This new article, forwarded to me by J. Smith, appears to confirm what Billy Meier explained in regards to how the west is provoking Russia…and what it may lead to, which was also long ago foretold in the Henoch Prophecies.

as the time fulfills

Yes, we the people were warned but, as this news also shows, other parts of the Henoch Prophecies continue to unfold, moment by moment, before the world’s unseeing eyes.

163. If the human being of Earth continues to live in the same way as he has done up to now—forming his thoughts and feelings in the same manner, indulging in the same actions as he has hitherto—then the words of the prophecies of Henoch could not be any clearer.

164. The point in time at which these prophecies will begin to be fulfilled will be when a Pope will no longer reside in Rome.

165. All of Europe will then fall victim to a terrible punishment by evil powers.

166. The Christian religion will collapse and the churches and monasteries will end up in ruins and ashes.

167. Monstrous forces will be created by science and will be released by the military forces and armies as well as by terrorists, causing great destruction.

168. Millions and even billions of people will be killed by acts of terrorism, by wars and civil wars; and finally, in some parts of the world, every third human being, and, in other places, every fourth human being, will lose his or her life.

While some may wait to see if the Pope, current or future, moves out of Rome by then it would be…too late, since the IS is poised to rage through Europe, unless the call to action is heeded.

Dangers of Glyphosate

Since apparently it isn’t enough to be overtly warring on each other at every conceivable opportunity, here’s some information about our not so subtle suicidal efforts through the use of a ubiquitous and insidious poison…and, naturally, the greed-based official denial. Compare it to the information from Meier and the Plejaren.

Great Instructional Video

Fortunately, there’s a really great instructional video about reincarnation and the spirit-form from Michael Uyttebroek, which helps to illustrate very important information from the spiritual teaching by Billy Meier.

New Documentary

For those who don’t yet know about it, here’s  the trailer for The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life, the new documentary with Billy Meier:

… answering questions pertaining to:

Virtues to Develop · Human Relationships · Children & Families · Egoism Pro & Con · Women & the Future · Changing the Prophecies · The Spiritual Teaching & Evolution · The Effects of Swinging-Waves on People · Safety in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres · How to Safely Reduce Overpopulation · Realities of Artificial Insemination · Interracial Relationships · Combating Terrorism & Racism · Cause & Effect · Understanding Your Dreams · The Might of the Thoughts · The Truth about Mohammed’s Wives · Sinking Islands Due to Rising Seas · Fights & Challenges in the Plejaren Federation · Plejaren Education · Plejaren Use of Drugs & Medication · The Different Roles of the Father & Mother…and much more!

With easy to read English subtitles, German language.

The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life

The Spiritual Teaching – Billy Meier Film Package #1

133 comments on “Marching to Oblivion

  • Wow , We have a debate ! I actually am neutral positive and hold Billy dear in my heart . And really take no offense to the previous comments . Let it be clear that I also take no offense . Anthony I have always said I appreciate your word and meant well by extending a hand . Alex Jones is his own man with his own opinions . I like his effort to bring knowledge and understanding . He is however, a Christian, and for that I just ignore it . What we must realize is that his show is based on fact with every effort made to document what they deliver . Here is whats important . Ignore the religious connotations . Just bypass the beliefs of a person . Here in doing so you have a greater chance of understaning media . I like news feeds that explain what is happening. In order to do so we collectively , have to bypass beliefs . They are everywhere . In doing so we acknowledge that we are a small group of truth understood . The underlaying of beliefs is everywhere and it is up to us to filter it out . Granted , I know not everyone likes Alex Jones and that is fine with me . Its the material and the nuts and bolts of the show that I find interesting and riveting . Understand his show is based on finite fact and guests and material that is hard copied . Don’t like Alex , fine . Look at the guests and the content . Jesus and God are easily Dismissed . Steve Quail and Stan Dimeo are perfect examples of media and God . Just drop God and you can see amazing media . Think for one moment about the source and you quickly see the God delusional disorder everywhere . Its up to us to filter it out . It even spans to our country (USA) that is under siege from the Muslim Brotherhood . My posts have been very timely and even forethought into what is happening these days . We need to be current to make life altering decisions on what we do these days . I hope to contribute to that positively . So , no worries , my skin is thick and I am mentally prepared to handle whatever comes down the road , just understand I want to provide as much awareness to those I care about along the way . That’s why I am here amongst all of you cool people .

