The horror of the attack in Paris by Islamic extremists reminds (some of) us again that we were warned but didn’t listen to the prophecies and predictions published by Billy Meier, beginning in the early 1950s.

We even spelled it out in this blog, almost four years ago, and have published numerous other warnings, references, corroborations, etc., ever since.

Now, jumping to a seemingly unrelated matter, I had received links to this story from a number of people a few days ago, pertaining to the disappearance of the Mayan. Of course Meier was told about the connection between the drought and their disappearance, as far back as 1989.

Sometimes skeptics take something that Meier has verifiably published years, even decades, ago and suggest that there’s nothing remarkable about it, that he wasn’t the first to “suggest” or “theorize” about it, that a recently made available, otherwise obscure scientific paper stated or theorized something similar, or even the same, etc.

Not being able to see the forest for the trees – or to be able to deduce the obvious – seems to be an ever-growing deficit in thinking that’s, ironically, linked to the very technologies that allow us now to make available and find information instantly. However, in what one could call the age of reason (be it for an individual thinker or humanity as a whole) human beings were actually capable of, indeed even taught how to…think.

Finding a fact and using it to make or refute an argument is only part of the process. The glib skeptics, armed as they and we now are with the internet at our fingertips, may not have actually watched…enough TV, at least the kind that could have taught them something about research, investigation, critical thinking and deductive reasoning. Had they cozied up to any of the productions of Sherlock Holmes stories (or read the books), as well as any of the good detective shows that relied less on fancy technology and more on what was good ol’ detective work, they would have come into contact with concepts like means, motive and opportunity (MMO).

Had Meier indeed been a one-shot wonder, a lucky guesser, a backdating hoaxer and all the other things that the skeptics would hope that he was, we wouldn’t have such a broad spectrum of information that so far has proved to be completely accurate. But faced with Meier’s voluminous information, constantly being corroborated before our very eyes, a true critical thinker is forced to consider just how he – with his indisputably unique and difficult life circumstances – had the means and the opportunity to acquire all this information absolutely before it was widely, let alone provably available to him.

And of course the other question that the skeptics never can answer is…why? What was the motive for this man – who in addition to dodging relentless attempts on his life and is already at the center of the UFO controversy with his abundant, still irreproducible evidence – to go to the trouble to gather and publish this information, etc., carefully weaving it into lengthy, consistent dialogs between him and the extraterrestrial people whose craft he’s been photographing since 1964? The usual fame and fortune motives have long been shown to be inadequate and patently false.

But…this is the internet age, when all of your thinking is done for you by various experts, by…search engines. Of course, should anyone, skeptics included, be accused of a crime they didn’t commit, do you think that they’d not want to show that they really didn’t have the means, the motive and the opportunity to commit the crime? Or would they rush to their computers to search for…what?

We are often hesitant, if not loathe to apply the same standards to ourselves that we so willing apply to others in accusing them of wrongdoing. And we have a self-destructive perhaps even fatal habit of seeking to find the worst in others when they are the ones pointing out to us just where our own ignorance, stubbornness and lack of understanding is leading us.

In every way possible, Meier prophecies and predictions, his publishing of scientific information that will only later be corroborated as fact – not theory – have been offered to us that we may recognize the credibility of the source and get the underlying messages pertaining to understanding the spiritual teaching in everyday life, the laws of cause and effect and the equally immutable law of self-responsibility. When we break that law, we punish ourselves individually and collectively. When we ignore the warnings so amply, consistently and patiently provided to us by the prophet of the new time and his compatriots from the depths of space, we get to reap the otherwise avoidable, catastrophic results, as the French and many others are finding out…as the time fulfills.

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  • Hello applicable commenters,

    Lets all make an effort not to speculate, and or inscite issues between ourselves. My observation is that BEAM and the Plejaren are critical of people and institutions only when it is necessary but most importantly, only when it is relevant. Mahesh is providing his interpretation of the information as it relates to his research and life experience. I don’t condone the phrasing chosen in his post, but I do appreciate the effort he makes to provide a different perspective, just as much as I appreciate Michael’s tireless (and no doubt frustrating) efforts to bring about awareness. Change is a slow process, especially as it relates to us human beings. Some people will appreciate the way Mahesh approaches the entire case, some appreciate Michael’s approach. The most important thing to take away from all of this is that they both bring awareness to a case that truly, the mass of terrestrial humanity needs to pay attention to.


