A Dishonourable, Hostile Behaviour


The following new translation should assist some people to understand thatBilly Meier and the Plejaren indeed do have comprehensive knowledge (possibly exceeding their own) of the machinations of the USA (and the West) in various global affairs. That being said, hopefully, those who were simply satisfied to blame the USA for the deadly problems of the terrorist IS, will now be able to grasp the enormous threat posed by those genocidal maniacs and move on to being part of the solution, instead of just impotent, angry bystanders and critics.


Excerpt from the 601st Contact Report of 10 November 2014, 21:54

Billy: …What do you think about the whole circumstances that the western world once again – as it has done since time immemorial and especially currently – considers Russia as an antagonist? I learned a lot about this by reading a very educational newspaper and by gathering some other very important information that is probably not known by the so-called average citizens. So I acquired a lot of knowledge regarding the history of Russia and the fact that Russia has been feared and defamed by the western countries and its rulers since time immemorial. The Cold War was also shaped in the same way as the non-communist countries around the world shouted, “Turn away from Russia!” There is also once again the same situation nowadays as the declared antagonists against Russia have received much space for their malicious agitation, given especially by the European Union-dictatorship as well as by the USA and the “Russia-hatred-shouters” in Ukraine, Georgia and in the Baltic States. They all allege that the Russian people are eager for war. Quite obviously there is some work in an idiotic, insane and criminal manner towards the realisation, in a ridiculous kind and wise, of a new “Cold War”, due to fear and cowardice as well as an abysmal false rhetoric of EU-dictatorship rulers, in which the rulers of Germany play a significant role in that.


  1. As a matter of fact that what you say is pending nowadays once again.
  2. But the whole issue is rooted much deeper as it is generally discernible by non-oriented average human beings, because everything has been founded since time immemorial – as you said – by Russia-antagonists, whereat the enmity has been carried far around, especially in the western world, until the present time in the 21th century.
  3. The “Cold War” was also a significant Ausartung (degeneracy/getting badly out of hand) of the opposition between Russia and the western world, as well as those other countries that were making agreements with the western countries.
  4. The enmity was pursued and built up due to ideological reasons, whereby the capitalism by the western front and the communism by Russia and its affiliated or associated countries were put in the foreground as the main reasons.
  5. But this was only an unreasonable machination, which turned out to really happen in such a way as the breakdown of the Eastern bloc happened, during this process the former little Soviet States dropped away from Russia and turned towards the western world – thus Europe and the USA.
  6. But the inevitable outcome of this was, that the former Eastern bloc countries, which turned towards the western world, were felt cornered by Russia and defended themselves fiercely against the interventions of Russia in their own territories, which led to several acts of war against the Russians within the territories of the former Soviet States.

Billy: The “Cold War”, as I orientated myself, was nothing else then the outcome of the traditional enmity between the western countries and Russia, about which I think, that the evil relationship between these two frontiers was controlled permanently by antagonists and might greedy ones, who basically came from Europe and the USA. Needless to say that this also caused inevitably mistrust between Russia and the western countries, about which I think, that in this case the different religions, regarding east and west, also got nastily into the act and sowed discord. According to this, another fact has probably also to be considered, namely the fact that very different and deep-rooted cultural differences were prevailing – as it is still the case nowadays – between the western world and Russia regarding the religious and people-related cultures, hence in this regard the hostility had also been a daily occurrence through misunderstandings and ethnic hatred. If one is considering that a single human being, such as a religious or political ruler, can instigate and pull entire mobs of human beings on his or her side through irrational or insane delusional-speeches or delusional-opinions, then this is not surprising as it is currently the case regarding the IS respectively the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

And what you have mentioned regarding those countries that had been released from the Soviet Union and then turned towards – and are still turning towards the western world, namely the USA as well as the European Union-dictatorship in particular – instead of having been maintaining the new gained freedom and independence – has been the new reason for mistrust and enmity against Russia, which of course sees itself as rebuffed and feels cut off from the entire western world. Russia was already in the same situation in the past, due to the dominance of the Tatars, which – as I know and if I’m remembering right – began to rise up in the 11th century and expired not before the 15th century as the power or the empire of Moscow began to be established. And because this power could spread territorially very fast after its establishment, the western countries had a new reason to create fear and a new concept of the enemy with regard to Russia and its people, which had been decried as barbaric and brutal, especially in the 16th century. And because the Eastern-Christian church and the Western-Christian church were at loggerheads with each other and the Russian policy did not agree with the policy of the western world as well, Russia was been stylised as a tyrannical enemy by both the Christianity and the western policy, as well as the western military affairs.

