Digital Age Convenience: Enslave Yourself!

…and make it easier to get into your office and use the printer too! Yes, why wait until we’re invaded by a conquering army, or you’re abducted by aliens? Now you can give up sovereignty over your body, mind and every function therein. Think of the relief you’ll experience when you’re tagged like a mangy dog and able to be controlled by the EU and the US, from Brussels or other exotic locations, by the dreaded evil elite that you’ve been busy worrying about for years.

But compared to the convenience of having a door unlock for you, or being able to make copies of your naked butt on the office computer, what’s a little thing like having control over your life – and death – in the hands of some capricious, highly amused lackey sitting in a big room somewhere who just may choose…you to experiment on next, to entertain himself watching you twitch like a splayed frog wired up to electrodes?

And if you weren’t hooked by the ease of operating the office coffee maker, wasn’t it clever when they…made it mandatory that every cell phone user had to be bio-chipped to use one?

How big a step do you really think it was from conditioning the slobbering, humbled, meek, drooling masses, sullied and subservient from millennia of groveling obeisance and obedience to delusional, mind-enslaving, worship-the-imaginary-guy-in-the-sky religions…to bending over for the bio-chip?

Why not eliminate any doubts that you’re regarded as nothing more than a pathetic, lazy, otherwise useless, easily manipulated, mindless pawn?

Sure, it’s gonna be hard to resist the allure of waving your hand to pay for the privilege of getting whatever slop your dictators have thrown in the trough you’re allowed to graze from. Hey, they’ve already convinced multitudes of women to cram silicone grapefruits into their chests to attract knuckle-draggers conditioned to salivate over deformed versions of what once was the sufficiently natural female body.

The stupidity of the overly entertained masses should never, ever be underestimated.

In other news

The people were warnedand did they listen?

Thanks to Blake and Mike for the info.


Botswana is the 132nd country from which we now have visitors.

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Philip Brandel

In a study done in 2010, this is how college students described going without their phone for 24 hours.

Excerpt from link above of how it affected students;
‘From the United Kingdom
“Emptiness. Emptiness overwhelms me.”
“Unplugging . . . felt like turning off a life-support system.”
“I feel paralyzed.”
From China
“I sat in my bed and stared blankly. I had nothing to do.”
“The feeling of nothing passed into my heart . . . I felt like I had lost something important.”
From Uganda
“I felt like there was a problem with me.”
“I counted down minute by minute and made sure I did not exceed even a single second more!”
“I felt so lonely.”
From Mexico
“The anxiety continued for the rest of the day. Various scenarios came to my head, from kidnapping to extraterrestrial invasions.”
From the United States
“I went into absolute panic mode.”
“It felt as though I was being tortured.”’

Enslaving indeed!!


Hi Bruce,

Where did Meier foretold of Iraqi libraries being ransacked by Islamic State group in Mosul?