Let’s Hear It for Michael Shermer

…and the Pope does “Billy Meier Lite”

Giving credit where it’s due is both appropriate and rewarding. There are plenty of opportunities to criticize scientists and skeptics who are too cowardly and self-seeking to confront the truth of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, so it’s very satisfying when one of them comes out with something that one can support and endorse.

Michael Shermer is a formerly religious skeptic who’s been stubbornly on the wrong side of the Meier case discussion, as I’ve previously noted over the past dozen years*. However, he recently came out with a new book, The Moral Arc, an excerpt of which is available here. He exposes the absolute ridiculousness of biblically based beliefs, joining two other prominent critics of religions Salman Rushdie and Bill Maher, whose movie Religulous is both side-splitting and scary in the way it let’s religion and religious people demonstrate the utter insanity of their beliefs.

Of course none of the aforementioned people yet understand the profound pathologies behind God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity, as explained by Meier. My own article of several years ago, The Fatal Flaws of Faith and Belief, also comments on the patent illogic and insanity of these still prevalent primitive cults. I have been working on another article for a while, tenderly titled, Why I Don’t Respect Your Beliefs, hopefully done in a couple of weeks.

Billy’s Biggest Fan?

What’s gotten into Frank over there anyway? It seems that Pope Francis is doing his own version of Billy Meier Lite…very lite.

He’s recently suggested that Catholics should consider toning down the bunny love and his stances on the environment and climate change have also irked many of the, er, faithful.

Since Meier’s writings are read at the Vatican – and they do know who he really is – maybe the F-man is trying to score a few points, put out the, “Hey, I’m not such a bad guy after all,” message, etc.

I’ll leave it at that.



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Obviously, anyone who does not state that Billy’s information as fact has not performed the necessary homework (read and cross examined) the mass/enormity of information. Any scientists claiming that they know the true are deceiving us and themselves, which implies that they are not true scientists, but instead are wanta-be-scientists. Real scientists follow the path of truth from observation; reality speaks, but do/did they listen?


The Pope, just like many in power give with one hand in order to take back with the other hand, in his case I think he may somehow be more genuine than most of everybody else in the Vatican, he’s trully a people’s person, charismatic, perhaps with some good intentions, but he’s still far from the truth, even if he believed all that he had preached in his entire life. I know it was better than nothing, if he was a real good guy he wouldn’t have been placed in that position in the first place, But I think that the forces of evolution are doing their own job in this particular case.Those issues must find a way trough, it’s as simple as our own survival.
By the way, if the prophecies happen to fulfill themselves, if this Pope is the one that should leave Rome to go overseas it only makes sense that he will take off to his Homeland, Argentina, across the ocean that is.
Ps. I kinda like him too. (For this only time).

J. Smith

I just watched the movie Religulous for the first time yesterday! I have to give it to Bill Maher on exposing the stupidity. They had absolutely no answers for his logical approach. I had a lot of laughs too!


I think it has finally dawned on the church and its leaders that unless they change their ways, Billy’s prophecies will hold true. Its sh#t or get kicked off the can for them basically. The chess pieces are surrounding their king with very few plays remaining. The future must be scary for them.


The F-man. LOL. Based on some writings Ive read the F-man #266 is the last of the Pope-inators. So if thats a fact then im guessing it wont be to long until some huge changes start. Lets hope it just opens peoples eyes and they find real peace like I have. Its sure nice not worrying about burning in hell forever. (does the “could’a had a V8 gesture”)


Thankfully, it would appear that the “Petrus Romanus” pope prophecy was not fulfilled. They did not elect Cardinal Peter Turkson (African, but a Roman resident) though he was on the short list, they elected Pope Francis. The cardinals probably did ready the prophecy and were scared s**tless, and that is indeed the purpose of Billy’s prophecies: they are warnings of certain dangers that one should take seriously and move in a different direction. It is nice that Pope Francis has taken the Catholic Church toward a more humanist direction, preaching care for the environment. That’s a welcome reprieve; not a permanent solution. The foundation of their church is still ultimately lies, patriarchy, scandal, and rot, which continues to this day, but at least Francis put up a nicer facade. Ratzinger didn’t even try to hide his disdain for humanity and the planet.