The consequence was that Russia was accused of imperialism then, because it gathered like-minded people from the Balkan States, as well as from several countries in Asia, which behaviour was of course running contrary to the interests of the western powers. Furthermore, western forces were intervening into the internal affairs of Russia, in which its internal constitution was the subject of complaint. The expansionism of Russia was also pilloried, whereas the expansionism of the western world was not even mentioned, especially that of the USA, which thinks it can afford to behave in this way since time immemorial, hence the USA settled in with many countries around the world and made them conditional on itself, which is still the case nowadays. Well, Russia was a country that was always integrated into an autocracy, thus the nominal and the formal might respectively was based on a sole ruler. That was still the case in the late 19th century as more and more countries within Europe made an effort to allow each citizen the participation in the political events, whereas Russia still held on to the old autocratic system, which was of course poorly tolerated by the consciousness-related, societal and economic dynamic, in which Russia was caught. In 1917 everything subsequently led to the revolution, which inevitably resulted in another political direction as it was desired by the western world.

Therefore Russia and the Eastern States were alienated even more than they used to be, which subsequently went even worse as World War 2 was over and the occupation of Eastern Germany took place, which was subsequently followed by the Cold War eventually. Furthermore, I have oriented myself about the fact – about which I already knew from another source – that after the decomposition of the superpower USSR and the end of the ideological opposition, the relationship to the western countries had changed temporary. Due to the end of the Soviet Union it lost its nature of angst, which is why the western world did not fear it anymore, because Russia was just strongly debilitated since the 1990s and therefore wasn’t considered as a powerful enemy anymore. Because of this, a curious form of sympathy for the new Russia was rising in the western world, which just persisted only until Vladimir Putin came into power, about whom it is said that he claims the status of great power for his country – which either may or not be the case.

Already since his first inauguration, Russia has again been proclaimed as a concept of the enemy and has been considered as a potential antagonist by the western world, especially by the USA and the European Union-dictatorship. I consider this behaviour as negligent and criminal machinations, because the outcome of this could again result in a total isolation of Russia as well as in a new “Cold War”, whereby effective and new war activities cannot be excluded. Indeed, the policy of Putin has to be criticised in a reasonable manner with regards to Crimea and Ukraine, because these entire actions aren’t legal, but that doesn’t mean that idiotic sanctions have to be imposed on Russia by the USA and the EU-dictatorship, which damage the Russian people and the economy, whereas on the other hand countersanctions are also provoked, which in return could hit the people of Europe and the USA as well as their economy disadvantageously. With the right point of view it can be seen that the rulers of the EU-dictatorship negligently disregard – in this as well as in other relations – the foreign-policy interests in terms of Russia, and therefore even jeopardise world peace, which is fragile already again. What counts for the EU-dictatorship and for the USA – as well as for all other countries – is to push their own interests, by hook and by crook, wherefore Gewalt (extreme violence), illogicality and compulsion can be seen/are recognized as totally false instruments, but are yet considered as absolutely rightful and correct.

All those exalted and nice words spoken by all the fallible and responsible rulers in this context are nothing more than lies, fraud and deceit, because the plain truth is, that those rulers are only interested in maintaining their own power and authority, namely in that way that the people cannot give them orders. It is a fact that, beside these whole lies and frauds through which people are kept small and childlike, all western countries and Russia as well as the entire world are sitting in one boat, thus all of them are using the same oars and therefore have to steer the boat in the same direction. Thus it is demanded that all politicians and other rulers, all militaries, as well as all scientists, religions and all people foster the true peace, which really means that in fact all existing escalations should in every sense be ended, as well as the entire condition of the world should be normalised on a peaceful basis. That’s my opinion.

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

Translation: Patric Chenaux

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  1. Proof that Jmmanuel survived the crucifixion, destroys the only pillar that Christianity stands on, which is, that “Christ died for our sins”. In the same breath, one can say, that the overwhelming certainty of the no planes actuality, will slowly cause the official 911 Commission Report to crumble to dust. It is resting on that one and only fundamental pillar, which is that real planes were involved. When that goes, everything comes crashing down. The perpetrators however, feel sufficiently protected from punishment and retribution, since it is easy to manipulate public opinion and vilify and slander the inevitable emergence of the truth seeker.