    • David, I totally agree with you here. I like to listen to Kathryn Albrech except when she gets into the religious God thing. I`m very passioneit about my right to free speech and the right to privacy. But when it comes to religion and God I just sceen that out too except when she talks about the unlucky number 666 which is the mark of the Beast due the fact that our right to privacy is being invaded by way of the radio RFI chips and smart cards, smart phones smart TVs, in otherwords Smart Everything even though I don`t believe in the Bible ether.

    • “Think for one moment about the source and you quickly see the God delusional disorder everywhere . Its up to us to filter it out .”

      This belongs on a t-shirt, my friend. I have watched Alex Jones and found some truth too. Many people are being exposed to a potential WWWIII and civil wars, that which Billy has prophecies, through Alex Jones. He has reported on Fukashima and the BP gulf oil spill. I agree David, there is some NEWS content to INFO WARS; but in reality Jone’s agenda or Christian faith is making him slam home some horrible ideas that go against the Mission that Billy Meier is carrying out. A big one is OVERPOPULATION. Jones goes out of his way to show that there is not an overpopulation problem on Earth. He also goes out of his way to promote that climate change is NOT real. And we know from Billy Meier, and using common sense and reason, that the planet Earth is monstrously overpopulated by human beings, so much that it is throwing nature into a disaster for lifeforms. Overpopulation is the NUMBER ONE PROBLEM facing the Earth humans. And it is probably Figu’s biggest concern when it comes to the problems facing humanity. This overpopulation is creating (helps us help ourselves create) most (if not all) the the ills on planet Earth.

      Another BIG anti Mission thing that Jone’s goes out of his way to put down is a one world order or planetary government. Alex Jones wants to go back to 1776 isolationism, and think that only the USA matters and the rest of the world comes second. The truth is, as Billy has just recently said, we are all together in one boat. Our survival depends on all these warring/allies countries and states, coopering together, along with a peace combat force made up of the different states working together as a planetary force. We must grow beyond the west vs the east. We need to become one world. Alex Jones would throw me off his show and rant for days if I said this on air, along with having his reporters investigate Figu as some sort of cult.

      Certainly, in terms of Billy Meier’s Mission, Alex Jones is part of the problem MUCH more than he is part of the solution. However a good exercise, like you say, is to filter out the black noise or religion. And Jones is probably better than FOX news or CNN; but with all the programing or even just human agendas or beliefs being shoved in our face with smart media today, should we even be listening to radio shows and TV news to get our daily bread? Ever notice how Billy Meier is kind of like a NEWS source. If it was not for this site, I would never have learned how bad this IS terrorist problem is or how Russia is now on the world’s stage this evening. Even with how somewhat limited the Figu English material is, it puts INFO WARS to shame when it comes to world event news and history! This is what MH, Billy and the rest of Figu are hoping that people will discover. People will throw down INFO WARS and religion and discover the Billy Meier case, the “key to our future survival.”

      • Well said! Overpopulation is a topic that most conspiracy theorists say is a NWO plot to exterminate humandkind, however, it’s something that humankind must find the responsibility to deal with – no matter how many “sacred cows” are trampled upon.

  • The relationship between our president Barrack Husain Obama and the Brotherhood is staggering and it stems throughout the administration. Look closely and you will see the connection . Its staggering.

  • No , they work for him . And aside from that are a ragged massively funded regime. Hey I am only one voice here . Do not take my words for fact . Look towards the truth alone . I speak from a long tireless span of social media in order to enlighten our collective group . I accept criticism and commentary in the spirit of moving us all forward . Thank you . David

    • David,
      I looked into the Muslim Brotherhood claim and only found articles about it on extreme-right-wing websites like “World Net Daily” & “Freedom Corp”…There were 2 names mentioned: Huma Abedin (Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff) and Mohamed Elibiary (a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council). Other than these 2 people supposedly being Muslim, everything else about them seemed to be paranoid speculation. Am I missing the bigger picture?

    • David, I heard Obama is half Jewish since his mother was Jewish so how can Obama be Muslim. Barck Obama is not his real name,that`s what I heard some time ago when he fist became the president back in 2008.

      • exsqueeze me, while I kiss the sky, but do y’all not see what #$%^ is out there on the internets, that has not a whit, nor an iota, nor the weight of a speck of dust, to do with truth or fact?

        Neither is Obama’s mummy Jewish or any part thereof, nor is the administration rife with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, despite the fact that some hate-mongering, cup-full of lies website or 3 has proven such idiocies according to the wild ways of internet posting.

