This Civilization Will Self-destruct in…

February 3, 2015:

“Scientists already have reported finding what they called a 1,235-square-mile ‘bathtub ring’ of oil on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico left over from the huge 2010 BP oil spill. Now it appears this ring is part of a washroom set: A different team of scientists has found that up 10 million gallons of oil have created what can only be called a ‘bath mat’ beneath the sediment of the gulf’s floor.”

Billy Meier,  495th Contact, June 14th, 2010*:

“Aside from that, the crude oil’s toxic substances are secreted ….., as these toxic substances, however, also disperse in the ocean water itself and store themselves on the ocean floor whereby further contaminations come about, a fact which is likewise kept silent by the responsible authorities and by the scientists.”

The illustrated version of the the 495th Contact with the information about the true extent of environmental damage from the BP disaster.
The illustrated version of the the 495th Contact with the information about the true extent of environmental damage from the BP disaster.


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UPDATE: New Report Confirms Billy Meier’s BP Disaster Information

*The full quote can be read here. Out of an optimistic respect for your intelligence, I’m not bolding the essentially same  information in the “new official discovery” and  in Meier’s contact. It should be both obvious and painful enough to recognize  this latest  corroboration of Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information. Equally obvious should be the extreme, institutionalized, profit-oriented, suicidal  lies that are the main cause of our gleeful self-destruction, proceeding as it is, right on schedule according to the laws of cause and effect.  Along with the equally cynical cover-up of the true extent of the damage from the Fukushima disaster, we see  the epitome of American “values” and “civilization” for the sickening, deadly sham that have become.



Thanks to Bruce Lulla for this depressing information.

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  1. Last night I was reading the Meier Saken html Prophecies and Predictions. I just discovered that I came into a world that is “SO HORRIBLE AND FULL OF HIDIOUS WARS AND DERANGED MONGSTERS such as these militaries,politicians,coorporations such as Monsanto etc that I wonder just how I got if at all due to the degeneracy of the Earth`s population to say the worsr of religions, that I now wonder what the hell am I doing here on such a MONSTROSTY of a world called Earth. These Orwellian mongsters NEVER GIVE UP! Billy stated that if we don`t heed the spiritual teachings,meditate, and get rid of this above horrors, this will only get worse and the wars etc, will just go on FOREVER NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE be it Earth,the moon,Mars, deep sace you name it. ” I wonder just what kind of a degenerate world I come! Why all this meaness of behavore? Where are we going? Is this world Earth really turning into hell with half human Borges, half human animals, For all this sounds like eventually we will not only live such shiort lives but we will ALL end up into a black hole soon if we don`t get our act together and start thinking logically etc,etc,etc. “I`v NEVER EVER been so depressed and down in the dumps. Biiy`s prophecies might just turn into REAL predictions and it ALL seems so hopeless that I`m now just DEVISTATED that all this really happening because nobody cares and nobody listens to Billy and the PlejarenS who are REALLY TELLING THE REAL TRUTH AS IT IS! This is all so scary and so very very fritening for me I`m beginning to wonder what is left of this world if we don`t wake up soon and relize what we are doing to destroy this world. Then I`ll wonder what my purpose is here on Earth in the first place Is Earth heaven or hell,I think the latter.

    1. I do understand, Terry. Some of the things I hold on to are…. I understand that developing my spiritual life (which has always been a big focus in this life anyway) and the things that go into my storage banks, it will be of benefit for my spirit along with many others, for the person I will come back as on this planet or, if all fails here, another world. By learning this material I understand how and why we, the people of this planet, are in a big mess which somehow, with this understanding, I feel a sense of calm – wildly disappointed with the poor response of the humans here that know of the material whom don’t see and don’t understand the concepts of the material – that comes with the whys of things.

