The Great “Scientific” Masquerade

We’ve got another show up online. This show encourages us to get up and answer the door when truth comes-a-knocking on  it.

You can expect a few digs at Prof. Paul Davies, SETI, Seth Shostak and Prof. Lawrence Krauss, ASU, Stuart Robbins,  etc. – those who seemingly have done everything they can…to plug their ears and close their eyes.


I want to put this on the front page of this blog because it truly goes to the heart of the matter. Here is a question from one of the blog participants…and my response:

ᴉɐɯɐdɥouǝʎ: So you think it would be prudent for these professionals, who are likely raising families with responsibilities, to risk professional suicide for Billy?

MH: This is where people need, or certainly have the great opportunity, to…TRUST LIFE. And to trust the truth and how it also works.

Like many other truly important things in life, the answer is simple, if not often easy. Do the right thing, the best thing, the thing that aligns with higher purpose.

We know from the spiritual teaching that the positive not only brings positive results, it also brings an element of the negative to stimulate, to challenge, to act as the grain of sand in the ouster, to propel us onward and upward evocatively.

So yes, a real scientist, a true seeker of truth takes the “risk” not for Billy but for the truth.

Remember, the truth doesn’t take prisoners, it sets them free.

Oh yeah, the latest visitor to, was from Cambodia, representing the 126th country since we put up our flag counter on December 3, 2014.

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“I wish I could live like the pejarens, visit the Swiss Alps and visit Billy too. You can count me in too”, Thanks for the thought Greg.:))

eastern reader

those great learned men expected ETs to contact goverments and top scientist like themselves or the Pope with grand open ceremonies. Certainly not a poor man who had only basic education in the most unassuming way. This is also how the majority of Earth humans expected the ET contact to happen due to their limited awareness, knowledge and material way of life . It is really disappointing that the majority of Earth humans do not even know of the Billy contacts. On the other hand all those terror done in the name of God/religions especially in Europe will prompt many people to seek for answer. Hopefully they will discover Billy. Time is really pressing.

Philip Brandel

Seems the masses of humanity are just not ready to accept the truth. Some will get it, others will struggle and must be given the respect to learn on their own. For me at least, this doesn’t mean letting them of the hook, for not taking responsibility for our world. Which very much should be obvious to us on our own. Yet, I guess that is why they are partially here, to help us, help ourselves, get back on track.
Seems as far as I have come to see. Most are many layers away from seeing the validity of Billy Meier, within logical comprehension. I guess it is harder for someone mass representing the case to slowly break down the truth to individuals interested. For me, I always try to start with religion, if that is workable then move on to more ‘profound’ things. I will have to say though, there hasn’t been much success within this aspect either. All to often the rage comes out and people don’t want to be bothered to think about what they ‘believe’. Content floating along as if there is nothing more to learn and think about within these aspects.
People can be so literal and confused by information that it is amazing! After Michaels latest show, it made me think of my interactions with family members(let alone on the internet) when it comes to the truth. A few in my family, for many years apparently thought that I had been ‘abducted’ by ‘aliens’. They would say weird things to me and suggest that is what they wanted to believe. An interesting thing to think that even when the most common sense is given, it is twisted to make it into whatever one believes it to be. As I obviously have not been abducted by anything other than human ill-logic, more times than once. No wonder it will be a few more hundred years before intelligent life shows itself on earth, we cannot even get passed seeing them without having ‘them’ probing us and insinuating all manors of stupidity that only we can muster. Does not bowed well for us when we are not allowed to even get this basic fact verified. We are not alone. Shows the level of consciousness at play around our world.


Google world war 3. What is disturbing is how people can talk about a third world war as if it was just another story.

1. Can you change the score with truth? No?! What can you do with it then? Wait a minute; dam it, now I have missed the score! Great game! Honey, where is my dam beer?!
2. Now that I am top professor at the University of Insanity (UofI), I have earned the right to denial all truth but my own; I substituted yours with my own. Can’t you see that everyone is now eating up everything that I say? At last I have made it!

It is called: The Goal or Ashes of Denial.

