Too Stupid to Survive?

UPDATE: January 31, 2015

The Dark Ages are indeed further encroaching on sleepy humanity.


More evidence that big, stupid species don’t survive

A recent article titled ‘Biggest dinosaur ever’ discovered reveals that the fossils of this gigantic creature were discovered in… Patagonia.

Let’s just walk through a couple of indisputable facts; indisputable if you aren’t a brain dead skeptic.

Meier’s information below was first published in 1987. It was also verifiably translated into English and posted on the internet in June 2010*, about four years before this “new, official discovery”. Now, unless you are among the walking brain dead, which may also include politicians, religious fundamentalists, scientists, university professors, etc., you’ll easily recognize the ironclad nature of what constitutes a legal standard of proof of prior publication. If you have any trouble with that, please stop now, go to church, a political meeting, your local university, etc., and don’t trouble yourself with actually…thinking.

Billy: Since we’re already talking about large trees, I would like to ask you a question about the dinosaurs again. Which ones were the largest and where did they live?
60. The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.
61. These were the so-called long-neck dinosaurs, whose largest specimens reached up to 60 meters in length and exhibited a weight of around 135 tons.
62. This was the largest land animal that ever existed on the Earth.
Billy: And what about the time – when did these animals live, and were there any predatory dinosaurs that killed these magnificent animals? Have any skeletons, etc. of such giant beasts already been found by the earthly paleontologists?
63. To my knowledge, still no such findings have been made by the earthly paleontologists.
64. And as for the time when these giant animals lived, this must have been, to my knowledge, around 100 million years ago.
65. The long-necked dinosaurs possessed tails that were about as long as their necks were to their heads.

Please also note that the actual size of this particular specimen fits well within that which the Plejaren provided to Meier…as does the time period.

In case you object to the assumption about the existence of the Plejaren, let’s just restate the actual…facts:

Scientists, in 2014 discovered what they said is “the largest creature to walk the Earth”, in Patagonia.

In 1987, Billy Meier was given and first published information saying that, “The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.”

Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information was published…27 years before “official discovery”.

How did he get that information if not exactly as he said he did, from the Plejaren?

If you haven’t at this point called everyone you know to tell them that you’ve just read (more) ironclad proof of Billy Meier’s prophetic scientific accuracy and that you now know that Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrials are absolutely authentic…then there’s something stone cold wrong with you.

Stop and…Get Going

Speaking of possible dinosaurs, or those who may meet the same fate, here’s a few words to the 700,000 people who marched in France:

Stop marching and help to form a worldwide military coalition to stop those subhumans.

I don’t want to be a party pooper but hasn’t also occurred to anyone that thousands of unarmed civilians make pretty easy targets for determined, demented killers? At the risk of using politically incorrect terminology for the analogy, let’s not be the proverbial…frogs sitting in a pot of water that are also turning the heat up past the boiling point on themselves.

Sleeper Cells

There’s also a new warning reported on CNN about the suspected activation of so-called “sleeper cells” that could be targeting French police forces.


Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders made a particularly courageous statement, regarding what should correctly be termed radical Islamic fundamentalism, that echoes the warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren. Certainly there are things to take issue with but the essence is true: radical Islam is spreading its murderous mission and the West is apparently too weak to recognize and respond to it appropriately. More dinosaurs?

One More Time

Warnings from Meier dating back to 1958 about that which is now upon us…will send the world back to the Dark Ages if the spineless weaklings and wimps, the politically correct, the profiteers, the escapists transfixed by their techno-toys and phantasmagoria aren’t slapped upside the head by their friends – because their enemies simply want to cut those heads off.

Will Europe (and the West) really “wake-up”, now that what Meier specifically warned of, in 1981 and 1987, is manifesting in plain sight?

Big, stupid species don’t survive if they don’t evolve and adapt to conditions. If we don’t want to become fossilized relics to be discovered by possible future visitors to a barren, self-destroyed world, we’d best get about the business of dealing with the threats to our very threatened future survival. As we’ve said for well over a decade, the Meier contacts are the key to assuring it.

One more time for the attention deficient:

Scientists, in 2014 discovered what they said is “the largest creature to walk the Earth”, in Patagonia.

In 1987, Billy Meier was given and first published information saying that, “The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.”

Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information was published…27 years before “official discovery”.

How did he get that information if not exactly as he said he did, from the Plejaren?

Got it now?


*NOTE:  Contact Report 221 was also published in German in 2004 in Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte block 5.

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Thanks to Tom Day, Ken Smith and Annie Newman for the information.

