They Came Here

They came here in these for the past…78 years:


With Tree


 To meet with Billy Meier.

Billy im schwarzen Hemd


Not only so he could take these photos* from inside the craft:



But to warn us and to teach us.

So we could leave behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge and assure our own future survival.

They didn’t come here to harm us; we do a fine job of it ourselves.

We are very slow learners, stubborn, ignorant, religiously deluded and already a proven danger to ourselves and all else that exists on this planet.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

What do you think?

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Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Prof. Zahi and Chris Lock’s Analysis on The Energy Ships

Russian Military Movements…and the Henoch Prophecies

*NOTE: All of the above UFO photos were taken in the mid-1970s…long before home computers, CGI, digital effects, etc. Professional analyses revealed that the physical evidence was authentic and irreproducible with the technology of the day.

88 Replies to “They Came Here”

  1. I don’t see any scout ship in 494, Matt.
    BTW, in futureofmankind “gallery of the week” photo #176 Mar29, 1975 the light orb does appear to be more like a light than a reflection, but it’s difficult to say for sure.

    1. Hi Chris I just thought it important enough to point out a possible ‘hiding in plain sight’ aspects of those photos that, like it was the case with WCUFO on top of a fence post, the Plejaren by the virtue of their wicked sense of humour had left for us to eventually find.
      Since I am on a smartphone I can’t utilise photo software to put an arrow on the particular part of the photos I was referring to but if you are still interested leave me your email address and I’ll do it via a PC.
      I don’t think you can post photos in this comment section to my knowledge

  2. Well at least someone cares if we survive and learn … I can’t say I would go to all that trouble for planet stupid that prefers illusions and Jesus and Santa Claus , and the Easter Bunny over self responsibility … Hours of preparations , many ships , many teachers , knowledge banks , prepared answers for coming questions , etc … All in the air of a war minded planet full of people living in illusions and comfortable being controlled and ignorant of history …

    1. Hey Barry it could’ve been worse had the GIs and Bafath still stuck around not be mention us earthlings nearly being decimated by the detonation of a neutron bomb test.
      Couple this with a near actual ET invasion back in 1995 and all I can say is ‘lucky once again’

        1. One where a group of ETs were looking for a place to colonise anf thought earth was ideal.
          This was foreseen by the Plejaren and one of the reason why they left earth for good upon completion of their mission.
          Luckily for us the Plejaren found them an alternative place to live happily ever after.

  3. Is this Mahesh guy another Meier “debunker” or a Michael Horn hater? Maybe he’s jealous and thinks he should have been the representative for the Meier case. About these corroborations its obvious that Meier and the P’s don’t always go into every detail about everything they say pertaining to things we don’t know yet. And when they talk about it they talk as if it is already known to them not as if it is a theory like those people in 1987 that theorized about water deeper into the Earth’s crust, that’s a major difference. So therefore nitpicking about specificity isn’t going to help you debunk the corroboration.

    Michael you must have really rubbed that guy the wrong way maybe some roses and a gift card to the nearest spa would do him good! I see he’s dodging the question of whether he thinks the case is real or not, but at the same time making sure you do your job correctly, that doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. J.,

      He should realize that this isn’t about me. He already stated his purpose was to “deconstruct Michael Horn”, which is really just a thinly veiled way of attacking the case. As I also said, it’s fine of rheum to be a critic of the case, etc., but then take a stand and declare whether you thinning it’s real or a hoax. He can then also state the criteria and conclusions for his position. Instead he still seems to be playing this, like a game, for some self-serving motive.

      1. Hey Michael why are you making it out as if it is near damn earth shatteringly oh so important as to add fuel to the not so necessary fire?
        You are encourging it!
        You don’t need this type of advertisement nor does the truth in this particularly dirty context but you are advertising Mahesh’s ability to garner attention.
        Can you see it from this perspective this time around for once?
        Sometimes you have your moments like obviously we all do.
        Just needed to unoffendingly point that out.

          1. I think your continued focus of your might of thoughts on Mahesh’s activities, which I think btw is justifiable up to now, has over run its course but is still being dragged on ad nauseam.
            I know I know its your blog and its within your freedom to do whatever you deem is necessary but I think its wipping up some strong emotions on other members here the more the conversation on Mahesh stays current.
            Would it not be better to ignore it from now on seeing as nobody here including you is going to change his mind one way or the other or his evasiveness.
            Yes I am also disappointed especially when I considered him for many years to be a friend of the truth.
            Still hoping that one day through this episode he will come around
            I think there are bigger fish to fry out there

  4. Ok Now this F%%$#wit stated at the bottom of his rant “We have shown that Michael Horn’s extravagant claims are largely based on wishful thinking, unproven presuppositions and ignorance of even the FIGU material itself, rather then objectivity, critical thinking and decent research. He doesn’t seem to realize these articles and claims do not at all add to the credibility of the case, but rather give the impression of propaganda fueled by blind belief, at least to anyone who spends even a few minutes to check any of his claims.

    A few Minutes ?? A few Minutes ? ! You would have to study for weeks ….hours and hours to even get an inkling to be able to have a “right” to comment !

  5. Wayne Anthony Sunter-Smith – interesting, I actually would like to talk to him. See inside in noggin, how he thinks and what he is looking for. Perhaps letting all comments come in may be a good thing – we each come to our own understanding – the truth, well, at first its a frightening thing, but it becomes the very thing which frees us. Impossible it is to hold to ones opinions forever, time seems to act like the ocean, just wears that stuff out 🙂 “TIME WILL TELL”

      1. No
        Here in this blog
        Now you’ve got members here calling him a*****e and what not
        Maybe in hindsight my criticism wasn’t jutified but to me it looked like you were feeding the fire a little more by providing a link to Mahesh’s blog with your comments on there thus drawing attention to it which I thought wipped up some strong emotions in members here.

  6. Matt, IMO it’s clearer on the computer. You can access the same origibal photos and zoom in on the hi res photo with a + click. As I said it does look like a light of some kind but it’s difficult to conclude it isn’t a reflection off some kind of glass-like or crystal-like sphere, because the color is very similar to the other reflections. It is an interesting phenomenon.

    1. Ok Chris will do but in the mean time let me just put an undeniable arrows to those elements I see in those photos that may be of some future significance to worth bothering about and thanks for your patient interest on it.

  7. We are so young here, clammering about our little sandbox. These other people live to be in excess of 1000 years, and apparently others even longer. We must seem so juvenile, so utterly illogical. Just think, if we make it to these life spans, they will probably be gone and we will have lost an important oppurtunity because they will have moved on. Things are so confusing sometimes, the whys and wherefores. I suppose it’s just time. Seemingly, we are lost in a strange world seeking them out for some odd reason, but we just can’t seem to remember other than the clues that were given. It’s so wonderful at times but then..

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