UPDATE: Islamic State spreading into northern Africa, alarming U.S.

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November 27, 2014

The following information from Billy Meier was forwarded to me by Patric Chenaux, who prepared and translated it from Mariann Uehlinger’s original German transcription,  regarding the only possibility to still defeat the IS. We ask that every courageous person, who truly wishes to help prevent the otherwise inevitable, worldwide destruction from the fanatics and degenerates of the IS, forward this information to any and every concerned party they can think of.

In addition to sending it to the UN, the president, congress people, senators, etc., this should include all peace loving people of all religions, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews, etc., who must now come forward and speak up in unison to compel their countries to participate in the formation and implementation of the only means to defeat the IS, as described below.


The Only Way to Stop the IS

Unfortunately it’s quite too late to defeat the IS with the use of “Gewaltlose Gewaltsamkeit*”, because in the meantime the IS became much too strong. There was a time in the past – quite a couple of month ago – when it was still possible to send out a kind of special forces unit into the areas, where Baghdadi, the head of IS, and his ringleaders and followers were located, in order to take them out by arresting them or by killing them if there weren’t any other possibility. In that way the IS could have been defeated from its inside, in a logical wise, by using the lowest possible use of Gewalt. But this isn’t possible anymore, because unfortunately Baghdadi is now protected quite too well. The only realistic way that still exists to overcome the IS, is to use brute Gewalt (brute force), but still in a reasonable and logical wise. This means that only a kind of a huge multinational army could help now, which should be a compound of all armies from each country of the entire world, or at least an alliance of all countries around Iraq and Syria completed with strong armies of countries such as the USA, England, France, Russia and China, etc.

The amount of soldiers of this multinational army should outnumber by at least triple the number of the soldiers of the IS army (which already has around 100,000 soldiers – men and women). And the soldiers should be armed with the best and newest weaponry and supported with all kinds of military equipment such as tanks, fighters and tactical missiles, etc., etc. Only with this huge and powerful army, could the IS be defeated as quickly as possible and therefore with the least possible amount of war dead (men and women) as well. Because of being radicalised and fanaticised, the IS soldiers should be arrested, be given a life sentence and banished to islands or regions far away from civilisation and without having any possibility to communicate with the outside world.

Unfortunately, if the USA, under the command of George W. Bush, never had conquered Iraq and tracked down Saddam Hussein and killed him, Saddam Hussein would have had the ability – along with armed Kurdish fighters, called Peshmerga (who ironically helped the USA in its mission to capture Saddam) – to control Baghdadi and the IS. Hence the United States of America has to take the main responsibility for this evil outcome – as almost always is the case. But right now the USA has the opportunity to react in a wise manner and encourage the UN, and as many other countries as possible, to join a kind of multinational peace army in order to protect peace, our freedom and all good and true human rights from the evil IS and therefore from the peril of falling back into dark ages.

Information and concept: Billy Meier, Switzerland


For those unfamiliar with Billy Eduard Albert Meier, and why his warnings and advice should receive the utmost serious attention, please also see:


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Michael Horn, the publisher of this article and Mr. Meier’s American media representative, will be glad to provide additional information upon request:



*Literally translated as “nonviolent violence”. More information can be found here.

107 comments on “The Only Way to Stop the IS

  • Just say in , if people could realize by pulling the communication from ISIS we would see several obvious things happen . No more tweets to organize mass ability to organize like a flash mob .

    No more Facebook recruiting , like rock stars BTW.

    No more texting , cell services and communication to stop field command.

    Restrained media in mainstream to stop the rock star image .We give them major prime airtime coverage on TV and its successful ISIS propaganda. Especially for those that absolutely hate the west .

    Freeze the bank accounts.

    Stop showing be headings on TV or internet.

    And Ppleeasssse STOP funding them (CIA).

    Oh and maybe some sanctions.

    Their I just saved millions of people and crippled these clowns.

    But no. We advertise their work , mission ,mantra and success. Is monitoring tweets and chatter on Facebook effective ,yes. , for recruiting.

    Clearly its part of a political sideshow . They were just hired to poke Putin in the eye after he said he wanted to ban Muslims in his world. Nice , poke the bear .

    To stop ISIS means stop the criminals running the USA .