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  1. Another point I forgot to mention is that the western countries and our “coalitions” have for decades attacked the middle eastern (muslim) countries. Its not just about “evil muslims” attacking for no reason, the pendulum is beginning to hit back hard.
    “Paris shootings: Listen to terrorist Amedy Coulibaly’s bizarre conversation with hostage during supermarket siege.
    The jihadist was heard claiming his attack – and the Charlie Hebdo massacre – were motivated by French military action in Mali and Syria”
    The concept of blowback should by now be evident to us all.
    Terrorism: Ron Paul vs. Giuliani @ SC Debate 2008

    1. I ju7st heard on WABC TV that these moronic religious extremist are planning to attack the US big cities such as LOs Angeles,Chicago, New York City etc etc, etc. The police in New York City are taking no chances and are beefing security all over the city and everwhere! Also theses stupid religious fanatics are also planning attacks in London, Paris, Sydney Austrialia, and possibly elsewhere around Planet Stupid. “People of Earth STILL REF– — — USE to and CLING to their religious beliefs which will surly bring WW3,WW4, and on and on and on etc”! I don`t have to remind everone that this world is STIIL behaving like two year olds playing with fire! “Better to be a Q than put up this limited religious political childish moronic nonsence behaviore”!

        1. MH, What are the hive mind plan to use,dirty bombs, nuclear bombs etc Insidently These inhuman thugs are also raising the ISIS flag too along with El Kyda slugs! What next WW3, so theses criminals just want their WW3 so they can say we went to Alah? Well you can just tell those inhumane thugs that “THERE IS NO MECCA AND NO ALAH”!

  2. The dinosaurs had around 150+ million years to roam the earth, As they within themselves, followed the laws and recommendations of ‘creation’, as they are ‘it’, just as everything is.
    We can only make it a couple thousand years before it falls and has to be rebuilt again. These large animals could teach us something about survival, as they did for so long. Though we as the thinking creatures seem to be way worse off in these regards. As we so easily loose the ability to find logic in the most basic array of information and circumstances. Our lack of self responsibility, amongst other things very much connected to ‘creation’, will end the large diversity of life that most certainly seemed to exist with these large creatures at the helm. We seem to be in many ways worse than these creatures…. what a shame to think, how stupid we have and continue to be. They not only dwarf us in size, but also logic in existing on our world. In a few thousand years we will hopefully be gone of into the cosmos ones again. Leaving our world, that we will have plundered at the expense of the long since gone creatures we took for granted, in more ways than one.

    1. I agree, dinosaurs lived in line with Creation with their instinct-consciousness and evolved for hundreds of millions of years. They would have continued to evolve in harmony with the rest of nature seemingly forever, and not killed themselves out. But alas the asteroid… So dinosaurs are not stupid! Earth humans on the other hand, who are likely to wipe THEMSELVES out in far, far, far less time, are the stupid ones here.

      1. Yes Anthony, it seems being what could eventually be called human, we are very unique in being able to bend, contort, twist the laws and recommendations of creation. As we do very much seem to be the epiphany of creations, creations. No other animal has the ability to bend the interpretation of such great force, with the power of our conscious thoughts. Truly having this part-piece of creational energy, as we do, allows capabilities beyond many others. Our only hope will be to leave this world, as we have had to do so many times before, in our past. Though it most definitely will not be because of an asteroid, but our own ingenious way of coming back to ‘creation’.
        Though as far as can remember, we will finally all leave this world when our sun is no longer capable of supporting it. Seems like that will be a long ways off, for how we count time at least.

        1. I am with you Philip. And nicely said, ” No other animal has the ability to bend the interpretation of such great force, with the power of our conscious thoughts. Truly having this part-piece of creational energy, as we do, allows capabilities beyond many others.” But keep in mind this “part-piece of creational energy” inside of us is the spirit-form; and all living things have spirits too. The differences among life-forms has to do with their consciousnesses. Humans have a conscious-Creative-evolutive consciousness, animals have an instinct consciousness, and plants have an impulse consciousness, for examples. . The human beings conscious consciousness-evolution consciousness, as you have pointed out gives us free will “like no other life-form” to either walk in line with Creation or completely against it. Humans can learn when they go against the laws of Creation too; people then make mistakes because they are bucking the Universe, and they have the ability with their conscious minds to understand Creation and then make corrections to be in line. Animals for instance just instinctively live in line with Creation. They can not think to go against it or ignore it.

          Only humans, in the entire Universe, have the consciousness to go completely against Creation if they want to. This free will, unique to human beings, gives us the ability to totally disregard Creation, like is happening today on Earth, and try to live outside or even against it. Which of course is illogical. Because even the most vile, religious, materialistic, warmongering, etc. human beings are still a part-piece of the Creation/Universe. Which in turn these same people have a part-piece of Creation inside them called a spirit-form which connects them to the rest of the Universe.


  3. I haven’t really delved into the site too much but they claim to be objective an neutral on this particular site. Would you say they have other motives and are out to defame the case.


