What’s wrong with people that they have no perspective?

Do we not have a sense of our puny presence in this universe? Look again at this view of just one relatively small segment of the visible universe.

If we recognize our true insignificance in the grand scheme of things, don’t we want to do all we can to learn from those who obviously know far more – and care more about us – than we do? I fear that may be a rhetorical question.

The big egos and hunger for profit mentality of the foolish scientists, and all the wannabe “UFO experts”, trivialize and try to materially enrich and make themselves important instead.

Ironically, many of these people are the same ones who claim that they are looking for the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life…while they reject, suppress and attack the evidence that another race has taken the time and trouble to come here and try to help us prevent us from completely destroying ourselves.

Remember what Billy Meier wrote about how, at this time, we would be lost in phantasmagoria…and greed.


Also: Click on the Translation tab here for new links to translations. We had our first visitor at www.theyfly.com from Yemen, the 128th country.

Thanks to Guy Guilbert for the Hubble link.


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  • The way I see it is some of these people think way too much of themselves to listen to any highly evolved human beings from wherever telling us what to do and how to do it. And even with that you have the one’s that rather them come do it for us. Like look at what the guy Greenewald wrote talking about having the Plejaren sit on video and reiterate the same prophecies and fly the same craft Meier himself shot on video. Its like they have a hatred for Billy Meier for whatever reason, I don’t know if its just pure jealousy or someone is pulling their strings.

    • Just as this article states J.Smith.


      you can just about guarantee that J.Greenewald is a disinformer who despite having amassed a huge collection of FOIA hard to obtain documents he wasn’t able to string some semblance of truth together that actually looks like truth indicating that it’s a conscious ploy and tactic to disinform rather than a sign of his ignorance.
      What does that mean without suspicion getting the better of one’s judgement?
      Most likely a paid agent
      Don’t give too much credit to bookkeepers propped up as some sort of celebrexperts given platforms to hold lectures of disinformation to a dumbed down audiences who’ve left their brains at the front door lapping up every word he says.
      On what evidence?
      Well what he says speaks for itself.


      • Perhaps strangely enough I don’t think that John is a deliberate misinformer in that sense. I think that his youthful enthusiasm was recognized and the way…slightly paved for him to make all this noise about what will essentially amount to nothing of significance and a whole of distraction and disinformation.

        Sure, the masses of people may have needed just a tad of “lubrication” along the way to begin to grasp the reality of a universe with a good deal of other intelligent life in it and, of course, to begin to comprehend the Plejaren mission. But unless John possesses, or decides to create in himself, the requisite self-honesty and prioritizing of the truth above all else, which will be opposed by his own growing enjoyment of some sort of UFO pseudo-celebrityhood, his ride will play itself out, having accomplished only the agenda of the Dark Order, as its hand certainly is involved in suppressing the truth at every turn.

        • Initially that was my view also but after 20 odd years of enthusiastically enlivening his youthful enthusiasm for UFO related matters that culminated in the largest collection of FOIA government documents to then for him to lecture circuit around about ET alliance with the government and other similar Dolanisk, Boylandisk, Sellaisk, Harrisisk, project Camelotisk nonsense I came away thinking this is the best conclusion I could come up with about him not to mention his website getting a fair amount of mainstream airplay lately.
          Taking into consideration how the Bigelows of this world’s infiltration of the ufological marketplace and their $1million dollar enticements not to mention the current circus like atmosphere it has been turned into coupled with Billy’s information on this subject I am leaning towards such a Greer/grief stricken view.
          But obviously I may be wrong.

    • Correct. That is somewhere in the contact reports.

      I even brought that up with psuedo Pstu Robbins, NASA pseudo-scientist, salary paid by tax-payer monies, therefore tax-payer money is going towards the further suppression of the truth and the Meier case.

      Naturally, Pstu dismissed such a suggestion that the speed of light was NOT constant throughout the universe nor throughout time, because it hadn’t yet been proven by earth scientists, therefore it was false. If you get such tax-paid & supported logic.

      • 1979! Original translation 2011…. So has been in German for some 35 years! Officially translated into English in 2011. The article posted above is from this month, 2015! I would say another on for the man. Though at this point have lost count! Glad someone is putting this all together. Someday humanity will be in utter amazement at what they aloud to be right under their stuffed noses.

  • Perspective?
    Join the Dark Order group within a group that plays off against each other and you TOO can share the piece of the action in controlling the world.
    Be there or be square.
    PS; (fine print) it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

      • Haha
        Check out who the trustees are Sheila not to mention the attractive list of corporate donors.
        If this aint a front organisation as the Dark Order corporate intelligence military industrial satanic bafath complex then I’ll follow suit and be square too

        • I did look up csis.org and I agree that it must be the front for the Dark Order. What a bastion of corruption and although I can’t find the contact report that says as much, but I’m sure Billy warned us about Zbignew Brzezinski.

