They came here in these for the past…76 years:


With Tree


 To meet with Billy Meier.

Billy im schwarzen Hemd


Not only so he could take these photos* from inside the craft:



But to warn us and to teach us.

So we could leave behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge and assure our own future survival.

They didn’t come here to harm us; we do a fine job of it ourselves.

We are very slow learners, stubborn, ignorant, religiously deluded and already a proven danger to ourselves and all else that exists on this planet.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

What do you think?

The Apophis Puzzle: The Meaning of Red

New Confirmation of Billy Meier’s Warnings about Apophis

SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions

As the Time Fulfills (Part 8)

Marching to Oblivion

We Were Warned

URGENT: Another Prophecy Fulfilling

UPDATE on the New IS Planned Holocaust

NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

New Pentagon Report Corroborates Prophetic Information in Recently Released Film

The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Prof. Zahi and Chris Lock’s Analysis on The Energy Ships

Russian Military Movements…and the Henoch Prophecies

*NOTE: All of the above UFO photos were taken in the mid-1970s…long before home computers, CGI, digital effects, etc. Professional analyses revealed that the physical evidence was authentic and irreproducible with the technology of the day.

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      • No problem. I thought I would drop a good line using my astronomical sense of humor. I guess he isn’t seeing that the eclipse messes up the brooklyn zoo-alogical charts he must be pouring over day in and day out to make those franky hot dogs. Sometimes a little bit of mustard goes a long way.

      • Poor you Michael having to br exposed to such filth day in and day out.
        Do you actually read it when it comes in?
        Everyone is going to be dead
        He is right on the money on that eventually but I suggest he also look at himself in the mirror.

    • Duke, I have read the Henoch prophecy years ago but I found it to be so frightening that for me to reread it again would freak my out and scare me to death, that`s how very fritening it is to me!

    • Not sure what to make of it as the arguments are swinging through the front page like your neighborhood spider man. The initial argument to suggest that somehow “Napoleon” is an ” “outsider” ” doesn’t initially make much sense when I read that. Not sure how he is going to elaborate on it or get to it later. Furthermore, with the wealth of knowledge about the occult, I’m surprised he hasn’t cracked the literal “Napo-leon” and what people call things as they are or the Sun King that came before.

      Of course, I don’t know what the future holds where some folks appear to have short arms and deep pockets. Maybe the money is stuck until they come under the table? Deep in the dark with the art making more noise than heavy metal?

    • Also, when I look up Revelation 11.5 then 11.3 looks like this:
      5 Does anyone try to hurt them? Fire will come out from their mouths and devour such enemies of theirs; that will be the end of all who try to do them hurt.
      3 Meanwhile I will give the power of prophecy to my two witnesses; for twelve hundred and sixty days they shall prophesy, dressed in sackcloth;

      Well, it’s a puzzle like a piece of PEZ where you can’t stick it to state the crime. Maybe it’s low key like sea shells that rock these bells?

      • Duke as far as I can recall in the HP WW3-4 happens in the beginning of November.
        Who knows but to me it appears that 11.5 (Nov. 5th) and 11.3 (Nov. 3rd) may just be dates upon which these arrows of misfortune or attack (detonation of a suitcase bomb in Russia or the US) happens to set off the much anticipated (according Armagheddonites) the dreaded WW3-4.
        I have a belly full of suspicion that rather than trying to avoid what is actually in the HP certain faction of these psychopathic Dark Order group within a with that plays off against each other is actually working towards fulfilling the eschatological armagheddon scenario for the second coming of the messiah.
        As Billy mentioned they all know about his and other prophet’s prophecies as it has landed home

        • If that’s true then “they” never actually read the Meier material and the point of eventuality where they actually become irrelevant. In other words, it sinks in at some point the nuttiness of Earth Humanity’s real stupid thinking to ignore the work done by 7 prophets that clearly made the point that you DO have to understand Creation if one wishes to explore outside our dusty polluted world. It isn’t a matter of believing which EH is stuck on stupid because cash rules the spot light while the Creative potential of the people around them is squandered.