      After many years spent fussing about with one “new age” concept or another and 10 years of studying the Buddhist teaching, really trying to apply the principals to my life, it didn’t really fit. But all my searching brought me here and as wild as it sometimes is and feels I am here now and it feels right, it fits. I learn more and more, by looking at nature, how Creations love shows itself to anyone that takes the time to really look at the intense beauty surrounding us…this is how I deal with the build up tension and fear for this planet, it centers me enough to continue, helps maintain the neutral- positive position that really is required to deal with it all. Gosh, I wonder if I’ve said too much or perhaps too little… purpose was to support you and here I go off on a tangent! Well, I will post it anyway 🙂

  2. Ev, Years ago I asked my dad what the new age was and meditation too. After he past away, I started to meditate. A few years later I subscribed to the magazine Sedona Journal for a few years trying to find out who the Pleiadians were. Then I came across this big UFO Sightings book and lo and behold I found out who the real Pleiadians were by way of Billy Meier. Iloved that they believe in peace,the arts,music not war,destruction and killing,so I tried to look up and get as much information the Pleiadians who are now really known as Plejarens. To this very day I`m a very firm believer in their spirituality. before then I didn`t know that the Sedona Journal was all about channeling but I liked that at least most of the channeling was all very positive and that made me feel good. There was very little negative thoughts. Back then I was just starting learn about spiritual and meditation thought and not to get too depressed. But then I found the REAL Pleiadeains. Now I wonder if I`ll ever get through life wondering if we will ever end wars, poverty,dieases,etc in my lifetime. Life on Earth is so very short compared to the Plejarens who live to be thousands of years old and there is NO wars,,poverty,dieases not even a common cold. These Plejarens are so much more evoled the we are here on Earth,etc. They are so much way ahead of us from an evolutionary and spiritual way. “I don`t understand why I live on such an awful world and why I should have to suffer and put up with such generative behavore de-evolving humans sho care nothing but money,slavery,religions,etc. In other words “why me,what did I do to deserve this mess in the first place”?

    1. Terry, very suitable question/s. Considering the millenniums of extraterrestrial history we are now beginning to understand from the contact reports, they too deal with insanity of delusional people perpetuating great harm and some of these people are highly intelligent. To think that we can create idyllic world, when the people of other worlds have massive trouble with this as well, is a huge stretch but…it is not out of the realm of possibility. The gift of the Pleiadians has been to show us the ways in which we can work towards a better world. I think that Earth and its evolvement towards this end is pivotal for many many worlds….saying this, it is pretty depressing! Your deep feelings – like so many of us here and even those whom don’t even know or understand the material, that haven’t made the connection of cause and effect – are showing you/us just how far we have come in the soul development of the personality you/we are now. I cannot answer your question “why me” as you are well aware, yet on the up side the expression of these “deep feelings” do have a positive side to them, the understand of how it can be. I cannot imagine being knocked about with no thought of moral justice….a bunch of zombies (which I hate say but a condition so many are in). Yes, the Plejarens have a more sane way of being and I imagine they too had to weather the storms of insanity to get there but, it seems to me, they still have vexations. Creation keeps birthing, birthing is messy and painful yet the end result is beautiful (most times), then it births again and again and again, endlessly. Suffering is a matter of choice, yes we suffer, we see the suffering, does it help to suffer?

  3. Lets just cut to the facts, ridding ourselves of any of the confusion baggage, getting that out of the way of us. And call it “Hysterical Pleasure Syndrome”. That the north american human found them self in a more recent previous life probably in europe, or in early stages developing america, living in a european castle, medieval european community, a dictatorship somewhere in the historical world, or rapidly developing community restricted by all kinds of different things, laws, agreements etc. And then suddenly in this life, in this incarnation, living in north america, absolutely free, so free that there is basically no structure to anything, barely a meaning exists, free to do things with their time that in previous times were unimaginable, like building your own home easily, with barely anyone caring how you do it, buying what ever they want, and doing what ever you want with it, as and when they want, from anywhere in there world, basically doing anything they wish, as and when they wish it.

    That its induced such a high level of pleasure and excitement that the stories have become wild, like mad wild, free to do it in any way they wish, and as I said, not been possible before, atleast for many thousands of years, most countries are locked into traditions, some under dictators etc. That your seeking community, but the only way you’ve been able to find it is in things that are wild mad, like the end of the world, calamity of universe sized proportion, and we could go on and on with the explanation.

