…and the Pope does “Billy Meier Lite”

Giving credit where it’s due is both appropriate and rewarding. There are plenty of opportunities to criticize scientists and skeptics who are too cowardly and self-seeking to confront the truth of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, so it’s very satisfying when one of them comes out with something that one can support and endorse.

Michael Shermer is a formerly religious skeptic who’s been stubbornly on the wrong side of the Meier case discussion, as I’ve previously noted over the past dozen years*. However, he recently came out with a new book, The Moral Arc, an excerpt of which is available here. He exposes the absolute ridiculousness of biblically based beliefs, joining two other prominent critics of religions Salman Rushdie and Bill Maher, whose movie Religulous is both side-splitting and scary in the way it let’s religion and religious people demonstrate the utter insanity of their beliefs.

Of course none of the aforementioned people yet understand the profound pathologies behind God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity, as explained by Meier. My own article of several years ago, The Fatal Flaws of Faith and Belief, also comments on the patent illogic and insanity of these still prevalent primitive cults. I have been working on another article for a while, tenderly titled, Why I Don’t Respect Your Beliefs, hopefully done in a couple of weeks.

Billy’s Biggest Fan?

What’s gotten into Frank over there anyway? It seems that Pope Francis is doing his own version of Billy Meier Lite…very lite.

He’s recently suggested that Catholics should consider toning down the bunny love and his stances on the environment and climate change have also irked many of the, er, faithful.

Since Meier’s writings are read at the Vatican – and they do know who he really is – maybe the F-man is trying to score a few points, put out the, “Hey, I’m not such a bad guy after all,” message, etc.

I’ll leave it at that.



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22 comments on “Let’s Hear It for Michael Shermer

  • Of all people on this earth it had to be the pope who in the end ends up eventually serving the truth.
    What a turn around never mind Shermer’s sudden u-turn into unchartered territory called the truthland, the pope has managed to up the ante by, well, be like gatorade mike oops, Billy that is.
    Ok now that overpopulation and climate change has been covered by Francis and ‘people should be free to decide for themselves’ by Benedict XVI I suggest they should really start honing in on the info about antimaterialism according to Billy and dispense their filthy rich pockets of ill gotten gains to the poor and the needy.
    As they say it’s never too late or was it better late than never.
    Anyway what is with this new pope as it’s very unusual to see one with a conscience, oh that’s it, he has read into Billy
    Well he is forgiven for plagarism.

  • Yup, that part of the Henock Prophecies seems to be favorable to the person being the Pope right now when I read it long back. Will he be chased out of his office seeking refuge elsewhere? Is it too little or too late?

  • Many of those with power are fully aware of the Billy Meier material. They even understand to some degree that their way of life will not develop them spiritually, they’re not evolving. They will die and their life will be wasted.

    By exploiting, brainwashing, they make life of most people on Earth more miserable, including future generations and even their own offspring. They are aware of that too.

    They know the truth, but it’s just too boring for their taste. Meaningful life, conscious evolution, real improvement of oneself and our civilization requires work, effort and self-responsibility. That’s why they prefer not to think about that, instead focusing on riches, power, mammon.

    They are like selfish, stubborn children, exactly like them. Occasionally some of them try talk to a little sense, but probably just to improve a little their own image.

  • Yeah

    But the greedy people who pull the strings on brainwashing humanity don’t give a hoot about future lifetimes or developing spiritually in their current incarnation as much as they care about getting all they can get at any cost with no conscious.These power(might hungry) people such as the Vatican,Religious sects and secret services etc. who are familiar with the Meier material and even negatively use it to their advantage in terms of how they organize and use the Might of the thoughts to manipulate the populace for their own personal gain.
    If only humanity could do the unthinkable and think for themselves and take back their own personal power and not be lead down a dead end path to self destruction we would be on a much better fast track of evolution and spiritual development and not buy into the nonsense of these so called players on the wold stage even when it sounds like they are being genuine as if they want to do things to better the lives of every man,woman and child on the planet.

  • This blog should be headline news for all lost people…I would love to get my hands on the book God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity although I can’t right now that is a book all deeply deluded people should study. Just reading the introduction for myself is enlightening. The thing about knowing the truth is you shouldn’t go out and missionize it in the way religious people do with their doctrines, so I struggle with finding ways to bring this information to anyone I come across while not trying to sound like a missionary. But at the same time no one took my hand and led me here so therefore I also think people have to wake up on their own at some point because even if you do lead them here it wouldn’t be the same as if they had done it themselves.

    Great blog Michael! I’ve already left religion, but learning more about it in contrast to the truth is always a good thing.

  • Last night on George Noory opened the news of what IS which is they(ISIS) will conquer Europe and brainwash-preach Islam to all of Europe. Today I heard that a reporter from Japan was beheaded. I assume ISIS doesn`t care and will stop at nothing to conquer the entire planet and enslave the masses into Islam. “Let`s hope IS doesn`t get and find materials to make a nuclear bomb,etc,etc,etc since IS doesn`t care or even give a damn!

  • I like what the new pope is doing. He’s cleaning house in a big way, of course it does not hurt that he once was a bouncer at entertainment culbs. I don’t know…….. Might be a reason for that. maybe cause and effect. Just sayin. Thank you, very much Billy and MH.

  • Will the Pope got the balls to announce : “The Messiah is already back here in Switzerland and we at the Vaticans are secretly reading all his contact notes. The problem though is God was really an alien and we got real problems explaining that to the masses of believers without getting ourselves into real boiling hot soup”.
    With Islamic State on the verge of destroying Christianity in Europe the Pope got nothing to lose anymore. Do it for the sake of humanity. Everybody needs to sober up from from the alcohol of religions.

  • Obviously, anyone who does not state that Billy’s information as fact has not performed the necessary homework (read and cross examined) the mass/enormity of information. Any scientists claiming that they know the true are deceiving us and themselves, which implies that they are not true scientists, but instead are wanta-be-scientists. Real scientists follow the path of truth from observation; reality speaks, but do/did they listen?

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