And It Wasn’t in the Stars

A brief look at specific astrological predictions, which, fortunately, weren’t fulfilled

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This is the last we’ll hear from Astro-Tony who, despite a one-in-two chance of getting it right, got it…very wrong:

Tony Vasquez 2016/11/05 at 3:39 pm

Nov. 2016 Election: Both Clinton and Trump are political puppets, the vote rigging will make it look like a close race, the final count will be in Hillary’s favor. No matter how you vote, Hillary wins. LOL

Jared Farland is one of my students. I gave him the above prediction. He posted it on this blog.

And – as I predicted* – those two years that he was hoping would be personally bad for me, turned out to be rather nice and productive.


And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog:

Almost a year ago, I dedicated some blog space to predictions of an astrological nature, primarily from one Tony Vasquez, aka Astro-Tony, aka A-T. The discussion about astrology began on this blog.

I gave A-T sufficient opportunity, time and space (and some may say…rope) to establish the validity of his claims about having the “correct” form of terrestrial astrology, closely comparable in accuracy to what the Plejaren have. I was motivated by my own interest in the subject, as well as by wanting to provide A-T a little visibility, since he seemed both confident in his abilities, as well as otherwise invisible in the online world.

Overall, I’ve found many interesting things perusing astrological information from numerous sources, some uncannily accurate, some completely bogus. So it seemed like a good opportunity to evaluate the claims of someone who had great confidence in their own accuracy, etc.

In addition to A-T’s Vasquidictions that you’ll find on this blog, a fuller record of them exists on a page set up by Rob, someone who also participates and contributes to this blog. I wanted to link to it in the spirit of fairness so that you could see and evaluate it all for yourselves. However, I found Rob’s conditions for “allowing” me to post a link to it to be convoluted, manipulative and controlling, so please simply search this blog if you’re interested in assessing A-T ‘s hits and misses. And perhaps, since I know he reads (and curses) this blog, perhaps he’ll get around to putting up a page or site of his own somewhere to set the record straight, if he feels that his accuracy, etc., has been misrepresented. Should he do that, I’ll put up a link to it, though I won’t post any further comments (including death threats, curses, spells, voodoo, etc.) from him on this blog.

Some of his Vasquidictions were hits, like the earthquake swarm in the L.A. area and, if I recall correctly, the death of a 90-year-old man, etc. Below are those that our unabashed optimist and lover of humanity, fortunately, got wrong. I haven’t included all of his abusive comments and death threats, which he recently took a moment to clarify (emphasis added), “I did not wish death and suffering on everyone, just on you and the other self-deceptive, stupid, idiots on this blog.” Based on his record of accuracy, it could also said be that, fortunately, most of Astro-Tony’s wishes for others don’t come true, despite whatever he asked of Satan Claus.

I have taken the liberty of substituting initials for the names of the celebrities that he was…preparing to say goodbye to this year:

L.M.P. dies – young man kills her.

M.C. will die this year, as I told you. She will die by rape and murder, or by an accident with a wall. She is actually a very good person, just mislead and used by evil people.

There will be an approx. mag. 7.0 quake (off shore) in Northern California between Cape Mendocino and Eureka, between July 6th and July 13th. This quake is directly related to the 8.9 LA and 9.2 SF mega-quakes, that will hit between Sept. 14th and 30th, 2014.

There will be a powerful quake in Jamaica – 8.5 – 8.9 – July/August 2014.

Something bad – an explosion, tornado, or plane crash – will happen at the Wichita, Kansas airport soon.

You don’t want me to post “death” predictions, so, I’ll just tell you. I see an American airliner destroyed/blown up in August by terrorists using children to carry the explosives.

H.F. (Infection/Illness), and D.B. (Accident/Fall) will die in 2014.

I was one of the last people who wanted to accept that A-T demonstrates some serious narcissistic and/or sociopathic tendencies but hey, nobody’s perfect…right? That being said, he ended his last threatening email to me with:

“Don’t forget, you will suffer through two very bad years – 2015 – 2016. And you certainly deserve it. LOL”

*…which, based on A-T’s record of accuracy – and the fact that the might of the thoughts trumps astrology – should turn out to be two pretty good years.