  4. Yeah the reason I ask is of course I want to present the info on my own website. Though I think it is important to do so in a neutral way. In a non bias way. Letting people make their own conclusions. Do you think it would be important for me to take a stance on the case. For or against.

    1. I think you have to work out how you proceed. Making your position known though is a good idea when you have made up your own mind. And of course if people present credible information to the contrary, then you have the opportunity to deal with that too.

      1. I have no doubts about the case being authentic. Though I do not want people to think that I have an ulterior motive and pushing my view. I could be wrong, though I think it would take away from the credibility of the site and its effectiveness of reaching more people if I present it any other way. I think a staunch view can scare people away. The idea is to open the case up to more people then they can follow those leads to other sources like your own to get a better picture. Do you see my angle.

        1. You can have a place where you post your own editorial opinions, nothing wrong with that. People will then know where you stand nd they can offer their opinions pro and con. It’s fine to do so. Since you do have an opinion you don’t want to pretend that you don’t…like the guys who have a smile on their face telling us they’re just investigators, etc., while they’re trying to undermine the truth.

          So anyone who supports the case should be willing to let it be known so there’s no mystery.

          1. I haven’t seen anything disingenuous from the authors at those websites.

            First, there is nothing wrong with them withholding their opinion on the authenticity of the case. Mahesh, for example, was obviously formerly a supporter of the case — presumably, because he was led to believe that Meier had published dozens of pieces of scientific information before anyone else on earth knew it. Which, as it turns out, is not the case. (But, perhaps these recent corroborations are genuine examples of such). I don’t know his current opinions on the case, but it is understandable that he wishes to withhold judgment for a time when he has now found the so-called higher standard of proof severely wanting.

            One cannot undermine the truth by pointing out FACTS. They are in fact serving the truth and the mission by correcting erroneous statements that have come from FIGU and FIGU affiliates, which will hopefully prompt FIGU supporters to make more precise statements concerning the strength of the informational evidence in the case — lest the bloated claims backfire, as they already have.

            It is just common sense that if Meier in fact never PRIOR published any of this scientific info, then the informational evidence in the case is well short of ironclad.

            I think I understand the source of MH’s confusion, and why he continues to bring up “means, motive, and opportunity” when he claims the informational evidence “proves” the case’s authenticity. I think it arose from those crime dramas he likes to watch and talk about. A prosecutor must prove a defendants guilt beyond a reasonable doubt — which indeed includes a showing of the defendants means, motive and opportunity (MMO) — and MH assumed that Mahesh was calling Meier a hoaxer, and therefore Mahesh must show MMO to win the debate.

            But Mahesh never claimed Meier a hoaxer, and this isn’t a court room. In a rational discourse, it is incumbent upon the person making the claim to “carry the burden of proof”, not upon the other person to disprove it. MH claimed the case could be PROVEN — beyond a shadow of a doubt — through the informational evidence alone. Mahesh, by demonstrating that in every case Meier did not in fact prior publish, gave us plenty to open up a shadow of a doubt in regards to MH’s claim.

            This is such an obvious thing, and I don’t know why it is controversial and difficult for people to acknowledge and accept. One more try to make it clear: Let’s pretend it’s not Meier and MH we are talking about, but me and someone named Smith. I say Smith has written 160 specific bits of scientific information. NONE of the 160 bits were published before someone else on earth had written the same thing (though in some cases, Smith published only a couple months after the original source of the information!). I say Smith MUST therefore be in contact with ET’s to have written so much accurate info. You would rightly be thought a kook if you agreed with me.

            Logically, it doesn’t matter how obscure the journal was, if the relevant information was available, it is far more likely Meier got the info from a terrestrial source. (BTW, if we wanted to go into Meier’s MMO to hoax — libraries have academic journals, he could have found very recent ones and started writing.).

            I’m not saying Meier is a hoaxer (in fact, I don’t think he is), but MH’s claim was too strong and too sweeping and strains credulity. Mahesh demonstrated the informational evidence alone does not fully prove the authenticity of the case. But whether the case should be deemed as authentic based on the totality of the evidence — physical, witnesses, informational, and, indeed, including Meier’s MMO or lack thereof to hoax– this is a separate question.

            This shouldn’t be that controversial. All I am suggesting is that we should be more reserved, conservative, and precise when we talk about this or that proves the case, lest the fallacious claims backfire and serve to discredit the case. On the one hand, I am sympathetic to MH because I believe he really does KNOW the case to be true, based on his experiences and other evidence…but I don’t understand why he continues to talk bad about Mahesh and his fellow researchers when he should be thanking them for correcting his erroneous claims.

