New Corroboration of Billy Meier’s Prophetically Accurate Scientific Information

A new article in NewScientist, titled Massive ‘ocean’ discovered towards Earth’s core, reports that a “reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth’s surface.”

This “new discovery” apparently wasn’t so new to the Plejaren, as Ptaah mentions “enormous masses of water also located in the interior of the earth” in his discussion about numerous terrestrial matters with Billy Meier in the 540th Contact, on May 19, 2012…two years before this “new discovery”.

While we’re at it, an article on the Huffington Post explores the fact that the Earth’s core is as hot as the surface of the sun, as was originally reported in the magazine, Science. Not unexpectedly, Billy Meier already published the essential facts, as Ptaah presented them to him by, in 1986:

53. The Earth’s core, thus the center of the Earth, is not simply a solid mass, as is erroneously supposed by the earthly scientists; rather, it is a core that is similar to what the Sun is in its entirety.

Regarding Meier’s prophetic accuracy, so many things that Meier predicted in 1958 have come to pass that many may have been glossed over. While his foretelling the two US-Iraq Gulf Wars, AIDS, plastic credit cards, the internet, portable telephones, the EU and USA and bio-chipping are among the most dramatic, mundane – but specific – little things like this should be of interest:

80.) The time is coming when nobody who speaks for law and order will be heard anymore, as it has already been for a long period of time that none are heard who speak against the religious and sectarian beliefs and painstakingly spread the truthful truth in regard to life, Creation and its laws and directives, which especially will be again, approaching this time, when, in the Third Millennium, a German religious fanatic Pope will assume the pontificate, who believes, through his fanatical belief in god, that he can save the world from its disintegration and downfall.

 Now of course the skeptics and debunkers will really have to work hard to tell us just how Meier “hoaxed” his advance knowledge of…so many things. He couldn’t just be – telling the truth about his 73-year-long contact with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, could he?

Thanks to Bruce Lulla for the translation of the 540th Contact.

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  1. 53. The Earth’s core, thus the center of the Earth, is not simply a solid mass, as is erroneously supposed by the earthly scientists; rather, it is a core that is similar to what the Sun is in its entirety. Do the math hydrogen plus oxygen creates water. Billy said this in CR 224…” I also know how life and matter actually originated; I just have to reach for the explanation on the spiritual teaching, which reveals what the four original substances – fire, air, water, and matter – originated from. In the first part of Genesis, sentences 123 to 131″ and he goes on explaining it in a more understandable form for us all/everybody on Earth.

  2. In the article which claims that “reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth’s surface.” This is an obvious mathematical calculation since “So far, Jacobsen only has evidence that the watery rock sits beneath the US. He now wants to find out if it wraps around the entire planet.”
    Did everyone get that? There is only evidence of watery rock under the U.S. So for Jacobsen to say that there is water three times the volume of all the oceans is merely a theory at this point.

    1. Yes Agreed …. I know that they can target ore bodies and aquifers from Mag rad aerial equipment and xrays of the subterranean .I have a few (radio-graphic imagery) and they are VERY impressive ..
      But that is to say .that they cant get deeper than about 2000 meters ! And thats The current employment of the Best technology money can buy ! (BHP) Billions of money !
      So yes ! It IS only theoretical .Until such time that the tech improves ……….maybe 400 years from now.

      1. Hi Matt, since the contact note is unable to say the exact amount of water, in Mahesh’s eyes this is not proof of prophetically accurate scientific information because the Plejaren did not state the amount of water like Jacobsen did. I was just commenting that Jacobsen has no physical proof for his 3 times number but Mahesh is holding it up like it’s a scientific fact, which it isn’t.
        Thanks Wayne, I appreciate your comment.

        1. I also think it would be most helpful if Mahesh would answer the basic question, where do you stand on the Meier case,? True/false, real/hoax? And then give his reasons.

          This should first be resolved, otherwise it appears to me to be a smokescreen coming form someone with ulterior motives. He seemingly doesn’t want to take a stand but to criticize how others have arrived at theirs. Since he hasn’t demonstrated understanding yet of that HOW process, which incorporates MMO, it comes off like grandstanding in order to pursue another agenda.

          1. MH,

            Why is it so important for him to state his position? In what way would this be “most helpful”? How would it be helpful at all? We would just say okay, then we would continue with the debate. It adds virtually nothing. Moreover, when someone is in the process of investigating something, it is perfectly fine to form no definitive opinion, in fact this is probably the preferred way, as any strong opinion will probably color ones findings, cloud ones reason. Indeed this is the NEUTRAL way. Why do you keep bringing this up, other than to distract from his findings?