    I will leave you with a thought . The main stream media is so in lockstep puppetry that you all missed the greatest scam ever . The criminal planned mortgage meltdown Quantitative Easing criminal ring . So where are all the lawyers ? Prosecutions? Indictments ? Arrests? Restitution? Disclosure? Honest? Integrity?

    Money , its the damnest thing.

    • Recently in my province they were looking for candidates to give the best lawyer in this province an award. So I sent them this letter:
      “Good luck finding a lawyer in Alberta that isn’t able to speak out of both sides of their mouth. Our judicial system is broken and you can thank all the greasy lawyers for that. If you can actually find a lawyer in Alberta that isn’t greasy, I would love to know her name, for future reference.”
      No response. Apparently they can’t find a lawyer who isn’t greasy.

      • I think your telling the truth about lawyers Sheila. We don’t need lawyers if the Islamic state causes global war and then a world war, followed by a global winter and ice age and the cherry on top is Apophis, followed by even more meteorites later on.

  • The IS was created by the US, NATO and the Massad. This means thate the US, NATO and the Massad would have to use “brute force” on themselves which is not likely to happen. Petitions will not change the fact that NATO and the central bankers are the problem, not faux organizations like IS. Readership needs to look behind the scenes by not using or following the reports made by the major media. All the news by the major media is controlled and scripted by the CIA. The concept of a centralized police force is as lethal as an international centralized banking system which is the source of all major warfare and terrorism. Where is the petition for using “brute force” on the white collar criminals who started this mess decades ago. ISIS is corporate run USA’s puppet to foment the need for western intervention in the affairs of sovereign nations. The real enemy of world peace are the centralized banks that generate our enslavement to useless ideas like the militarization of the police to stop terrorism. The banks need warfare to keep nations in debt as to keep their version of capitalism alive.

    • While of course the core issues are, and originated with, the policies, the bankers, religions, politicians, etc., etc., etc., still the same mistake is expressed here. Ignoring the very real manifestation of the IS – and just laying the blame with those who’ve effectively caused its creation, support it, etc., is like saying don’t worry if you’re shot because the real problem is that someone made guns and bullets.

      The Meier material itself has long explained the hows and whys of our earthly woes and their origins, which emanate from our…consciousness. The “people” gave up their power to all the vested interests and allowed themselves to be dumbed down and overly entertained, etc. So it’s not likely that the kind of taking back of the power mentioned by the Plejaren will happen. Instead we’ll get the – also long foretold – social breakdown, civil wars, anarchy, chaos, etc.

      • That Michael, sounds logical what you explained. I was reading about spiritform in the Meier material late last night and in the spiritual teaching I discovered in there exactly what Eduard Meier said recently, he said study the spiritual teaching. I guess you can’t learn the truth, knowledge and wisdom from your own imagination it needs to be studied from the Meier material.

        • When I think of the task ahead of me, though – which is, for me, making myself to be aligned with the Plejaran’s wish for us … I can see how it’s a long ongoing process just to reach the level of life-quality where I wouldn’t be heard as just another homeless crazy person but can set a positive healthy example. I want to share this truth about the might of the thoughts with my family, but I’m waiting for now – I got to follow the right steps of education.

          All being considered, though, I enjoy the experience and the challenge.

      • this mistake is echoed everywhere, whenever I have put something out about the IS I always get comments around “look who started it” etc, there is such a disconnect in so many peoples minds! The whole point is what is going to be done about it NOW, never mind where or by whom created it, it’s to far down the road for all that now. And with all the other serious Earth events going on now how many sides is this All coming at us if one is awake to reality, so many are not…..as you say, Michael, distracted by stupid dumbed down rubbish and the ones that are not dumbed down, see the danger behind so much, like to just whine on and on about how horrible it all is. It is pretty darn insane out in the world!

          • Ha! When I read your comment, Sheila, in the “heads-up email” I thought maybe I had misspelled whine….lol You can tell where my mind is at times lol! I sure will, I’ll have some cheese on hand…oh and btw my glass could use a bit of topping off of the real stuff 🙂

          • Haha Ev, no you didn’t mispell it but I thought you might enjoy the humour. Good news about the cheese, thanks for the link. I try and stay away from any cheese that’s not a neutral colour tone as this usually means artificial colouring is used, for example cheddar. So I guess we are all set then. Cheers.

  • Currently an “international coalition of over 60 countries addressing the serious threat to global and regional security that ISIS continues to represent.” from the PMO

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