Tis the season to be any number of things from joyful, somber, sad, lonely, desperate, hopeful to outright…confused. And what’s more fitting this time of year than to reflect on all the Christmasochism, where many of the faithful bow down before the Jesufix and enter the confusional to whisper their sins in hushed tones to…some guy who supposedly has the authority to “absolve” them. In fact, “even mortal sins which the penitent inadvertently forgot are forgiven if the confession was good.”

That’s pretty nifty. You can be forgiven for doing some really nasty stuff, including committing murder (as well as things that need no forgiveness), by a man whose sole authority for that charade was granted by a club of pedophiles who run around all day in Halloween costumes. Of course their authority is such that they can also forgive things that didn’t happen to them…although some may say their day of reckoning is close at hand.

Dopey Escapism

It isn’t of course only the true believers in mainstream religions who suffer from confusion. I enjoyed a delightfully brief presence on a Facebook page all about…”Pleiadians”. I was enthusiastically informed that I had been made a member of this group and so I immediately made some comments about there being no Pleiadians, that Billy Meier was the only authentic Plejaren contactee, etc., which elicited numerous comments, the likes which confirm that the dopey New Age escapists are alive if not well.

So here are a number of (unedited) comments that were made before I was, thankfully, excommunicated from the quaint little group:

“I have been part of space and time travelled through galaxy’s and returned all the way to source energy, I had a one on one with creation, u can not tell me that didn’t happen to me……. Because I know in myself that is what is…. We all have our own interpretation of what is and we all experience it our own way and that makes up the whole…. I don’t know exactly what happens when we get together but I know it’s something that I have related to more then anything else ever in my life.”

“I disagree 100% i know where my home is and i know who i work for..but say what you want…I know Pleadians exist…just because they cannot be seen or you cannot hear what we hear doesnt mean it doesnt exist…next youll tell us schizophernia is real”

“For what it is worth and i have given my opinion on this case a few times as it is so complex it is not one i really like discussing but I feel that Meier’s real Pleiadian contacts may have stopped in the mid 80s sometime when the pleiadians were worried about his farm turning into a cult like environment!!!! I have nothing to base this on except for my own consciousness thoughts with what i percieve to be my Pleiadian orb guides through telepathy as well as my own research and concurring with others!!!! I mean how can you prove something in three D like this i hear whats being said but still its an endless multi dimensional world!!!”

The following quotes, each from a separate individual, were in response to my posting numerous links to the authentication of the evidence, etc.:

“Lol thank you for that but I won’t need it and I can’t see many others here needing it either might make interesting reading however we seek our answers from within….. Sure knowledge is power but heart before mind…. I think maybe you know this maybe when you stop…… For a moment you feel it too…. Is that what bought you here???

“Anythings possible right???”

“They exist in my inner universe.What ever you do not believe just means it is not for you.We can touch each other in our dreams and the next dimensions. Angels visit me and have healed me.”

“In endless multi dimensional universe everything you could ever think of or imagine is true!!!”

“’The real truth is sufficient there is no need to create false beliefs ‘ ..the real truth?  Who’s truth?  Your truths and my truths are not the same…it’s very close minded to tell people what they are experiencing is not real, we know what we are experiencing,  we don’t need to defend it or prove anything to anyone , like XXXXX said everything you can ever think of or imagine is true,is real one only has to open themselves up to the possibilities and everything will be revealed. .free your mind..open your heart. ..or don’t your choice.

You have to travel dimensionally. Our world barely touches other worlds. Sometimes in dreams we travel into these other dimensions.”

“huh? meier has been shown to be a fraudster numerous times by numerous people. i usually don’t get involved in such cases, but in this case i have only seen evidence of fraud and zero evidence of true contact. i am slightly shocked that anyone is still going along with this.

if anyone can show me proof/evidence that will truly change me position here, then go for it. (i am not going to spend hours digging through information to find it, since i already have and found what i have described here).

note – i have had numerous contacts of various types.”

I responded to the above fraudster comment with:

“Please note, the info was given to you as YOU were the one accusing Meier of being a fraud…something that, considering all the REAL evidence, you would have been more accurate in directing at each and every person here who makes claims that they can’t substantiate. In my world, when someone is presented with actual evidence rebutting their accusations they…make time to delve into it asap.

Unfortunately, this is reality, unpleasant as it is:


…and of course Meier – not any of the imaginary “contactees” here – is the one who’s been warning us since…1958 (https://theyflyblog.com/2014/12/16/wake-up/):

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

For those who are ready to wake up from their New Age wet dream, who aren’t so bruised by being spoken to directly, firmly and without apology for not going along with the pretending here, then you may want to know exactly what Meier and the Plejaren have been doing and talking about…FOR THE LAST 72 YEARS.

I’ve not only spent 35+ years investigating the Meier case, I’ve also looked into all other claims of contact…none of which have credible evidence to substantiate them.”

…to which the writer responded:

“i asked for evidence and ‘proof’ and links have been provided which i will look through with diligence when i am able to.

i appreciate that being involved with such a ‘controversial’ topic can result in emotional injury and am not surprised to be the butt of energetic assault in response to my questioning.

the denial of subjective reality is part of the root of the attacks here and the projection onto me as if i am the same as the others who are referenced by the claim: “But of course they can’t name these “people” nor have they done their own homework.’

honest inquiry would simply ask for evidence as would be the case in any honest ‘court case’. it may be the case that i can name these people and that in response your evidence may show that these people were in error in their claims.

i appreciate that most humans are not balanced enough to engage in effective communication about controversial topics and am not in any way bothered by the projections onto me here.”

And this was the last of the comments I received before they put themselves out of my misery:

“My experience was no dream…. I was fully awake”

Damaged Goods

Somehow all these people, and a lot more in these kinds of groups, drank the New Age/UFO/Pleiadian/Angel/Ascension kool-aid and unlike other damaged goods, they can’t just go and take it all back for a refund. So if anyone thinks that the damage done by the UFOCI is negligible please consider that this is yet another manifestation of how incapable of thinking clearly human beings have willingly become.

Most people didn’t learn how to think in schools. I know didn’t. I’m thankful though that I learned how to think by studying the Meier material, a significant amount of which is now freely available. A good place to start is here. You don’t need anyone’s permission, nor to join a group, or believe anything. Learning how to think may get you excommunicated from various churches, cults, sects, mind control programs and political parties and organizations which, if you haven’t already done so for yourself, is an added, welcome benefit in this or any other season.





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  • our perception of a beginning is and will always be a wonder. The creation is a clear description and life long study of it . The beginning is mutual, constant and ever evolving. Hence start and end are one . In other words its the same . Ongoing , harmonic and ever loving . Never beginning nor ending, however resonating and songfull .

  • Yes; New Agers, Theosophists and Luciferians (zionists, masons and freemasons) are all “gonners”; they are so insane, nobody can help them anymore…ever… except with the bullet between their eyes…

  • It is crystal clear and has been stated above. Their is no Helping these Delusional Earth Humans. IS just might do us a big favor when they come through. It is embarrassing to hear them speak. They are just more proof that their is no guarantee that the Earth Human will make it? Total disgust.

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