Wake Up!

It’s very difficult for most people to accept the reality of the Billy Meier UFO case, so besotted and distracted are they with escapist entertainment, illusory images and living vicariously through sports stars and imaginary video game figures which, ironically, glorify the kind of barbarism now exemplified by the subhuman Islamic fanatics. The unpleasant realities of life are clucked about or avoided, without recognition of their overall scope and impact, mainly viewed as happening to “someone else”. We still don’t get it.

And we still don’t get that the Meier contacts are the key to our future survival, unlike the concerns of the shrill, impotent political whiners, the hyper-happy New Agers, the phony “UFO contactees”, or the brain dead attention seekers who have found a new, pressingly urgent cause to champion. (Usually the domain of women haters in the fashion industry, now it seems that many women have themselves created the latest, stupid, ersatz “freedom movement” – which has some of them idiotically mimicking the masked terrorists of the IS as a kind of “statement”, totally trivializing the real plight of women, and children, in this world. I would imagine – no, I would bet – that many of them are graduates of US universities where such politically correct “issues” supplant common sense and learning how to think.)

The End Is at Hand

 We’re not standing on street corners holding signs that say, “The End Is at Hand”, as likely as it may appear to be in this land epitomized by such slogans as, “He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins”. Certainly toys preoccupy even, or especially, those who’ve attained sufficient years to qualify as adults but who are certainly not grown-ups.

However, we began issuing our recent calls to action, which of course contained Meier’s original, clear warning of what was coming…and is now upon us:

 83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

We’ve done this with the hope that there are enough people paying attention, even if it’s in between relentlessly checking their email, texting and otherwise frittering their lives away, who’d take a moment to support our petition to president Obama. Certainly we heard from those who are more focused on being venting their righteous anger at the US and those who view this effort as futile, etc.

Or Perhaps the Beginning

 But as stated previously, the Meier contacts are about our future survival. The prophecies and predictions were given to us to not only warn of the then possibly still avoidable disasters, catastrophes, etc., but also to demonstrate the credibility of the source, which also offered us a treasure trove of information, advice and recommendations including and within the spiritual teaching.

This new show was taped before the recent horrific events in Australia and Pakistan. It’s clearly time for a new beginning.


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    1. And the irony hasn’t been lost on me that Obama cites the ineffectiveness of economic sanctions and other measures against Cuba for the last 50 years, as a reason to normalize relations and on the other hand, he still plans to go ahead with sanctions against Putin as if that will achieve anything positive. The Russian people laugh in the face of any such sanctions and such sanctions, in fact have the exact opposite desired effect.

      1. My thoughts are of the Cuban people who just want to be free. I was hoping at some point that when the Castro brothers pass away there might be a new government willing to pave the way for democracy (like what happened in Spain after Franco passed away). These sanctions being lifted may only just prolong the dictatorship. After speaking to many Canadians who have vacationed in Cuba, they all say the Cubans are such happy people who obligingly serve them. I don’t for one second believe they are happy doing it (but are probably more happy about getting paid for doing it) so these sanctions being lifted might well prolong the servitude and dictatorship for Cubans.

    2. Immediately, Marco Rubio was on CNN denouncing Obama, denouncing Cuba, denouncing all communist countries, saying Obama “gave all these concessions away” without getting much back in return, promising to block funding for the embassy, saying “Obama doesn’t understand how the world works” (I’m paraphrasing), that they support Venezuala, yada yada…. Also interesting to note that CNN said that the Pope and Vatican played a major role in brokering this deal…..

  1. Michael,

    Excellent article; we all may know of a Gamer or two; A friend that is 40 plus and acts like he’s 18 minus will wait for hours to get the latest game or X-Box that hits the market; you’re correct, they all have factitious names; will call him Honcho. He does not watch much TV for the latest news so Honcho and his wife pretty much lives in a bubble. I have had a serious sit-down conversation with the both of them regarding Billy’s material; jury is still out.

    On another note; people are like they’re in a coma. It appears that these folks believe everything is beyond their control; but continue to watch the news feeds. The latest ISIS killing of 145 children and teachers and execution of 150 women because they refused to marry militants is beyond comprehension for most folks. Yes, they are a gang of murders and psychopaths.

    Your email “Wake Up” was sent to our friend G-Man; this is what he had to say about your article. “Wow – very stimulating, especially the first paragraph.”