        Michael is gracious enough to host and moderate a forum outside the FIGU forum, therefore the inmates should show some appreciation and come with their A-game rather than their Internet-game. Regarding what Billy said about phantasmagoria; let’s not add fuel to the phantasmagorical fire. Anyone who has come this far should know better.

        Sure, there are as many opinions (versions of the truth) as there are a**holes, just saying.

    • They all work for Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban. In the usa they can place any person they want as leader ,because it doesnt influence the decisions of your true behind the scenes leaders Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban..Serious you guys and girls should make a citzens arrest on guys like that and stop blaming Obama the muppet. And Stop listing to guys like Alex Jones because he also works for this Zionist mtfrs

          • Erik, Gordon Duff is a dangerous clown leading those desperate war-weary people astray into his lies and apparently you are also swallowing his feces like my girlfriends dog eats poop off the pavement …. I can’t begin to tell you how many things he said are not only incorrect, but absurd ridiculousnesses and obviously bald-faced lies

            just because someone said nonsense on the internet, does not make it true

            you should know better

            Happy New Year! and may you be more discerning in 2015

          • sheldon adelson bought and buys the house of representatives and senate and its not a matter of Duff ,but its a fact.
            he also got plans for aipac,iran,ukraine,syria and, and,and most of all israel
            just do your homework
            People think the almighty president of the states is ruler of earth but that time past long ago.

      • This is painful.

        Everyone knows Obama is a reptilian alien and practicing Hindu Mormon Sceintologist. He is, of course, only allowed to enact the policies of the big wigs of the GSUSA (Girl Scouts of the USA) who are the true leaders of the planet in conjunction with the undead overlords from the Zeta Rectum star system.

        Alex Jones/ Rush Limbaugh-O’Reilly* for 2016!

        *Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly are, naturally, actually the same person [shape-shifter].

  • Mathew , Thanks for the effort , I will report back with the facts . They are extensive within o ur government , I feel like Glen Beck all of sudden . But Its Ok , its just really suprising to make the connections and the global point of it . Its an international collective . And to be h onest I have been on the radar for a while talking about stuff .

  • The provoking of russia. I have some things to add and explain. If we evaluate what is occurring in north america, mostly the united states, its a subject of money, capitalism, consumerism, being heard, spending, making money, having lots of money, many things that come with being a big economy etc etc, making developments and progress etc. My estimation is that if say for example, the united states was as poor in monetary wealth and in ideas and in independently thinking people, creative people and those in the tenacity to try new and exciting new things regularly, as say Uzbekistan (as a random example) and I dont mean to point the nationalism finger or anything, I mean to make an educational example, by using a country that most people have never even heard of. What we find is that there appears to be a faction or group or minority if you like, of people, who are strong, independent in their thinking and operate or live their lives, between nations, and converse between nations, on earth, and in the world (to be specific and real). And basically various nations are lumped into bondage by way of statistics and formula, Russia and the US are both super power nations (or so it is commonly accepted) and for these various statistical and various other energetic reasons, the common man/woman tends to talk about various stuff and between nations, on the basis of this worldwide acting entity/faction/group etc. So we have various frictions, perturbations, vortexes and so fourth that develop between nations, especially if they are new and newly forming and still relatively juvenile in terms of the stability of their economies etc.

    There is something I want to say, and I want to get this off my chest, but I know it will offend most people in north america, but it has to be said, and I have saved it until last because few tend to read what I write all the way to the end. North americans receive quite a poor education, generally, and most are considerably lacking in the kinds of vigorous educations people receive in other first world countries, there are specific reasons as I said before, in relation to the youth/young newly formed of the countries and the cultivation of knowledge and the settling and stability of nations, but also in america there is a unique problem where children get taught confusion before they get taught the truth, which is quite a unique situation, where they’re exposed to the various diverse fruits of capitalism/consumerism before they are exposed the various fruits and pillars of truth and of understanding, basically by my estimation, its a young country, with too much money, causing something of a frenzy with spaceships and new age concepts being thrown into the mix before a bedrock of concrete and stable ideas has formed. The english language is quite a poor language, can be a very poor language to use, especially if its used badly. But anyway, those are the cognitions related to what I estimated to be at the root of the situation, and I think having the soft and kindly spoken obama is generally a good thing, it could quite easily be the case where a bombastic ego twat man could step into the leadership role of the US, given the temperament and young and forming traditions that the US has. But anyway, that is probably why, for some of things thrown around in the chats here. Thanks.

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