    • YV,

      Maybe you can get Mahesh to answer the simple questions…honestly. After all this time, what’s HIS Position on the Meier case, real/false, true/hoax?

      To be as precise and concise as possible, this is and should be essentially about determining the authenticity of the Meier case. Then people can feel free to agree disagree, etc., with EAHC OTHER’S points of view about things, etc.

      Why is it so difficult to get a straight answer frim this guy…if not that he’s got a very different AGENDA than determining the truth?

  • Whether you love it or hate it, Paradigm Research Group is petitioning the White House for disclosure……again:
    We can add 300 signatures. Every little bit helps. We’re all in the same boat. My dream for the hearings is that they invite Michael Horn to speak as the main event.
    But still I can daydream, like Spring Break in Seritan!

    • Spring break in Seritan will come about after and with more certainty than the posturing, posing, deceitful, dishonest efforts of Stephen Bassett will bring ANY kind of real “disclosure”. Here’s why.

      I’ve personally spent many, many HOURS with this phony who told me to my face that he…KNWOS that the Meier case is authentic but hat it just isn’t…TIME yet for it, that it’s more important to send faxes to Washington, etc., etc., etc., – to badger people who don’t know a damn thing, than to reveal the singular authenticity of the Meier case.


      This guy, a failed third-rate politician (of the earthly variety) loves to get these dog and pony shows going, at which they’ve in the past paid various congress people…$20,000 each to show up and pretend that they were actually doing something.

      I suggest the following, send 300 demands that the Meier case be presented to the government at this event. See what response you get. I happen to now personally that Bassett tried to weasel his way into meeting with the Joint Chiefs to get more notoriety and credibility for this outright farce. And, I’m glad to say, that a few words to the wise prevented that travesty.

      • “Right On MH” I agree with you that Basset is a REAL PHONEY if there ever was one. Basset just shoots his mouth off and still refuses to acknowledge the Meir and Plejaren case. Seems to me Basset and Steven Greer just DON`T want to face the REAL AUTHENTIC TRUTH about Billy and the P`s. I guess we`ve got our work carved out for us. Heck the general public still believes these faked UFO Peter Devenport false military stuff. I think it`s high time we start to educate the general public on You Tube about the REAL TRUTH so people won`t get so blindsided with all those fake UFO stories. We need to spill the beans somewhere!

    • You know, I have mixed feelings on this issue and I’ll tell you why. First off, everyone involved within this subject matter is in some way or another making money, regardless of you are. I’m not pointing fingers at all, we all have to pay the bills. BUT, why would people who know the truth not want to pressure their respective governments to the point that they at least know the citizenry is in fact aware of these activities, irrespective of the innate knowledge of the governing body? We can stand on principle until we’re blue in the face, but until governmental bodies start to at least involve themselves in some small way, nothing will change at all. I understand the whole cia thing and how they keep it secret from everyone, but at some point someone will have to step up so we can stop playing all these rediculous little word games with each other. It may start with each individual person, but with that understanding we can infer that a wave of understanding must ensue. We’ve reached a point now where time is no longer a luxery and certain things MUST be revealed, regardless the effect on the general public. The awareness of other Humans in the Universe and/or galaxy is simply another simple stepping stone that will assist us in our own evolution. The age of Aquarius is not about obfuscation, rather the revealing of truth and reason and we had better start coming up with more effective ways in pursuing these goals. My dad had an old saying, “Sh_t or get off the pot.” Somewhat blunt, yet effective. The spiritual teachings teach us to change our current reality to match that which is consistant with Creational laws and recommendations, one must start that process from a material source when one cannot access other methods. All people must know the truth, no matter how difficult it may be. I know this will be hard on many, but it is part of our evolution here. Hiding and talking among ourselves is only the first step. As times change in the next year, also will the awareness of others, following the cold spells.

