Too Stupid to Survive?

UPDATE: January 31, 2015

The Dark Ages are indeed further encroaching on sleepy humanity.


More evidence that big, stupid species don’t survive

A recent article titled ‘Biggest dinosaur ever’ discovered reveals that the fossils of this gigantic creature were discovered in… Patagonia.

Let’s just walk through a couple of indisputable facts; indisputable if you aren’t a brain dead skeptic.

Meier’s information below was first published in 1987. It was also verifiably translated into English and posted on the internet in June 2010*, about four years before this “new, official discovery”. Now, unless you are among the walking brain dead, which may also include politicians, religious fundamentalists, scientists, university professors, etc., you’ll easily recognize the ironclad nature of what constitutes a legal standard of proof of prior publication. If you have any trouble with that, please stop now, go to church, a political meeting, your local university, etc., and don’t trouble yourself with actually…thinking.

Billy: Since we’re already talking about large trees, I would like to ask you a question about the dinosaurs again. Which ones were the largest and where did they live?
60. The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.
61. These were the so-called long-neck dinosaurs, whose largest specimens reached up to 60 meters in length and exhibited a weight of around 135 tons.
62. This was the largest land animal that ever existed on the Earth.
Billy: And what about the time – when did these animals live, and were there any predatory dinosaurs that killed these magnificent animals? Have any skeletons, etc. of such giant beasts already been found by the earthly paleontologists?
63. To my knowledge, still no such findings have been made by the earthly paleontologists.
64. And as for the time when these giant animals lived, this must have been, to my knowledge, around 100 million years ago.
65. The long-necked dinosaurs possessed tails that were about as long as their necks were to their heads.

Please also note that the actual size of this particular specimen fits well within that which the Plejaren provided to Meier…as does the time period.

In case you object to the assumption about the existence of the Plejaren, let’s just restate the actual…facts:

Scientists, in 2014 discovered what they said is “the largest creature to walk the Earth”, in Patagonia.

In 1987, Billy Meier was given and first published information saying that, “The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.”

Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information was published…27 years before “official discovery”.

How did he get that information if not exactly as he said he did, from the Plejaren?

If you haven’t at this point called everyone you know to tell them that you’ve just read (more) ironclad proof of Billy Meier’s prophetic scientific accuracy and that you now know that Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrials are absolutely authentic…then there’s something stone cold wrong with you.

Stop and…Get Going

Speaking of possible dinosaurs, or those who may meet the same fate, here’s a few words to the 700,000 people who marched in France:

Stop marching and help to form a worldwide military coalition to stop those subhumans.

I don’t want to be a party pooper but hasn’t also occurred to anyone that thousands of unarmed civilians make pretty easy targets for determined, demented killers? At the risk of using politically incorrect terminology for the analogy, let’s not be the proverbial…frogs sitting in a pot of water that are also turning the heat up past the boiling point on themselves.

Sleeper Cells

There’s also a new warning reported on CNN about the suspected activation of so-called “sleeper cells” that could be targeting French police forces.


Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders made a particularly courageous statement, regarding what should correctly be termed radical Islamic fundamentalism, that echoes the warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren. Certainly there are things to take issue with but the essence is true: radical Islam is spreading its murderous mission and the West is apparently too weak to recognize and respond to it appropriately. More dinosaurs?

One More Time

Warnings from Meier dating back to 1958 about that which is now upon us…will send the world back to the Dark Ages if the spineless weaklings and wimps, the politically correct, the profiteers, the escapists transfixed by their techno-toys and phantasmagoria aren’t slapped upside the head by their friends – because their enemies simply want to cut those heads off.

Will Europe (and the West) really “wake-up”, now that what Meier specifically warned of, in 1981 and 1987, is manifesting in plain sight?

Big, stupid species don’t survive if they don’t evolve and adapt to conditions. If we don’t want to become fossilized relics to be discovered by possible future visitors to a barren, self-destroyed world, we’d best get about the business of dealing with the threats to our very threatened future survival. As we’ve said for well over a decade, the Meier contacts are the key to assuring it.

One more time for the attention deficient:

Scientists, in 2014 discovered what they said is “the largest creature to walk the Earth”, in Patagonia.

In 1987, Billy Meier was given and first published information saying that, “The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.”

Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information was published…27 years before “official discovery”.

How did he get that information if not exactly as he said he did, from the Plejaren?

Got it now?


*NOTE:  Contact Report 221 was also published in German in 2004 in Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte block 5.

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Thanks to Tom Day, Ken Smith and Annie Newman for the information.