  • ‘Doomsday Clock’ now reads 11:57
    “The world is “3 minutes” from doomsday.”

    Three minutes and counting:

    “Editor’s note: Founded in 1945 by University of Chicago scientists who had helped develop the first atomic weapons in the Manhattan Project, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists created the Doomsday Clock two years later, using the imagery of apocalypse (midnight) and the contemporary idiom of nuclear explosion (countdown to zero) to convey threats to humanity and the planet. The decision to move (or to leave in place) the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock is made every year by the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board in consultation with its Board of Sponsors, which includes 17 Nobel laureates. The Clock has become a universally recognized indicator of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe from nuclear weapons, climate change, and new technologies emerging in other domains.”

  • It is a good idea to pay attention to guides when in the jungle of information that we find ourselves… they are more wise and know more about the terrain and star rain… that we do so why not? The perspective is greater than we CAN imagine let alone do… the fact that an atom in the micorcosm is a galaxy in the macrocosm alone… shows us the quantum difference of dimension that brings light to how our thoughts are the way to our feelings and actions… the knowledge we gain… with use becomes wisdom to change our environment enough for a planatary evolutive experience… Thank you for your work Michael Horn… epic… Salome (Be greeted in Peace and Wisdom) R.A…

  • we all seek answers
    if one does not go within
    one goes with-out
    There is only one true message

    All that which exists is LOVE:
    the dichotomy is that unfortunate fate

    Love sponsors fear and in-turn sponsors LOVE

    and a fear of LOVE

    The truth is already inside of us straight from birth
    We are the people we have the power
    we are creative Beings
    it is time we started creating conscientiously.
    our time is now

  • This is a great thread and I wanted to ask a question . Why has no one person put up a reward for the conclusive evidence of life outside our planet ? I am not a betting man , however, I could raise a bit of attention offering a 100 million dollar prize to the person who could prove the BEAM materials false . Of course I could not pay that amount out in fairness , yet I am that sure on my own behalf that it is so . WHY? I am sorry if I sound like a cook , however , I am at my witts end trying to get people to listen to me otherwise talk about the Meier material . I have lost a few really awesome girlfriends as a result of this stuff . They flat out thought I was CRAZY ! And the worst part was when they actually came apart or imploded mentally , wholly crap , the saying hell have no mercy from a woman scorn . Well , I lived it .And if I were used as a door stop it would have been an upgrade from my experience . I had experienced these women go to the extent of calling my parents and telling of my insanity and wishing me absolute malice ! I was personally shocked at what was being cast at me . I almost lost the relationships with my parents as a result of these insane women . That is what we are up against here . My Dad still has a place in his mind where he actually believes what this she devil was telling him . And she is a crazy person . I am glad it all came out from the sense of the fact that I could have gotten closer to these people before finding they were that altered . I had a wife that went the way of drugs and it about killed me too . So , I am a survivor and will survive . I just want you guys to know that the belief or extent of the impact of this knowledge can be very unpredictable . I was just thinking I was sharing like the secret of life we all strive to find , but no . I was destroying a persons current belief and it bit me back that hard . I have never tried to destroy anyone and yet I know now what it is like to have someone try to destroy you . Pretty crazy stuff . I share it with you now , because I recently just thought about it . It took a few weeks for it to sink back in . Because I left it behind with a lot of work to do so . We still walk along the right path here , but don’t expect to get hugs and high fives . Expect to get thrown out and disowned . Either way , It was worth it . True colors can really hurt sometimes . I thought she was more . I thought they would know that what I was sharing was real . I thought they knew I would never bring BS to the table . Get out . I’m leaving you .

  • Rocco , hello , good post for sure . I was in a situation of trying to reuinite with a friend that had a falling out so to speak . In doing so I found a book that taught me that anger is a direct reaction of fear . Fear is based in many things but a stronghold is of absolute loss . When loss is posed as an outcome one becomes angry . Its a survival mechanism . I have experienced it otherwise I would not have believed it . So I just wanted to share that with everybody .

  • “We have eyes and ears,yet we fail too see reality. This is a definition of insanity not too mention ignorance and stupidity. Our thinking is so small that we cannot see beyond the fish tank called Earth and we all compete for our own comfort and possession. When the tank is destroyed we have nowhere too go, because we have made it our universe, the drop off the cliff of the flat Earth. We are still in the same position of our ancestors, we believe everything revolves around us,the crown of creation. We are being offered so much more but are caught in our belief of a creator God,who, will come and save us. Tell that too the malonians and ancient Martians who were barely able to save themselves by migration to Earth.

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