            1. One more time, there are no fallacious claims and for people who actually understand what’s going on this isn’t an exercise in mental masturbation. It isn’t an online game between those who’ve actually done the research – and thought it through – and those whose worldview is based on the misconception that they were born out of a CD player on their parents’ computer.

              It isn’t a fact that Meier “never PRIOR published any of this scientific info” so the argument based on and encompassing that erroneous statement is fallacious. And this is equally absurd, “Logically, it doesn’t matter how obscure the journal was, if the relevant information was available, it is far more likely Meier got the info from a terrestrial source.” simply based on the known FACTS, which these specious arguments simply overlook and yes, MMO, DISPROVES them.

              You and Mahesh and Simon are woefully unfamiliar with how real life works, with the established facts of Meier’s life – he probably has the most DOCUMENTED life of anyone you can imagine – and are most likely all babies of the digital age. The ability to think, as opposed to only use a search engine, is disappearing faster than the glaciers are melting.

            1. Well since we’ve all had our own process in terms of discovering and evaluating the Meier material, despite any contentiousness, etc., if people are sincere in wanting to determine the truth then the end result will probably be good.

              I do feel it’s important to be clear in determining and expressing one’s position. I think that someone who’s been investigating the case in a serious manner for the past six years or so shouldn’t be tongue-tied when asked for their conclusions so far…especially when they’re portraying themselves as investigators, collecting original documentation, etc. – and when they’re now essentially trying to (by their own words) “deconstruct” the evidence, etc.

          2. “Publishing is the process of production and dissemination of literature, music, or information — the activity of making information available to the general public.”

            “making information available to the general public”…Lets also remember that Meier was doing what he was doing before the age of the internet (Which he predicted) long before anything was posted up on the web for the world to see. Before you say he didn’t publish (Make known to the general public) his information first you have to prove that. And by proving that you can’t compare information posted to the internet by FIGU, etc. years/decades later as his only publications. We have to ask how did Meier publish his information in Switzerland before it was posted on the internet. Was his information printed and disseminated among various people, does he have these publications on record, etc.? And then he kept his contacts detailed with dates and time, if you want to say he lied about those too then that’s on you but do to his accuracy of truth telling I can’t call him a liar.

            If I made music today not putting it on the internet but burning it to a CD and selling it or sharing it with every person I saw am I not making it known to the general public especially if it is disseminated by those who I shared it with? Or because it wasn’t uploaded to the web first and someone copied or made music similar to mines does it mean I didn’t do it first? And again Meier speaks of what he says as it is already known to him which is a big difference if you’re comparing it to speculations. We have to start differentiating knowledge and belief or fact from theory.

            Meier spoke of things beyond Earth’s atmosphere corroborated by scientist years/decades later. Now if you’re going to tell me this man knew these things by making a quick guess an EXTREMELY specific guess then you’re fooling your own damn self. And then lets make it clear just because our scientist don’t corroborate Meier’s information exactly the way he says it doesn’t make him wrong it’s probably the other way around because as the P’s proved our scientist still have a lot to learn. They are not on the level of the Plejaren or Meier so lets not take all their word for it and think just because they say something different Meier or his information is totally wrong. They still think humans came from apes at least the one’s that don’t believe in some imaginary god lets wait and see how they corroborate Meier’s information on human evolution and see what idiot comes and says he didn’t say it first.

            And by the way many things he’s said over the years are happening right before our eyes. If reality isn’t clear enough to make a logical judgment on the Meier case then there’s no help for the “Walking Dead”.

          3. And I’ll say one last thing just for the sake of helping people think. If Meier was supposedly copying all those people’s theories and writing them down in his contacts as if he knew they were facts wouldn’t he be setting himself up for failure? And where are those people who supposedly published these things before him since publication is now what people are using to try and discredit these corroborations what else do they know or have published that measures up to Meier’s information?

            Stop playing yourselves!

            1. P.S. Don’t be surprised if, as knowledge and awareness of the irrefutable authenticity of the Meier case spreads, suddenly we find people like Mahesh…TAKING CREDIT for it, claiming that they were really champions of the case and the truth “all along” and were just “doing their part” to stimulate awareness, etc.

              It’ll be a hard sell when their focus really was on deconstructing how someone else came to their conclusions, made their claims, etc. The open, honest commitment that they seek to avoid at all costs to stating their OWN position, and their own claims, conclusions, reasons for them, etc., may later serve as a good example of what to NOT do if one aspires to live the truth in every aspect of their lives.