138 Replies to “Too Stupid to Survive?”

  1. According to Geert Wilders there is no radical islam,but just islam and they should all be exterminated. Geert Wilders is a zionist controlled war monger and i believe that you Mr Horn are forgetting the forces behind the Terrorist every time !
    I told you before that we need to destroy this at the root and not only the radical islam !
    Lets kill all the ISIS idiots and then we stil have the worlds biggest problem alive like the zionist are !
    They wil create new terror organications,sleeper cells and start wars with …….
    You can only solve a problem be going back to the roots of the problem and not skip a few steps.
    Another thing is that we got about 14 years to go before the earth get hit by the Apophis,and even on that subject countrys like the US dont want to cooperate with other nations because they believe they need to fix all themselfs,wile in reality the US is controlled by that WW criminel group what i call the zionist group( but probly has a difrent name !)
    We the people need to finish them off also,and thats a bit harder then killing some isis brainwashed criminal physco idiots

  2. I sense a brain aneurysm coming on for a certain arm-chair internet research expert over this latest IRON CLAD, STUNNING, SCIENTIFIC PROOF

    my sixth sense sees him hard at work, the wheels turning, head nearly exploding …… will a post emerge from all this, or just ….. silence?

    developing …..

    1. Yea, but, how wide, deep, long, climate, temperature, toilet flushes, moonlight position, axial disturbances, retrograde forces, or other things that Billy didn’t mention that Mahesh is going to focus on? If he carries on like that then I’m going to expect him to obtain the blueprints to S4 and post them on the internet since he feels like the Plejaran’s are here to spoon feed Earth Humanity making what Billy is doing appear to be “easy”.

  3. Unfortunately, there isn’t any level of proof these deniers could see that will move them to change their beliefs. And the others that are agenda driven, i.e., paid, they will continue their path that helps keep them in their comfort zone. I think nothing, short of a truly shocking and life changing event that effects them personally, can help them.

    And help is what they need.

    Ideas that make people think along different lines are desperately needed for our civilization to survive. We can continue to beat stupid/agenda-driven/religious people over the head, but it’s not gonna necessarily help….unfortunately.

    Human beings are totally programmable. But you have to be able to reset them once you change their software.

    Michael mines for the last of those who wish to see, but will they?

  4. I opened my eyes around about 5 years or so…. . I. Have a peaceful resolve inside….because of the proved information….Time and time again, It is Clear as Crystal … that He is the Real Deal…

  5. I was under the impression that killing or the death penalty was unacceptable . Where is the development or plan for the island or banishment ? Killing people is pretty crude . So really what is there to do here . We do not have the intent to admire life , in all forms to begin with . No , we collectively extinct a thousand plant and animal species a day ! Lets just send in a force or a drone or even a collective peace keeping force to do what ? Kill more ? The scurge needs to be collected , yes . Killed , no . Because we cannot work it out does not mean a slaying of anyone is right . Its no better than beheading someone because you had a problem with their existence .

    We were suppose to organize to put together rational thinking bodies of various continents that work together to solve problems . All too often killing does nothing to solve problems . It only creates more . Innocent people usually out number the guilty . But already determined . Billy said that the death penalty was not the answer . Just a pump the brakes moment . And in the grand scheme of reality . Nobody should rally cry for death . Its not a solution , just an extension or allowance for the problem to continue . Even if it is the next life . We have to think . Control our emotions and realize how far we have to go to attain the goals we all want to attain . In reality , which is harsh and not what we want to hear , is that this outcome we all strive to shapparone in is nothing we will ever see in our lifetime . It is something we have to pump the brakes along the way to miss the perils along the way . Death is not an answer . Killing is not an answer . Capture the instance or offender and go ahead send them to an island , not a death or a drone strike or a lethal injection . The work needed to affect the future generations was not done and only lengthens the process of learning and getting right with the creation .

    1. Killing in SELF-DEFENSE is allowable, is a right and a responsibility if one’s life or the life of others are threatened.

      What Meier has plainly stated is that the mentality of the radical Islamic terrorists is completely inaccessible to reason, without compassion or conscience. When faced with an enemy that declares its terms so clearly, that openly states that ti would – and will if given the opportunity – kill 500 million people (or more) to attain its goals, then an armed force MUST be assembled to deal witht he terrorists. Of course part of the approach is to request that they lay down their arms and surrender, for trial, imprisonment, etc.

      For those truly peace loving people who are unwilling or incapable of understanding this, a very rude awakening is underway.