          CR 251 explains how things came to be:

          Truthfully, in doing so, the benefactors very soon became the antithesis of benefactors. On one hand they hoped to make the genetically-manipulated people their subjects and that, on the other, many cults, religions, fratricide, family feuds and wars would be launched through this worship of gods, whereby the terrestrials, the genetically-manipulated people, would decimate and exterminate themselves. As a consequence, they, the gods, respectively former benefactors, hoped they would be free from the danger of the aggressive, barbaric terrestrial human life form. This plan went completely awry, however, because terrestrial Man, who had become increasingly stronger, smarter, more barbarian and underhanded, began to enjoy his role and defended it to the last drop of blood with every conceivable means, ancient and modern.

          So there explains why we have what we have. So I don’t give the benefit of wording things as it gives some poseurs a form of mental power but rather the Moron Collective (MC) don’t know the meaning of life if the potato salad hit them squarely in the face. Instead, you have this imaginary intelligence they exude which is really a 20 watt light bulb compared to the real deal. They can peep a convo like a snake but the kingpins will castle with their rook and lose a pawn.

          So 251 continues:
          The genetic manipulations do not imply that terrestrial Man is a born killing machine, but signify only that he is a combative life form, capable of killing when required to do so, or when events trigger his loss of control or outbursts, etc. Such actions may also lead to degeneration; but, generally, they only occur when the two factors consciousness and psyche, hence the person’s world of thoughts and feelings, are afflicted or briefly overburdened, whereupon they prompt the act committed in the heat of passion. Therefore, the evil brought about, or rather fostered, by the genetic manipulation, is not an intrinsic, compulsive inborn lust to murder. In truth, the genetic manipulation was only created as a controllable factor enabling Man to subdue the evil implanted in him, and to make it slowly vanish as he walks along his natural, evolutionary path. This takes an incredibly long time, however, and the reversal of the gene manipulation is an absolutely suitable solution therefore.

          So there it is there, in plain English (since I don’t have the Deutsch) that one has to be conscious of themselves and everyone here on the nuthouse called Planet Misery. I’m pretty certain web sites like Damian had posted WOULD HAVE benefited greatly in their understanding of just how things really are because Meier plainly had said so. Nothing is concealed but spoken plainly like reading the Labels. But, it ain’t hard to see the God-degree with some of these folks go about (like the iUFO-peanut-club-app). However, WE learn from swift cons and run scams and see the veterans that have their game spiced like ham. Ultimately, we have mouths to feed and the necessary beef is more cows to breed.

          However, has this in 251 come to pass?
          Should the prophecy of another world war fulfill itself, and should terrestrial humankind not immediately begin rethinking and redirecting its entire effort into beneficial routes, the consequences of this World War III will be cataclysmic. Likewise, this holds true for an enormous revenge-campaign directed against the war precipitators, which will be initiated and directed by a bloodthirsty man, who is – how could it be otherwise? – another “Representative of God”, a pope. Once again, these events are based on the condition that the prophecy fulfills itself through the fault of Earth’s human beings.

          There is a certain Pied Piper that is doing that right now.

          Mike, would this be a candidate of fulfillment? Not if folks like like Mahesh sometimes forget where anyone can quote math plus degrees but professors aren’t unbiased enough as they cannot feed their own seed.

          • Hey Duke maybe they’ve read it too well and are following the script to the dot by doingvthe exact opposit of what Billy and the Plejaren recommend we do.
            You just have to look at the mainstreet to see the evidence of how stuffed up everything is and its according to plan.

          • The kicker line from Mahesh happens to be one of his comments:
            “I have nothing personally against anyone, even against Michael Horn. In my article(s) I have just addressed his claims and if you find any fallacies or errors I made, you are free to point it out here.”

            Then his reply to Bruce is another kicker:
            “Now, I know where you are coming from. So I won’t be commenting anything on it.” … “Again the critical question which you doesn’t seem to ask is – Did Meier first publish it before anyone else on Earth did ?”

            So Mahesh sounds like he’s being a D.U.M.M.Y. about these things forgetting the IMPLICATIONS of having such valuable knowledge translates to like a crash on the DOW Jones stock. I don’t have the link where Dyson spells this out about scientific knowledge from one of the CRs but it’s entirely evident that this CR that only know is proven is one of those cases. I can only imagine the risk Meier did reporting that and does so regularly.

            Furthermore, Mahesh doesn’t understand the planet he is on. He’s being a regular on the block playing lookout with predators when he should have took a time out. NO neighborhood is rough enough and there are NO cuts that are tight enough for some folks. Earth Humanity will not fold up as the product must be sold to you.

