UPDATE on the New IS Planned Holocaust

German journalist corroborates Billy Meier’s warnings about the IS

I received the following information a few days ago from Andreas Mitterdorfer:

“Today in the news they reported about a journalist and former German politician who spent 10 days in the caliphate of the IS. His name is Jürgen Todenhöfer* and he went there to find out about them. The video of the newscast can be found on the website of the news agency. Unfortunately it’s only in German but I translated it for you, so you could watch the video and regard my translation as subtitles, which means: The IS is planning the biggest religious purge of all time.

Female speaker: Insights into the realm of evil, in a totalitarian system consisting of brutal god warriors, in which women of different beliefs are sold as slaves like cattle and even the youngest are being raised to kill.

Todenhöfer: There is something in the making that the west hasn’t really realised yet.

Female: speaker: Jürgen Todenhöfer, publicist and former politician of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany), has just come back from his ten-day journey into the caliphate of the IS, where western hostages represent a huge war loot. A sheer suicide mission but Todenhöfer managed to negotiate with the leaders of the IS beforehand.

Todenhöfer: I wasn’t lodged in a hotel room but I slept on the floor and was together with these people from the morning to late at night.

Female speaker: Partly highly intelligent men, no gang of failures, are the ones making the plans for the voyages of conquest of the IS, Todenhöfer realises. The strategy is far more complex than just to kill journalists in the most brutal ways in front of a camera.

Todenhöfer: The IS is planning the biggest religious purge that has ever happened in the history of mankind.

Female speaker: The number of hundreds of millions of dead people has been mentioned to him. (I guess that’s the number that they plan to kill.) It could be that the mass executions of Shiites and Yazidi in the last few months was only the beginning. The one who wants to defeat his enemy should know his enemy, says Todenhöfer. So he also once met with the Syrian president Assad and the Taliban. Some critics accuse him of lack of emotional detachment.

I forgot to mention that he visited them because he wants to write a book about them. In another article he said that they are much more dangerous and powerful than most of us think.

Today I read an article about him, saying that they indeed plan to kill hundreds of millions of people and that even Muslims in the west aren’t save from them.

On wikipedia I was looking for the number of active soldiers of the most potent armies and I have to say that it shouldn’t pose a problem for us to form a Multinational Peace-Fighting Troop, at least regarding the number of soldiers, because even France alone has almost 300,000 soldiers which Billy says is needed to defeat the IS. BUT, unfortunately many nations don’t see the need for that and they don’t want to cooperate with each other, which is just a childish behavior (apparently the US for example wants to prevent Russia from also being involved in the fight against the IS, and they also don’t want to cooperate with Syria and Iran).

Hopefully Todenhöfer’s insights get enough people (especially politicians) to change their minds because he also says that the airstrikes don’t really help in defeating the IS.

Here’s the link of the video of which I sent you the translation

In this article he says that the IS is underestimated and much stronger than the west thinks, warns about them and says that the airstrikes aren’t really effective, in the article it’s also mentioned that a few leaders of the IS have been killed (which I guess is also in the news in the US)

This article goes a bit more into detail, saying for example that the IS is planning to kill 150-500 million people (apparently they told him that), that even Muslims in the west aren’t safe, because they are democratic, etc.

Here’s an English article that I found, so there’s also a bit of information for the English-speaking people

The last paragraph here says that the US is trying to keep Russia from fighting the international terrorism, including the IS.

It was also reported yesterday that they killed a few leaders of the IS by airstrikes, but I suppose they reported that in the US too.

It sounds good, but on the other hand the US is selling anti-missile systems to Qatar for the Soccer World Cup in 2022. They plan to send them 10 units of the “Patriot anti-missile system” by 2019. Billy said in one of the most recent contact reports that rich Qatari and the royal family is financing the IS**, so maybe also these missile-systems could end up in their hands. However, it doesn’t have to happen since the whole world would know that if they used these systems, they are indeed supporting the IS. So Qatar would lose their support by the US, which I guess they wouldn’t risk.