      • Forto,

        The truth seems to always be hidden so that the rich and powerful stay rich and powerful even since ancient times. Would you imagine the uproar if the “regular people” of Earth all knew that we were being lied to all this time? I don’t think there would be a 1% Elite if we all were aware of the truth. They fear us more than we know it that’s why they have to keep us controlled and deceived in every way possible. Look how many people are denying Meier’s information because of lies they have been fed for so long.

        There would be absolutely no room for religion or god if the truth about other beings in the Universe was known globally. Right now some people still think we’re special for whatever reasons. I would love to be around to see the change Meier said would come in 800 years if we do survive ourselves. Just to see how everything transpires from where we’re today to accepting all of life’s realities just as they’re without any hesitation and living in a different manner. Who or what (event) is going to spark that change is what I really want to know.

  • MH,
    Please clarify these statements from earlier in the thread.

    Are you saying you have had “FIRST HAND” contact with the Plejaren? On multiple occasions it has been stated that Billy is the only person they are in contact with on Earth.

    …as well as having my own experiences (sighting and info from the Plejaren) that for me there isn’t the slightest question of Meier’s singular authenticity and accuracy.

    Since I already KNOW they are real, since I already have FIRST-HAND knowledge and experience sufficient for me to determine the truth of the matter, I have NO problem pointing to Meier’s information and announcing its prophetic accuracy, etc.

    • Jameson,

      To clarify:

      I have been within 20′ of a small Plejaren monitoring craft, on October 3, 2011, in the mountains of Brazil.

      I have received information from the Plejaren – through Billy Meier – that proved to be prophetically (and protectively) accurate:

      I have received information from the Plejaren – through Billy Meier – on a strictly personal matter (but that was connected to my work for the mission) that proved to be accurate and very helpful.

      I am NOT any kind of contacteee. As I say in And Did They Listen?, I consider myself a…connectee. As we all can.

      • “I am NOT any kind of contacteee. … I consider myself a…connectee.”

        Perhaps leeway should be given to others who claim the same.

          • Michael, you are indeed a contactee, though not of the mentally fragile configuration! And I have no doubt whatsoever that (if all this be true) your life also is in extreme danger, just like Billy’s and anyone else who has had direct contact with the Plejaran.

          • Now Carolyn,

            Let’s not get carried away, fragile as my mental configuration may be, I ain’t no contactee. Again, I HAVEN’T had “direct contact” with the Plejaren.

      • MH, ” Why don`t we knock Basset OFF the podium until l he`s willing to face the facts of Billy`s REAL HARD contacts. If Basset won`t listen to you,maby you might want to try to screw Basset`s head on the correct way “.

        • I think we’re all tired of Bassett…hounding everyone, doggedly determined to run his hoax. He’s clearly barking up the wrong tree.

        • Dear Carolyn I could not comment directly on your comment above (January 9, 2015 at 1:29 am) about that I have something to share. Michael is indeed right in what he says about it not being a contact and him not being a contactee. And what you say about it being direct is not correct, it was indirect if anything at all. There are several people now around the world that are in a position to explain that they have perceived some kind of ‘evaluation’ of them lets say, these are special individuals that have developed their brains in a special way and over a long period of time, which is indirect (in fact no connection) and entirely in the fine matter and can only be made sense of with the brain alone. About what you said about danger or extreme danger even, that is also not correct because these special circumstance related evaluations which certain people, those that can do something profound with their brain, can interpret, are in a certain and special way whereby there would be absolutely no repercussions to the individuals and actually the opposite of that, its more of a confirmation and a special way of confirming what is already known at this later stage of brain development and to confirm everything in a non-direct indirect and exclusively in the fine material way. Also as there are literally only a handful of people in the whole world that have put themselves into a position where something like this could occur, could be viable, that its really not worth making a big and international fuss of. Having said that I am glad that Michael has explained what he has explained, as the only man in the english speaking language that I know of that might take the role of a reassuring voice in my life in relation to these high civilization, uber advanced scientific knowledge of the universe, of which, as I said before, only a handful of people in the whole world are actually examining and looking at, the possible pure material scientists that may develop in incarnations nearer the end of this particular millennium.