Further Notes on the World Situation

Here are some additional comments from Patric Chenaux based on the information he received from Billy Meier and previously sent to us (see: The Only Way to Stop the IS and URGENT: Another Prophecy Fulfilling):

In the 602th contact note Billy mentioned only that the Ukraine separatists are supported by the Russian military, which is not new information and officially revealed in the media, whereas the Ukraine Army is supported by secret/clandestine mercenary special units of “Constellis Holdings” (the successor of “Blackwater”) in order to fight against the separatists and which are sent by the US government. Even the CIA and the FBI are supporting and providing the Ukraine government and are therefore responsible – as advisers and supporters for the Ukraine government – for the military armament and the logistical rigging and supplementation, which is officially not mentioned in the media.

The second issue was regarding the fact that currently the IS is financially mainly supported by wealthy people of Qatar and even by the royal house of the Qatar emirate. But this fact seems neither to be in the interests of the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, nor does it bother her, because she seems to still have a good relationship with the ruler of Qatar, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, with whom Angela Merkel was strolling in front of a “military parade” in Berlin on September 17, 2014. And the worst thing regarding this issue is that she obviously even wants to provide (Merkel) with weapons that will presumably find their way to the IS-militia eventually.

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  1. Contact report 212 and Quetzal states…” 81. But on the other hand, one also spoke of the fact that predicting for the Earth person bears no fruit because, despite the warnings of the evil events of the future, he continues in his old style.”

      1. Agreed, the truth. Also read Contact report 214 paragraph 26.5 through to 32…it explains astrologers get it right at a maximum of 3-4% because of pure chance due to the fate of cause and effect, whereas people who predict using rationally thinking – if he considers, analyzes and, therefore, evaluates all facts precisely – arrives at a prediction rate of about 14 percent reliability, respectively accuracy. So I came to the conclusion that I can use the Meier material to improve those odds too.

        1. I certainly didn’t use astrology when I pinpointed the Meier case to “Switzerland 1975” as the place and time of coming public nine years prior to my discovering it. I used as much rational thinking and exploring of as many subjects and angles as possible which was largely spurred by enormous pain, sadness, anger and annoyance at the world around me for what it was as well as intense loneliness (often to a point of contemplating ending my own life). Every time I hit rock bottom, more calculations would just bubble up to the surface through intense exploration. Calculation and intense thinking were my only ways to get through the pain and transcend it. I could not depend on anyone else around me unfortunately. They were all religiously or otherwise deluded. I knew that if I did enough calculations, I would eventually find the people in this mission. Natures laws work equally for every human being in the universe. It plays no favorites. Many other calculations about information you’ll find in the Meier case about some of our genetic history, reincarnation (from facing the suicide question over and over again as well as questioning where natural talents I had for certain things came from), history of religions and so forth also came to me that way which says that Meier is definitely talking from a place of fundamental logic since I who was totally unrelated to the case came to the same conclusions, in the same way that a kid in Zimbabwe and a kid in Alaska would both eventually figure out that 2+2=4. Despite the many religions I was learning about which did not mention any of this, but they certainly helped the questions along. As Billy points out, to learn the spirit teaching, you just have to spend enough time in nature alone observing it and you can learn it yourself. As long as we start out with the realization that nature’s laws are unchangeable and objective, even though our understanding of them continuously grows, we can learn from it and eventually sort out more and more accuracy. I’m intensely glad I knew nothing about astrology back then. Just fundamental logic, basic science, basic math and so applied it. Again and again and again until I found the most important case in human history (which would be relatively easy considering the intensely logical nature of the people involved and the enormous historical importance it has). I knew I wouldn’t find figu through UFO communities or any other mainstream communities because they have very contradicting agenda’s. Hence why it took so long to find afterwards. And I kind of gave up for a while because I had to sort out my life at the end of my teenage years which were a crying mess. I just knew I had the framework for it put together then and that when I found the case, it would meet many many many specific criteria, the first two being Switzerland 1975.

          I think about this difficult period in my life every single day because it reminds me that hard work through enormous pain really does actually pay off. It inspires me to keep going. And it also reminds me of the wonderful people who are now in my life as a result. Compared to that intense loneliness and anger I felt back then driving me almost to suicide, this is pretty amazing 🙂 It’s like the difference between choking to death or being able to breath. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about this period in my life because it inspires me more than anything else to keep going, to keep searching, to keep working hard, to keep learning hard and keep at it.

          I was a failing student and I could figure it out. There were much smarter people than I around me at the time I thought. I was always the stupid one. The nobody. I realized though, it’s not what you know so much. It’s just how you use what you know. Since I could figure this out with basic grade 3 maths, it couldn’t be a matter of complexity but simply application and putting in the time. That’s it. Every time.

    1. “If it is human nature to not want to change when change means stepping down from one’s own existing levels of comfort, then it would also be human nature to experience forced change through forced suffering.

