Danger, America

The breakdown is under way and there are things that are being used to prop it up, to create the impression or illusion things are just fine. Gas prices are great, aren’t they? There are also little hints about how misplaced bravado, carelessness, arrogance and insensitivities can end up being very costly. Some of those elements may well have figured into the Charlie Hebdo tragedy.

The Spies We Loved

Like so many people, I’ve always loved spy and espionage thrillers. For the most part the popular protagonists have been either American or British “heroes” up against their counterparts from Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc. Whether suave, gadget laden types like James Bond, or the more cerebral, non-descript heroes, we do seem to have a love for these intrigues. But now there’s a new trend, especially on various TV shows where the enemies are of course terrorists largely of the radical Islamic variety.

In fact it’s almost a new industry in itself, as former CIA personnel have become very involved in contributing to TV shows and movies of this genre. The trend is still to show how we always overcome the enemy, tough and determined as they may be. But having seen a few of these shows, it seems to me that there’s again the smell of profit over sensibility in the depictions. One can feel the ambition, the intention to push the envelope, be the most daring and cutting edge, laced with bits of feel good compassion and psychobabble, etc. In the process it also seems that gratuitous assistance to a very determined enemy is given in some of the “clever” plots, where various terrorist schemes are presented which, if the enemy hasn’t already thought about them, are presented in an almost instructive and encouraging manner.

Sure, we know that terrorists are hard at work in their own right concocting plots. But there are also those people who aren’t necessarily associated with these radical groups who may be susceptible to such ideas too. We have plenty of evidence of how certain trends or characters inspired various school shooters or other psychopaths; still personal responsibility is the deciding factor. But there’s a feeling in the air of an ever increasing, pride-before-the-fall kind of false bravado, an aggressive glorification and commercialization of something that is not only horrific but decidedly different in every way from the realities of the Cold War and the context of many spy and espionage thrillers.

The Times Have Changed…and Are Fulfilling

We’re not in a time when the heads of two opposing nations like Russia and the US sit down for diplomatic talks, while it’s tacitly conceded that both countries are still running their spy operations, etc. The leader of the IS isn’t going to sit down with anyone to negotiate anything. His, and their, purpose is quite clear; they wish to destroy everyone and everything other than that which is fanatical Islam.

In case we are too forgetful (or smug) not only are the Paris attacks, and those already ongoing in other parts of the world, a clear warning that while the radical terrorists will use every means, including technology, social media, etc., they are not obsessed with taking selfies, creating the next hit TV show, or walking the red carpet at the Oscars, etc.

And if we care to revisit the Henoch Prophecies, we may wish to…sober up and pay attention to what’s specifically foretold for the US about that which will come after the destruction of the WTC, the event that forever shattered our illusion of invulnerability and impenetrability.

Trying to bolster our sense of security through our usual materialistic, entertainment oriented, phantasmagoria inducing mechanisms not only won’t help us regain it, it may well only delay our realizations of how life, how cause and effect works, and leave us even more deluded and vulnerable to another “unexpected” attack.



Here’s a new interview with Adam and Garth in Australia.

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  1. There is hardly any place on earth where the media is so ubiquitously controlled as in the US.
    Thanks to the alternative media and the internet that’s slowly changing.

  2. I have a suspicion that the Dark Order group within a group will try to inflict as much damage to Russia by unleashing the tremendous forces of HAARP resulting in a devastating fllod and earthquake in Russia this year.
    It is my suspicion also that Russia having its own version of HAARP will also retaliate back and cause an earthquake and a mega hurricane in the US the likes of which we haven’t seen since Katrina.
    It may also be the case that EU nations also receive the brunt of this tit for tat silent weather warfare and experience a catastrophic flooding this year.
    Rolling walls of fire that Billy talked about would be an inevitable consequence from global warming and dry conditions in California in the coming dry season.
    Australia isn’t spared from cyclones either.
    The usual places of course like Chile, Phillipines, Japan, Pakistan, Iran, Iceland, New Zealand, Indonesia, Italy and so on for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

    1. Yeah but shouldn’t we be trying to prove that some photos weren’t authentic or something? I always wondered though why the magazine version was a painting and Meier’s a…photograph. Oh well.

  3. Just focus on making your country look more lived in would you, then you can after that arrangement has been reached move onto working with wild ideas.

    If you see a homeless man, go to him and tell him to stand over there, where he has more chance of being seen, given the local arrangement, the lay of the local geography.

    If you hear someone talking about doom and the end of the world, economic collapse, explain that there is a trend that exists in other nations within a historical context for people to talk about rubbish like that, but that the future of the local place and the local environment can be clearly pointed out, little fuss and easy to explain the facts of the local geography and the reality of the localised situation. That these stories have been worn thin many times over and over thousands of years, but that the facts of the future narrative follow a very similar progression of events.

    If you cross paths with someone taking a cocktail of medications, explain that you don’t do that, yet your health appears to be fine. That historically and within other nations people have done that very same thing, but over time, people have come along and suggested that these behaviours cause this and that and etc, and that other nations have had no such cocktail of medications and appear to have turned out healthier than other historical nations.

    Make your country look more lived in before calling for all these dramatic and wild things that have no basis in reality no basis in your local community or your local relationships and offer nothing for national agreements to be formed, as leadership stems from the ground up, not from these lofty ideas that have no basis in anything real and local. America looks as if no one has actually lived in it yet, from the outside, just saying.

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