          I have also had some very interesting experiences, which I keep private because of the fact that only a few individuals (as I said before) in the whole world have been shown various special things in the fine matter, in a demonstrative sort of a way. Anyway, thank you michael, I really appreciate what your doing and continue to do, and there are people all over the world that chime into what your saying from time to time, and its a very needed voice, so thank you very much. We appreciate you Michael.

          • Hi Daniel. Indeed IMO there are many people on the earth who have incarnated here let’s say in the past 60 or so years, who previously lived on other worlds and who, again IMO are perhaps more advanced people than your “ordinary” earthling. The Plejaran are (as we have inferred from Billy) acting a bit like the ET police in our part of the universe. Presumably the groups which the Plejaran aren’t communicating with (as we have heard) might be groups of ETs who are “up to no good” as it were. . . . Most likely the Plejaran have contact with the “good” groups of ETs and are collectively working with them to protect us and our planet from the bad ones.

            All I really want to say, is that we might expect to meet any highly evolved personality on the earth. . . . it is not a “given” that such highly evolved people are not incarnating here. Take from it what you will.

          • Hello Carolyn,
            I absolutely agree with you and what you have put into words there, in fact I agree and concur so firmly and strongly with you on this, that I would even go as far as to say that it need not be an opinion or shared opinion any longer. That your so far in the right and good direction in what you’ve written and postulated, that you could go all the way with it, extrapolating all the different variables, opening up all the different details and looking closely at people, nations, history and all the different forms of evolution. And I want to express strongly with you a good and pleasant welcome for you to do that, of your own volition and will and of your own determination, and that while it would constitute independent studies on your part, that you would certainly not be alone in the various observations and cultivations in the epistemological study of knowledge in these various subjects. That we in this community will stand with you, and do stand with you in uncovering all these various facets of knowledge, and we encourage you.

            Thank you Carolyn, good to read your posts and ideas.

          • Good morning Carolyn, Daniel, everyone. Carolyn, in your post you state that in your opinion “there are many people on the earth who have incarnated here let’s say in the past 60 or so years, who previously lived on other worlds…” I thought that one incarnates back to the planet in which they lived, which to me means a spirit form does not hop around planets. I do think there are visitors among us but reincarnating in? Correction welcome.

  • I just don’t get it!!! If anyone took the time and seriously researched Billy’s data over the years, there is no way you can come away without the conclusion that he is authenticate. But people refuse to do the work, people will inquire about our past going back hundreds or thousands of years and I would suggest that based on the information I get from reading Billy’s information, I found this answer. Of course they will say “well how does he know this, how do you know he is right?” I can only tell them that Billy and the Plejaren information has been corroborated 1000’s of times by our scientific community, so why would they start lying to us now……was the logic in that!!!

    • Joe we may sometimes have to consider when dealing with this case is that the definition of a lie to the Plejaren does not include withholding part of the truth and telling partial truths.

      So there you have and its one reason why those people who haven’t sufficiently dealt with the information and applied careful logic and deductive reasoning will forever misunderstand Billy and call him a liar.

        • Therefore lying= lie+partial truth, lie+lie, lie+concealment and lie+concealment+partial truth.

          Truth=truth+partial truth, partial truth, concealment-lie, truth+truth, partial truth+concealment, concealment+concealment.


          • Depends on what we are talking about which frequently, thanks in no small part to the varying inaccuracies of the English language or most languages Earth humanity uses, seems to be more on the state of mind or interpretation than core meaning of the words. I do like to, from time to time, point out things that are obvious and not so obvious rather than decide whether True-Lies exist. Makes one think about a certain movie with a similar title.

            So, the big red letters is how many times “no longer” gets translated in the Meier material into the English language. Usually it refers to a transition state where people become so soft and pliable about things that negatively effect their neighbors to a degree we have runaway carelessness. People ‘no longer’ feel obligated to be “people” and just a flock of seagulls and cannot get away from each other. So, obviously, if we extend how much “no longer” is really hitting home to Earth Humanity, truly, no longer sees the obvious fakeness and falseness of their comments and actions where the enormous unfixed environmental pollution even BEFORE Fukushima. For example, at least in the US, the majority of the major waterways no longer come to mind for Earth Humanity to swim and live off the fish with if one thinks of such ease the Hudson River has gone through such environmental transition in two centuries time. How is that going to help ease over population?