          1. Andy you’ve got to consider that just because Michael is a US rep for FIGU with Billy’s blessings doesn’t mean that everything that Michael says or does Billy necessarily agrees with as Michael is free to act on his own volition therefore even the nature of the claims he makes.
            Having said that Billy wasn’t the one who used to words Ironclad to describe his evidence nor did he claim that he was the first to prophetically publish information prior to any terrestrial sources.
            Also having said in order for anybody to determine the authenticity of this case does not solely rest on whether Billy published his information before anybody else on earth but the nature of the content of the information extending to physical evidence, photos, video footage etc.
            So why are people who should have already determined the authenticity of the case long time ago now suddenly fixated on this aspect of the case just because a US rep has made claims that Billy has publish his info prophetically prior to everyone else?
            Once again Billy has never come out and declared that he was the first to publish such anf such information prior to others then surely people who have objections should direct their objections and queries to Billy

            1. Again, Meier has published specific information, not as theory but as fact, when others have mainly theorized things, sometimes not stating that which was precisely, ultimately determined to be factually true that aligns with what Meier stated.

              Of course it’s also true that none of the similar information was even discovered using the internet until well after the original searches were performed. How then did Meier provably have access to it? And because of the wide variety of information – please look at EVERYTHING that Meier published in contact 221, for instance – a rational, thinking, logical, objective person…falls all over themselves in awe and amazement. They do IF they have any real life experience, are knowledgeable about the actual, on-site investigation and that pesky old…MMO.

              The amateurs, the snipes, skeptics and know-it-alls can’t, I guarantee you, tell you exactly where THEY were and what they did on Wednesday, December 30, 1987, 1:04 PM…unless of course they were still in their mother’s wombs…or in the CD drive that they may think gave birth to them.

              So, if one DOES understand all of these factors, stating that they constitute ironclad evidence of Meier’s authenticity is an OBVIOUS statement.

          2. Let’s go back to the time after Billy gained core group members when the SSSC was being purchased and wotked on.
            To my knowledge those core group or the original inner circle members were most likely given inside knowledge of so many events to transpire in the future before the publication of contact report for mass consumption.
            Now aren’t their testimony also important piece of the puzzle.
            They must have had a diary with recorded events which was private in nature but like a photo snap, it recorded the events as it unfolded.
            Then surely even if they could be acused of collusion what is undeniable is the carbo dateable diaries of not just one but several members whose words with consistently match with one another not to mention having peripheral witnesses in the form of other family members outside of the group who may have been confided with inside information in the early phase of the contact.

            1. Meier was disseminating and sharing the CRs with people too, from a very early time. We also know that his information was spreading across Europe.

              And of course Wendelle Stevens and the investigators started to collect their own copies of the CRs beginning in about 1978.

              Now, if all of this really isn’t clear to Mahesh, Andy and Simon…maybe we should have some compassion for the rest of the world that doesn’t even know about this material. Certainly we can see what so-called interested parties can be capable of in terms of avoiding, obfuscating, distorting, etc. – the truth.

          3. J,

            Have you not read Mahesh’s site? I’m not saying Meier guessed at anything. I’m saying that Mahesh and his fellow researchers have shown that every scientific bit of info that has been held out as a confirmation of Meier’s knowing something before any terrestrial scientist is no such thing — in every case they have looked at, someone had already published the same thing.

            I thought we had all agreed on this, when MH went to hanging his hat solely on MMO.

            When you bring up Meier already distributing something, but not properly publishing it, things start to look even worse. You opened a can of worms you probably wish you wouldnt have. Take the Ice Man “corroboration” for instance. Meier did not publish or disseminate anything about this mummy before its discovery. But he did distribute something right after it happened. The arrow in the Ice Man’s back wasn’t found until well after discovery of the mummy itself. When the arrow head was eventually found, this was understandably held as a striking corroboration of Meier’s foreknowledge. BUT, the problem is that when one looks at Meier’s early disseminated info on the Ice Man, the detail about the arrow was left out. The arrow info was only inserted into Meier’s later publications of the contact report–AFTER the arrow had already been found by those studying the mummy.

            Whether the Meier case is true or not (again, I think it is), if people should continue to hold out this Ice Man thing as an example of Meier knowing something before anyone on earth, than this is down right fraudulent.

            I suppose this is the problem, the disagreement as spelled out by MH: “It isn’t a fact that Meier ‘never PRIOR published any of this scientific info’…”
            I actually thought that MH had already basically conceded this when he had backed away from talking of the case being proved ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt’ by the information evidence alone, and moved to the weaker claim that the case is true based on the preponderance of evidence when the case is seen in its entirety (as he does below) — but apparently he, and you, yet maintains that Meier had indeed usurped scientists on a number of things.

            Again, have you read Mahesh’s work? Where, J and MH, has Meier in fact done this???

            I think iamphoney got it right below — and MH actually agreed — when he said that the P’s (if they exist) have not allowed any of truly prior published examples into the material. At least, this is how it now appears, thanks to Mahesh’s deconstruction. He has not found any genuine examples of prior publishing — or disseminating — so what are you referring to J?

