The self-seeking, grandstanding charade continues. Project Blue Book archives were just released, as many people may now be aware. And one of the funny things is that nowhere in those archives on the website hosted by John Greenewald can I find any mention of…Billy Meier, let alone the photograph of his that the New York Post used when they featured the FoxNews report:

The New York Post used one of Billy Meier's UFO photos form 1975 in their article about Project Blue Book
The New York Post used one of Billy Meier’s UFO photos form 1975 in their article about Project Blue Book

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Isn’t it interesting that one of the preeminent chasers of lights-in-the-sky goes to all the trouble to post the gloriously inconclusive results of Project Blue Book when – for years – I’ve been asking, urging, prodding him to “discover” the Meier case? Unfortunately, I’ve made John very angry for doing so. I apparently showed little respect for his “boy wonder” approach to the field of UFOlogy, which has an implied seal of approval from UFOfficialdom, the powers that be, etc.

Last year I not only pressed John about the Meier case, I included him in an email to my list of skeptics, telling them that I was going to include them among those who were now saying the case is authentic. This delightful little ploy elicited a lot of responses, of which John Greenewald’s were the most pointed, unambiguous and clear in revealing his ignorance, bias and, most likely, evidence that he really must have some kind of support from those who maintain suppression of the Meier case. The only other alternative is a level of amateurish, arrogant incompetence that, time and again, pays off in our beloved, dumbed down America with some sort of success.

So here are excerpts from our exchange in which John leaves no doubt at all about…

John’s brilliant conclusions as a “UFO researcher”:

“Unfortunately, most of your evidence is laughable, at best…You back a story that is a hoax, in my honest opinion.”

Regarding the WCUFO…and John’s self-assessment of his own brain capacity:

“In closing, here is one of your ‘evidence’ photos which I attached below.  I feel this, is more than enough proof, that the Meier case is a joke.  I am confident to say this photo is not photoshopped, edited, or tweaked in ANY way.  I’d be comfortable agreeing with you.   However, anyone with a first grade photography lesson, can tell you this is not a spacecraft from another planet nor does it resemble anything larger than a large shoebox set inches away from the camera.  It is clearly an object very close to the camera, while the house in the background goes softly out of focus.   Anyone else with half a string bean for a brain, can also tell you that the majority of Meier’s photos always have part of the craft not captured on film. The example below, the bottom.  Other examples, the top. Why? The model is sitting on something, or strung up hanging from a string.  It’s as simple as that – in my opinion.  The others where you can see the craft in the distance? I would venture a guess that these models are literally thrown and a photo is snapped. Why? They always appear to be the same approximate distance from the camera, and always appear to be in the same trajectory.  My opinion, of course, but your photos are NOT the smoking gun.”

Regarding the prophecies:

“All those other silly ‘prophecies’ that you claim Meier made, consist of writings with links to news stories claiming Meier is the next Jesus, or whatever you may be claiming to your followers. No proof when any of these rantings were written, or even if they were written by Meier at all.   Other areas of your site consist of the copy and paste of thousands of pages of all sorts of stuff that really make no sense whatsoever. “

Regarding providing “proof”:

“You want to provide proof? Setup a video camera, and have one of Meier’s alien friends sit on camera, and give their predictions, prophecies, teachings, whatever they want to give for the human race to see, instead of these ridiculous photos and silly ‘prophecies’ which appears to be the only proof you guys can conjure up.  Because if there really was a message to spread to all of us lesser-lings from the more enlightened and higher powers like you and Meier – I wouldn’t think an intelligent, alien race, would travel millions of light years, and find some Swiss guy with no public outreach ability, to trust all their intergalactic wisdom to, then trust a man like you to run around and spread that message of light around the planet, while cursing all those who don’t believe you.”

Maybe about now, dear reader, you’re wondering (or not) just why the Project Blue Book archives were released and posted on his site.

It’s clear that John thinks that I’m a rude, nasty guy, taking all of the fun out of the game of chase-your-own-tail trivia that UFOlogy is to him. I have the bad taste to call out people who pretend they’re grown up, important persons without demonstrating the tough, competent seriousness and…character to carry the weight and responsibility that bringing forth the truth demands.

So, John Greenewald, my willfully ignorant, self-important, young friend, please enjoy this photo of the WCUFO that was displayed in Times Square while you were carrying on about your precious lights-in-the-sky:

WCUFO in Times Square


(click to enlarge)

I’m also adding a few links below that effortlessly rebut your adolescent critiques of the Meier case and its evidence. Maybe, if you get a glimmer of the truth, if it isn’t too harsh and disruptive for your profit-oriented agenda, you’ll wonder just…why you’ve had a rather easy time maintaining a platform that helps to distract from, and disinform about the only scientifically proven, still ongoing Billy Meier UFO contact case.