            Moreover, people no longer “have to” have interest in other people they encounter everyday or EVEN work with regularly. This is to the point Earth Humanity does not seem to notice people no longer have to do anything because they no longer see what they have truly lost being as “humanity”.

            In direct layman terms, people are no longer conscious of one another. The kicker is that there are endless people that are riding the Beam of Light such things like the UFO-Conspiracy-Fail_world_whopper are more prevalent than ever before!

            Jeremaiah’s translation here gives a neat exemplary point I will reference here:

            “When the prophet of the new time begins his work, human beings will no longer search for the truth, and no longer judge according to the truth, for influenced by the laws and beliefs of the god cults, they will only judge according to their own blood and their belief. ”

            It should be obvious if you continue the point and follow through with its implications you should be able to connect it more profoundly that we’re in an age where people no longer “have to” (want) do anything for … anybody else. Remember pension plans? Imagine that, or just pay attention on a day to day basis to verify the times Jeremiah long foretold would happen in an age before Internet Trolls existed.

            SO, if Mahesh is out there, Billy Meier corroborates the Prophecies and Predictions of Jeremiah. Not sure if he “wants to” do his due diligence with the Meier material, as we know he doesn’t literal “have to”, so we just have to wait and see what the future holds.

            Extra Credit: I’ve run across a UFO interview done where a guy, I will leave nameless, that alleges to be “in the know” about Roswell not having one but two craft being down. Of course, the immediate assumption was that, of course, the second craft was a “rescue” craft which does not seem logical if one stop and continues to cycle through the decision cycle. So if we can be Zweifel about such reasoning, and merely ask, why would interstellar extraterrestrials damn the torpedoes and lose a second craft on a whim when they can easily observe what happened before making a classic rash Earth-type decision?

        • Please, please, please, everybody, read The Lord of the Rings, and take this all very seriously! The “elves” are the Plejaren people and their friends!

          • If Malona is not “Middle Earth”, then Middle Earth certainly could have ended like Malona. This “sauronic” energy is in the world and is wreaking havoc with peoples’ minds and emotions. The energy I’m talking about deadens thought, deadens initiative, deadens empathy, deadens right reason. It consumes the mind and the spirit, so that a person is left as an empty shell, ripe for possession by the ultimate evil mind. We have seen the working-out of this possession during the twentieth century, where millions and millions of people were somehow persuaded to commit mass genocide for no reason whatsoever, other than that it was the will of the Evil One. I will say no more. Billy is telling the truth, but not the whole truth.. . . . and neither are the Plejaren telling you the whole truth, which would be too frightening for your fragile minds to accept or deal with.

          • Now we ALL have fragile minds/mental configurations? And what’s with this “sauronic” energy, ultimate evil mind, will of the Evil One thing?

            Maybe you’re giving us very good reasons to not read the LotR, or whatever else you may be reading/smoking. Carry on though!

          • Caaaaaarolyn,

            Dem ain’t no elves. And I don’t think taking the LotR seriously is the best way to appreciate the Plejaren contribution.

          • WOW Miahael I LOVE The Lord of the Rings. Bake in the first decade of the Twenty-First Century I taped ALL THREE movie od The Lord of the Rings and started to read the fist chapter of the Fellowship of The Rings but my older brother gave ny the BIG WHOLE dictionary size book that was so heave that I can`t even hold the book when I read it. Ishould get back to reading that book but it weighs a ton when I hold it.:(

          • Well Terry, love away by all means. My point was that the Plejaren and all their info ration isn’t the product of Tolkein’s imagination.

            I think I wrote about my experience a few years back sitting through the latest LotR movie, which I affectionately called the Budwieser Bladder Invitational, in honor of the kind of control it took to stay in that seat without a bathroom break.

          • If anything the elves are the degenerated descendants of the ancient and lesser advanced spiritually plejaren who have absolutely no idea what is sitting in the storage banks nor how to access it properly. Something like the second or third degenerated migratory batch or something.

