Icing the Skeptics

New skeptical attack again helps prove authenticity of Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information

For several months there have been allegations form certain people that Billy Meier falsified his information regarding the 5,100 year-old Iceman, as well as other things like the connection between the ozone damage and chemical and atomic radiation causes.

I’ve repeatedly not only rejected those attacks them but also stood firm in my determinations that Meier never backdated any information. Time and again I’ve challenged the accusers to explain the logic, the means, motive and opportunity by which Meier supposedly accomplished this alleged hoax. I’ve pointed out his known and proven good character, absolutely devoid of any proven dishonesty, lying, hoaxing, etc. I’ve also pointed out that someone whose physical evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs has now been independently authenticated several times, wouldn’t need to create a problematic body of allegedly false information.

What’s a Writetyper?

Nonetheless, such rebuttals and challenges were basically ignored, described as “irrelevant”, etc., mainly by young, inexperienced people who, in the digital age, may not even know what a…typewriter is, nor how critical to disproving their foolish attacks it could turn out to be.

Here’s an excerpt from an article that I posted ten years ago, quoting FIGU member Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer:

“Made more difficult yet is that Billy, in the year 1984 did not in any form or way have a computer at his disposal, because the PC plainly and simply entered his office for the first time in the year 2002. Billy had, however, up to the year 2002 diligently written the contact reports with a mechanical type writer and, despite the urgings of the group members, had long avoided using a computer. A falsification of the contact reports and the prophecies would also mean that he would have had to have prepared countless typed pages with gaps in the text to make the retrospective inclusions possible. In the case of a falsification he also would not have knowledge of which coming event to insert in which contact report, so it would not be possible for him to determine the free place for the insertion. Quite aside from this, it is generally known that by inserting (something) the text can be disrupted over several pages away. Falsifications or retrospective inclusions would therefore mean that, in the meanwhile, he must have had to have repeatedly, with his typewriter, copied uncountable, already available pages.”

And while Hans-Georg goes on to say more about it, we have learned that Meier didn’t get his first computer until…March 5, 2001, well after the initial Iceman transcript. Now since Andy, one of the accusers along with Mahesh, is studying  to be a lawyer, it appears that he doesn’t like to consider such pesky inconveniences as logic and MMO, i.e. means, motive and opportunity in determining the truth of such accusations, etc.

Practice makes Perfect

In keeping with the logical explanation about the known facts presented by Hans-Georg, and considering the serious difficulties Meier would have faced trying to backdate this particular contact, does Andy wish to state, unequivocally, that Meier falsified and backdated all of the Iceman information in Contact 238 and most likely also Contact 256, since the information about the bacteria picks up again there in reference to what was said in Contact 238?

Remember, Andy, we’re dealing with pieces of…paper here, not online pages. So the reality is that if Meier falsified the Iceman information, he’d most likely have to go back and redo most of the entire transcript– in each and every copy – which he’d also somehow have to acquire. While it’s easy to create a new page from almost any place in an online document, trying to change information from well within160 pieces of paper is a huge amount of trouble, even in one document.

I for one would find it quite interesting to watch Andy try to convincingly explain, and substantiate, what Meier’s motive would be to even attempt this bit of time-consuming trickery – and then, after all of the effort, to never draw attention to, or claim credit for, the information himself.

Just Methane Around

Regarding the bacteria that thrive in heat, the conditions in Meier’s information greatly exceed the temperatures at which these bacteria are so far known to survive. Even more interestingly, there’s information in this same contact about bacteria that thrive on…methane gas. Contact 256, from 1996, was originally translated and already online in 2006 – meaning that this “new discovery” from 2007 is actually just another corroboration of Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information  that he published well prior to the “official discovery”.

Ironically, it seems that we may have Mahesh’s and Andy’s failed debunking attempt to thank for helping us find it.

Real Life

Are there little inconsistencies that occasionally occur and appear in the course of real life and very human events? Certainly and sometimes information* may even pop up some time later and satisfactorily, or not, explain the situation. But attributing low, dishonest motives to someone who has a record of good personal character and honesty, is far more indicative of the lack of those qualities on the part of the accusers, who’ve shown such a long, stubborn and determined investment in their cynicism and blind ambition.

It’s good to be able to recognize an honest person…it’s even better to become one.