  6. No surprise Nigel Farage is making alot of sense again.
    Greatest cultural and political mistake made in the US and Europe was to believe and promote the idea that multiculturalism and diversity are a “strenght” for our societies. The evidence is clear through history that the mixing of different races, cultures and hereditary backgrounds leads to violence. If I remember correctly Billy and the Plejaren also emphasized this fact. Mark Weber spells out the evidence very clearly for those in doubt.

    1. Ah, google, the thing that we were all…born with! Well we’ll let people review and consider your argument.

      Of course you again make the mistake regarding what it means to…publish something:

      a : to make generally known
      b : to make public announcement of
      a : to disseminate to the public
      b : to produce or release for distribution; specifically : print 2c
      c : to issue the work of (an author)

      All of Meier’s CR seem to fit the definition quite nicely.

    2. P.S. You have been asked now innumerable times to simply take a stand, to express your position on the Meier case.

      However people view your arguments, your consistent, defiant refusal to do so marks you as a coward in my book. It’s simply odious that you not only refuse to express a plain, straight HONEST opinion about the case but that you collected much valuable Meier material under what appears to be false pretenses. Meier’s taken the heat and dodged 22 attempts by his fellow human beings for his troubles…and you hide like a little evasive, profiteering wimp. Yes, certain words that I’m sure you would call ad hominem are appropriate when describing wormy and weaselly behavior.

    3. Really Mahesh, that’s your only reply just google it? In case you didn’t realize the internet was not available to the public until Mosaic was started in 1993. Wikipedia never started until 2001 and your sweet little google was released in 2005. So for you to claim that Billy Meier just googled anything he needed to know is just retarded.

        1. It’s not that, Mahesh is lookin’ for a suit and tie that’s cleaner than a bar of soap. Michael Meier has legions of camouflage chameleon ninjas scalin’ buildings for this information. I’m sure he can deconstruct Mark Five Sneakers as well.

          Any way, it’s an everlasting game with Earth Humanity where only the players change and everybody just gets 1 man. So with that, maybe we can ask Billy Horn about the recent events in Europe and where we are going now.

    4. I was into this case back in …………..1983 ……. The internet age of later just gave me
      More undeniable evidence of what i’d already researched .and of course 1st hand credible knowledge of my own !(which is ultimately why i was researching in the first place )
      How old are YOU … 20 ?

    5. It must be terribly frustrating for Mahesh not to find a publication date for a “largest dinosaur” publication in Patagonia earlier than Meier’s 1987 CR 221 date. It seems it was so frustrating, in fact, that he has fallen back to the name-calling of lost causes by questioning Meier’s integrity… if only Meier could take a lie detector test or something… hold on a minute. Well, I guess the only way to determine if he is telling the truth is to look at the evidence he HAS provided and that has not been tampered with and test that using the best scientific equipment… oh wait!

      I would personally like to thank Mahesh for establishing that the earliest known publication date of a Patagonian “largest” dinosaur discovery was 1990: – a full 3 years after Meier’s 1987 report. This is the kind of assistance Mahesh used to give the case before all those freebies went to his head and before he started calling Billy a liar, you know, the good old days when Mahesh would trawl the internet looking for corroborations and when accusations like this had to be proven before being given as statements of fact. Oh, I miss those days.

      I also think that credit is due for Mahesh laying out the nigh-on impossible odds that Meier had to deal with by stating that the largest dinosaur was to be found in Patagonia as can be concluded from the other link on his UFO-profit website which references the many other possible places that a “largest” dinosaur has been (and therefore could have also been) found:
      …Truly impossible odds when you really think about it, especially when correlated with all the other impossible odds of Meier’s other correct corroborations. I mean, if Meier was just reporting on already known discoveries, you would really have to be a moron profiteer, stupid, or, something not to realise that Meier didn’t publish ANY information just after the fact that was later… proved false by scientists later, or after the known publication dates. I’m so happy that I am not THAT stupid.

      1. Excellent and please let everyone recall that in The Silent Revolution of Truth, we DID bring in an expert consultant to the US military who teaches how to quickly and accurately read body language.

        He took his time and carefully assessed both Meier and Phobol Cheng for HONESTY…and gave them both a thumbs up.

        Now I wonder how well certain…skeptics here would do under similar circumstances. Maybe they’re playing it very safe by refusing to even answer the simplest of questions. But, as has been pointed out many times before, “No answer is also an answer”, and we don’t even have to see them not moving their lips to know that their body language would still betray them.

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