They came here in these for the past…76 years:


With Tree


 To meet with Billy Meier.

Billy im schwarzen Hemd


Not only so he could take these photos* from inside the craft:



But to warn us and to teach us.

So we could leave behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge and assure our own future survival.

They didn’t come here to harm us; we do a fine job of it ourselves.

We are very slow learners, stubborn, ignorant, religiously deluded and already a proven danger to ourselves and all else that exists on this planet.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

What do you think?

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*NOTE: All of the above UFO photos were taken in the mid-1970s…long before home computers, CGI, digital effects, etc. Professional analyses revealed that the physical evidence was authentic and irreproducible with the technology of the day.

88 comments on “They Came Here

      • Oh I was actually calculating it from the time that Ptaah, Semjase, Sfath and Quetzal was first here on earth which amounted to hundreds of years.

  • Michael just having looked at the photo of Billy, Billy moved his face alittle.
    I think just the thought of Billy and what he represents may do inexplicable things to people’s consciousness subconsciously.

    Did you notice any extra ordinary when you were in close proximity with Billy?

  • Hey Michael on a serious note can you please check out photo 65 file: 09 07 1975 fuehsbuhl-hofhalden.

    It’s Semjase’s ship wrapping around a fir tree series.

    Have you noticed anything peculiar in regards to the 3 rims around the cupola.

    They all end with an exhaust hole and don’t circumnavigate consistently around the ship in a neat circumfrance.

    Do you see it?

  • I think this is something worth looking at as the skeptics for years have latched onto the idea that it’s a small model made of small saucer plates sandwiched together and attached to a minature tree.

    These exhaust mufflers or so I think put that silly theory once and for all to bed.

    What do you think?

      • Well I didn’t quite know what words to describe these extra solar-terrestrial manufactured flying machine parts but please also check the photo above Billy that you can also find some indication of what I have mentioned.

        Zoom in and check the leftside of the ship’s rim

        • See how deceptively and very subtley the rims overlap instead of uniformly going around the ship in a consistent circumfrance

  • The quality of these 5 pictures is excellent. When was this picture of Billy taken, it looks like it could be rather recent? These straight on photos of BEAM always generates a warm smile from within me.

  • Hey this is getting ridiculous
    Michael please also check one of Billy’s most famous and talked about photo.
    File: 08 03 1975 Hintere Sadelegg Schmidruti 494.jpg.
    On the far right corner of the photo up near the top there is what appears to be a scout ship.
    We have been so preoccupied with looking at the main ship that we have neglected to see what else was around in it’s vicinity.
    Yes a scout ship on the top right hand corner.

      • Michael my smartphone is too smart for me so I haven’t been able to work out the copy/paste function without eventually pulling my hair but its the photos from the homepage of
        It’s all there I think

  • Hey waddayouknow there is another anomaly this time in photo file: 27 02 1975 fuehsbuhl-hofhalden 47.

    On the cupola section there are 3 rims and on the top rim it is exhibiting a red colouration as if to suggest that certain energetic force is at play to do with the function of the beamship.

    Cam anyone see the reddish colouration of the top rim only?

  • For those interested please click on the mentioned photo and then click original file hyperlink in order to be able to zoom in properly to get a better view.

  • Gee it just keeps coming.
    I haven’t as yet come across in any doco about this particular lighting effect on that particular part of the ship although you Michael have addressed this flickering light effect off of Ptaah’s ship in I believe TSROT.
    It concerns this particular photo.
    File: 29 03 1976 Hesenbol-langenberg 176.

    Please zoom right into the underside of Ptaah’s beamship and you will notice not a reflection but a legitimate pulse of reddish yellow light emiting from the right side of the viewer portion of the ship.
    Yes it looks like there was one more light that we haven’t covered.
    If Rahl is around could you have a closer look at these photos I’ve mentioned from homepage and these photos are also in the gallery section too.
    Remember using your smartphone gets way better view zooming in than through a computer monitor.
    Please check it out.
    It may be of some significance.

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