    • Good find Damian
      That cover is totally loaded
      Look at Merkle’s hand sign the classic you know what symbolism
      Is that the Queen of England behind the wheel of a landrover?

      • Well Duke the first time in my life that I remember myself being terrified was when as a very small child I’d encountered two dogs joined from opposite ends but facing away from each other yapping away in pain and ecstacy.
        After years had passed and through a passing glimpse of these random memories in my mind the conclusion was that the dogs were in the middle of copulating but having been disturbed by passerbys like me one dog was trying to run away in one direction and the other in the opposite direction but having its doghood stuck in the other dogfemine it truly was one of those caught with its pants down moment worthy of ‘The Funniest Home Video’ program.
        So how aptly put your words were about this state of affair.
        ‘dogstuck’ ‘stuckdogs’ ‘stickydogs’ ‘ruff stuck’ ‘doggystuck’ ‘sticky ruff’ ‘ruff joint’

  • Gorby, who is said to be part of the mission from ancient days, is very concerned over the possibility of nuclear war over the Ukraine situation.

    Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned that tensions between Russia and European powers over the Ukraine crisis could result in a major conflict or even nuclear war, in an interview to appear in a German news magazine on Saturday.

    “A war of this kind would unavoidably lead to a nuclear war,” the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner told Der Spiegel news magazine, according to excerpts released on Friday.

    “We won’t survive the coming years if someone loses their nerve in this overheated situation,” added Gorbachev, 83. “This is not something I’m saying thoughtlessly. I am extremely concerned.”

  • Eduard looks good, I like his shirt. I hope he is feeling well. I sometimes wish I knew what he knows when he speaks to them. Not in an informational sense, only a fine-feeling sense. It must be quite routine for him now to be used to the varying “vibrations” although maybe he really can sit with them in equality in this sense. I often envy this ability, but not in a negative way. He seems so calm and reassured, something that is so very rare here and experienced rarely. I wonder what he feels when he is with them, when they talk like we talk with each other in person. I often wonder why we have such an auric stench about us, but I’m almost sure now it involves our unconscious mind, all the trash we’ve accumulated that we’re not even aware of. Anyway, it’s good to see him well, truely. And yes, they DID come here.

  • There is a what appears to be an orb light there, Matt. There is also light reflecting off the far right of the large rim. On the hi res wallpaper size version the light looks yellow-orange, the same as the far right reflection. These similar color reflections can also be seen on the large file 179 there, where the undercarriage is more fully reflecting. They look to me like they are all reflecting the sun — if it is off to the right. In 176, however, it is a much more orb-like shape and clearer/ brighter. This could suggest that the sun is reflecting off of something small and highly reflective at that point; like for example, a small crystal-like ball or sphere. Is this the ship which had those in its undercarriage? The protusion on the very top of the ship appears circular and hollow in 176 whereas it is just a vertical line in 179. Perhaps the ship has turned 90 degrees to account for that difference.

    • Chris are you on your smartphone?
      If so then if you can just focus on photo 176 from the front webpage of its the last photo of that page.
      When you click on the photo and then click on original file hyperlink the highresolution photo will load on your smartphone.
      There you can zoom right into the under belly of Ptaah’s beamship and on the bottom right of the ship from your vantage point you can clearly see a round light eminating from the actual ship itself and not a reflection of the sun.
      I think

  • Rational thought, only clouded by years of brainwashing: the Plejaren know the dire straits facing mankind and practically all life on planet Earth. Seems like they could’ve made a little more noise to get our attention. Sure, they tried some diplomacy that failed utterly. Sure, plenty of ”proof” of their existence and scientific knowledge was provided. Granted, many of those who are truly in power and running the show were aware of the reality and the message.
    My point is a simple one, naturally. Knowing what they know, why would they think they have done enough? They have done nothing less than abandon Earth humans to the fate we’ve created for ourselves.
    I’m not saying their actions are incorrect. What I am saying is that their actions do not measure up to what they say they want for us. I think we are being allowed to perish by our own self-willed design. Or, going Malina, if you prefer.
    They could have done much more to insure the future of Mankind on this planet. Yet, you may say they have done enough, given us all we need to fix our own problems.
    Really? Time is short, the wolf is at the door. What we are left with is platitudes and the insult of abandonment. Please pass the popcorn. This is gonna be fun to watch.