    It will all settle and balance itself in time and the people of north america will develop new traditions, and community. Anyway, this is basically what is happening apparently, mega freedom, hysterical pleasure, wild stories – seeking the parameters of the new situation in other words. Enjoy it, but try to keep yourself grounded in real things as much as possible as a recommendation, you’ll be doing yourself a favour really, future historically.

    1. Its probably also worth noting that if you were sharp enough you could probably work out that any answer for any question probably already exists in the world somewhere, given that most countries have already been through various different things, that you need not rely on these loud people to give the answers to you, that you could just look at a historical record from china, india, africa, europe etc. – Which is another way of saying again that north america is seeking community in the way I explained, not the answers, not the truth, but community. Cheers.

      1. Daniel,
        Interesting perspective from someone in Europe(UK)?
        It is partially true that are roots to ‘the old world’ have diminished and a more care free attitude does exist in this country. Within a very very fragile culture of our own. As far as I have seen in Minnesota, there has most definitely been less and less of it as time has passed. Now a mixing pot of untold ‘cultures’, all living together.
        Though many of these wild claims thrown out from the likes of ‘the end of the world’ crowd revolve around religions. Which seem to have a hard grasp on most people here in the states. They are probably the loudest proponents of ‘catastrophe’ to be found, as a group. And as usual, there logic in as much is far from the truth of reality, as they see the warnings of Americas actions the world over as a very unsettling thing. And since there is minimal self responsibility they run to this ‘god’ and armageddon with open arms. Instead of logic and truth to the ‘human’ created dilemma now facing ‘the land of the free’. Which ones again is interesting within the amount of chaos and fear they stir here in the states. It is a rather far used tool against the populace. If only WE as a country would push beliefs aside and see the truth of what this country is doing the world over. Then maybe would could come back from this baseless yet very real and tangible threat we have created around the world. So is a odd thing to see the truth of Billy’s writings and its blurred version within the US, under the umbrella of religion and beliefs. On the surface they could look as one in the same. Though on their under belly they are VERY different, as most here obviously already know.

        1. It is not so so dis-similar elsewhere in the world, in europe and UK, as you well know I am quite sure. I just wish that the US government chose a different direction on the UFO subject, and opened everything out properly, and gave people interested in the subject the legs to stand on, the platform of support, a quality regime leadership and purposeful direction. In the US the greatest of all the new age communities and UFO subjects exists as you know, unlike anywhere else in the world there are more in north america than in any other country. I think it has been ultimately unfair and wrong to leave people in the lurch, I mean in the EU of the small number of people that are interested in the subject at least their have been governments like the UK, french and spanish government that have opened everything and explained many decades ago (all now passed and accepted) that they are unknowing, but it has been deemed not to be a national security threat and this atleast has given people a step to stand on to look into it on their own behalf. But there has been a lot of secrecy in the EU too, very many stories of independent inventors having their specific inventions confiscated and taken to specific locations in the EU, like a place in italy for example.

          People in the EU generally speaking do not get so excited about these things, not really any way these people can make any money out of speaking about these things, as frankly speaking all the answers are layed out very clearly, no mysteries about many different things. I might even argue against myself listening to coast to coast am on occasions, because frankly there is no mystery about that stuff in europe, and when ever there is a mystery there is such a mass of educational newspaper coverage that the facts are inspected in great detail each and every time, that its no longer interesting. Like when a ufo struck a wind turbine for example, the facts were layed out, it basically offered nothing left to speculate over.

          No entertainment value left, no opportunity for radio shows and wild stories, speculation to develop etc.

          I want to say one last thing about getting hysterically happy about these various stories, its relatively psychopathic if you think about it, because in many of these stories people are being hurt and killed, like the world war 3 story etc, and that is not pleasant, not nice at all, we really should develop a care and appreciation for the gravity of a real situation.