            Matt lee,

            I can’t speak for Mahesh, but as to your question below, I for one would certainly feel betrayed — do feel betrayed — having been sold on the Meier case exactly because of the “higher standard of proof,” the so-called ironclad predictive/prophetic/scientist-usurping informational evidence…when it now appears in fact that in every case Meier did not publish before the event, or was not the first to publish the scientific info.

            So you read Mahesh’s site, great — and you do not feel betrayed?

            1. I suggest you read my response to your other question and see if you still want to invest all of your certainty in the speculation done by the Ice Man investigators and – more importantly – the very determined debunker, Mahesh.

              So now who do you feel “betrayed” by? WHo “sold” you on something and what were you “buying”?

            2. P.S. Are you SURE that you and Mahesh want to keep that page up there as some kind of “proof” that Meier was lying, got it wrong, etc.? I mean are you REALLY sure?

        2. Hi Sheila although I haven’t invested a hell of a lot of time with this partially recent and very perplexing turn of event or in Mehesh’s case, mind, I did catch upon his site briefly to see what was actually going on and for some days I was stumped I mean really stumped and very perplexed.
          And so I did the only thing I could think of, I shut up and waited for things to play out to see where it ended up.
          I guess it’s not so much about taking sides in this case as it is about establishing the truth, even about what the truth is behind Mehesh’s change of position after all these years.
          I’ve asked myself ‘what gave’
          And truly I don’t know what I thought I knew previously about Mehesh as it’s clear that he is no longer with us so to speak.
          Such situations demand answers but I have none other than just keep being a friend of the truth and by being a friend of the truth inevitably it will in the same measure attract enemies of it.
          We know what the truth is obviously and how we came by it so like always I am just gonna stick by it and not get so distracted by a situation that appears overblown or overinvested.
          Although I’ve gotta ask one question ‘did Mehesh feel betrayed or was not understood along the way by someone from whom he needed the most understanding from which propelled him to rebel against that which caused him some hurt and in this case the actual truth itself’?
          My inner self tells me that deep down Mehesh knows what the truth is maybe he just needs to see it from the other side of it to really get back in again after such episode.
          Or maybe he just needs the attention

          1. Oh yeah the old somehow he must feel disenfranchised thing. Well that’s not a good enough excuse as everyone who has ever lived has felt disenfranchised at some point or another.
            I went through most of Mahesh’s info and “conclusions” and some were outright lies. For example he claimed that some obscure books and theories were written prior to Billy’s material on the subject matter so in essence he’s saying that Billy must have read that or had access to that information. Coming from a pre-internet age I honestly tell you that information was NOT freely available to everyone like Mahesh claims. As I’ve said before, prior to mid ’90s no one had a computer in their homes. Feeling betrayed is no excuse for lies.

            1. Sheila,

              This exactly goes to what I’ve been hammering away at for all of the people who don’t know that there was life before the internet and that many things took a lot, LOT longer to do: means, motive and opportunity (MMO).

              Also for Dubhaltagh here, if the actual means motive and opportunity to do or have something cannot be established – beyond a reasonable doubt then OBVIOUSLY the person being accused didn’t do the “crime”. People really are beyond naive if they think that Meier was use out roaming all over the place LOOKING for obscure books and publications. Honestly, THINKING alone rules out ANY chance that Meier falsified anything.

              Let’s also remember that for a good number of years, in addition to everything else he was dealing with…he was under observation by trained investigators. They even loaded his camera with film before one of his photo ops and he came back with a full roll of photos of Semjase’s ship.

              Hopefully Mahesh will EDUCATE himself in some of the basic realities of life, like MMO.

  3. Well whatever the beef is Sheila like I said I am still stumped.
    We just hope Mahesh does the right thing for the right intention and for the right reasons in the future.

  4. After a little discussion on facebook non the less, have had some interesting insight with a fellow whom says he worked for Los Alamos national laboratory. He stated that they drilled 2 miles deeo into the earth and got 600degree steam and yet the project was all but abandoned. From the information in the above blog post, there is more than enough material to make geothermal a reality within the state of New Mexico, but not one plant exists! Very interesting stuff and odd that with all the research, nothing has been done on this end? There is a few different sites dedicated to this en devour within the state though.
    The above corroboration only solidifies, in my opinion, the potential use of geothermal in the entirety of the states. As that is where this research has started to take shape. The future looks bright in this regard, for me at least….