    Beliefs and dirty little lies will be exposed for what they are, just as the fake moon landing has officially been exposed by Billy Meier. Billy is not allowed to reveal the intricate workings of what took place on 911. He is withholding it for safety reasons, because the criminals implicated are still occupying positions in powerful places. Billy must have been informed by the Plejaren not to disclose the inner workings, since the consequences would undoubtedly be disastrous for the entire mission.

  2. Disappointing piece.

    As is so often the case, lots of bombastic language with little content.

    This excerpt intimates:

    1. The overthrow of the Ukrainian government was somehow legitimate, which it wasn’t. It was putsch, a coup that was obviously orchestrated by the West to attack Russia and force Putin and co.’s hand (recall/see Victoria Newland’s infamous strategy telephone call).

    How could any nation give up one of its most crucial outlets for commerce and defense under such a circumstance (ie Russia’s only warm water port)? Its legal and well established military and economic contracts governing their many bases and installations in the area where suddenly forfeit due to a Western back coup. What sort of real leader would cowardly sit back and allow such unchallenged? I respect that Putin and Russia took action in logical self-defense.

    2. The Bolshevik Revolution wasn’t some sort of occurrence falling outside the wishes of the true string pullers of the Western World. Read up on who funded and enabled Lenin. What nation held control of the railroads in Russia to allow the Bolshevik’s to succeed.

    3. Further, see Antony Sutton’s scholarly work on the true ties between the Western World and Soviet Russia. Billy’s characterizations above indicate little to no knowledge or remembrance of the true nature of the Cold War period and how much of it was managed and created/enabled by the same (on both sides) corporate interests. Read Mr. Sutton’s work.

    More and more I’ve found room for post-dicting in Billy’s work. I haven’t seen him ahead of the curve in any area in a while; and his encapsulating comments again are bombastic and not very comprehensive.

    When he was younger the comprehensiveness was present, now not so much, which makes sense if he is in fact the sole author and thought-force behind everything he’s done (younger = more focus, work/time-ability, and energy).

    Also I intensely dislike that as Billy and his organization became bigger, he backed off of some of his more controversial and quite clear stances on homosexuality, Israel ideological origins, etc… Now I just hear calls for “peace” without any real and clear explanations behind how and why to come to such (stopping contentions in situation of extreme injustice, slavery, barbarity, abuse, etc.. is in fact very inadvisable; people must fight for what is right and good).

    This isn’t a 100% conclusion on my part. Just an increasing inclination I wish to share with you folks who somewhat actively follow Billy’s work and Michael’s promulgations, which I also genuinely appreciate incidentally.

    1. I think that it’s humanity’s failure to take notice in time of those very specific early warnings that have resulted in our now being in a time when we’ll have to focus on the consequences, the effects of our negligence.

      I also understand that there’s an as yet untranslated book of prophetic information that extends into the future, which may prove interesting. And also there’s no need to keep reiterating so-called controversial positions. After all, he expressed them but not for the sake of controversy.

    2. WM,

      That is very insightful. If you just read the last sentence of the aforementioned writing, it should explain a lot of what Billy shared lately, including the answers he provides in the monthly Q&A.


  3. Looks like my previous comments got lost or censored. This will be the my last post on the subject of 911.
    If this is a fake airplane you really have to give credit to the actors involved.

    My firm assumption is that the 911 kook movement is paid and controlled by the intelligence agencies to discredit anyone who is honestly investigating 911 and relate them to the crazies. Naturally the kook movement also atracts the usual gulliple idiots, attention seekers and profiteers. Their effect on the public opinnion is the same as the UFO industrys, they destroy the credibility of anyone who is even remotely making sense on the subject.
    Yes the government lies, does covert operations and conspiracies but that does not mean you can throw logik and science out the window and believe every idiot who has a camera, a youtube account or puts together a lecture tour.