            About the story, if you ever get the time, visit europe, take a look around and take a look at everything carefully and neutrally. The story of merlin and “England was given something special” meaning several hundred years ago before the colonisations of various areas of the world. What you can find if you are sharp and perceptive enough is that various evolutionary stratification experiments or some kind of spiritual stratification took place, of which some, strongly bound into the creative people, artists, authors and so fourth, were cultivated and explored, and various interesting things occurred there, and have survived and evolved in various different ways.

            I am trying to say: If you found the fiction interesting, then you’ll probably find the real situation interesting and its not about england btw, its about europe, the europe before the european union expansion into the russian countries. Its about england, france, netherlands, Scandinavia, germany, and the more exotic southern countries like spain, italy and greece etc etc, all of them, and its about a spiritual war, or a spiritual stabilisation which ever you feel best describes it.

            Its all there for you, in the fine matter, if you can do something profound with your brain. Salome.

          • I challenge you, Michael. . . . next time you see Billy, ask him about the Lord of the Rings. I think he looks like Tom Bombadil and Asket reminds me of Goldberry. Please ask him directly if he is this person, and watch his reaction. He cannot lie to you and still be believed in other matters. So ask him!

      • Matt,
        I find with pretty much everybody that I speak to about Billy Meier, their greatest issue is that he says the teachings in today’s religions are incorrect, such as Jesus never existed and God is not the creator. People cannot seem to get past that issue, I find in my Opinion, that is the biggest hurdle. I come from a very religious family, being Lebanese, people from that part of the world do not put a lot of common sense into the way they think. It sounds harsh but it’s true, as you can see with the actions that have happened over the past few months and years in that area of the world. It infuriates them when you use logic in the discussion, and the craziest thing is, you tell them that Jesus real name is Jmmanuel and they say I know. I believe that they are afraid of the truth, it really, really scares them. Brainwashing is an amazing tool when used at an early age.

        • Joe as far as I can recall when I first encountered Billy and Plejaren’s take on religion I was very surprised and was even utterly bewildered by saying to myself ‘how so’ and ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’.
          So right then and there you could’ve gauged from such a common humanly experience and response of mine to what Billy said about religion of the sheer power of indoctrination even for a person who wasn’t at all religious at the time.
          Having said that and the point I am trying to convey is for someone who is as open minded as I think I am to be bewildered by such revelation how much harder would it be for the rest of the common herd to even contemplate the more far out information that awaits them especially regarding our truest ancient origin and history from CN 251.
          It’ll sound so fiction like that you can just conjur in your mind of the length and breath people go through to unbelieve it and deny it as a fraud.
          Obviously Mark Twain’s old cliche comes to mind ‘the truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn’t’.

        • Hey Joe, This is how I basically see the situation.
          All the religions have a very good community feel about them, very high quality cohesion, unity, sense of direction, purpose, a strong sense of identity, a good and solid structure of morals and guidance and a comfortable set of commonly accepted internally values and ideas etc.

          This is in absolute contrast to the scientific style, evolutionary, new age, modern communities of varying sorts, astronomical communities, math clubs, engineering groups etc etc. Because of the very short and newly formed traditions and small and as yet still very weak agreements and values etc.

          However, when there is a cross over with the more historical special and private educations around the world that usually incorporate a religious component, then we see the same thing, a more cohesive community, because of the longer standing traditions.

          What the religious communities lack however, is the real premium range of knowledge in what I like to call the upper tier of civilizations. And with stability, and several hundred years, then we will indeed see that develop, but only if these new and modern communities that deal with the real premium range of information is allowed to flourish, peacefully.

          So in conclusion, if someone wants stability, community, strongly held and accepted values, habits, and lifestyle formats, then go to religion, go to these old customs and traditions found in the oldest cultures and societies. If someone however want the really rich and penetrative full fat wisdom on the upper tier of the universes civilizations, then one must be very tolerant and appreciate that they will encounter a real mess, a soup of ideas, very confusing and disorientating on a regular basis.

  • Just had a thought. Since the peace meditation, France decided to stop the sanctions against Russia. And now that the oil has plummeted and also the russian currency, and now that france has struggling more and more with this terrorism (more than any western nation), it might give Russia the open door to join the fight. Lets hope Canada wises the hell up and stops bashing Russia or we’ll be the ones with egg on face.

