The 10% Solution

Or: Terrorists don’t care and they don’t sing kumbaya

It’s certainly heartening to hear that over 3 million people gathered together in solidarity in France. And I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but let’s be sober enough to know that genocidal terrorists aren’t concerned with how many…unarmed people line the streets, wave their flags, express sadness and outrage, etc.

As I previously suggested they might even view such things as opportunities, though certainly there’d be some armed presence to contend with. There are already indications that they are using their familiarity with modern tools (usually reserved for more inane but less potentially harmful communications) to pursue every means of destabilization.

But would we even be having these situations and events if people had paid attention to the warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, dating back to 1958, 1981, 1987, 1995, etc.?

Why must we always hear, “Why didn’t somebody warn us?” – about terrorism, climate change, global warming, nuclear disasters, etc.?

A Better, 10% Solution

Indeed it’s good to know how many people are at least philosophically opposed to radical fundamentalist Islam. But this isn’t the 60s anymore and humanity will have to awaken from its feel-good mentality if we are to survive. We’ll have to also get past political posturing and treating everything with the kind of can’t-win-if-you-do-can’t-win-if-you-don’t partisan mentality that is less than useful than the rally that someone did or didn’t attend.

So what if even 10% of the number of people who participated in the rally, drawn from all countries on Earth, were participants in the global military coalition that Meier and the Plejaren said would be required to effectively stop the otherwise threatening global genocide openly pursued by the IS?

The soldiers already exist; does the will to act also exist?

Traitors to the Truth

Some of you may remember Stuart Robbins, the skeptic who tried to take on the Meier case a while back and who had to resort to censoring all of the posts that clearly contradicted his pseudo-science. Wouldn’t you know it, Stuart recently asked me for help in promoting his obscure little blog, where two people constitute a crowd.

Well, he did send me yet another one of his shooting-fish-in-a-barrel blogs about “aliens”. And when I went to read the thing there was a negative comment about Billy Meier, to which I naturally responded. Of course Robbins, being psychic, knew I would and also knew that if, in his traditionally cowardly, intellectually dishonest fashion he didn’t post my response, I’d further oblige him by pointing out what a pathetic, spineless example of so-called higher education he is. You’ll notice that my comments aren’t there (just for the record, I kept a screen capture).

When one realizes the blend of cowardice and contempt for the truth, the inability to stand up and allow dissent and corrections to disinformation, etc., the only thing to be thankful for in this case is that without (or even with) help from those who slap him upside the head he maintains his obviously low level of readership. But he does keep on giving back as one of the poster boys for the pathetic pseudo-scientific, fame and fortune focused skeptics.

Robbins also recently discussed so-called “alien communications” with Karen Stollznow. Karen, it so happens, is married to a radio host named Baxter (also a friend of Robbins), who self-imploded during an interview with me a couple of years ago. The poor guy must’ve soiled himself in the process of his futile, profanity-laden rant, so incapable of dealing with the irrefutable evidence in the Meier case was he. You can be sure that I recently sent even more information to Karen showing how lame and inadequate Robbins and she were in their knowledge of the new and abundant information authenticating the Meier case, etc. With her, “No answer is also an answer” non-response, she seems to be trying to emulate that old saying, “Discretion is the better part of valor,” rather than risk revealing herself to be as lacking on all related fronts as both her hubby and Robbins.

The Weaklings of the West

The authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case is too threatening to the various traitors to the truth, the debunkers and know-it-alls, professors and so-called scientists – who are more concerned with their funding and tenure, etc., than the truth. Having been presented with the incontrovertible evidence in the Meier case, how do they not look at the new, independent analyses authenticating Meier’s photographic evidence, the already unfolding deadly events in Paris and other countries – or those warned about and yet to come there and here – and instead turn a blind, cynical, profit-only oriented eye to it all? And what will happen when the long foretold, really intense climatic and environmental disasters begin to unfold…as they just may this year? Two phonies that come to mind are Profs. Paul Davies and Lawrence Krauss from – you guessed it – ASU. These are the kinds of people who epitomize the weaklings of the West that Meier referred to; they are no match for the modern day barbarians, not just in a physical sense but because, contrary to their self-promotion, they lack the clear, fearless dedication to the truth alone that keeps one upright in all things.

We Keep on Trying

To those who’ve sincerely suggested getting Meier’s information to people like Bill Maher, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, etc., please know that I’ve tried steadily for several years. The former is heavily “protected” by flacks running interference and the latter two apparently prefer not to sacrifice any of their presumed “authority”, as is true for many others I’ve reached out to for some time. Nonetheless, I keep on trying and suggest that those of you who care also do because these are people who publicly present themselves as interested in these matters.

Get Peace Right

Mark Leaver has put up some really great work at this Facebook page, check it out.


100 Replies to “The 10% Solution”

  1. Like I have said it before; trying to convince people to turn to the wisdom in these times; it is “like figting windmills”! These tactics, used by Pleyarans, used for milleniums to usher in global awakening, tactics mr. BEAM, Plejarans, Michael and other people in the Mission are trying, just can not work in these times we are in! If I remember correctly; there is written somewhere in the prophecies, that to make people turn to the better in these times we are in, so the people would turn to the wisdom of the Mission, “it will have to be done with the iron hand”. So the tactics like “please listen”, “be resonable”…. just can not work! These tactics have been used for mileniums, and did never worked; so why they still think they would work now when people have reached the peak ot their insanity. The way the people are in these times, the only way they are going to turn to the wisdom and to the better is to make them at gunpoint point blank with the bullet 3/4 down the chamber, and even then many would rather take the bullet.

    For the past few weeks I have forwarded Your wearnings about ISIS and the danger they present to all my friends and some other people in my country, including my governement and media; the only result I got is that many replied to me “to Fu__ off”, some even threatened me, if I continue to send them these kind of warnings, they are going to report me to the police. These kind of warnings just does not work.

    anyways; could You tell me what is Your oppinion about this video; are we really already that far:

  2. You guys censored your posts too and it was pretty f@@@@@@g gay. You’re hypocrites. You act like communists and don’t let any other thoughtful discussion go on in your board. You force things. Your board sucks and your community is weak in FIGU America online. You’re not that good at explaining anything and I can write things several times longer than you so I know that for sure, but can also write in much less volumes. Your moderator resorts to some low strategies just to make sure to ban all differing but related content on your board and he’s stupid, small, nerdy, and insecure. I can’t stand the guy.

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