    1. I like to think that a majority of the population is suffering from “amnesia” and not so much in a “coma” like they have washed up on a beach with no recollection of where and how they got there and where they are going 🙂

      1. I’m going to disagree with you on the amnesia statement only because of the religious, political, and racial divides that seem to keep repeating themselves throughout history. For example, the racial divide between white humans and black humans that is going on in the USA is from too much reflection on the past and a lack of amnesia bring up old hatred that is carried on from generation to generation. The same applies to who’s religion is correct and who’s is wrong. Now if humans today, washed up on a beach with no recollection or path, the world would probably a better place.


  2. I know an addicted Gamer. He actually told me he likes playing games because it helps him escape his troubles. He mainly plays role playing games like “dungeons and dragons”. He said he loves losing himself in these immersive fantasy worlds.

    1. People are addicted to games (in my opinion) because earth and its former extraterrestrial inhabitants is a game, the plejaren beam and the figu themselves are playing a game, the 144,207 degenerated evolved people are playing a game, just by being on a catagory 0 world, finance is a game, development, consumerism all a game. That is in my opinion where the root is, and where its rooted, all the way to the root. And people play games, many games because they are restricted from taking a role in a category 3 world, a high civilization, they are barred from the knowledge and barred from making progress due to the political and historical web of games of teaching primitive ape men civilization, a game.

      1. Interesting the game thing. Some of my girlfriends in laws actually were surprised and semi confused to find that I did not play ‘games’. She told me they asked her; well, what does he do then? Such a weird response and one that still takes me aback.
        This world is no game, reality of the life we live connected within it to its most basic level. Here in the states, the multi-billion petrodollar industries is fraught with zombies playing their ‘games’ of choice. All the while the reality of the world passes by the back of their heads. What a shame to be amongst. What an assault on our intelligence. Not only am I no longer a ‘gamer’, I have been thinking as of late, and with great challenge from the G.F., to get rid of the rec-hid TV entirely! A few within my family have successfully crossed this bridge and it seems to be a journey well deserving of taking. Not just for myself, but also for my daughter.

    1. If were talking about real progress dubhaltagh. The media/newspapers/tv/radio etc by independent companies, has traditionally been, constituted the real formational components of democracy, and this idea of freedom of speech, quite a new thing, has been the real changing force, even though many still are not completely comfortable with it, given that its a new idea historically, many people still fear being hanged for saying the wrong thing. In much the same way that BEAM didnt like the coffin like size of the space capsule in contact report 31, people still dont like the idea of being able to speak whatever they want, because historically they were hanged/murdered/bludgeoned etc. So maybe just making the world properly aware that they can now do things (especially in europe and the older countries), and can do it freely and are permitted to do things properly if they so desire, would be the best start I think for most governments, a useful way of spending the tax payer money.

  3. Michael, since the holidays are coming up, this is my first Christmas since learning the Meier material. I knew Christmas was way over-hyped, but after reading the Talmud of Jmmanuel, things will NEVER be the same, in a good way. It just makes so much MORE sense- “guardian angels/messengers”, “celestial sons”, “ascending into the sky” “disappearing for 40 days and nights” etc. It answers all the mysteries so plainly and clearly! So what do I do now, put a UFO over the nativity scene? Stuff stockings with the Talmud of Jmmanuel? Put Christmas lights on my house on February 3rd? Anyone who succumbs to the commercial holiday tricks has their mind trapped in a snow globe…

    1. I like that “put a UFO over the nativity scene”! Isn’t the Talmud of Jmmanuel fantastic, it made complete sense to me and was the key factor in drawing me into the case in a big way. I am really looking forward to the new version. I’ve never been one for the religious side of Christmas anyway, nor the buying a bunch of stuff but I do like to remember people with thoughtful things. the lights, Santa and the elves and some of the sappy Christmas movies….guess it’s the kid in me 🙂

    2. Greg: Nice comment, I know, that the Christmas thing is so deeply enbided in the people of this world, its hard feeling alone in this overpopulated planet, on my part I was always trying to fight this whole nonsense, Comercial frenzy of epic proportions, but still it may take a life time to get rid of it. I felt like rowing against the current, even when I didn’t know about the existence of Billy. Family and friends gathering together for the holiday puts an enormous pressure on us, so I tothought for now I’ll use this oportunity to celebrate the life of Jmmanuel, wrong day, wrong time, but perhaps for now that’s all I can do.
      btw I’d like to take this oportunity to tell you that I checked out your blog, I found it to be a great work, you’re doing a big thing, I appreciate that. Salome.