            “And I’ll say one last thing just for the sake of helping people think (thanks!)”: Please realize that in a debate when one simply insults the other and otherwise distracts from the argument at hand, it only reeks of desperation, flailing and loss. I — and Mahesh, as far as I can tell — were simply trying to have a honest and open discussion, which time and again quickly devolves into a frustrating and pathetic insult fest.

            1. Pardon my lack of patience at this point. If you really knew what you were talking about it would refreshing. So you’re saying that the Meier case is authentic but you disagree…STOP.

              That’s the only important point, to determine for oneself whether the case is authentic…at least for those who, after years of looking at it, for unknown reasons still can’t just blurt out their conclusions but want to milk their inability to think comprehensively and deductively for all it isn’t worth. So now you’ve said it’s authentic. Good. Move on. Do something with and about it if you wish. You don’t like or agree with my perspective as to what supports the case. Fine, you determined it through other means. Still, since you have ZERO actual knowledge of how, with and to whom Meier was sharing his contact reports back in the 1970s, plus no understanding that they were indeed in print and being circulated even by Wendelle Stevens, your conjecture and that of Mahesh in this regard is off base and useless.

              The real point is that you make your determination about the Meier case. That’s it.

              Of course in a few years, after Mahesh has realized that he isn’t going to end up representing the case if he keeps up his disingenuous, conniving, weasel-like ways…he may just be ready to announce his position on it.

              But at this point, with such a disgraceful and contemptuous performance, honestly…who cares?

          1. I admire MH forthrightness in dealing with matters, whether friend or not so much friend, the answers are the same and it shows when the wash has dried, no need to beat around the bush to beat the bush.

  5. From the BBC News article, “Based on its huge thigh bones, it was 40m (130ft) long and 20m (65ft) tall.

    Weighing in at 77 tonnes, it was as heavy as 14 African elephants…”

    “Scientists believe it is a new species of titanosaur – an enormous herbivore dating from the Late Cretaceous period.”

    Since Quetzal said the animal existed to his knowledge about 100 million years ago that would put it in the late Cretaceous. And since Quetzal said that this beast could “reach up to” ( talking about a mature adult) “60 meters” and “135 tons,” this Patagonia find is well within the parameters of a young adult or even juvenile titanosaur. And it is typical in paleontology to find the younger animals first if they are going to find them, because they are the weakest and most susceptible to predators. But after a certain size, even the typical size sauropods not to mention these new titanosaurs, are big enough to avoid all predators. So it would be much, much rarer to find an old adult on first find, when according to the BBC article, “They unearthed the partial skeletons of seven individuals – about 150 bones in total – all in “remarkable condition”.” However The fact that there were sooo many animals and in “remarkable condition” could very well indicate that these beasts got buried suddenly and not killed by predators, AND even avoiding scavengers. Predators never get the whole herd, just the weakest. Since there are seven skeletons, this could be the better part of a herd and a good population to get a full grown adult skeleton.

    So, like the BBC News article finishes with Dr Paul Barrett “”So it’s interesting to hear another really huge sauropod has been discovered, but ideally we’d need much more material of these supersized animals to determine just how big they really got.” So, it is very possible, BUT NOT CONCLUSIVE, that this BBC News article is talking about the SAME dinosaur that Quetzal was talking about. The supersized dinosaur that Q is talking about is still 20 meters longer and almost twice as heavy. This is not “stone cold” proof for Meier, but very, very close.

      1. thanks… but I can’t take all the credit. I just love watching dinosaur documentaries. You know the kind with all the CG dinos? They make me feel like I have time traveled!

      2. Well Michael the CNs of the 1975 to 1980 era contained treasure trove of information that are as valid today as it was back then.
        You may as well called it an autobiography containing personal activities.
        Then surely we could construct a timeline of events from day to day of Billy’s activities, his wheteabouts, the people he was with and couple this with the regular sundry activities like taking care of the family, going to work as security guard as we would call it in OZ, working the SSSC and gardens, dropping his kids to school, having breakfast lunch and dinner, sleeping, showering, writing, and on and on and on and splitting these activities in the 24 hours timeframe and the to ask yourself how was it possible if he hsd faked it all.
        And the only conclusion is there ain’t enough time to stuff around meaning it would have been impossible to concoct and perpetuate a hoax due to lack of time.

        1. Exactly and of course a lot is also known about his life, with photographs from around age four, info about his teachers, the priest, his family, etc.

          How many of these people can actually prove where they were and what they were doing at almost any specific date and time five years ago?

          MMO, thinking, it’s been said many, many times but its also been said that human beings are…VERY slow learners.