Here the article and an English version. “

Patty Fletcher also sent me this news item about a possible ISIS terror plot in the US. And there have been two recent attacks in France, one in Dijon, and the other in Nantes.

Again, it’s time to pay attention to Meier’s 1958, along with many other things:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

 And also to consider this information, in the Henoch Prophecies, from 1987:

175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver.

176.Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery.

177. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time.

178. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world.

…and especially this:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

You can see and listen to Meier in the newest documentary, The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life. Since everyday life is going to change drastically for many people, it’s highly recommended viewing.


* A new update further confirming Meier’s info on the US as a causative factor in this mess.

**Meier mentions the Qatari royal family’s financial support for these genocidal maniacs in this contact.


P.S. Todenhöfer’s name, if separated thusly, Toden höfe, ironically means  “deaths courtyards”.

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  1. great post, I just read the article on Yahoo.com this morning and thought right away about the Prophecy fulfilling. Lately, I’ve been thinking that our world is full of technological advanced childish barbarians. The reason for this is due to our world leaders, the conflict they have caused, the religious, and politics. They argue and bicker just like children, and everyone is right no matter what. Our world leaders are still have childish mentalities and they still view other countries and cultures with ethnocentric glasses.

    I think we as humans have issues within our own consciousness . We grow up looking for our own identity and assimilate to various practices and beliefs that keep separating all of us from being simply human.

    MH, I was curious if you can do a blog post about currency and how it has degraded human life. I view capitalism as the biggest pyramid scheme ever where the base does all the laboring only to filter the money to the small percentage at the top. It’s hard to imagine how life would be without currency but I’d imagine the quality and value of human life would improve drastically.

        1. Money will always exist in the universe, it is just a thing. People are the cause not money, because money is only the object, it is the monstrous overpopulation of people that is the cause, money is just the note that people dote.

    1. Hello George,
      I am no expert on currency either but have been trying to keep a very close watch on it all. Maybe in a way a well rounded basic comprehension of the events of today, as per ‘currencies’ and world events.
      It does seem the very problem at hand today with the ‘west’ and ‘east’ lies in a fight over currency’s(as have also read it a few times in the contact notes? If not from reality itself.) Whom will be on top as the ‘world currency’, what country and or grouping will get the privilege to have everyone else absorb their debt, and everything else that comes with it! It seems this brewing world conflagration most definitely revolves around power, greed… currencies. One could go as far as to say that technologies that could very much degrade the need for money(and many of its associating factors) have been suppressed to keep this monetary system going strong.
      And oddly enough, within all this turmoil we seem to be rushing ever closer to the final hour of these events unfolding. All out war, or great change within power, greed, and currencies and the same old waring as usual.
      One thing is for sure, with me at least, is you answered your own question and need for clarification. Though it seems all systems be they capitalism of something else, revolve around power, greed, dominance, shareholders. Maybe when the true mothers of our earth take hold, things will revolve around the truth within reality instead…
      The way things are shaping up we will ones again be thrown into the old system of barter and trade. Maybe from this we can start a new, with a more humane way to give and receive. It seems as all things with humans, we come full circle eventually. Must meddle in all things to find that sometimes the easiest most humane way is what comes naturally.

    2. I see currency as just another scapegoat for human ignorance. We have degraded our own selves…The “route of all evil” is human ignorance in my opinion..

  2. Yea we’re screwed….. I don’t see this ending well for us. Any ways, I’m going to buy the new documentary next month can’t wait to watch it. Happy holidays and new year Mr. Horn I wish you health and happiness!

    1. >I don’t see this ending well for us.

      Sadly, It was never meant to. For these are not prophecies, but predictions.

      CR229 – Predictions of Jeremia.
      83) And it will be….
      175) And it will be….