      Natural Curiosity alone without suffering rarely prompts lasting personal change.”

      1. The above is in reply to Darcy’s post on January 5, 2015 at 2:20 am, since this blog software’s nesting reply feature is somewhat confusing.

  2. For what it’s worth, if it is true that the Plejaran can and do visit the future, then nothing is really changeable. Everything will happen as they have seen. If this time travel thing is a scam, then the opposite is true, and anything that is foreseen can be changed. Remember the palantirs of Feanor. They could see far into the distant past or the future, but depended on the strength of mind of the person looking into them, to be able to control their power and see past the Eye of Sauron.

    1. Is the HP derived from time travel?

      How many “future” trips have the Plejarens made that was revealed in the BEAM material?

      How many futures were kabbalistically calculated?

  3. I think I must’ve been on Malona, for that name creeps over me like a dark river of despair. . . . That must’ve been the planet Tolkien wrote about.

  4. There is lots of ‘Math’ in Astrology! Lol

    Astrology, mathematics and measurement

    Mathematics is not a calculation. The addition, subtraction and multiplying of numbers is applied mathematics. The science of mathematics is about quantity, space and abstract structures – beautiful structures like cathedrals and birthcharts. And your chart’s simplicity and richness of detail make it an object of art.

    In mathematics, especially geometry, the birthchart is a dynamic moving structure. The planets have become mathematical points in space and the zodiac has become a mathematical framework and your birthchart has become a mathematical pattern of your character, the only blueprint of your mind and temperament that’s currently available. This means that the planets and signs in your chart symbolize forces within your mind and the application of numbers and mathematical rules – applied mathematics – allows you to solve the most intangible and elusive problems regarding your human nature.

    Mathematics is the master-key of Aquarian Age science. It’s essential to all the sciences. From the scientific angle the key point is measurement, and astrology, in order to gain recognition as a science, had to be dealt with in terms that correspond to mathematical formulae. So, Hermetic astrology developed a method for measuring the strength and functionality of each individual marker in any birthchart. That’s when mathematics and astrology became a dynamic combination, but mathematics can’t prove or disprove astrology.

    Astrology is surprisingly mathematical. Numbers permit the accurate measurement of the astrological energies pictured in any birthchart and now they have revolutionized the way the birthchart is assessed and understood. Mathematics is central to problem solving and problem solving is central to your life experience, and the application of numbers will assist you to solve problems and self-develop in the most effective way.

    Measurement is indispensable when interpreting human behavior. And the mathematical measurements in astrology provide a numerical description of your nature. They provide precise quantitative and qualitative measurements of the astrology code displayed in your birthchart. The measurements allow you to reason about yourself using numbers. They’re the means by which more precise conclusions can be drawn from the astrological data. When evaluating your birthchart the numbers take away the guesswork and permit a clearer understanding of the astro-data. They will revolutionize your capacity to understand yourself and to evaluate and examine new situations as they arise.

    Your birthchart is a mathematical model of your character and the rules of astrology allow you to precisely calculate and forecast your character’s reaction to circumstance. Astrology geometrized psychology. But this is only one of its many applications. Pythagoras said that mathematics was the language of nature. The laws of nature are made of numbers. Later they described time. They’ve become the laws of motion and your self-development is a moving process, not a series of static frames. So mathematics offers you a powerful way of understanding your astrology code and of thinking about yourself.

    1. The issue that I am commenting on is the attributes that some people have given to the planets, their positions, interactions, etc. I’m simply saying that as far as terrestrial astrology is concerned, the actual accuracy of these attributions is not factually, scientifically established, as far as I know. So I’m not arguing with the math…I’m questioning how accurate the meanings we accept about it are.

      1. Perhaps reflecting on how the Plejarens/Lyrians derived their astrological knowledge (over time) would help to understand the process of evolution that terrestrials will need to undertake to improve upon the same (or any other subject, for that matter).

    2. “Pythagoras said that mathematics was the language of nature.”

      It was also revealed in Cayce’s readings about the relationship of mathematics and the universe.

      Not surprisingly, Semjase confirmed the same in one of the early contacts.

  5. Almost no one on this planet can do real astrology with high accuracy, because not only are their calculations inaccurate, but they also simply don’t have the slightest iota of a clue about the logical laws behind it.
    Much of the “astrology” being done, probably also this guy, is not so much astrology per se as a kind of social acuity.

  6. Hmm…dunno nice link here following showing some very accurate examples…of the Astrological forces/effects in action…worth a look over for sure..

