We Were Warned

Does this headline look painfully familiar?

Dark Ages


The people were warned…and did they listen?

What do you think?

As the Time Fulfills (Part 8)

Too Stupid to Survive?

Marching to Oblivion

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The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself

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182 Replies to “We Were Warned”

  1. “””Do you honestly think that people who quit christian churches make a public announcement when they quit? “””

    In Switzerland yes of course : You have to formally make known your will. If not, you will still be part of the gang and have to pay taxes for them (protestant church)

    1. Hello AIH, I think I know which document you are talking about. I myself signed one, here we only have the catholic or other option. This is not done publicly and is kept private by the municipality to be used to allocate the portion of your property tax which relates to schools. If I decided one year I wanted my taxes allocated to the catholic school, I would mark myself catholic, but since I’m hoping they will close their doors for good, I feel no need to do that. As far as I can tell, signing this document is a private matter and it’s not shared for any other reason except to allocate school tax and probably for statistics in determining percentages of each religion per country. Doesn’t your country guarantee freedom of religion? So I’m very doubtful that that type of information can be retrieved through FOIA. Which means you have nothing…no document, no proof of anything…and too afraid to ask directly as Michael has pointed out numerous times.

    2. “Unknowingness is a matter of being,
      While ignorance is a matter choice.”

      Beliefs stand in the path of insight,
      Step back, is it easier to bath in light?

      Even the wise would walk away when it becomes unwelcoming,
      If not, poops may rain down a dog barking up the wrong tree.

      This, my friends, is my advice,
      Not so different from the heading of this device.


    3. Hey who would give a flying f#~@ if you made a declaration that you did or didn’t quit the church.
      No one did when I did and they aren’t exactly hanging out for my declaration to verify that I quit.
      What’s with all this nonsense!

  2. ahhhhhhhhh…..

    Veterans Today Radio (10-1-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, James Fetzer, Jim Dean, Preston James

    Targets in Syria have been hit that have no military value to ISIS and are intended to break up Syria infrastructure.

    Gordon discussed the following

    There’s not a single legitimate government in the middle east. We have US puppets in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Libya, Iraq and more.

    ISIS was created by the CIA, Mossad and Saudi Intelligence but Gordon reports that it has grown so big now that they can’t control it any longer. ISIS was created by psychological warfare experts to appeal to disenfranchised Muslims. When ISIS took over Mosul, the power plants, buses etc all were kept running and most people liked ISIS better than the corrupt Baghdad government. ISIS expelled or killed those that opposed it. The basis for ISIS has been around forever. Many people now want to join ISIS. ISIS Daish appears to be a very successful genocidal operation created by evil geniuses.

    McCain has tried to get rid of General Dempsey to put one of his favorite Generals in that is tied to ISIS.

    (Edited for length)

  3. “The Origin of ISIS”


    You will notice at the end of the video, the conclusion is that because the US created ISIS, “…it is time we reject the destruction of people groups around the world for the sake of foreign policy that makes so-called defense contractors rich…”

    It is the basic concept of “crying wolf” all these years for a phony, and orchestrated war on terror; that now that there are real terrorists, the American people are so war-torn from years of hearing about going after terrorists and then finding a US connection, that the people are fed up with this bullshit and don’t know what to believe. So no matter how much people cry wolf for ISIS now, they are tired of perpetual war instigated by corrupt foreign policy. And for many, the solution is to walk away. When instead IS has to be eliminated by force; force that has been abused all these years by crying wolf when there was none.

    1. Well said and to the point. Next week I will update on my efforts to get a presentation on the Meier case into a university here and the kind of programs that are their priorities.

    2. that is well said and so true. Some don’t even respond when sense is talked about concerning this IS situation now happening, still clinging to “blame the US” scenario. I am afraid it will take an event in a neighbor “near you” to bring true awareness. Then there are the ones that are wrapped up in “it’s a set up to bring war back, don’t believe a word of it”. My efforts in engaging both these lines of crazy thought have fallen on a blank screen, to point out what an amazing feat it would take to orchestrate a “it’s a set up” opp like that both in duration, casts of characters, etc etc is simply not possible, in my mind. Alas, “we were warned” won’t even be recalled when the sh@t hits the fan so much so it is blaring in your face shocking reality. It is so easy to sit here in the US, blaming the US, blaming everyone and their brother for the terrible troubles across the seas.

  4. Positive tendency within the German population:
    “Germans Fed Up With Media Lies [About Ukraine & Russia]”:

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