David Scott

I woke up today and saw red . Russia is now in Cuba , Alaska , in the pocket of North Korea and space . Wow are those bears ready for something . Nuclear subs off the coast of Florida and DC . We are in deep do do . The sheeple are poised for a dark sky y’all. I would highly recommend going to the grocery store and stock up on water and supplies . Its really game on . Do you realize they shut of the gas to Europe ? Its winter and the game is really on . This is not funny . Its game on . Red dawn is about to happen .


That said; our comments are not to ensue panic, but instead, to provide awareness and to give voice. The average person (everyone) needs to write to Congress stating something like, “In the best interests of us all, avoid WW3”, etc. Stocking up on water or hiding money in a mattress will do you no good should WW3 result. Therefore, let’s not think in terms of last-ditch alternatives.

David Kamada

Can’t help but to feel sad when brilliant minds like Professor Krauss, whose books I’ve read and whose work I admire, plainly ignore and dismiss the Meier case. I think that Lawrence Krauss, despite being very knowledgeable and a true expert on his field, at least as far as our current understanding of physics and cosmology goes, is quite susceptible, as is the case with many scientists, to hubris.
Scientists are so used to being “right” and lecturing people “ignorant” of subjects they know (or seem to know) a great deal about, that the confidence they have in their own abilities grows to disproportionate levels. And obviously, when presented with topics like ETs, UFOs and other stuff that fall under the category of nonsense, sometimes with good reason, scientists are just as biased and unscientific as regular folk, and are content on looking down on strong cases like the Meier contacts, suddenly being too busy to bother and take a closer look.
This is truly sad.

David Kamada

The irony is that Lawrence Krauss has stated on more than one occasion in his lectures that “there are no scientific authorities.” That even though there may be scientific experts, “no one’s opinion on anything should be beyond question,” and that “being proven wrong can be a liberating experience.” Well, many he hasn’t noticed, but he’s ignoring his own advice this time around.
Now that I think of it. Back in 2011, I emailed Michio Kaku asking for his opinion on the information presented by Meier about our sun (link follows: even it it was from an unlikely source. He never did reply.
So maybe I’m doing it wrong. Perhaps there is a more effective way to reach these people on their high horse. Sad. Just sad.

David Kamada

Thank you, Michael. Maybe once enough of us have prodded them they’ll finally become smart. Peace!


Great show Michael! There are so many people who think that being successful is some secret magic trick that if they only knew, they too could be successful. It’s a left over part of religious thinking. They never believe me when I tell them it comes from hard work and there’s no magic to it. I warned my neighbour about a business he was starting and told him exactly how it was going to go down and 1 1/2 years later he told me I was right and that he should have listened to me. Seems like most have to learn the hard way. Next time some religious nut asks me, I’m just going to tell them the secret formula is Billy Meier and following the spiritual teaching.


oh, I like that, Sheila “The secret formula is Billy Meier and following the spiritual teaching.”


I’ve gotten on a particular aspect, which is fascinating to me, of the contact reports lately about what the Meier material calls “energy balls”. These energy balls, as explained by Ptaah in CR 402, 2005, “are bio-organisms and energy objects and there is a certain energy-intelligence to them”. Billy had asked Semjase, in CR 39, 1975, on his two day flight, what they were. They were also talked about in CR 457 by Ptaah, 2007, “The dimension-changers, as we also further describe them, are larger and smaller, flight-capable, bio-organic life forms, which are often fluorescent or radiate very bright light and inhabit a parallel space, that is to say, a parallel universe.” and “By nature, they are completely harmless, and even playful.” It seems they like to hanging around space debris and the Earth. Within these reports insects are talked about too but I am not thinking that this part of the story relates to the story I just saw with some footage put out on January 23, 2014 by Arjun Walia of NASA video taken 1991 and also detailed analysis by, Mark J. Carlotto and Jack Rasher, PhD

I share this with you as you might think it of interest and there are several names in the analysis reports that perhaps one of you might take to contact. At the moment I am pulling all this together in a cohesive personal report and had just come across this latest story on the net.