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90 Replies to “UFOnies”

  1. what we are seeing now with skeptics and most of humanity is more than likely what Jmmanuel endured when he was trying to spread the true teachings as well. Ridiculed by non-believers, and then eventually falsified into this delusional religion where people believe “if it weren’t for jesus then they would be nothing”.

    The light-in-the-sky chasers are just looking for current proof so they could be credited with “Real” existence of extraterrestrials. They will also continue to ignore all previous history regarding contact with terrestrials. Previous history including Meier’s ongoing contact reports, predictions, prophecies, as well as historic cave drawing demonstrating contact.

    Even with Meier’s contact report about Utzi predating his actual discovery, people still refuse the story told to Meier about his death. Mainstream scientist want to believe he was murdered versus him falling to his death and landing on his own arrow.

  2. recently , while watching a really good show on whats called brain games . They flashed a picture of the wedding ship ufo and called it a garbage lid . To have a show so profound in the heightening of the brain it was mind blowing and very sad for me to see . I questioned myself did I really see it . Wow it was clear as day . And when people question the obvious its a scared response to the fact . How far will one go to forsee that the obvious is purportioned to elicit the majic . We now have a majic act . It went down . Did you see it . I believe we did . Warner from operation paper clip did . Maybe just go down past the Mexican border and climb back up . Yeah, you will get a drivers liscense and a Medicaid card as well as a social securtity number , food stamps a college education , Must I recall Jesus Christ and you get a freakin anountment of citizenship with a darn homestead of your choice and pick a freakin land plot with a horse and a garden oh and a rainbow too . Did I just poke my head up from the manhole ? Appears I did . And in the spirit of righteousness , just live and let live .

  3. When you really look at society today, it truly looks like we are ripe for the bio-chipping as we are expressing more and more the unwillingness to think for ourselves, and is not the reason Billy explains in his letter from Aug. 25th 1958……”whereby the citizen is finally deemed fully incapable of managing his own affairs, and should be governed only by the authorities, without having a right to a say regarding certain government things and decisions”, how we will be made ripe for the conditions to implement the use of these bio-chips? But again, unless people are willing to take the government supplied and wholeheartedly accepted by the people, blinders off, and learn to see that which is clearly in front of us, this tragic effect due to the cause that was, and is, but may not be for long, control of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions, we will be led down the path of mutually assured destruction.

    1. The event that just took place in France could well have been the priming for the chips. I’m sure if one did a thorough investigation they would find out that it is on the list of todoos. Its only a matter of time. I am reading a great book at the moment
      The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG9CM_J00bw The point is that disaster is used to usher in Change. She recalls historical evens right up to the events used today world wide.

    2. Well Allen let em bring it on
      Chip the hell out of ever God damn mushy brained ignoramuses that we are.
      We deserve this fate for not being wise enough the heed the warnings in time
      Its the price we pay for our conceit.

  4. John Greenewald,

    I once saw “lights in the sky” darting around. Does that mean I witnessed an ET craft or our own secret military craft or was it something else?

    1. I think we’ve all seen them and some of us have even taken pictures but it means nothing compared to Billy’s volumes of work.

      1. I think the best way to guess who is flying UFOs is to try to understand what advanced level the technology is and that can help to determine a closer guess as to if it is Earth present time technology or more advanced Earth future time travelers. The ET crafts are easier to guess because they seem to own a conciousness ability technology that do some things like mimic other passing satellites to perfection and they like to sit up there and resemble themselves like ordinary stars. The lower advanced crafts from our future like to harvest lighting bolts from triggering sheet lighting collisions. The secret present time Earth technologies screw around by defacing and changing crop circles and cattle mutilations and they land to terrorize people and abduct people or tell people they were sent from god and try to make people believe they are salvation angels.

  5. If I seem to be stuck on the letter from Aug. 25th 1958 please understand the reason why is the fact that so many things were listed, albeit not in chronological order of coarse, that have been fulfilled, or that are fulfilling right before our eyes, that I just can’t imagine anyone not able to see the gift of the insight that the letter contains. If John Greenewald could just focus on this letter long enough to recognize the specifics such as section 38, and 39 regarding the over abundance of government debt build up, and the golden handshakes for the corporate greedsters, or section 43 which I find directly relates to the current storm in the form of radical Islamists and the IS group recruiting young men and how they will wave the flags of the extremists. How anyone could not see the present unfolding just how Billy describes it almost to the letter, is beyond comprehension, even the religiously deluded would have to work hard to ignore the prophetic implications of knowing the present has been so accurately described 57 years ago.