  3. Man its just amazing how easily people forget! I am only 33 years old and cant understand how our short existence(known history) on this earth is not an indication for many to urgently change course, or face what we have many times over already. Though now our technology has ‘caught up’ to our brutality into a cocktail of nuclear proportion.
    The swirling hurricane of laziness and distraction has been well at play, as real ones have been absent over the US. The amount of pure conscious degeneration is pungently stagnant within the air. How will we ever get out of this slumber without getting involved in what most seem to not care about. All out war… with the usual religious twist. It seems to be all my fellow Americans want! Until they get it of course. I spent a few years away from billy’s case trying to prepare myself and family from these events long since given to us. And now, it will mean nothing as there will be no where to hide when this comes crashing down. I most likely wont survive these events and will give this life fighting for peace…. when I should have been fighting as hard as I could all along.

      1. I would not want it any different Greg! Though all those around me of our age here in Minnesota, also find ‘god’ and ‘nuke em all’ more important than the truth, it seems. Or maybe in typical American fashion, they act tough and go home sucking their thumb, cuddling their blankee mentally. Fearing the reality we have got into, and not knowing how to confront it at all; put it on someone else, somewhere else, such as also within this word ‘god’.
        It seems we have no choice but to turn the tide if it be in peace or war. Sadly, most around my person seemingly choose the later. And in a strange way, I have to by preparing for it and letting the cards fall -mostly- where they may, though it is not to late still! Yet, of course most of the woman I talk to within my life seem to come to a more rational approach to reality. Which is always promising!
        The great power of the internet to connect like minds from thousands of miles around. One thing is for sure, I will fair a lot better than most around me if we fail to stop these events from occurring. And as long as I can, will stick around and do what I can.
        Sometimes its hard not to get stuck in the moment of the waves/vibrations of those around us… They are quite delusional these days, from my part of the woods.

        1. Myself , my son and daughter have all done time participating in the destruction of the middle east. We have awoken since due to some guidance from MH, Meier etc,etc. I often confront men when they puff their overweight chests out proclaiming we are the greatest nation on the earth and because of that we have the right to do what ever it is we are doing over there. I than gleefully ask, So you are willing right now to arm your family and fly them to Iraq or Afg, or where ever we are talking about and fight front line with them for what?? I’m sorry why is it we are there for?? That’s when I get the silence. Just as u said, they just don’t think. And yes I live just south of you. Cheers guys.

          1. Hello Michael, how far south? I am in Shakopee MN?

            Ya the typical response I get, well, just nuke em all? Saves the trouble of having to do anything, including thinking.
            What a mess

  4. Why not join and become members of the Plejaren Federation and the Galaxtic Federation too as well instead of all this greed lust childish war-mongering religious bull and move on to a more peaceful and enlightening evolving world etc?

  5. Hopefully the west puts away its petty quips to Russia and starts working with them instead. At least Germany had the wisdom to start admitting that. Same thing with Apophis. Russia is taking care of it. The pollyanna’s at NASA dismiss it (since it will land in Russia’s back yard).

  6. This blog is not just for those who are already wise to the reality of things. It is also available to those who hide in the shadows. It may be of utmost importance to them as a matter of fact. They see things contrary to their agenda as a threat to the state, all the while forgetting their own threats to the whole of Humanity. Wanten violence is certanly not the answer, but the future holds many things that will test the will and staying power of many of us, many. Humans in key positions around the world will play integral roles if only they can listen to their inner voices. The problem lies within the Human personality and all of the egoistic traits that pollute it, along of course with those who surround them. If the countries of the Earth join together to fight this evil foe, it will be a sign of light and of new beginnings. Other missions must also be completed regarding religious dogma as well. Humans are at a super critical phase right now, the collective psyches are bursting at the seams. But there are MANY here who do know truth. I must say the laws of Creation are confusing to me at times knowing what could actually occur to help us here, but that is not my call, only my longing for our species to see the truth of THEIR existence with their own eyes, yet this may still be somewhat limited for now. Some remain so afraid of that which is natural, but some are not afraid one iota. It is a confusing time for us now, but things will change. We are in a new age. Many do know.

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