Digital Age Convenience: Enslave Yourself!

…and make it easier to get into your office and use the printer too! Yes, why wait until we’re invaded by a conquering army, or you’re abducted by aliens? Now you can give up sovereignty over your body, mind and every function therein. Think of the relief you’ll experience when you’re tagged like a mangy dog and able to be controlled by the EU and the US, from Brussels or other exotic locations, by the dreaded evil elite that you’ve been busy worrying about for years.

But compared to the convenience of having a door unlock for you, or being able to make copies of your naked butt on the office computer, what’s a little thing like having control over your life – and death – in the hands of some capricious, highly amused lackey sitting in a big room somewhere who just may choose…you to experiment on next, to entertain himself watching you twitch like a splayed frog wired up to electrodes?

And if you weren’t hooked by the ease of operating the office coffee maker, wasn’t it clever when they…made it mandatory that every cell phone user had to be bio-chipped to use one?

How big a step do you really think it was from conditioning the slobbering, humbled, meek, drooling masses, sullied and subservient from millennia of groveling obeisance and obedience to delusional, mind-enslaving, worship-the-imaginary-guy-in-the-sky religions…to bending over for the bio-chip?

Why not eliminate any doubts that you’re regarded as nothing more than a pathetic, lazy, otherwise useless, easily manipulated, mindless pawn?

Sure, it’s gonna be hard to resist the allure of waving your hand to pay for the privilege of getting whatever slop your dictators have thrown in the trough you’re allowed to graze from. Hey, they’ve already convinced multitudes of women to cram silicone grapefruits into their chests to attract knuckle-draggers conditioned to salivate over deformed versions of what once was the sufficiently natural female body.

The stupidity of the overly entertained masses should never, ever be underestimated.

In other news

The people were warnedand did they listen?

Thanks to Blake and Mike for the info.


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  1. vicentg, Who wants to go under the knife and get cut up? As I`m concerned ,not only is it painful,but you might have scars and maby even bleed too,who knows? To me surgery is just too dangerous to even think about. I just can`t understand why all theses celebrities like the Late Joan Rivers would go through such drastic extreme measures just to look glamourous. There must be less drastic ways to look good such as Botox etc.Surgery should only be performed in a really very dire last resort life threating case besides surgery to me is just too scary to even think about. You might come out even worse than you were or even face death. To me surgery is just too dangerous nowerdays, There must be better safer alternatives in this day and age.

  2. vincentg, I`m now at an age where I just DON`T even want to look at myself in the mirror anymore if you can believe this, overweight, graying hair, you name it. Arthritis and so on and guess what? “The P`s look young, healthy,no illnesses, not even a common cold either. They live to well over hundreds an d thousands of years old”. I just wonder just what the hell the people of earth got themselves into? I Just wonder how in the hell are the people of earth ever going to learn to be more like the people from Erra and stop couting on little Greys,etc, meditate and stop lookimg for lights in the skigh to save this planet when we know theses lights are really military aircrafts just spiying on us thinking the`ll find a terrorist somewhere and everywhere,anywhere. This Earth planet is just such a mess,ouch!

    1. A quick note. I’ve gotta go to sleep here so more post approving in the morning. I carry a computer with me everywhere these days to gig ethe impression that someone’s just sitting around moderating and approving posts.

  3. Precisely as warned by Meier –

    Iraqi libraries ransacked by Islamic State group in Mosul

    BAGHDAD (AP) – When Islamic State group militants invaded the Central Library of Mosul earlier this month, they were on a mission to destroy a familiar enemy: other people’s ideas.

    Residents say the extremists smashed the locks that had protected the biggest repository of learning in the northern Iraq town, and loaded around 2,000 books – including children’s stories, poetry, philosophy and tomes on sports, health, culture and science – into six pickup trucks. They left only Islamic texts.

    The rest?