    1. Right!
      And for those that have read this years ago, before the current state of financial, political, and fanatical affairs. It was like this was written for our current time. So in many ways for those that have read this in the past, it is even more verification(if needed) to the validity of the world we live in. Like seeing the future, one of many that holds the most probability, if more is not done in many ways to alter it.

      1. Well even if Billy’s definition of what a ‘deja vu’ is different to how we normally understand it as, it still feels as if deja vu over and over and over again as if we have already lived the future many years ago.
        It’s like watching a movie your friend had already seen spoiling it for you by constantly telling you over and over again what’s going to happen in the next scene or driving on the same road you’ve been through hundreds of times.
        Next scene please, oh don’t worry, I already know.

  6. I hate to “rain down on your parade” but according to wiki “official government UFO study programs” where as government pertains to the USA focus primarily on…

    1. then why in heavens name would they, news outlets, use a Swiss photo, I wonder! I have not gone in and looked so this is off the cuff speaking.

      1. I wondered that too Ev. Was it due to not giving attention to detail? Or is this further proof that NO ONE except Billy has the clearest and most detailed UFO pictures of all times? Whatever reason, they obviously could not find a better one 🙂

  7. How can John Boy reconcile the fact that a lot of Project Bluebook info was due to “Real Vision” by the Ashtar Sheran grouping?

    1. I have an idea
      How about he reconcile with Billy’s impeccable ironclad and scientifically corroborrated information, then and only then will he get the full picture.
      I mean for a bloke who goes out of his way to peddle such nonsense about ETs having made deals with the US government should by right also be able to accept the far out knowledge that indeed ETs exists, they have colonised this planet for millions of years, a breakaway group of ETs created religion for the purposes of control and to subjugate earthlings, a sinister conspiracy existed using highly sophisticated technology by these evil ETs to telenotically steer and influence earthlings and last but not least Billy did reincarnate on planet earth as the last prophet in a series of 7 since ancient times to spread the teachings and the knowledge of the Creational spiritual truths.

  8. This seems to be a delusional possibility called cognitive dissonance . Cognotive Dissonance occurs when a person receives information so potentially unbelievable , harmful , morally upsetting and life altering causing them to almost to refuse to confront it head on . A few things stand out within this case . It has a very common level of resistance . It can scare people to have to potentially redefine beliefs , lifestyles or generally have to reorganize their brain . I have written a lot of people and its like a slam dunk . A lot of silence , shoulder shrugs and denial . Most will not even lift a finger to take a peek . That being said , as we get older and are exposed to more bodies of written work some stand out more than others . You get a sense of ones command of language , communication and content . Of course an IQ becomes apparent as well . I find the body of work just currently accessible now is massive . Covering many facets of the world in a extremely deep way with massive command of material . Considering the internet was not available until the 80’s its again something that jumps out at you . I also am aware of a large body of politics emerging dangerously in science . You really have to be careful of what you get involved with regarding reputation and funding . Soon within the study of the Meier materials it is very political . Even from an amazingly well writted brilliant young man as early as his early teens . Giant intellect . So the case really has a danger factor for people mentally , politically , physically , reputation and over all accepting a new outlook on life and how it impacts ones well being . The list of dead scientists is pretty long its not getting any more simple in this complex world . And lastly Wendell Stevens had an awesome reputation . Why is he so dismissed anymore . The guy retired to study Billy . That says a lot . Greenwald wants to get kind of nasty which is very unprofessional . I believe its a word play saying I know how important this information is and I refuse to touch it , in fact I want as far away from it as possible . That’s not even getting into the writing style of the material and how intellectually brilliant it becomes . Its the greatest story ever told , or its true . The only two possible conclusions here .

  9. Thanks, I think I’ll go look up secondary information known as Project Blue Book. Though note I’ve had that since 2014. So how far back “just released” is, I’d sure like to know.

  10. In government it is an inside joke . The word blue indicates a false expectation. Its like you expect to get cotton candy and its just spun wool . How aweful . The entire project is just propaganda . So fast forward . The news on mainstream TV is just propaganda . It has a blink rate to elicit a perceived interpretation of the media . Its not your grand pa ‘s Tv . Its sinister MK ULTRA . Mind control on steroids as the government works in the background . Its on your TV , your phone , your game stations and dvd’s you watch . Your programmed . Oops . I let it out . Sucks to be me . I have a crosshair or a laser dot on my self . Just saying . Thought you all might want to know .

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