    1. Quetzal provided few key-words “long-neck dinosaurs”, “Patagonia”, “largest”, and that the largest reached up to ” “60 meters” and “135 tons,”. This data is very specific. Also think this specimen is a juvenile and/or further refinements to the calculation would be done in future and perhaps larger specimen found in the same area to more closely match Quezal info.

    2. Well you are preaching to the choir Michael but I am not the one who doesn’t want to get it.
      On the strength of what has transpired up to now I am beginning to suspect that the real issue is not about this but totally something opposite of what is being lead towards.
      I deal with a lot of people in my line of work and you literally get the whole zoo full of them but the most interesting ones are the wolves in sheeps clothing who are cunning, deft, tricky, calculating and slitheringly slimy behind the mask within a mask within a mask.
      What you find they are very good at is putting up fake appearance whilst behind their two eyeballs they are constantly scheming for opportunites and laying the foundation towards their objectives.
      Simply put they’ll create an issue and misdirect people’s attention away from letting their true intention be known and at the end of their scheme they’ll create a legitimate grievances by which their subsequent actions no matter how badly intentioned would be justified and the impact downplayable.
      Nice trick of course

        1. Then what’s with Andy’s position all of a sudden.
          Either you are for or against the truth.
          This also means by defending those against the truth you are by right also being against the truth.

          1. My position all along, and still, is that the case is authentic. But I cannot view the informational evidence as quite so ironclad now, thanks to Mahesh’s work. That’s all. But the preponderance of evidence I think would still lead most people to the conclusion that the case is real.

            Who said Mahesh is “against the truth.” Again, as far as I can tell, all he has done is uncover FACTS — by definition, “truth.”

            My only stake in this fight concerns bloated claims as to the strenght of the informational evidence. It makes suppoters of the case look ridiculous — or worse, liars — when they say the informational evidence proves the case, because as Mahesh has shown, there are apparently zero examples of Meier actually prior publishing anything. I stand to be corrected — but as far as I can tell iamphoney got it right when he said even the informational evidence is not allowed to be ironclad in of itself.

            Why is anything disagreeable to MH’s or FIGU’s claim deemed nefarious, mental masturbation? Even Meier has spoken about the need for healthy disagreement, and challenging the case. Recent comments here smack of cultic, believing behavior.

            1. Actually it makes people that run this nonsense look like teenage, armchair experts who’ve never taken their lazy butts out of their houses to see how real life works.

              You still don’t get it. Meier publishes a couple hundred specific examples of scientific information that is UNAVAILABLE to him – unless and until POVED otherwise…which it STILL HASN’T BEEN. The latest example with the Patagonia discovery is screaming at you. Are you REALLY TOO dense to understand all of the things offered by people on this blog that make the information simply amazing for Meier to have published…FIRST?

              There’s nothing wrong with disagreement. There IS something wrong with people who can’t actually think and reason pretending that they are “investigators”. The example of learning about MMO from TV shows or reading such things as Sherlock Holmes was given since it’s clear that the concepts are completely foreign to you and maybe you’d begin to pick them up in such presentations.

              Someone accuses YOU of something. You will try to show that you couldn’t have done it because…you don’t have the means, you didn’t have the motive, or opportunity and of course they will try to prove you did. In this matter, stating that Meier “could have” had access to things that the stupid armchair experts couldn’t find for years using the internet makes the people who float such flimsy nonsense look ridiculous.

              Please do ME the favor. Pursue, declare, enjoy, etc., your knowledge that the case is authentic for any and all reasons that you find valid. Maybe even look at it this way. You found gold, even though the maps leading to it don’t exactly seem to you to be precise enough. Screw the maps, go for the gold. And maybe if and when you develop the capacity to put the pieces together on a most remarkable puzzle…you’ll realize the enormous amount of time and patience that I and others extended to you. And if you don’t and all that you come away with is the proverbial gold…great. That’s the important thing.

          2. It is interesting to think what the implications of this case being true really means. Put aside squabbling over spilled milk for a few moments and just think what it truly means on this world to have this information?
            We can fight over the information tell our world has succumb to our own stupidity. In itself, when seen as a whole, it is undeniable to me that it is beyond a shadow of a doubt authentic. Though I will say from the beginning I knew it was true, within myself, based on the spiritual teachings. As if was returning to what I was looking for and had an inkling within myself already, from within my first thoughts. Whom is this case really for if not oneself? Whom will benefit from this if not the individual going beyond what corroboration has what exact date from what time in what century. I am sure at this rate, there is more than one woman/man in Switzerland that would laugh outright at this whole thing.
            Also, looking through what Mahesh has at his disposal to make his arguments, as he does seem to post everything he has at his disposal on his website. There sure does seem to be a lot of information missing and not within his ‘collection’. Rather with the amount of information out there, he truly has very little. As much as I am aware, this man hasn’t even been to Switzerland?
            So ya we can debate this ‘cult’ and its believers tell we see that in the end it has nothing to do with dinosaurs and there bones….. or water in the world, but us as individuals coming back to ‘creation’ and finding ourselves in an overly religious world, that most definitely needs us to resolve our personal beliefs….. to see the might that we most definitely do posses within, to come back to being real humans.