    • My personal experience from communicating directly with a vast, vast assortment of human beings face to face, walking them step by step through the evidence, is that only a very small percentage have either the capacity, willingness, intelligence or…INTEREST in knowing the truth. If their response/reaction to being clearly informed that there is one human being actually in long term contact with an extraterrestrial race is simply…indifference, then it’s absolutely obvious why the Plejaren can in NO way make their presence known, interfere, etc., to wake up the somnambulistic masses without causing even greater damage.

      The fact that, again from my tells me that own personal experience, scientists, universities, media people, etc., turn a deliberate, cynical blind eye to every bit of information, to every attempt to even engage them in discussion or debate, tells me that the Plejaren are quite wise and well justified to not bother further.

    • Maybe WE could be doing more…its always easy to pass the blame onto someone else. This isn’t the first time a prophet has passed through the Earth and as history will show you WE never listen….so don’t blame the Plejaren for “not doing enough” lets blame ourselves. They don’t have to do s**t as far as I’m concerned…My grandparents always said “Who don’t hear does feel”.

    • 1 in 3000 solar systems have life
      And we are just sitting here, suffering in strife.
      The guardian of the treasure offers us his gems
      While everyone else just wants pleasure, or condemns
      The only solutions to every world danger
      Yet we treat our own neighbor as if he’s a stranger.

      But they refuse to show themselves in this dimension
      Which is why the media refuses to mention
      The one man in the world who has good intentions-
      To teach us the truth about reincarnation,
      The Creational laws, and their implementation.
      But no, they leave us to fend for ourselves
      To learn from mistakes and live through our hells
      Caused by the fight or the might of our thoughts
      And if World War 3 starts, It’ll all be for naught.

      The Plejaren are safe and they keep their distance
      At 500 light years and not much assistance.
      A fraction of a second shifted from ours
      They’ve chosen to hide behind Pleiadian stars.
      These nearly-perfect people seem to be afraid
      To help us and teach us while they watch us degrade.
      When a digital camera could quell all our fears,
      They tell us to wait another 800 years.

      By now you’ve detected my sarcastic frustration
      With the people who live in the Plejaran nation.
      But what can I do with just my own voice?
      They refuse to help further and left me no choice.
      They love to work in their gardens on Erra,
      But won’t get their hands dirty with us earthworms on Terra.
      Just like the South must think North Korea is deranged,
      In 12 billion years, I guess not much has changed.
      They basically said that if we don’t learn
      It won’t be their fault if we let the world burn.

      • As nice a poem as it is there’s still a sense of lacking self-responsibility, of thinking this putrid mess is somehow someone else’s to fix.

        Please consider that the people of Earth so far have CHOSEN to reject, attack, criticize, sneer at and revile the…messenger. Common sense dictates that those who’ve brought the message show true wisdom by not getting any closer, in any sense.

        • As knowledgeable as some here may be about the Meier case even more than me some seem to not be getting the message. Why are we still seeing comments about what the Plejaren should do? Are you guys just stubborn or something?

          • It seems that personal responsibility is harder for some people to get over than even religion. This being a large generalization within itself. As per real self responsibility to oneself and surroundings. The definition of which I would state being, to align oneself to ‘creation’, the naturalist way possible. Being it within the material or consciousness. To take responsibility for every thought, feeling, action and asses it based on the truth of our world within these things, and reacting as neutral positive as possible. Though we are so far gone in our ‘civilizations’ that we will most certainly have to come full circle in many regards.
            Ones we have this information(Billys/Plejaren), what more can we truly do, than change on our own. Though once someone accepts this notion they want it instantly, if not yearn for it constantly with little actual work put in within themselves. The list of our ill’s is many fold. And anyone whom thinks they are anywhere close to perfect, is most definitely fooling themselves most of all.
            For me as an example, it is a daily struggle to align the thoughts with the actions. Like living in a dream of responsibility sometimes, thinking and doing being very different things? It has been harder for me to conquer in some ways than many other aspects of our ill world. As its importance is monumental to our survival and rarely headed by many, often including myself. I mean this in the aspects of everyday life…. small thing -mainly- that dictate the world around us individually. That if we all did would most definitely change us towards the better…. as over time they would accumulate to where we all want to be. Which at our current rate will be in a few, if not more life times.
            It is an interesting thing to think that even within all of this, we each have our certain areas that interest us more than others. That we still, with such great knowledge pick and choose what we are willing to focus on and change within ourselves. Stubborn thinking creatures of earth… Stuck in a delusion of grandeur with as little self work as possible….while expecting the greatest outcome. Seems most of us need to focus on the very basic fundamentals of being a respectable human, before we will actually become one.