          1. We should appreciate and accept the gravity of the situation.
            Seems many here in the states are passively letting this all continue, never realizing what its true cost is, and there ability and might to change it within themselves. This is partially why the ‘land of the free’ is so dangerous to the world. With its tentacles going around the world, spreading freedom and democracy, it is most definitely going to come home one day, someday soon if we don’t change course! And yet it seems at this very moment many would also just shrug of total war and accept it as fate based on beliefs and religious indoctrination. As I have heard before, ‘god’ has chosen the US to be his savior. These degenerates will fight to the death to keep the US ‘on top’ even if it means total destruction. Something to take VERY seriously. Not just in the US, as no one can hide from what awaits the thinking creature if he/she does not change course.

          2. If we unravel all the hatred from around the world directed at the US in recent years, which we can do here peacefully and neutrally with each other. What we find is that its a very warm and inviting situation, people around the world like America and what it does, in film entertainment, they like American ideas, they like american people truly and honestly. Basically people are slow to react to things, absolutely normal, there have been two gulf wars headed by american politicians, and europe is the people that bear the brunt of that not americans, as we live with them, we live next to them, we share our communities with these people, peacefully and for a long time. Suddenly people turn around several years later and ask themselves, wait a minute, what happened there, why have we suddenly got all these problems stemming from people we have historically be peaceful with, and then it all stems back to american, its foreign policy and attitude toward any other country, mostly not peaceful relationships build over a historical time, and then the anger getting back to the point, is then directed at ordinary Americans. I am the sort of person that sees that as a horrendous injustice really especially as normal americans are just as normal as anyone else in any other part of the world. But you see what I am pointing at here, the way it generally works between nations, and the importance of governments being fully informed and doing the right thing by their people. And this is basically why I see obama as a breath of fresh air really, and a justice for ordinary americans in the long run.

            America really should be loved, truly, for all the good that the nation does and great ideas that the people of america have, but that isnt going to happen with the specific way in which its military and politics does things, I think that is unfair to ordinary americans yeah, its an injustice for all that has been achieved. If we look at how most of the european states behave toward other nations it is a very different attitude and information gathering situation. – I wish the world was globalised and free of nations, but it isnt unfortunately and it important that we educate each other, the independant people especially, and america has more independent people than any other nation, the traditions and customs and history and agreements that exist around the world.

            A lot of normal americans get themselves into big trouble when they wander around the world, which is an unreported fact that really probably should be addressed, if we care about our fellow humans. Anyway, thanks philip for listening to basically what I feel about the situation.

          3. I hear you Daniel and agree… we are all, when it comes down to it, one and the same. Only a very few instigate real turmoil for the rest, the world over. This is where this country needs the most thought, as it isn’t our puppet(Obama) that is most worrisome. If people just shed their beliefs and started to see how in control they really are, on their own, we would be peaceful and free, and its true definitions would spread across the land indifferent to what the elite want and think….
            Before I searched out Billy’s case I had done a lot of traveling abroad. Did the whole ‘backpacking’ deal through Europe for a month(amongst other trips in the region). Was an eye opener to as much as what people in the states always said about different countries. Definitely came to the conclusions that people are mostly crazy when it comes to ‘knowing’ somewhere they had never been:) Especially those that had never been to a region and all of a sudden had many fold preconceived ‘thoughts’ about it. Fast forward to today and it is amusing to put these correlations within thought to Billy’s case and some of its constantly used biases against it. People creating notions of people and places with minimal thoughts, feelings, and actions. Though obviously one can get a great feel for somewhere without ever stepping foot. If they give themselves the due diligence, research, thought, time, logic within putting themselves there.
            We, like many other places around the world, have a lot to offer all other ‘humans’ on this planet. Though the actions of those we instill with ‘power’ will be our demise, either economically and maybe militarily. Because of our lack to see the might and power we individual posses.
            In the end it does seem all wars are a battle for someone else, only if we knew how together and ‘one’ we really are, especially within the self.

          4. The whole world will one day be illuminated for the young learning child born in america – in several hundred years. But the same will also apply to those of the newly formed euro union. I think people will be very chilled out and confident about their place in the far future, much more so than today.

