfishness and greed lead us to engage in activities that far down in the future will bring about ugly outcomes. The selfishness, greed and nepotism of the Colonialists, the Americans and the Israelis brought us Iraq and the ISIS that everybody is complaining about today. There have been other past actions that have led to our present predicament of course, but this is one of the latest, although not, unfortunately, the last. If you look carefully behind the scenes, you will find many powerful Israelis, Americans, Europeans, their puppets Saudis, Qataris etc behind the scourge known as ISIS but Billy or the Pleyaren will not tell us that directly for whatever reason best known to them. I believe telling the truth as it is, even to the dislike of some powerful people will shame and prevent them from further ugly acts. But those ugly actors are protected by the shade of the ignorance of humanity. What is there to stop them if it is not the truth plainly told.

    Now I have a question for Billy and the Pleyaren:

    Who is to blame, the causer or the one who reacts to the actions of the cause? The initiator of an ugly act or the one who reacts to it and follows such ugly acts with other ugly acts. Another way of asking the same question is; should the initiator of ugly acts pay for his or her sins or not? How connected are the grandchildren to their grandparents and is it justified when the “blow back” is meted out on the descendants of the initiators of ugly acts? If it is not, then how can the initiators of ugly acts pay for their sins, if they should? If they should not, then where is justice in all of this? If there is no justice at all, then is it survival of the fittest and the strongest? When is the action of the reaction to an ugly act equal or commensurate to the actions of the initiator of ugly acts?

    1. The present day Plejaren didn’t commit the acts of their forefathers, though they are trying to help rectify some of the damage.

      Meier and the Plejaren have indeed addressed the intrigues of the Israelis and others. You may find information on http://www.theyfly.com or sites linked from it. One of the most important laws, upon which Meier constantly expands, is cause and effect, which also addresses the questions and concerns you raise.

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting here, which you’re more than welcome to continue to do.


    2. Since you have no control over other people, but you do have control over yourself, your response should be to take the high road, with no retaliation or holding of grudges. I’ve found that even if someone has wronged you, they probably don’t even remember or even care. So holding out for an apology that will never happen is a waste of time. The mistakes (not sins) of others should be met with a neutral response unless your life is in danger, then you should defend yourself.
      Billy has stated the threat of IS and the solution in dealing with them – an international peace fighting coalition from all countries using the latest weaponry where they can be surrounded and apprehended. After the killing barrier has been breached, the IS are too far gone to be rehabilitated.

      1. Here’s a quote from the GoT (verse 8:05) that Corey posted on the FIGU forum:

        “Be true knowing ones in the truth amongst all people of your kind
        (humankind) and be thoughtful of (consider) that there are no
        different levels amongst yourselves as people of your kind (human
        beings), because you are unified and of equal value in the estimation
        of the creation of all things (Creation) without any difference;
        therefore you shall be without difference in your attitude also
        amongst yourselves and enjoy forgiveness amongst yourselves if you
        have done fallible things to one another; and therefore you shall
        stand up for one another and strive so that all people of your kind
        (humankind) have honourable provision (food/sustenance/clothing) by
        you being helpful to one another and providing one another with
        welfare (support).”

        1. I try to stand up for other people if they have been wronged, which I have done and continue to do. But I often find its better to teach them how to stand up for themselves. I have found that no amount of help from me is going to help them, if they refuse to help themselves.

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