    • I know what you are saying and the feelings that arise. I still struggle with many things regarding these issues. To me, it simply seems logical that the people here learn the truth of their existence now no matter how hard it may be for the masses. Simple logic would dictate that the truth be known, but many would not understand immediately. Evolution is seemingly very barbaric here and based upon the history of this planet according to the contact notes, we had a lot of help being the way we currently are. But this should not stop us from rectifying these things ourselves, if possible. I often try to send impulses to them with possible middle-of-the-road types of solutions so as not to break their directives while at the same time pushing awareness to the rest and I will probably always attempt to do this even though it will bare little fruit. Being biologically young respectively we mostly lack the interface to the spirit to understand essential truths, but that does not mean that everyone here are young spirits, quite the contrary. Some simply have a knowing naturally while others require a certain nudge. The manipulation of our physical beings is quite grotesque as is evidenced by what is happening and it is natural to feel that someone should at least make certain things right, but for all we know, many of us here could have had a hand in it all, we simply don’t know yet. In the end though, the heads of the religions currently who continue to pursue ancient goals will suffer greatly because they bring destruction to the entire world knowingly and these crimes will bring upon the heads unbelievable suffering. Their power is transient and they know this. We are a world marching towards insanity of the mind. I wish I could say I knew how to fix it in a material way. The weird thing is that much of our problems here stem from simple explainable physical psychology, sicknesses that reside within the actual grey matter of our brains. These pyschological illnesses impair our abilities to acurately bridge the gap with our spirit, hence we become monsters.

  • Michael,Here are two articles I just read on about the energy grid that you and George Noory might want to check out. 1. From Truth Speak Out Renewable Energy for National Security,08 January 2015 By Benjamin Dancer Speak Out/Op Ed and Encouraging Grid Security with Distributed Generation Posted by Congressman Rosco Barlett(RMD) US House of Representatives August 9th 2012 at 7am Filed Under Discussion Legislation And Rule Making. You and George Noory might want to read these two articles on the web since you are both very concernd about the energy grid problem etc. Unfortunately I don`t use EMail but perhaps you could EMail George Noory about these two articles to George Noory. I just happened to read these articles a little while ago and thought yoy and Niory might be interested in reading these articles.

  • Michael, I just managed to Email that last post to George Noory. Apparently I do have Email but I don`t like to use it due to privacy concerns unless it is very important and an emergency.

  • I don’t see any scout ship in 494, Matt.
    BTW, in futureofmankind “gallery of the week” photo #176 Mar29, 1975 the light orb does appear to be more like a light than a reflection, but it’s difficult to say for sure.

    • Hi Chris I just thought it important enough to point out a possible ‘hiding in plain sight’ aspects of those photos that, like it was the case with WCUFO on top of a fence post, the Plejaren by the virtue of their wicked sense of humour had left for us to eventually find.
      Since I am on a smartphone I can’t utilise photo software to put an arrow on the particular part of the photos I was referring to but if you are still interested leave me your email address and I’ll do it via a PC.
      I don’t think you can post photos in this comment section to my knowledge

  • Well at least someone cares if we survive and learn … I can’t say I would go to all that trouble for planet stupid that prefers illusions and Jesus and Santa Claus , and the Easter Bunny over self responsibility … Hours of preparations , many ships , many teachers , knowledge banks , prepared answers for coming questions , etc … All in the air of a war minded planet full of people living in illusions and comfortable being controlled and ignorant of history …

    • Hey Barry it could’ve been worse had the GIs and Bafath still stuck around not be mention us earthlings nearly being decimated by the detonation of a neutron bomb test.
      Couple this with a near actual ET invasion back in 1995 and all I can say is ‘lucky once again’

        • One where a group of ETs were looking for a place to colonise anf thought earth was ideal.
          This was foreseen by the Plejaren and one of the reason why they left earth for good upon completion of their mission.
          Luckily for us the Plejaren found them an alternative place to live happily ever after.

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