    2. “like building your own home easily, with barely anyone caring how you do it, buying what ever they want, and doing what ever you want with it, as and when they want, from anywhere in there world, basically doing anything they wish, as and when they wish it.”
      Anyone who has ever built their own home realizes there are building codes, bylaws and permits, so your statement is not factually true.

      1. Ya Sheila try doing it down here too. Regulated and drain of petrodollars tell you got nothing left but a fancy chicken coupe. Being in the rental building business my entire life. We have done a lot of ‘additions’ with no permit. Shit one time we built a deck onto a building and they questioned my dad via satellite pictures? I know of building codes in my area that state I can’t put up a section of fence, or plant a frig-gen tree without needing someone else s approval. To those not within the continental North America, I agree the allure must be grander. Less assure it is not, and seems to be going south farther every year. The yester-years seem to be more and more what they are, the past. It seems our high time was the 80-90’s and many outwardly seem to maybe be focus on those days. When we should be focused on this very moment, as it it what we face now.

        1. Interesting Philip and very true. Yes at some point we may have gotten away with building whatever we wanted but even tree houses or ice hockey rinks are regulated in some areas. What year did the “satellite imaging” of your dads deck happen? I became aware of the practice of using satellites to spy on its citizens here in Canada in 2004 when a farmer was applying for a subsidy. The then liberal government document that came back to him claimed that “Due to our satellite imaging we have determined you have x amount of acres in wheat, x amount of acres in barley etc.” Knowing that an acre is the size of about 8 city lots, I thought at the time that their spying can only get better. When reading Billy’s material about how at some point we will no longer be able to move without someone knowing about it, it certainly rang true.

          1. Was around 2006 as far as I recall? Ya I agree that some things should be regulated, as we as creatures will over complicate the obvious, including when it comes to ‘building’. Though are not so free when cannot even plant a tree… Though I guess some would plant it directly below a power line:)
            Funny they never did anything more than inquire about it. They never went farther than contacting my dad and asking him about it. He had just recently purchased the property, and was less than truthful to them? Though my dad was very rogue when it came to county/state regulations in this nature.

            It does seem this approach is becoming more and more main stream and eventually we wont be able to move, without someone whom wants to know, watching our every step. Definitely rings true ones again:)

      1. Clear conscious meditation with the understanding of … lights in the sky! Wow, just wow. How does he know whether or not he’s inviting the Nazgul to the camp there? After all, we greet our neighbors lying down or on our knees just like every time some one rings the doorbell and instantly bombard them with Earth humanity’s mental drama. So I can see why he does that to lights in the sky that vanish shortly after directing folks to do these things. It’s quite pure and mindful way to pass on Earth Humanity’s self nuttiness along.

        Any way, the lights in the sky didn’t bother to say bye when they blinked out.

      1. The whole concept of meditating to escape personal responsibility and reality is almost like being lost in a coma where it’s “beautiful” as there is a heavy focus on the experience rather than conscious understanding of every thought you deal with in normal “reality-mode”. This is what makes it so ‘digital’ to spend 2500 USD to go on excursions like this. Who would want anyone else to compose their meditation for them or living in imagination?

        It seems unreal even if it’s meditating in digital as some will see it as better than nothing. If you don’t take personal responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings then it’s nothing more than fiction. There are such “ancient” methods mentioned in CR251 folks should be aware of as these types of mental forces can be used like Sauron using his waveform energy to mentally disturb folks.

        1. I agree for how else can you describe them other than them being mentally disturbed.
          Especially regarding Greer who had ample time and opportunity to investigate the Billy Meier case but like Bassett it was too good to be friggin true therefore ‘it’s still too premature for the masses’ consumption.
          This guy who ursurped himself as some sort of a gatekeeper of the truth and disclosure who has knowingly suppressed the greatest story ever denied ought to be put behind bars for his underhanded disservice to humanity.
          Free energy this ET disclosure that whilst behind everyone’s back he is colluding with the powerful corporate interests and the MIC Dark Rockefeller Order to apply the breaks on real disclosure involving the real truths.
          And whilst he is at it he is handed a golden handshake of unlimited time with terrestrial ARVs for his fake meditation to ET contacts in Mt Shasta and other locations whilst laughing all the way to $2,500 per head bank.