    3. Its always been strange to me that we have to wait for a special day to appreciate someone or give someone a gift or two. We should all know by now that just like churches Christmas is a big business preying on the minds of people that go around singing Christmas carols and buying massive amounts of presents or just pricey one’s. I tend to not go head over heels about any major national day my own birthday is just a regular day for me. Kind of had that mentality before coming across the Meier case though.

    4. Greg,
      Ha, good questions; most of us have gone through this phase. Family is a big issue when some of them are religious. Just being aware of the truth helps when in the midst of this Christ/Jesus belief, but we still have to balance this situation within family units. There is a picture floating around of Billy when he was in Turkey as the “Phantom”; in the background on the wall is a white cross that was captured in the photo as he was walking by. My point is; we know the truth and gently we help others to understand but must also work within the current religious environments. Some members of our family can share more of Billy’s information to than others; you will know. Here’s your UFO ornament link; that was actually pretty funny.


  4. MIchael, Here is the article I mentioned in my last post from 12/16/14 from truthout.org. US Attends,Then Defies Nuclear Weapons Effects and Abolition by John La Forge Speak Out /OpEd “This article tells you just what I read and found to be very very ddisturbing about US Big Shots TRYING to PASS THE BUCK and get away with their stupid insane behavore”! If this article doesn`t raise the living hell about American self rightness, I don`t know what will!!! ‘ALL BRAUN WITH NO BRAINS”!!!

  5. I`v got a great idea. Why not just keep all those Christmas lights etc up until the spring when the flowers start to bloom. Some people do that now. Besides with the green leaves are gone,flowers are dead,it pays to just brighten up a sad depressing brown landscape with something to brighten and cheer up a depressing landscape. Sure I like the snow when it is bright white fresh soft and new not when it gets old sloshy dirty and icy hard etc. You get the picture.”Frankly I just HATE the winter”!

      1. standing in the sun (when its out, catch it when its out, and wear sun glasses) and walking (wrapped up warm, focus on keeping the hands and feet warm most of all) is better, for various reasons, in my opinion, and in the cold of winter.

  6. as a side note I used to wonder about the phantom connotation with Billy. I was hard hit with the truth of it and actually increased my studious work. Today I stand a bit immotified.A new word for me and was just wanting to move our stuff along . wow my immotified jeans fit real well . Salome

  7. Hello Michael,
    If you’ll entertain me for a moment, a long time avid reader and supporter of you and what you do and who appreciates your wisdom and the effort it has taken to develop. I was wondering about this concept of ‘the end’, about what this could possibly mean really.

    Briefly, and with this; the pillars of truth, that man and woman, continue, to live to grow to make various progresses and developments etc, regardless of the social system or the various forces, competitive, market forces, development forces etc. What I mean to say is, that there really is no end to anything, as far we can see from our view of reality. So could this mean something like the end of the way our current regime operates, meaning a newly defined way. I seem to remember reading somewhere in one of the contact reports that the current situation will continue for a long time (very long by our standards and concepts of time), and I took this to mean, all the way up, several hundred years, to the real space age, where various changes on earth will occur.

    I dont want to dampen peoples spirits of hope, because this idea of the end does give many people hope. Its just that I cannot see, looking at the real world, what this could mean. Thanks to anyone for your ideas, I read it all, thank you.

    1. Hello Daniel,
      I think what this ‘end’ means is not in a definition far of from what you have stated. We are at the end stages of great change on this world, potentially for the worse, if we don’t change course now. All the signs seem to point to a large conflagration occurring in the very near future. Some including myself, would think within the next five years. I base this on Billy’s information and a very real look into our world and its affairs. The ‘west’ is in dire financial constraints. It is being challenge by those no longer wishing to take others debt, and eat it too. The gas prices as of late here in Minnesota spark the beginning throws for the dear petrodollar, in my opinion. Though there is hope in these days of turmoil. If the petrodollar would just fall semi-gracefully we could maybe avoid some of these things from happening, as are so easily seen from Henoch and others. Though that seems to be as likely as people not becoming delusion within beliefs. Stuck in a delusion of thinking everything is OK the way we as a group of thinking things of earth maintain reality.

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