    • Couln`t agree more My favorite ballet dancer is Russian from St.Petersburg but has been with the Bolshoi Ballet since January 2012. She just got married last April 2013 so I would not want her and her friends and love one to suffer etc, even though she is very religious. I guess you have to respect here for that even if I don`t just like what happened in paris. You have to have respect for others even if you don`t agree with them br it reigion, Muslim,Black people, Hispanics, American Indians etc,etc,etc. My father told me always to love and repect others no matter what their culture and beliefs are. My other organization is just that We sometimes try to teach others to resect understand other cultures and customs too. MY other organization wespac also teaches people about Isamaphobia which is one of the many things wespac does teach too.

    • I forgot to mention that Russia announced it would start to help France. Since the sanctions from France are being abandoned, it helps Russia financially in their desperate times and naturally France too (as Billy pointed out). So this might be a positive development.

    • Its all wrong with respect daniel; here, in politeness, let me help you out;
      1: There is no connection with meditations and frances sanctions against russia (unless it was by the people sanctioning)
      2: The various markets go up and down on a regular hourly minute basis and will continue to do so for hundreds of years into the future.
      3: The terrorist attacks on new york was the worst.
      4: Open door, not to fight, but to assist and stand together in common agreement
      5: Canada government is just as wise as any other government, all governments basically work together in the sense that they all watch the same news reports, the same global developments, react in similar way to national developments. Bashing is a myth you’ve just created.
      6: The US has military bases all over the world, a multi-trillion dollar long term investment. The egg on the face thing, at the very max will be in some area of the world.

    • No worries, I wasn’t overlooking your response. They just got posted at the same time which made it look that way. Yeah, we have to love people in whatever form they are. My friends just played a few concerts in Russia last month. It sounds amazing. We must remember that love is not always about letting people do what they like as in the IS situation. It also involves arresting them and segregating them from society.

      Man, another headache tonight discussing the meier case with a university student who proved to be an unmatched ignoranus. Oops I just spelled that wrong. My delete button is broken. Annnnyways, he’s accusing me of being unscientific when he hasn’t even looked at the case. I reminded him that being scientific involves not forming a conclusion from your hypothesis until it is first tested and researched. Not just ignoring and dismissing that massive list of world class scientists and their mountains of work and then like an ignoranus (Oh. Did it again.. Darn delete button. What a bummer [pun intended]) just ass-ume a solid conclusion from his ass-umer..

      The hypocrisy in this world even by so called “educated” people is just so baffling. I pointed out that unlike religion, in this case it’s been proven legally and scientifically and that the onerous of proof to his accusation that it isn’t is on him to now put forward if he wishes to make a real case. Until then, the research by the scientists and their methods stand until his unsubstantiated claim can be substantiated.

    • I like the guy trying to crack a smile like not being active behind a wheel while it’s blurred to imply so much movement is something future people will find normal. Though, I’m not quite sure the future need to avoid mass public transit with glorified automatic buses and taxis. It seems like a colossal waste of resources.

      On the Brightside, you can have a conversation with the car while in the car. I wonder though, will the conversations be intelligent enough to use correct grammar? After all, when you board the plane you are told to go on the plane, not in, with complimentary pre-boarding procedure to board before you board on. SO, I wonder if the future automatic cars will have problems comprehending people’s intentions or just literally parking folks on a particular vehicle and carrying on with business.

  • And the Facebook thread on Mahesh is why I like it here, with the almost(no one is) perfect moderator:) Would have never got to see the end of that entire thing if all the post had not been in my email. Talk about being soft?! I still don’t even understand why that thread was deleted after reading it all. No wonder this all hasn’t partially gotten farther, weak at the knees all the way up. Never knew Robjn was so critical of others, while being critical of others? Oh well, what can one expect from -facebook-. Seems to work on some levels but fail on others. Being new to it all there, has been interesting non the less.

  • I am glad to see the title “As The Time Fulfills (Part 8)”. Now only 992 episodes left for me to read. No matter how many centuries should pass until the coming of the last episode, I know that someday there will be no more “As The Time Fulfills ” and I could finally live peacefully without being terrorized by Henoch’s Prophecy.

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