          1. Yeah thats right, its a money economy industry, unless you get the punters in you dont have a job talking about it, and the truth sells badly if at all. But to be honest with you I would have thought you would have known that pretty well by now.

    1. As I said above, not a lot of mystery left with that now, I mean we basically even know the specific science behind it, and that millions of these stories exist over many decades. Just saying, I mean even an old granny sitting in a retirement home at the very edge of the geographical 1st world has pretty well accepted that its a real thing.

      Not a lot we can discern about where they are from or where they are going, apart from what the Plejaren have explained in exhaustive detail.

      1. To add: The majority of the UFOCI as Mike calls it relies on the Great UFO Deception these folks had made an industry out of milking lights from heaven for all it is worth. Seems on par for the nuttiness course.

        Revelation 13:13>
        “13 Such wonders could it accomplish, that it brought down fire, before men’s eyes, from heaven to earth;
        14 and by these wonders, which it was enabled to do in its master’s presence, it deluded the inhabitants of the world, bidding those who dwell in it set up an image to that beast which was smitten with the sword, and lived.”

        1. Im certainly with you about milking lights in the sky, and dots on landscape photography – but I basically feel that people are welcome and equal to move on to other areas of the situation if they so choose to do so. We probably we be better off learning more about ourselves and real knowledge about human beings themselves and ourselves. But as we know, religion has basically prevented a natural development of human related facts.

    2. Well unfortunately Daniel the US American people have a much more complex problem than from what your government is creating.
      According to Billy the Skull and Bonesmen together with the CIA are the real powers behind even the official government and this secret group comprising the Dark Order elite families pursue their own separate interests free from all checks and balances, free from the law behind the veil of secrecy.
      Now you could almost guarantee that this secret group through its proxies and control points within the actual government are also working against it if it pursue policies that are contrary to their overall goals and frankly Obama is helpless against this titanic force which is why as Billy mentioned the president has changed.
      This intergenerational nonelected powers behind the government can only be dismantled once the majority of the American citizens wake up out of their comatose and educate themselves of the truth to be able to unite in their millions to hold these scums accountable for their crimes.
      This is what Semjase kept recommending as the stranglehold these people have over the nation can only be broken by the people but only when and if people have adequately informed themselves of the truth.
      Unfortunately it may even take a civil war the HP warns about for this to be possible.

      1. Unfortunately this seems to be the best case scenario at the moment, it seems like to me. Though hopefully we can change before we take the rest of the world down with us. As other parts of the world will be utterly decimated. It seems my fellow slumbering Americans will only wake up ones the worst has already begun.
        It is obviously important to meditate and work on oneself, as well as live in the real world, that surrounds us and is in need of our thoughts, feelings, actions, now more than ever. If more just knew, it would be a big advantage.

        1. Phil the problem is whilst these elites have the option of hunkering down inside their billion dollar underground nuke proof facilities as the few chosen ones with the special access priviledges the rest of the masses will be slaughtering each other.
          Kinda gives you a new meaning to the words ‘working on oneself’ doesn’t it in this context where when the SHTF it doesn’t matter how nice, honest, down to earth and spiritual you are the desperadoes aren’t going to take cues and learn by your example but instead will see your spiritualness as a oneway ticket to chop your head off so that they can rob you of your precious belongings and most important asset called ‘food’.
          So in times like this it’ll help tremendously to work on oneself by learning survival skills and how to live off the land along with investing in emergency supplies for that possible SHTF scenario especially in the US.
          It seems to be a natural law of sorts where if the barbarians are at the helm of the ship the one’s who don’t get a ride on the emergency raft when it sinks is the B class passengers whilst the rats are the ones first to leave the ship.