  6. And btw…

    The real value in the quote from Quetzal was that he told us that this largest animal would be found in “Patagonia.” AND this is WHERE these scientists are finding these NEWLY discovered “titanosaurs.” So for me this is proof enough.

    Just like the Meier photos, even the predictions and prophecies (that show up in the mainstream news) leave a certain amount of doubt for plausible deniability. If the Plejaren and Billy are intentionally preventing “iron clad,” “stone cold” proof with the physical evidence, they certainly are also doing it with the written material, as it concerns future events to protect the consciousness of religious, material or otherwise weaker individuals. However, the Ps would NOT be doing this with the spiritual teaching, just future events and things along that nature.

    1. Of course and he did give the size estimates, etc. The ironclad nature of these things also requires that we realize – that we admit – that this doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s not a lucky guess, a fluke, a possible retroacting, etc. It’s one of what are now hundreds of specific examples and logic, studying the preponderance of evidence, considering the – here it comes – MEANS, MOTIVE and OPPORTUNITY element all lead us to deduce, to conclude that we’re faced with the most remarkable, important and…suppressed and attacked true story in all of human history.

      Perhaps somewhat unfortunately it’s being made known to a world that is, to a very large degree, full of dolts, celebrity seekers, profiteers, deluded religious believers, skeptics, etc.

      1. I should have read this post of yours, MH, and then I probably wouldn’t have been so long winded above. Your 3:42 am statement here I think most can get on bored with.

        “Preponderance of evidence” (51% certainty) based on the body of evidence as a whole — yes.

        “Beyond a shadow of a doubt” (95%) based SOLELY on info evidence alone — not so much.

        Easy for the critic to quibble, I know. But, precision of terms is good.

        And good point, iamphoney.

    2. Cultic?
      Gee Andy I swear people could’ve said the exact thing about you guys fixation and obssession with trying to deconstruct and dismantle the notion of Billy having made prior publication before other earthly sources as claimed by Michael but this whole case doesn’t rest solely on that premise alone as other proof material is abundantly available for the Skepticons to pull their hair out with.
      Now for the sake of the argument Billy ripped all his info off of other prior earthly publications he had somehow gotton a hold of out in the middle of nowhere in Hinterschmidruti or the hinterlands as we would call it in OZ then what you are essentially saying is he is a genius who has a knack or two for locating amongst hundreds of thousands of publications all over the world having a keen eye for the specific and relevant information not to mention being a speed reader as well as a typist who would’ve spent untold sums of money acquiring them dating back to the mid seventies having to have perused millions of pages by now and then to weave a very complex narrative envy of Stephen King all consistent with the main story line with not one thing missing, wrong or out of place especially without googles, bing or personal computer whilst being investigated, probbed, visited, gawked at, hounded down, shot at, interviewed and whatever else on top of fabricating his photographic evidence which he btw had intricately set up after hours upon hours of preparation with his one arm needing to have used a crane, scissorlift or elevated platform as we would call it in OZ, plenty of wires and ropes and so on without accomplices whilst doing all this behind his fellow SSSC residents all in the wee hours of the dead of night using his little moped or out of sight in broad daylight and all this on top of his day job, chores around the house, writing all his CN books and pamphets, gardening, fixing, building etc in close proximity on most hours of the day to other witnesses?
      That’s not all of course but the most crucial and critical or even damning source such as his betrayer from the inner circle such as his exwife, the shubach brothers and others that fell out of FIGU NEVER once mentioned or even used as a weapon against Billy about him having to have ripped off other earthly publications when, if it was true, they could’ve and definitely would’ve used such a damning evidence against him.
      So how do you personally and realisically think he did it or how would you have done it right here right now to replicate what Billy had written and all his evidence put forth if you were to be asked to do it with the current circumstances that you are in and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the help of the internet and a car at your disposal?
      Time would definitely be a factor would it not?

  7. So there will be larger dinosaurs discovered. Unfortunately for Mahesh they will be found, not elsewhere, but in Patagonia. He should have held his silence and written only when a bigger saur cones home — elsewhere. Then and only then would Meier and Quetzal be proven wrong. Mahesh will no doubt be holding out forevermore for an elsewhere Titanosaur. What is very interesting here is that Meier has gone on record saying specifically where and what size the largest saur ever existed, and probably found, will be; although he doesn’t actually say we will find it, we probably will.

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