    “These books promote infidelity and call for disobeying Allah. So they will be burned,”

    Since the Islamic State group seized a third of Iraq and neighboring Syria, they have sought to purge society of everything that doesn’t conform to their violent interpretation of Islam. They already have destroyed many archaeological relics, deeming them pagan, and even Islamic sites considered idolatrous. Increasingly books are in the firing line.

    Days after the Central Library’s ransacking, militants broke into University of Mosul’s library. They made a bonfire out of hundreds of books on science and culture, destroying them in front of students.

    A University of Mosul history professor, who spoke on condition he not be named because of his fear of the Islamic State group, said the extremists started wrecking the collections of other public libraries last month. He reported particularly heavy damage to the archives of a Sunni Muslim library, the library of the 265-year-old Latin Church and Monastery of the Dominican Fathers and the Mosul Museum Library with works dating back to 5000 BC.

    An Iraqi lawmaker, Hakim al-Zamili, said the Islamic State group “considers culture, civilization and science as their fierce enemies.”

    1. Thanks Bruce, I threw that into an update on one of the blogs yesterday. We’ve long been warned and now the unpleasant future is here.

  4. “Religion is the WORST SCUM of the Earth. If we don`t do something now to stop and get rid of ALL these religions now, you can surely bet there will DEFINATELY be a WW3,WW4,etc,etc,etc! As far as I`m concerned religion KILLS. The idea of a FAKE god just doesn`t sit well with me either”!

    1. Religions are just a part of the conspiracy of the “secret cabal (secret societies)” involved in the international powerplay:

      It is not all our fault; the biggest reason why we have all failed, including those in the BEAM Mission, is mostly because of the Bafath – Vatican (Zionists & Jesuits) conspiracy! We never really stood a chance! The conspiracy has just been too great! They always wanted either global enslavement and/or global destruction. And they are surely going to succeed. The only thing which could have prevented this has been global revolution, “to make them (the “elite”) tail and run”; but it did not happen; simply because, unfortunatrly, they executed indoctrination (“divide and conquer”) and their PROPAGANDA just too well…

      1. Hey we are never fully defeated unless we tell ourselves that we are – so why ever give anybody a minute to make you believe that you’re forever sunk and crushed? So some groups might win the battle – but good will always win the war, in the end. If they are knowledgeable then they know it, and they are just able to milk their power until it’s finally taken away from them. Dunno when that will happen, I’m no prophet, but the human spirit never withers so it’s just a matter of time. That’s what I think and, well, believe – but maybe time and effort will make it into something more. My spirit keeps me going through a lot of hardship and pain, and doesn’t suffer even though my mind sometimes has reached its limit and starts to fray under the pressure. But there’s so much awesome things in the world – harmonious music, lessons from cultural diversity, free labour from nature … maybe you need some help to see it? I started taking some 5-HTP to deal with the winter depression and it helped me a big deal! There’s no shame in utilising that type of thing – sometimes we need a bit of a “boost” to get back to the things that matter.

        1. Well … I actually can say, I have to deal with beating myself up too, and letting the negativity get me down … so I’m not perfect and not saying try to be perfect .. The hypocricy-soundingness is really something hard to hurdle over.

  5. In a study done in 2010, this is how college students described going without their phone for 24 hours.

    Excerpt from link above of how it affected students;
    ‘From the United Kingdom
    “Emptiness. Emptiness overwhelms me.”
    “Unplugging . . . felt like turning off a life-support system.”
    “I feel paralyzed.”
    From China
    “I sat in my bed and stared blankly. I had nothing to do.”
    “The feeling of nothing passed into my heart . . . I felt like I had lost something important.”
    From Uganda
    “I felt like there was a problem with me.”
    “I counted down minute by minute and made sure I did not exceed even a single second more!”
    “I felt so lonely.”
    From Mexico
    “The anxiety continued for the rest of the day. Various scenarios came to my head, from kidnapping to extraterrestrial invasions.”
    From the United States
    “I went into absolute panic mode.”
    “It felt as though I was being tortured.”’

    Enslaving indeed!!

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