    Finally, this my take on what happened on 911. Basically it is the same plot as the WTC bombing of 1993 but on a larger scale.
    Many people had foreknowledge of the event, intelligence agencies from at least 3 countries where involved in planning and carrying out the attack (CIA,Mossad,GIP), air planes hit the towers and pentagon, flight 93 was supposed to hit building 7, WTC towers and building 7 destoyed by explosives, the anthrax letters and hudson river bridge bomb plots failed, 911 commission white wash ensued, justification for Afganistan,Iraq, global war on terror, 911 kook movements created to label any independent investigation as crazy conspiracy theorists.
    Judy Woods “science” debunked, full interview
    911 and war by deception
    Redacted 28 pages of the 911 report still not released

    1. Eric,

      When did Dr. Judy Wood get debunked during that video? I’ll I saw was a smart ass offering smug comments about a small black and white picture.

      Because reality is apparently determined according to the latest youtube video one watches, try this one on for size: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpLbzLzY9HY “Dr. Greg Jenkins Exposed During Ambush Interview of Dr. Judy Wood”

      1. PS – My last sentence above came off a little more contentious than intended. It wasn’t even necessarily aimed at you; I’m sure you’re a reasonable guy. But, I certainly do maintain the video you provided is a far far cry from a debunking of Wood’s extremely compelling, voluminous findings.

        1. She was debunked in the first few minutes of the interview in my opinnion. She did not answer what types of weapons were used or what method in science can be used to “pulvarize/dustify” metal, as she puts it.
          Anyway, I think Richard Gage makes a far more scientific and balanced case on what happened that day, namely the use explosives and nano-thermite. That is why he has public support and 2200 other architects and engineers in his organization backing up his findings, and that is why he gets a full hour on C-span and Judy does not.

  4. I am sure Michael, that there are indeed more important things to focus on in the present time, than crying over spilled milk, when all that it  is going to achieve is delay the process of  “what are we going to do about it?” 

    The prophecies are being fulfilled as we speak. Preventing the worst case scenario of total annihilation seems to be all that can be done at this moment.

    The degenerate psychopathic criminals in power will continue with their murderous machinations,  because they have since time immemorial escaped true justice by  playing  the game of deception, misdirection and control through intimidation. We, the slaves of the system have to carry on with our lives, there is no luxury of time available to ponder over important matters that play decisive roles in shaping the future development of our planet. But how could we have time for anything worth while, when every single spare minute  is spent on sports, game shows, reality TV programs, quarrelling with a neighbour and arguing over politics. 

    Stating that we are responsible, implies that for millennia, the majority of humanity, have been turning a blind eye, while crimes were being committed against our brothers and sisters. So, Billy is speaking to both the people in power, who commit crime on monumental scale, and the general public who have common sense and  indirectly allow atrocities to continue by ignoring or denying it

    It is true that we have become  a bunch of softies. Besides not being able to defend ourselves against a bunch of barbaric religious fanatics, we are incapable of handling the truth, because we have been blinded by excessive pride. Not being able to see our dark side is a very dangerous mistake to be making. This is especially true in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. The exact opposite sounds closer to the mark , the land of the enchained and the home of the fearful.  Cowardly, because we cannot handle the truth. Weak, because we have been conditioned to give away our power.  As slaves of the system, we have been trained like dogs to submit to our lord and master, and neglect our inherent capabilities of logic and reasoning.

    Mr Michael Horn, why is it unreasonable to suggest that the nose cone of an aeroplane cannot penetrate thick steel and concrete unscathed? That is my only question to you.
    By saying there is no need to reiterate the contravercial stance, is just a polite way of saying that you can just as well shut your mouth, because it is pointless to try and convince me otherwise That’s avoiding the question. A difficult question that needs to be asked and pondered through unbiasedly. As the Pleijaren have said, nothing should be accepted as truth until everything has been examined to the last detail. 

    1. I will leave it to others to debate the WTC attack. However, please keep in mind the many CONFIRMED reports of things like broom straws and light objects PENETRATING trees, etc., under the force of tornado winds.

      To the best of my knowledge, the WTC wasn’t made of solid steel. It had glass, facing masonry, etc. But if people want to spend their time imagining that some secret group RISKED complete failure by testing out “holograms” on the people of NNYC and the world in bringing down buildings and, etc., then by all means enjoy yourself. As you said in your opening sentence:

      “I am sure Michael, that there are indeed more important things to focus on in the present time, than crying over spilled milk, when all that it is going to achieve is delay the process of ‘what are we going to do about it?’”

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