It’s very difficult for most people to accept the reality of the Billy Meier UFO case, so besotted and distracted are they with escapist entertainment, illusory images and living vicariously through sports stars and imaginary video game figures which, ironically, glorify the kind of barbarism now exemplified by the subhuman Islamic fanatics. The unpleasant realities of life are clucked about or avoided, without recognition of their overall scope and impact, mainly viewed as happening to “someone else”. We still don’t get it.

And we still don’t get that the Meier contacts are the key to our future survival, unlike the concerns of the shrill, impotent political whiners, the hyper-happy New Agers, the phony “UFO contactees”, or the brain dead attention seekers who have found a new, pressingly urgent cause to champion. (Usually the domain of women haters in the fashion industry, now it seems that many women have themselves created the latest, stupid, ersatz “freedom movement” – which has some of them idiotically mimicking the masked terrorists of the IS as a kind of “statement”, totally trivializing the real plight of women, and children, in this world. I would imagine – no, I would bet – that many of them are graduates of US universities where such politically correct “issues” supplant common sense and learning how to think.)

The End Is at Hand

 We’re not standing on street corners holding signs that say, “The End Is at Hand”, as likely as it may appear to be in this land epitomized by such slogans as, “He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins”. Certainly toys preoccupy even, or especially, those who’ve attained sufficient years to qualify as adults but who are certainly not grown-ups.

However, we began issuing our recent calls to action, which of course contained Meier’s original, clear warning of what was coming…and is now upon us:

 83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

We’ve done this with the hope that there are enough people paying attention, even if it’s in between relentlessly checking their email, texting and otherwise frittering their lives away, who’d take a moment to support our petition to president Obama. Certainly we heard from those who are more focused on being venting their righteous anger at the US and those who view this effort as futile, etc.

Or Perhaps the Beginning

 But as stated previously, the Meier contacts are about our future survival. The prophecies and predictions were given to us to not only warn of the then possibly still avoidable disasters, catastrophes, etc., but also to demonstrate the credibility of the source, which also offered us a treasure trove of information, advice and recommendations including and within the spiritual teaching.

This new show was taped before the recent horrific events in Australia and Pakistan. It’s clearly time for a new beginning.


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  • Michael, this one is very timely and fitting especially for me, (and my family personally. I hope many others too), as last evening I sort of, well, perhaps pushed the envelope to the edge of trying to get my family to consider their “beliefs” are not exactly solid and certainly have not helped to better anyone here on earth to date for the most part. Or more to the point, what millions if not billions of other like minded peoples beliefs have helped contribute to, without really considering what they actually result in. Oh yea, those endless distractions, which in my view, are just a way for many to stay in “denial” and not face reality AS IT REALLY IS. Anyway, wish I had this as a script in front of me last night, I did alright but not as good as this. Thank you. Peace, Harmony and Balance to you and everyone. May you find it!

    • I really understand Mike B, since I’ve been coming out more with the Meier material I see a pulling away of people I have known. Here I thought they were much more open minded than I am finding out they are, but the material really flies in the face of what they hold to be, the foundation in which they stand and have stood for …..well, the whole of their lives. It is like there is a sense of them putting their toes in the water, because the UFOs fad is cool, but not willing to dive deeper because, for one thing, it takes work to get to a place of “getting it” or the beginning of getting it and they are not willing or it doesn’t call them. It is a lot simpler to just go along with what they think they already know, what the crowd is doing.

  • MH,

    The [politically correct] hyperlink in the article above links to your Let’s Be Clear about the Mission blog post. Is the link correct? If so, specifically to what is it meant to refer? Was it meant as a reference to the Harvard University offers students ‘Anal Sex 101’ class entitled, “What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101.”

    As an RT News piece [ ], November 03, 2014, quote states: “Come learn everything about anal sex from the experts of Good Vibrations, a sex-positive store located right in Brookline!” reads the course description posted on the official Harvard Sex Week website. “They will dispel myths about anal sex and give you insight into why people do it and how to do it well.”


      • MH,
        Thanks for the reply. with a fresh mind I re-read your Let’s Be Clear about the Mission blog post. Specially the politically correct response quote:

        I watched the film today. It was quite interesting and I think you did a good job of explaining the background getting your point across. That being said, I can understand why ASU and NAU would not screen it. There were a few politically charged comments about abortion and population control that I am sure these schools would not care to support. Also, you managed to say that the whole thing is not about belief, but still managed to talk about reincarnation and telepathic communication like they are proven phenomena, which they are not.

        Yet I wonder, is intellectual pusillanimity among other concerns preventing the University officials from critically examining your films in an open academic discussion? And, to what extent do monetary and sectarian patronage funding of the Universities influence the officials’ decisions to censor the films from the general student body’s consideration?

  • Very good video.I`m really very shocked and mortified that MUFON would be so stupid and shallow as to deny the Billy Meier evidence. Seems to me they are just as creepy as the US government is considering what just happened in Vienna Austria recently when Obama pledged 1 TRILLOON BUCKS for more nukes INCLUDING HYDROGEN BOMBS! I`ve NEVER EVER in ALL my entire life seen such blood thirsty cowards.I forgot the name of this guy whoi just stood up and said he would NOt go along and sign an agreement to ban ANY and ALL nukes an American Deep Sicko as far as I`m concerened and the ONY ONe too. JUst goes to show you just how mindless this country is getting with people talking and texing on their cell phones,talk about anal sex OUCH! YIKES!