    “A study of all the published magnetic storms that had potential to disrupt satellites, or power grid systems that was published by the NOAA for June 1st to August 31st, 2014 43 out of 52 events for the period occurred when either the moon, or one of the planets was applying towards an aspect of the 24th harmonic. Of the events that had the closest aspect being a separating one, two of these were within one acrminute of the nearest applying aspect. This is when two planets are separated by an angle divisible by 15. The probability that an aspect that is the closest is applying towards the perfect angle for any random event is 50%. These observations then suggest that this effect is far from random. The slide show below is of the planetary positions and angles during each magnetic storm. ”–interplanetary.php

  7. Billy’s leaks beats Wikileaks by 2 years…

    In Contact Report 602 from November 22, 2014, Billy responds to being repeatedly asked how the IS should be handled:

    “My answer, which I am able to give, is that the Henok system would have to be carried out, i.e., through an effective Multinational Peace Campaign, which has many times the personnel and material superiority, as well as necessary weapons and technical equipment, etc. It should not be lax, but, achieved through harsh measures against the IS-militias as well as al-Qaeda, which, as you have explained, are mainly supported by rich Qataris and the royal family of the Emirate of Qatar.” Source:

    An email sent by John Podesta on 27th September, 2014 and released by on the 7th October, 2016, clearly shows that Billy is not only getting “Classified” information at the same time as those in power do, but, that the Plejaren know in advance the specific details of that information and how it will eventually be made available to the public, e.g., the email states, “While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, [emphasis] which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.” Source:

    This is further supported, in another of Clinton’s recently-leaked emails, entitled “EMIR OF QATAR CALLS FOR ARAB TROOPS IN SYRIA (AP)” as the Emir of Qatar, Al-Thani, specifically mentioned in Contact Report 602, is shown as being directly involved. The email from 14th January, 2012, which was released on 16th March, 2016, shows that Al-Thani was calling for “troops” to be sent into Syria: “BEIRUT – (AP) The Emir of Qatar says that Arab troops should be sent to Syria to stop a deadly of crackdown that has claimed the lives of thousands of people in the past ten months.

    Something that we may have all missed was that Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani was interviewed by CBS’s “60 Minutes” show and that these, “…are the first statements by an Arab leader calling for the deployment of troops inside Syria. They come amid growing claims that a team of Arab observers dispatched to Syria has failed to stop the killings. Qatar, which once had close relations with Damascus, has been a harsh critic of the crackdown by President Bashar Assad’s regime.” [Source:

    Notice the positive spin “60 Minutes” puts on the Emir of Qatar, Al-Thani in their show, calling his country “peaceful” and he a, “Master of all he surveys”. (The show may be conflicted by the 6 US University Campuses it mentions were recently built in Qatar):

    The significance of Billy’s information from 2014 can only be understood in light of these recently leaked emails and comparing with known history. Written on 31st March, 2011, (released by WikiLeaks 7 months after Billy mentions that Qatari Royals fund ISIL), the following email shows that the Qatar government directly profited from the invasion of Libya: “It is also the [Qatari] government that will soon be helping sell oil from eastern Libya” [Source:

    According to that email, Egypt and Saudi Arabia wanted nothing to do with Policing Libya’s No-fly zone and so Qatar, would, “…reap [oil] benefits from Libya mission” by Policing it, which Syria… directly opposed! Soon after this direct opposition to Qatar, Syria’s “civil war” starts in March 2011. Coincidence? Is Qatar the small country CBS would have us believe?

    Al-Nusra was formed in January 2012 shortly after the Emir of Qatar called for “Troops” to be sent to Syria, as leaked in the email from 14th January, 2012. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are then formed shortly after this, in April 2013. This new group then freed more than 500 prisoners in simultaneous raids on Taji and Abu Ghraib prisons in July 2013 and on 29th June, 2014, the organisation proclaimed itself to be a worldwide caliphate. In July 2014, ISIL recruited more than 6,300 fighters. On 3 August 2014, ISIL captured the cities of Zumar, Sinjar, and Wana in northern Iraq. Thousands of Yazidis fled up Mount Sinjar. ISIL controls the four towns of Atmeh, al-Bab, Azaz and Jarablus on the Turkish border, opening up ISIL’s oil trade. In late January 2015, four thousand ISIL members had infiltrated the European Union and disguised themselves as civilian refugees. Source:

    Other sources:
    “Hillary In Leaked Email: Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS”:

    “Qatar Wrote Clinton Foundation a Million Dollar Check for Bill Clinton’s Birthday”:

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