*The following is an excerpt of information just received from Christian Frehner of FIGU. Each person should draw their own conclusions. However, those who wish to maintain that Meier was effectively falsifying information need to substantiate their claims, which includes credibly addressing all of the information above:

“In the original contact 238 of November 9, 1990, on page 2018 (original) the information about the arrows is missing, just as it is the case in SWZ 79/1 on page 60. And also the date is wrong in both “places”: 4105 years instead of 5105 years. In the SKB Nr. 13 there’s something astonishing to notice: In my edition on page 2539, the one that I scanned for you, there’s the correct year (5105 y.) and also the information about the arrows, but in the version that is published on Mahesh’s site, the arrow information is not included. It’s a mystery to me. Perhaps the book was printed two times. I don’t remember, and I don’t have the brown SKB anymore.


In the course of the production of the new PPKB Blocks, Ptaah, Florena or Enjana were correcting the old contact notes together with Billy and Bernadette, usually on Saturday afternoon each week, in order to correct as many transmission errors as possible (there were really mistakes in it due to the high-speed transmission). Therefore, in PPKB Block 6, on page 398, the ‘arrow information’ plus other minor corrections were applied to the text during that correction process.

Regarding the publishing date of the Iceman information I would agree with Elisabeth Moosbrugger that the WZ 79/1 and 79/2 were published in autum 1991 (certainly not before the Iceman was found), and possibly even at the time or a little bit after SWZ 80 was published. And what I’ve just noticed: Between WZ 79 and the trio 79/1+2 and 80, the font of the text in the SWZ has changed from typwriter style to computer style. Obviously at that time we had a reorganisation in our book-publishing office…Btw: In PP Block 13 there will be additional information on the Iceman. He and his father do not originate from the Lake Zurich region, but came up there from southern regions.”









138 Replies to “Icing the Skeptics”

    1. You see, when the opportunity comes to use your energy to point out Meier’s accuracy about the enormously significant BP disaster and Fukushima information (https://theyflyblog.com/2015/02/05/this-civilization-will-self-destruct-in/) self-serving parasites go for the inconsequential, in order to, as FIGU pointed out, try to draw people to them…at the expense of the mission. The mission, intended to reach and help all of humanity, even those whose country will probably lose 30 million people because someone who knows better seeks to…PROFIT for himself instead.

      As has been true in the past, as is still true and unfortunately may still be true in the future, those of parasitical mindsets, who are low in consciousness, will stop at nothing to try to kill the truth…even acquiring it for their private collections in the process.

      Why do you think that FIGU has contempt for such stupidity…noting the harm that it inevitably brings to the perpetrator themselves?

      1. Well Michael you are preaching to the choir here but I sometimes wonder even if such a train of thought is bad why the delayed reaction of the laws of cause and effect helped also by human stupidity never seems to punish those who most need the lesson.
        Sure there is no guiding hand of God striking down people with thunderbolt as punishment for their wrongs but this current life anyway and most who live in it seems to be immune even from self punishment because they don’t recognise that they have done anything wrong.
        So all this talk about perpetrators bringing self harm from the wrongs they have committed often feels like wishful thinking due to no punishment being visible.
        Obviously it pertains more to the unseen spirit where this punishment is concerned but frankly I am sick of that line from having experienced on too many occasions where the wrongdoers are rewarded in perpetuity.
        Its shortsighted view I know but it does feel that way

      2. You are right in what you say Michael, and I honourably stand with you united in the study of truthful things of many kind.

        The higher state of consciousness that semjase explained once that some small number of earth humans will reach on some level or another, is linked heavily into not acknowledgements but acceptances. We are welcome to accept that day by day the world will shift unlike any other world we may have experienced for a long time, and this is linked into trends, popular culture and the rapid rate of evolution combined with the shear volume of human, and their scattish thoughts. That given this and this acceptance that we will inevitably be forced to (us and our kind) move in all manner of strange and complicated currents and all over the world. Which will confuse inevitably, we are bound to confusion and that is another acceptance, and this is why, the crux of why, Billy has lead his life in the way he has, as a method of indirectly helping us and our kind of earth human, as an example of a method of finding and facilitating stability on this otherwise and forever changing and confusing world, that ceaselessly produces humans which as I said before, are bound and in bondage to confusion, for atleast the first stretch of their lives, unless they have very strong mentors and teachers (which is very rare). – Anyway, this is what I take it to mean, and I accept the parameters of the path before me. Thank you for what you do to help people.

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