          1. True and this is the reason Matt, that I have been vigorous preparing for over 4 years. Though when I am sitting in a bunker, all I will have left is my connection within myself. As in the end if these events do come to pass, I will not survive them. I will be defending those closest to me. Though I should have been fighting as hard as I could all along. Guess part of my reason for being involved in this aspect of Billy’s information is to try and help prove it wrong! Certain events to me will signal the end of these major threats from occurring. And as it seems, we are inching ever closer to the edge, with no real bridge in sight, only more of the same aspects that instill my reasons for preparing. I will defend myself and those around me. All that is worth fighting for within love, freedom, respect, harmony, logic will try and be my reason to fight for what will be left of ‘humanity’.

      2. The UK government and british isles are insignificant Matt Lee in real life, but you are right that historically there have been a handful of individuals that have conquered the great weight of the spoken word (maybe we should call these individuals profound actually), and that has turned into a modern day myth and talking point, even today, even if the world has changed dramatically in the last couple of hundred years.

        1. Im still mildly confident that much of the problems are due to the real history of it all being denied to the US people, but only because a similar insanity does not appear to have manifested up to the present time in canada and australia.

    1. Evil is not a fundamental thing, its a composite thing. So that we ourselves can understand what we ourselves are talking about, we have to understand the fundamental thing not the component thing.

      Evil= Negative behaviour, feelings, emotionalism, depravity, anger, gewalt and several other things, including religious connotations. So when someone uses the word evil to describe what they are seeing, someone else and their own brain included might interpret that they are feeling emotionally religiously delusional and witnessing some depraved act of an anti-religious nature.

      “The amount of degenerated negative behaviour is taking generations to understand, its vast, the scale of destruction is pronounced in its vastness”

      1. Sorry for labouring that, its just that in my experience people who have pre-looked up the definition of the word ‘evil’ and its absolute value and meaning as a word, stop using it altogether, as it basically is worthless and weak with religious binding, not an effecting way of communicating how they feel, and what is the point in having a language if we are not going to use it to express how we feel.

  4. This part of information from CR 544 correlates with the mass oil find here, it seems to me.

    “Ptaah: This means, when a large comet, meteor or asteroid crashes into the sea, as happened, for example, millions of years ago in the Gulf of Mexico, and so forth, a gigantic tsunami then arises, the area of destruction from which is comprised of a particular central expanse which spreads out over thousands of square kilometres. Everything which is thereby directly destroyed by the actual tsunami, we call the central destruction area. That which is still only indirect, and thus is only caused by the further effect of the action of the tsunami’s destructive offshoots, we designate as outer central.

    Billy: Aha, understood. You say that millions of years ago, in the Gulf of Mexico, a projectile from outer space crashed down and a gigantic tsunami was created. What do I have to imagine with gigantic – and has it then resulted in a crater there on the bottom of the sea?

    Ptaah: Actually, a large crater was incurred, which was also discovered a few years ago during investigations for oil drilling. As for the giganticness of the tsunami resulting from the crash, accordingly our calculations have shown that the towering masses of water must have exhibited a height of 4,936 meters and destroyed thousands of square kilometers of land, and killed countless living beings.”

    This next part describing climate change, seems to me, also comes into play, the deepness and extreme nature of the BP disaster contributing to the destruction of the global conveyor belt……

    “Billy: But the over-population causes damage, and indeed increasingly, because it is growing ceaselessly and through that, with all the trappings of terrible things which are created from it, ever more natural disasters appear. In this regard, you told me privately recently that, by means of the climate change caused by humanity, the world’s oceans heat up quite enormously and thereby the so-called global conveyor belt, which drives the water through all the world’s oceans, could break down.

    Ptaah: That is right, because if the global conveyor belt – which, as the enormous current, runs through the oceans and constantly mixes their water – breaks down, then the movement of the oceans will cease, which then means that the majority of all life on Earth will be extinguished. At the present time it is already very bad, because the oceans have warmed to an alarming degree, and indeed in the last 17.9 years, with a thermal energy which must be computed as the equivalent of two (2) billion Hiroshima atom bombs. Through the fault of the Earth humanity, the Earth is now already in the midst of this destructive process, whereby the oceans, and the global conveyor belt, increasingly heat up increasingly dangerously.”

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