  • Dear Michael,

    I can feel your frustration and totally agreed on a lot of statement you have made over the years. My main issue which I would like to say is men/woman of this world don’t seem to understand the gravity we are in and do not wish to wake up from the hypnosis they have been put into.

    I remember Billy explaining to never force the true into someone mind if he’s not ready to hear it. I have face this problem many times and decided to gave up as most people would not even want to make the effort to listen so logic could apply or arise from it (too busy watching football, drinking alcohol, watching movies or mumbling about life problems.)

    By this, I decided to focus on myself rather than wasting my time to make sens when obviously the world we live in is just being drag more and more into a deep abyss of stupidity.

    Don’t you think that man/woman have to realize by themselves first that something is wrong and meaningless in relation to theirs life. As you have exposed so many good points in relation to the mission and Billy, I truly understand that the mind is too complexe to just pretend we can change everything just by explaining or exposing the true if people do not feel attract by it. Overall I realize people don’t seem to evolve on the same spiritual level.

    As an example, I remember Billy talking about sports in general, explaining all the body need is just a 30 minutes walk. He took me 6 years to realize what he said was the true. I came to realize this while practicing sports we are actually creating an ego, an alter personality.

    He took me a long time to let go all the sports I used to practice, realising that this was a waste of time as my obsession was to loose weight or gain muscle. I came to realize that I should watch carefully the food I was eating rather than running 10K and igniting a craving which would have to be fought mentally as I was craving for food.

    I had to re-balance my mind so that my emotions don’t allowed my feeling for me to rush to the fridge or any shop to buy food as a substitue to a real problem. Most of the people don’t realize by trying to loose weight or practicing a sport, the muscle or body required energy intake (food obviously) which create an endless and vicious circle.


    Ps: I have been reading you and following you for a very long time (radio, website, movies).
    I have bought you documentary in relation to the mission too, which are very good material and which I recommend to anyone who wish to have an modern understanding of our daily problems.

  • I don’t think I’ll be freeing my nipples in this -20 C weather. They’re quite happy under all that french canadian fur.

    By the way Michael, will you be making a movie presentation with that NASA guy?

      • That would get an awful lot of support I think. When you brought the news out about him supporting the case, a lot of people shared the link. More than usual. It’s something die hard skeptics would have to think a few times about before trying to discard.

  • We’ve already had our wake up call in the form of Meier & The Plejaren’s message. Now for the rest of humanity that have no clue about this case and either have received emails or tweets from us to share the petition and/or sign it will have to come by way of tragedy from this cancerous group IS. Its a reality that we don’t take heed until we end up having to learn the hard way and then everyone is going to yell ‘Who let this get outta hand’ and then we’ll hear all the common cries for “Jesus & Jehova” or imaginary prayers to no one.

    I understand totally where you’re coming from Michael whether our efforts bring forth change or not at least we put forth that effort I’m just not too sure about the deaf ears our messages tend to fall upon. I observed damn near the whole world pouring buckets of ice-water on their heads to support a cause where in return the money goes to the rich to make the rich richer while the little bit goes to the actual cause, but that never stopped them. Now we’re sending messages to some of these same “celebrities” and “big shots”, but to no avail.

    I don’t know if this appeared to anyone here and may be off topic, but I was thinking about this. It seems like in the times of every prophet its always the “nobodies” either poor, unknown, “regular people” trying to spread the truth and help humanity move forward. I really wonder if this is by design or just something that is inevitable in the times of truth-bringers/prophets. If nothing else has been constant in this world this sure has.

    • Never in my life would I have thought children would be targeted (yet isn’t that what every generation thinks……”never in my life would I have thought”. If the killing and induction into the fanatical sects doesn’t wake people of the world up to the looming threat, I don’t know what will!!!! 132 children murdered in a Pakistan school, Taliban claim responsibility for the assault. Yet, perhaps it will take these sorts of atrocities that will finally do it, one would hope. But as I sit here writing this, the thought that people don’t want to wake up from their toys…..good grief, the Plejarens are right, who in their right mind would want to be around this vibration, so much hate….and fear.

  • Michael, Just how are we going to convince these deluded people to stop believing in some total ficticous god-religious-voodoo craving for salvation war-mongering degenerates? Seems to me they just DON`T want to believe or they think we are a wrong. I have another friend who once told me she found that reigion felt empty while at the same time she still believes in God of which I DON`T believe in but she wanted me to join her meditation group called Darma Shashka where we wouldsing and dance the Kurtan and the meditate. I even showed her the correct way to show the peace sign. Obiously she thought I was wrong. To this day she still think the peace symbol dhould be what is wrong! Upside down NOT right side up the way Billy showed us:( So much for Anada Marka. That is why I turned them down becacause it is a cult and I can`t stand cults! So much for that one. So you can relies just what kind of a world we live in.:((

  • Free The Nipple movement should be introduced to Middle East to pave the way for the establishment of Middle East Assembly, in which all Middle Eastern countries could settle their disputes without using arms and rebuild their common paradise they inherited from their ancestors. Make love, not war ! Free the nipple !! Long live Rationality !!!

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