    1. Philip not so fast.
      There are multi quadrillion dollars worth of revenues at stake for the big five oil companies which happens to also be owned by the big banks which in turn have major shares in the biggest motor companies like GM with it’s products consumming vast quantities of oil and guess what the DARK ORDER Bilderberger, CFR, Trilateral, Zionistic, Haraonic, Freemasonic, Satanic, Luciferian, Devil worshipping, ritual child sacrificing, Eschatological Armagheddonitic types happens to own them so what is the most natural thing do you think that they’ll do other than suppress new technologies, inventions and what have you that can replace fossil fuel based energy source.
      Mind you the pentagon/pentacon/pentagram military corporate intelligence industrial complex are the biggest oil consuming entity by far and BP is one of its biggest suppliers so no wonder every revolutionary so called free energy generating systems as well as the conventional ones like thermal are either suppressed and put on the back shelf indefinitely or is just not used not to mention the crucial patents in the fraudulent guise of ‘national security’.
      There is the constant revolving door from politics and then into the corporate world of the lackeys that have basically sold their so called soul to the devil for a dollar or two so basically the political institutions can also be looked at as one other agency or arm of this vast complex which is controlled by non elected Dark Order group within a group that plays off against each other.
      So I don’t see geothermal plants coming online anytime soon unless its run by oil.

      1. I hear that… Just never knew the actual true potential of Geothermal. Seems more people are going down that train of thought with this ‘new’ information. I hope to do my part, if in vain or not. I learn something more about a better way, even if just for myself.
        Though you are right, if we were logical thinking creatures, we long ago would have headed the warnings, not only from the depths of the cosmos, but from ourselves. Is a dangerous game being played and more than one thing has been suppressed in its name. Was more astounded to see Billy’s information coexist ever further with what is reality on our world.
        Maybe I don’t have every piece of paper of Billy’s authorized by a third party. No matter their date, which I am sure could be proven by more than a few over in Europe. It non the less rings true to me. Time on its own with intense thought has sealed the deal. Though obviously there is more to be seen in all this with the earthly skeptics, as is oddly apparent, they never give up, like many others, tell death. Though this has nicely stand ed the test of time, 73 years and counting. Ten years and I myself have read things that later came to pass… Most notably with world politics, and economics. There is a lot of information written by Billy! Especially for us English folk home have not had the luxury of reading it all in German, with the time to translate it. Obviously this will not be perfect, we are earthlings of course. Seems the biggest means to discovery does not lie in dates, but logic. Maybe a pre-request at these tender times. Though we all reside on planet dumb, population one within themselves, creating all stupidity ‘civilized’ believing beings can muster.
        It seems as per the recent events, we just keep moving closer and closer.
        All coming together while we sit and watch…. talk about time travel. Seems we are already there, while knowing our fate today, if we don’t change fast. Maybe, just maybe we will start to listen. Most notably to the truth within oneself. Going to be a turbulent future, if one likes it or not. Guess people can try and blame Billy and Michael, will be interesting when they start to look at the most important one, themselves.

        1. Question.

          Does what the Meier material in one contact refer to deep geothermal energy being the solution to our needs correlate to a largely “untapped” information regarding heat and interior water as recently proven to be prophetically accurate from Meier himself?

          Can we put two and two together folks?!

          1. Hey who knows but why not Duke
            Thermal plants afterall are based on creating electricity out of steam and you know what steam is made out of.
            So yeah good connection Duke my brain synapses are better off from.
            Who said you have to drill 7-8km down to magma when you’ve already got hot water in between at half that depth or better still why not just lay pipes through an active volcano and pass water to make steam and have the thermal power plant placed at safe distance away whilst using proven fracking technology in the form of horizontal drilling.
            They say cost is a factor “my arse” then we shouldn’t have nuclear power plants

          2. Thought I just did:)
            Interesting link:
            More wide spread than thought in the US. Especially when there is apparently a lot of places to do it. Some obviously better than others, like New Mexico where as of Feb, 2013, not one nuclear plant is running. Though 15 are ‘planned’.
            To me at least, seems to be a way better option than nuclear. Sure we could find a way to deal with the obvious chemicals coming up from the earth itself. Rather than a nuclear night mare by one out of 450 nuclear reactors world wide, polluting the entire globe! To me as per this information, it continues to amaze as how basic it is with being aligned with my own thoughts. If I recall the Plejaren never said we were destine to go down that path(geothermal), but that it worked for them and it obviously could work for us too. Maybe just one more thrown in there to get everyone hot and heavy. If we would begin a birth stop and switch our energies over, oil wouldn’t be more than lubricant. Though guess is in a long line of things shown to intelligent for the thinking ones. Guess dreams do come to reality eventually… If we aren’t staying warm/cooking/seeing by the camp fire ones again first.

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