Wake Up!

It’s very difficult for most people to accept the reality of the Billy Meier UFO case, so besotted and distracted are they with escapist entertainment, illusory images and living vicariously through sports stars and imaginary video game figures which, ironically, glorify the kind of barbarism now exemplified by the subhuman Islamic fanatics. The unpleasant realities of life are clucked about or avoided, without recognition of their overall scope and impact, mainly viewed as happening to “someone else”. We still don’t get it.

And we still don’t get that the Meier contacts are the key to our future survival, unlike the concerns of the shrill, impotent political whiners, the hyper-happy New Agers, the phony “UFO contactees”, or the brain dead attention seekers who have found a new, pressingly urgent cause to champion. (Usually the domain of women haters in the fashion industry, now it seems that many women have themselves created the latest, stupid, ersatz “freedom movement” – which has some of them idiotically mimicking the masked terrorists of the IS as a kind of “statement”, totally trivializing the real plight of women, and children, in this world. I would imagine – no, I would bet – that many of them are graduates of US universities where such politically correct “issues” supplant common sense and learning how to think.)

The End Is at Hand

 We’re not standing on street corners holding signs that say, “The End Is at Hand”, as likely as it may appear to be in this land epitomized by such slogans as, “He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins”. Certainly toys preoccupy even, or especially, those who’ve attained sufficient years to qualify as adults but who are certainly not grown-ups.

However, we began issuing our recent calls to action, which of course contained Meier’s original, clear warning of what was coming…and is now upon us:

 83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

We’ve done this with the hope that there are enough people paying attention, even if it’s in between relentlessly checking their email, texting and otherwise frittering their lives away, who’d take a moment to support our petition to president Obama. Certainly we heard from those who are more focused on being venting their righteous anger at the US and those who view this effort as futile, etc.

Or Perhaps the Beginning

 But as stated previously, the Meier contacts are about our future survival. The prophecies and predictions were given to us to not only warn of the then possibly still avoidable disasters, catastrophes, etc., but also to demonstrate the credibility of the source, which also offered us a treasure trove of information, advice and recommendations including and within the spiritual teaching.

This new show was taped before the recent horrific events in Australia and Pakistan. It’s clearly time for a new beginning.


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David Scott

as a side note I used to wonder about the phantom connotation with Billy. I was hard hit with the truth of it and actually increased my studious work. Today I stand a bit immotified.A new word for me and was just wanting to move our stuff along . wow my immotified jeans fit real well . Salome

Daniel Zumon

Hello Michael,
If you’ll entertain me for a moment, a long time avid reader and supporter of you and what you do and who appreciates your wisdom and the effort it has taken to develop. I was wondering about this concept of ‘the end’, about what this could possibly mean really.

Briefly, and with this; the pillars of truth, that man and woman, continue, to live to grow to make various progresses and developments etc, regardless of the social system or the various forces, competitive, market forces, development forces etc. What I mean to say is, that there really is no end to anything, as far we can see from our view of reality. So could this mean something like the end of the way our current regime operates, meaning a newly defined way. I seem to remember reading somewhere in one of the contact reports that the current situation will continue for a long time (very long by our standards and concepts of time), and I took this to mean, all the way up, several hundred years, to the real space age, where various changes on earth will occur.

I dont want to dampen peoples spirits of hope, because this idea of the end does give many people hope. Its just that I cannot see, looking at the real world, what this could mean. Thanks to anyone for your ideas, I read it all, thank you.

Philip Brandel

Hello Daniel,
I think what this ‘end’ means is not in a definition far of from what you have stated. We are at the end stages of great change on this world, potentially for the worse, if we don’t change course now. All the signs seem to point to a large conflagration occurring in the very near future. Some including myself, would think within the next five years. I base this on Billy’s information and a very real look into our world and its affairs. The ‘west’ is in dire financial constraints. It is being challenge by those no longer wishing to take others debt, and eat it too. The gas prices as of late here in Minnesota spark the beginning throws for the dear petrodollar, in my opinion. Though there is hope in these days of turmoil. If the petrodollar would just fall semi-gracefully we could maybe avoid some of these things from happening, as are so easily seen from Henoch and others. Though that seems to be as likely as people not becoming delusion within beliefs. Stuck in a delusion of thinking everything is OK the way we as a group of thinking things of earth maintain reality.